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have you said/heard 'anything' interesting lately...



'repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech),

typically with an indication that one is not

the original author or speaker...'

*send me your favorite quote,

and I'll post it...

**be sure and let me know how you wish to be 'immortalized'...


"quote" of the day:


*I received quite a few replies yesterday after I 'tweeted' that I was

watching the 'Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie'.

This one was the very best: 

"Ron White is my future ex-husband!


I freakin' love him!!!"

Cindy B.

former classmate/girlfriend  


*courtesy of

'Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie/2003':

"Never hit-on someone you're going to have to see

on a regular basis.

This rule applies to co-workers, roommates

and 2nd cousins..."

Ron White

Comedian Extraordinaire



The difference between right and wrong

is a very thin line..."



"There are many reasons why women were put on Earth.

Here are three;

to give birth to man, to be loved by man,

and to tell a man that they are the greatest lover

that they have ever had.

(even when they're not)..." 



"All achievements, all earned riches,

have their beginning in an idea..."

Napoleon Hill

American Author 


"The next time you’re faced with something

that’s unexpected, unwanted and uncertain;

consider that it just may be a gift..."



*when i say "i don't like snakes"

what i REALLY mean is "I FUCKING don't like snakes".

**overheard today Cat-Dog-Spa front desk:

"Do you guys babysit Pythons..?"

'a Jack Russel's owner inquired as he was dropping-off his pup this morning...'

***the reply was; "Nooo"!!!


"The only thing better than cheese is melted cheese..."



"Spend time to get to know someone before putting

them in that box and labeling them..."



*today is Father's Day:

"Dad, wherever you are, you may be gone but you

will never be forgotten..."

Conrad Hall



*been there, done that:

"When I go to bed,

half the time I'm not really sleeping.

I'm usually lying there,

making up scenarios in my head..."



*oh my...

watching the Golden State Warriors Championship Parade on NBAtv,

when an announcer decided to inform the viewers of a little 'past' trivia as

a float passed-by w/rapper mogul M.C. Hammer: 

"M.C. Hammer.

He was just a kid, he was Stanley Burrell working

for Charlie Finley (former Oakland A's owner).

He was the 'Club House Snitch' back in the 70's.

Reggie (Jackson) and the guys didn't like him.

Now look at him, he's got his own float..."

'Greg Papa'

Announcer on

Com Cast SportsNet Bay Area

(aired live on NBATV)


*saw these bumper stickers on the same mini-van today:

sticker-1:"My Child is an Honor Student" 

sticker-2:"My Zombie Child eats Brains"

get it?

Honor Student, Eats Brains...?

well, anyway.

this made me laugh out loud.


"Sometimes the best you can be is exactly

what you are. Now..."



"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper its written on..."

Samuel Goldwyn

Entertainment Mogul


"Millions of people long for immortality.

These are the same individuals who don't know what

to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon..."

Susan Ertz

British fiction writer and novelist


"If you don't believe in yourself, no-one else will..."



*this entry is dedicated to 'the loudmouth Jerk-Off' that was complaining loudly yesterday;

"this Grand Canyon is 'no big deal' and I can't believe I drove this far to see it."

**i wanted to push him off the side, but Ash talked me out of it. Seriously!!!

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it..."



*haven't heard this song on the radio for a few years,

but it is played on a local station here in the Grand Canyon area apparently

every Friday morning as sort of a joke.

but. it IS Friday. so:

"It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

Everybody's looking forward to the weekend...!"

Rebecca Black



"To say being the President of the United States

is just another job is like saying the Grand Canyon

is just another hole in the Earth..."

John F.Kennedy

35th President of the United States


*'an underrated movie, if there ever was one:


"I don't see how it could possibly be

pleasurable for a woman.

I just don't think it's natural.

You're not supposed to go up there.

To tell you the truth,

I don't know how men do it either." 


"You're not curious, just to try something new?" 


"I'm just not into it." 


"So space exploration is definitely out for you?" 


"Definitely. I mean, more power to any woman

who wants to be an astronaut. I just wouldn't do it.

Frankly, I'd rather take it up the butt..."

Deuce Bigalow/Rob Schneider

Kate/Arija Bareikis

'Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo/1999'


"What people think of you is their business.

It has nothing to do with you..." 



"If you want to go fast,

go alone.

If you want to go far,

go together..." 

African Proverb


*as i was driving in the south eastern vegas valley

(boulder highway area, way east of the strip)

yesterday late afternoon after moving NJ into her new apartment,

i asked 'suri' on my iphone where the nearest walmart super store was.

this was the conversation:

me -"Suri, where is the nearest WalMart Superstore

near my location?"

Suri -"Here is a list of the WalMart Supercenters

near your location.

The closest WalMart Supercenter is located

at 1200 Lacrosse St, Rapid City, South Dakota.

It looks like Walmart Supercenter

is about 838 miles away, Mr Kiss..." 

*see screen-grab-pic of Ms Suri's reply

on June.2015/06.05.2015


thank you Suri. you were sooo helpful!!!

*i eventually found one, 2.5miles away...


**no quote today kids.

after spending 'the entire freaking day' w/NJ,

my mind is like oatmeal.

and i can't even seem to recall my own smart-ass

remarks today...  


*In honor of Game-1 of the NBA Finals: 

"Winners play for the name on the front of their jersey.

Losers play for the name on the back..."

excerpt taken from

'Semper Five'


"Sometimes. I'm in awe of

other people's accomplishments.

To the extent of hoping that one day I will

be able to contribute,

and have others in awe of me..." 




*from 'Devious Maids' episode 3.1/01 June 2015:

"Oh my God.

I'm mooching off a mooch..."

'Carmen Luna'

Roselyn Sanchez


"I distrust camels.

And anyone else who can go a week without a drink..."

Joe E. Lewis

comedian, singer, philosopher 


*original quotes protected by original author/copyrights...

Copyright © 2015 G. A. KISS

Quote of the Day...