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'repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech),

typically with an indication that one is not

the original author or speaker...'

send me your favorite quote,

and I'll post it...

*be sure and let me know how you wish to be 'immortalized'...


"Quote" of the Day:


"You are never too old to set another goal

or to dream a new dream..."

C. S. Lewis

1895 - 1963

Irish Author of the 'Narnia' series 

*died the 'exact day' JFK was assasinated...


"Superman, Thor and

the incredible Hulk may all be Heroes,

but the guy who gives up his seat on the subway

to a pregnant woman is a real Super Hero..." 



*no-matter the situation:

(ie: relationships, a bad movie, pricey restaraunt, bathroom... etc) 

"When it doubt,

get the fuck out..."



"Just remember,

if you hang-in there long enough,

good things can happen in this world..."

Office Space/1999


"The dumbest stunt you've ever pulled,

might just turn out to be,

the smartest moment of your life..."


tv series...


"Don't cry about the past,

it's over.

Don't stress about the future,

it hasn't arrived.

Just live in the present,

and make every moment as wonderful

as you can..."



*how many of you reading this have even used a typewriter?

ya. that's what i thought...

"There is nothing to writing.

All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed..." 

Ernest Hemingway

American Author and Journalist


*regardless if you hate or love the New York Yankees,

you have to respect this man;

“Never answer an anonymous letter...”

Yogi Berra

1925 - 2015

New York Yankee


“Be greedy when others are fearful,

and be fearful when others are greedy..."

Warren Buffet



"Everyone you meet has a part to play in your story.

And while some may take a chapter,

others a paragraph,

most will be more than scribbled notes in the margins.

As someday,

you'll meet someone who will become so integral

to your life,

you'll put their name in the title..."

Beau Taplin

Australian Author


man:"Can I see you again soon?"

woman: "You're not 'done' seeing me now...!"

. . . . . .


*heard this commercial while listening to ESPN Radio this morning:

"We are grown men, wearing make-up,

talking sports, and having fun.

so join us here, at SportsCenter..."

ESPN SportsCenter Anchor

(I didn't recognize his voice)


"Life is too short to miss out on the beautiful things,

like a double cheeseburger..."

Channing Tatum

actor, producer, singer

(and double cheeseburger aficionado)


"Before you criticize someone's faults,

make sure you have your own shit wrapped-up

pretty tight..."



*OMG. this is so fucking true.

"Dear old women (and some old farts):

if you decide not to shower and leave your abode

to go shopping, see the grand-kids,

feed the ducks, visit your church,

or just to bother strangers with your obnoxious

'I remember the old days jibberish';

please DO NOT bathe yourself with 40yr-old

cheap perfume and/or spray deodorant.



-everybody 60yrs of age and under...!  

**i remember 'once' an older (75+) woman walked by me in a mall during

the 'holiday season' a few years back was reeking w/the smell

of Right Guard spray deodorant...

***i actually threw-up in my mouth a-little-bit. 



"The doors we open and close each day

decide the lives we live..."



*so, so true:

"Wearing socks with sandals should

affect your credit score..."


'Former Child Star'


*this sounds about right: 

"Just a gentle reminder;

it's not the 'walk-of-shame' if you stop for brunch

on the way home..."



*what if these men's-mags were just developed: 

"With almost everybody taking everything

so personal these days,

there would be serious backlash if a sex-mag

opened business in 2015 calling itself 'Playboy'.

And while 'Penthouse' sounds like a reality show

featuring Bob Vila,

'Hustler' conjures up images of some

'twenty something' playing a 'forty something' MILF

for all she's worth..." 



*a 'pre-game' interview,

concerning the UNLV Rebels & UCLA Bruins Football game.

which will be played at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nv

on Saturday, 12 Sept 2015 @ 7:30pm... 

"Any time you play a Pac-12 school,

you get to test your mettle.

It'll be a packed stadium.

It's an exciting deal for our community and kids..."

Tony Sanchez

1st year Head Coach

UNLV Football

*Go Bruins!!!


*yesterday was the 'original' day i was to be married 16yrs ago,

September 9th, 1999 (9.9.99).

but my 'then fiancee' (now ex-wife) did not want to

get married on a Thursday.

so we opted for

September 19, 1999 (9.19.99),

a Sunday instead.

no worries,

as it is now 'just another day'.

**thought i would share that tid-bit 'kiss-tory'... 

"Sometimes the grass is indeed greener

on the other-side-of-the-fence..." 



"A day without laughter is a day wasted..."

Charlie Chaplin

Entertainer Extraordinaire 


"Whoever put calories in French Fries is an asshole..."

Ms. Pickles

*1st cousin of Mr. Cucumber


"My favorite sexual position is

the one where she lets me have the remote..."



"My Tupperware collection just consists of a bunch

of Chinese take-out containers..."



"Today is the first Saturday of the

2015 College Football Season,

and every team has visions of grandeur.

Everybody is undefeated,

and has a chance to make the playoffs..."  

Brady Quinn

Fox Sports Commentator

*former NCAA College Football star... 


*it was another exciting day w/NJ.

**we had lunch at Arby's (she loves Arby's):

Arby's Girl:

"Hi. Welcome to Arby's, can I help you?"


"Yes. I want the meat and cheese sandwich."

Arby's Girl:

"You mean the Beef-n-Cheddar?"


"No. The meat and cheese sandwich."

Arby's Girl:

"Which meat and cheese sandwich ma'am?"


(starting to get a bit impatient.)

"The one with the meat and 'running' cheese!"

Arby's Girl:

(trying not to laugh.)

"I'm sorry? Running cheese?" 


(now... she's upset.)

"Yes. The running hot cheese Mexican's eat on

their potato chips!"

Arby's Girl:

(totally stunned.)



(points to the picture of the 'Beef-n-Cheddar'.)

"That one. That's the one I want."

Arby's Girl:

(now. annoyed.)

"So. You want the Beef-n-Cheddar?" 



"Yes. That's what I said. I want 10 of them."


(finally deciding it's an appropriate time for me to speak)

"She'll have ONE, a small curly fry and a small pepsi."

Arby's Girl:

"I thought you were a mute." 


"No. She doesn't like it when I order for her." 


"That's because you always get me garbage..." 

*it's never a dull moment w/the mother of my ex-wife...


*while checking-in to my hotel earlier today,

the front desk girl got a little 'tongue-tied'...

"Good afternoon Mr Kiss welcome back

to the Sante Fe Casino, I've missed you.

oh my god.. I'm sorry,

I meant we've missed you.

No wait..

The Casino has missed you..." 

*she smiles. looks away. stares at computer. her face, is so red* 

*in her defense,

she is fairly new to her job...

*in her defense,

she is fairly new to her job...

"Resistance is not the same as Strength.

Acceptance is not the same as Weakness..."

Minka Kelly twitter feed (@minkakelly)


*this was 'text' to me the other day from a number i didn't recognize,

and i thought it was a great "quote" so i'm using it.

(i have yet to call the number back...) 

**if your going to send me 'texts', 'pics', or 'anything',

please tell me who you are...

(use a 'fake name' at least) 

"What if you meet the love of your life,

but you're already married to somebody else?

Are you just supposed to let them pass you by...?" 



All 'quotes' and/or conversations by myself and/or friends, family, strangers, enemies, acquaintances are protected by the copyright.

*original quotes protected by original author/copyrights...

Copyright © 2015 G. A. KISS

All rights reserved.