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26 December 2011

I wrote this poem in the morning

the day after Christmas 2010

as I sat in my RV drinking coffee with all my pets

laying all around me.

I was in San Antonio, Tx at the time

enroute to DisneyWorld.

not my best work, but it's 'kinda cute'.

little did I know what surprises were in store

for the following year.

the day after Xmas Day poem...

26 Dec 2010

tis the day after christmas,

and all throughtout my rig,

my petz are all sleeping,

as they ate like a pig.

the presents are opened,

their gifts all eaten.

if my huskies ran in a race,

they would never be beaten.

the kiss-twins are cats,

spoiled as they are.

they love to travel by RV,

but hate riding in the car.

my petz are my family,

and they are my kidz you see.

they only problem I have,

is walking them to pee.

sometimes I wish my petz could talk,

that way they could tell me it's time for a walk.

we have a small tree,

to celebrate the holiday.

the dogz don't really care,

the catz use it to play.

my life is my own,

but I would love to share.

finding a woman to love,

cherish, honor and care.

her having children,

and myself having kidz.

we would have a beautiful family,

is this how happy people live?

as for now,

I am pretty much set.

if ever I get lonely,

I will just find another pet.

it is the day after christmas,

and I am in the lone star state.

not knowing where to go next,

my life is currently at fate.

I love to travel,

to see what's around the bend.

the reason I write this,

is to find a new friend.

I wish you all a happy new year,

feel free to call me whenever I'm near.