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Tuesday, 02 March 2016

today is the 20th anniversary of

my fathers untimely death.

*7,305 days ago...

not a single day has passed that i have not thought of him, and the memories we shared as father and son.

*for more 'of my thoughts' on my dad,

please go to my page; Gary A. Kiss, my dad.

gary kiss, circa. 1963

Gary Antone Kiss

Harry Ells High School, N. Richmond, Ca

Junior Year 1963

gary kiss, circa. 1964

Gary Antone Kiss

Harry Ells High School, N. Richmond, Ca

Senior Year 1964

**I'd like to thank a former 6th grade classmate of mine,

Janet E. for going to the Richmond, Ca public library,

and getting the above pictures for me...

arlington, wa

24418 115th St Arlington, Wa

*July 1978 - Dec 1990

this was the house i lived w/my dad

and his 3rd wife during my jr/sr years of high school.

*when dad bought this house,

the entire backyard was trees, stumps bushes, shrubs, etc.

'we' cleared the entire rear of the property in 6wks.

and then,

i raked the entire property TWICE with a regulation rake,

to get the rocks, twigs, and other shit.

these days that would borderline child abuse...

roseburg, or

14031 N. Bank Rd Roseburg, Or

*Oct 1989 - Mar 1996

this was my dad's dream house.

2500sqft multi level, with a huge rear upper deck

over looking the Umpqua River,

on nearly 5acres of land.

he always wanted a place where he could just go

out his back door and go fishing.

*he died doing what he loved.

"Becareful for what you dream for.

Sometimes when all your dreams come true,

there may be nothing left to live for..."

Gregory A. Kiss

this page,

'Gary A. Kiss, 20yrs later'

is protected under the previous copyright:

Original Copyright © 2010 by G. A. KISS

All rights reserved.