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The Declaration of Independence

is a statement adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776,

which announced that the 13 American colonies,

then at war with Great Britain,

regarded themselves as independent states,

and no longer a part of the British Empire.

Instead they formed a union that would become a new nation;

the United States of America.

John Adams was a leader in pushing for independence,

which was unanimously approved on July 2.

A committee had already drafted the formal declaration,

to be ready when congress voted on independence.

the following are a few video's honoring this 'Great Country',


Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen/1984

this is the 'official' music video...

"the Star Spangled Banner" - Whitney Houston/27 Jan 1991

this is from Television's Greatest Moments: when Whitney Houston sang the National Anthem at Superbowl XXV, this was during the time period of the Persian Gulf War.

Living In America - James Brown/1985

this is the 'official' music video...

Proud to be an American - Lee Greenwood/1984

a very 'patriotic video' honoring our Great Country......

and now, let's have some fun;

"Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen/2011

starring: the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders/U.S. Military/2012

04 July 2013/1am

I'd like to wish you all

(no matter where you live),

a very safe and 'Happy 4th of July' 2013...


happy 4th of july...