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national grilled cheese day...

my 'favorite' National 'FOOD' Days:

January 19:

National Popcorn Day

February 23:

National Banana Bread Day

March 4:

National Pancake Day

April 12:

National Grilled Cheese Day

May 5:

National Hoagie Day

June 4:

National Cheese Day

July 23:

National Hot Dog Day

August 3:

National Watermelon Day

September 18:

National Cheeseburger Day

October 1:

National Homemade Cookie Day

November 2:

National Deviled Egg Day

December 30:

National Bacon Day 


'KISS the Cook'


'the' Grilled Cheese...


Kiss the Cook...

Kiss the Cook...


2 slices/bread of choice

*I like wonder, orowheat & pepperridge farm... 

4 slices/cheese of choice

*2 slices of kraft american, 1 slice of pepperjack, 1 slice of gouda

are my favorites.


extra sharp cheddar, montery jack, gruyere, brie,

crumbled blue cheese chunks, manchego, provolone

and baby swiss are all wonderful... 

freshly grated parmesan cheese

*any brand works, as long as its shredded and not powdered... 


*I love miracle whip, but best foods mayo works best... 

real butter

(to coat the fry pan with)


*med/large fry pan w/a large clear lid

*large spatula 

*medium mixing bowl 

*mixing spoons


in a mixing bowl,

combine a few tablespoons of mayo with

a handful (or two) of the parm.

*totally to taste.

**you want the mixture to be thickly blended,

but still spreadable.

take your slices of bread,

and lightly slather the mayo/parm spread

on 1 side of each. 

after coating your med/large fry pan with butter,

place both slices of bread mayo/parm side down

on the fry surface.

then place 1 slice of american cheese on each piece of bread, and then add 1 slice of the additional cheeses to each side.

(4 slices of cheese total)

*kraft american melts wonderfully.

turn the heat down to medium-low,

and cover the fry pan with a clear lid.

once the cheese begins to melt

(before bubbling begins),

take a large spatula and lightly pick-up one slice and combine the cheeses to make your sandwich.

place back in fry pan,

(do not re-cover)

and cook on each side of the sandwich until the outsides

are lightly browned.

remove from fry pan and slice immediately,

serve with your choice of cold salad

(potato, macaroni, coleslaw, etc),

or chips.

(flavored chips take away from the sandwich taste)


(very, very important)

garnish with a dill pickle spear. 

*in the picture above,

I only had sweet gerkins in the fridge...