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I LOVE to cook...

my 'favorite' National 'FOOD' Days:

January 19:

National Popcorn Day

February 23:

National Banana Bread Day

March 4:

National Pancake Day

April 12:

National Grilled Cheese Day

May 5:

National Hoagie Day

June 4:

National Cheese Day

July 23:

National Hot Dog Day

August 3:

National Watermelon Day

September 18:

National Cheeseburger Day

October 1:

National Homemade Cookie Day

November 2:

National Deviled Egg Day


'KISS the Cook'


Avocado/Bacon Cheeseburgers

w/special sauce...

(tweaked: 4 July 2015)


4 hamburger buns

*your choice. I prefer Trader Joe's Honey Wheat Burger Buns.

2 pounds '85/15' hamburger

*your choice. I choose Butcher Shop cuts to a grocery pre-wrap.

2 pounds of thick hickory bacon

*your choice. I prefer Oscar Mayer thick cut Maple Hickory.

1 large Beef Steak tomato

*Heirloom if available.

2 giant Haas avocados

*just ripe enough to enjoy. 

2 large white onions

*Vidalia of course.

16oz coleslaw


pepper jack cheese

*your choice. I prefer Tillamook block.

extra-sharp cheddar

*your choice. I prefer Tillamook block.

american cheese

*your choice. I prefer Kraft American Singles.

bread/butter pickles

*your choice. I prefer Vlasic.

blu-cheese crumbles

*your choice. I prefer Treasure Cove crumbles.

6oz pineapple juice

*your choice. I prefer Dole.

canola oil

*your choice. I prefer Trader Joe's 100% Canola Oil.


*your choice. I prefer Land O' Lakes.

thousand island dressing

*your choice. I prefer Ken's Steak House.

spicy mustard

*your choice. I prefer Grey Poupon Country Dijon.

miracle whip

*or mayonnaise if you must.


*your choice. I prefer Vlasic.

grinder pepper



crumble hamburger into mixing bowl,

add 4tbsp Grey Poupon, salt/pepper to taste.

mix by hand. let stand 20-30min.

while the burger is 'seasoning';

cut bacon slices in half, chop onions how you like,

slice tomatoes (thick or thin),

cut 4 cheese slices from each cheese block.

roll hamburger into '8' equal balls

(approx 1/4 pound each),

then press each into 1/2" patties

using a dinner plate/wax paper/cutting board.

place jack and sharp cheeses on 4 of the patties.

*as much/or little as you desire.

lay 'other' patties on top of cheese-covered ones,

blending the sides together with your fingers.

*keeping your fingers moist with warm water.

lightly brush finished patties w/canola oil,

and refrigerate.

*you can also season burgers w/other seasonings at this point.

(season-salt, mesquite, paprika, dry-rubs, etc...)

cook bacon slices, caramelize onions.

*using bacon drippings and just a dab of butter

will make excellent onions.

crumble 8 pieces of bacon for sauce.

put remaining bacon, onions aside.

cut avocados in half,

slice 3 halves into wedges for garnish/toppings.

-KISS Burger Sauce-

fluff remaining avocado half in a large mixing bowl.


1cup of thousand island dressing,

crumbled bacon,

2tsp pineapple juice,

2tsp of grey poupon,

1tsp of relish.

mix thoroughly.


I tweaked this sauce on 4 July 2015.

add more pineapple juice to thin.

add an entire avocado to thicken.



**the secret to grilling burgers;


*and for goodness sake,

DON'T press down on the patty to make it cook faster.

that only dries-out the meat.

burgers 'should' always be cooked medium-rare/medium.

heat your bbq to 400',

place the patties in the middle of the grill.

approx 2" apart 2X2. close lid or tent w/foil.

cook for 3-4min,

flip... repeat.

*place American Cheese on burgers, bacon on cheese.

turn-off grill letting cheese melt for a moment or two.

remove burgers and place on dressed bottom buns.

to 'dress' the buns:

spread miracle whip (or mayonnaise)

onto the hamburger buns,

brown with fry pan.

slather bottom bun w/secret sauce,

blu-cheese crumbles and onions.

the top bun is for your flavor of choice,

or extra sauce.


garnish burgers w/slaw,

tomato, avocado, and pickle...