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Coming Soon...

**there are some excellent movies being released within

the next 2 months.

looking forward to firing-up

this page soon...

* my favorite excerpts from:

'KISS Like a Star'

(smootching secrets from the Silver Screen)


William Cane

Author of 'The Art of KISSING'

Romantic Kisses:

"Movie kisses can seem especially romantic because of background music, setting, and storyline.

But your kisses can even be more romantic,

and you don't need any of those frills.

Rest assured that a properly executed surprise kiss, neck kiss,

or goodbye kiss will foster intimacy and bring out the best in you

and your partner."

The Long Kiss:

"The Longer a kiss lasts, the more intimate it becomes, until at a certain point two kissers feel that they've merged.

In order to enjoy such a kiss, five things are necessary:

a romantic setting, flirtatious preparation, proximity, correct breathing, and seductive hand action.

The best long kisses are those between people who are so drawn to each other that they can't bear to break apart."

Gentle Kissing:

"Gentle kissing lets you take your time, and when done in a romantic setting, it can signal the turning point of a relationship, allowing two people to discover how much they really care for each other. Sometimes tender kisses like this are the best way to communicate romantic feelings.

The Neck Kiss:

"One of the most important kisses for a man to understand is the neck kiss because of all the places women like to be kissed, their favorite spot, aside from the mouth, happens to be the neck".

The Risky Kiss:

"In some sense every kiss is a risk since there's no guarantee that the kiss will be accepted. Risking a kiss, however,

is often the only way to find true love".

The Hollywood Kiss:


The Goodbye Kiss:

"Although many people routinely kiss those they love goodbye,

few realize the full potential of this important kiss.

It's rather simple to kiss someone goodbye,

but it can be very powerful because it can keep you in your lover's heart until you meet again".

**this book is a great read, I highly recommend it...

Kiss like a Star; by William Cane 1st Edition Feb.2007...

enjoy this video:

(any comparison to 007 is purely coincidental)  

"Legs" 'the modern video' - ZZ Top/1984

a mini-movie of a Secret Agent and beautiful women... *lots of Beautiful Women...

'The Kiss'

is an 1889 marblesculpture by the French sculptor

Auguste Rodin.

The embracing couple depicted in the sculpture appeared originally as part of a group of reliefs decorating

Rodin's monumental bronze portal

The Gates of Hell,

commissioned for a planned museum of art in Paris.

The couple were later removed from the Gates and replaced with another pair of lovers located on the smaller

right-hand column.


Copyright © 2014 by Gregory A. KISS

All rights reserved.

The Kiss

(Rodin sculpture)

the KISS sculpture 1889, by Rodin...