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my Events...

introducing ga'hollywood'kiss...

everyone has a story to tell,

its how you tell it, and who you tell it to, that really matters.

a regular guy, an exceptional story,

and a dream to share his written words...


(Loves of my past)

1972 - 2014

Love(s) of my life

because 'today' is Valentines Day,

i thought i would share a few facts about my top 10 loves.

*these are the women i just can't seem to get out of my mind,

no matter how long it's been since we shared a 'relationship',

or even a glance at one another.

**listed in alphabetical order...

(no names, just initials)


young love in my early teens.

born in Canada,

and met in Jr. High.

*my 1st REAL kiss (french)

**actually kept in touch throughout the 1980's,

and she even visited me in 1991.

lost contact after i had a gf move-in w/me.


my very 1st gf.

4th grade, albuquerque.

we lived in the same apt complex.

her mom would watch me some nights,

and then my mom would watch her some nights.

the first girl i ever 'slept' with.


the 1st time i saw this woman during the summer of 1986,

my heart leapt out of my chest.

we both were Marines stationed in Japan,

and she was just beyond beautiful.

we only shared ONE kiss, but it was magnificent.

alas. it was not meant to be.

*without getting into the particulars involved;

i was young, immature, foolish, and craved attention.


was the girlfriend of 

my best friend.

she ended their relationship shortly before he transferred

to an overseas assignment.

her and i remained friends and ended up dating for 2yrs.

until she was killed by a drunk driver in 1985.

*i have never gotten over her.


my 2nd (& last) adulteress affair.

started innocently enough,

and ended with me tiring of 'playing the game'.

the 'up-time' was intense,

but the 'down time' wasn't worth it.

*being the 'other man' does have it's benefits,

but the drawbacks are too numerous to list.

**crazy thing;

i've cheated w/married (and in-relationship) women,

but have never cheated while IN a relationship.

***of course those were my younger days.

i don't have the energy or desire to

'be a player' ever again.


my first 'real affair' w/a married woman.

the most superficial relationship i have ever had in my life.

and probably the 'Hottest'.

*called her for her 50th B.Day, we met a few times.

**sometimes it's best not to go back.


my 2nd wife.

even though i wanted the divorce,

it goes without saying that for nearly 12yrs we shared

a great deal of memories together.

(not all of them were bad)

actually. if it wasn't for her,

i would not be where i am in my life right now.


have you ever fantasized over someone for years?

well. this woman was mine for nearly 4yrs.

talking to her a few times a week was part of my job,

but i never insinuated i wanted even to be friends w/her.

god. her beautiful pale skin, LONG dark hair,

and a body/butt that was made for sin, burned into my memory.

(for you know, 'private time'

well. believe it or not, a chance work assignment had us together,

and for the next few months, it was pretty awesome.

but i moved to Vegas a few months afterwards.

*we did reconnect on the phone just a few years ago;

but her life is East Coast, and mine is West Coast.



i have no other word to describe my actual relationship w/this woman.

pure lust.


(a few of you will email me 'shit' about this one-no worries)

I have no idea what her name was/is.

I do know she had long reddish hair pulled back into a pony tail,

bright green eyes surrounded by smokey eye make-up and darkened lashes,

high check bones w/a dab of blush,

and lips that were palish pink and glistened against a cloudy sky.

she wore light grey trousers w/pleats in the front,

and had a pale (maybe white) sweater that was 'perhaps' one size too small.

i have absolutely no memory of her foot ware,

or even if she had feet.

i can however remember in incredible detail her eyes looking into mine

as i stared uncontrollably at her incredible beauty.

i nervously smiled first,

she instantly smiled back w/a perfect hollywood smile.

my entire body froze, and as we were about 5ft apart,

I couldn't even utter a hello.

and although i think this moment lasted minutes,

it was barely 10 seconds before the light turned green,

and we walked in opposite directions.

I turned twice to gaze upon her as we parted,

with her returning the glance one of those times.

as i turned the 3rd time, she was gone. forever.

this 'event' happened on 25 Aug 1996,

at approx 2pm on Regent Ave (Piccadilly Circus area) in London.

*this memory is burned into my soul!!!

**ALL these women

(in one way or another),

had something to do with the person I am today.

which isn't a bad thing...

(or so i've been told)

31 Oct 1970

El Cerrito, Ca

while trick-or-treating with my step-brother (me: 6 he: 4)

in my grand parents neighborhood located in El Cerrito, Ca,

both of our bags of candy were stolen from us by older kids as

they were collecting monies for a charity.

(actually happened at my grandparents next-door neighbor's)

at which point,

my father,

after hearing the screaming of my grandmother who was with us,

went running after the hooligans,

with a loaded pistol in hand.

*yep. a Halloween i will never forget...


Las Vegas, Nv;

I attend my 'only' Marine Corp Birthday Ball

in Las Vegas, Nv at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino.

*which was renamed 'the Quad' on 21 Dec 2012,

and 'again' renamed 'the Linq Hotel & Casino' on 30 Oct 2014...



Rio Rancho, NM;

spend thanksgiving w/my mom &



one of my favorite Easters was 14 A

pril 1974;

while living w/my grandparents.

the entire Kiss Family showed, including my dad.

(who was living in Washington State at the time w/his new 19yr old wife.

- she didn't show-up tho...)

*the last time Easter was celebrated on April 5th was 1953,

with the next year being 2026...

6.29.1986 - had my 'very 1st date' w/a married woman,

in a karaoke bar in kawashimo, japan.

thank you Melissa P. for corrupting me. lol

*yes. she was married to a usmc captain.

yes. I knew him.

yes. she had 2 kids.

and yes!!!...

5.11. 1986 - Iwakuni, Japan ;

on Sunday, 11 May 1986 at approx 7am (Iwakuni, Japan)

I received a phone call from my father saying my grandfather Kiss

(his father) had suffered a massive stroke,

and I needed to come back home to the States.

having to wait until Monday morning before the Red Cross could

officially notify my Command so that I could be given 'emergency leave'

to go back to the States was excruciating.

the following 24hrs after that call was heart wrenching to say the least,

and as of Tuesday morning at 5:30am,

13 May,

I was officially on my way to Grants Pass, Oregon.

my trip consisted of;

Iwakuni, Ja - Hiroshima, Ja via Taxi/18miles

Hiroshima, Ja - Tokyo, Ja via Bullet Train/420miles

Tokyo, Ja - Los Angeles, Ca via United Airlines/5,474miles

Los Angeles, Ca - Las Vegas, Nv via United Airlines/270miles

Las Vegas, Nv - Grants Pass, Oregon via my car/778miles

it took me approx 45hrs to travel 6.960 miles,

only sleeping a few hours during my trek.

and arriving at Grants Pass appr0x 10am Wednesday,

14 May,

just a few hours after my grandfather had died.

*I was the only grandchild to show-up.

that fact still breaks my heart.

(and pisses me off)...

I stayed Stateside for 2wks;

going to the funeral,

then driving to the Bay Area to see my other grandmother,

and visiting my then fav-Aunt in Seal Beach, Ca.

and then driving my car back to Vegas to park at my cousins while

I finished my Overseas Tour in Japan...

To this very day,

I miss my grandfather, dearly!!!

6.29.1986 - *Iwakuni, Ja

had my 'very 1st date' w/a married wo


in a karaoke bar in kawashimo, japan.

thank you Melissa P. for corrupting me. lol

*yes. she was married to a usmc captain.

yes. I knew him.

yes. she had 2 kids.

and yes!!!...

7.04.1987-Washington D.C.;

Saturday, 4 July 1987 was an excellent day in my life.

I had driven the Thursday before from MCB (Marine Corps Base)

Jacksonville, NC to Washington D.C. alone.

My plan was to be in our Nation's Capital

for the 4th of July celebration.

It is one of the few memories of my life

that stands out from the rest.

I did indeed enjoy the fabulous firework display,

while sitting in a lawn chair (I had brought along) near the base

of the US Marine Corp War Memorial.

The fireworks were being launched over the Potomac River

for nearly 15 full minutes,

it was 'almost' surreal.

The many times I spent in DC that particular summer,

or the few times since (including another '4th' a few years ago),

will never compare to that day.    

7.05.2014 - West Covina, Ca

I'm dedicating this weeks video to the memory of a wonderful man who made a HUGE impact on my life these past 'nearly' 4yrs;

Jose Luis 'Godfather' Eduardo Palacios

Sept 18, 1930 - July 5, 2014

*this man has changed my life FOREVER!!!

9.July.1988 - *Albuquerque, NM:

sometimes you can go back to a specific date in your past and realize

your life changed on that 'exact day.

for me,

9 July 1988 is that life changing day.

I left that Saturday w/the father of my 'current' girlfriend

on a 5 day/2000+ mile trip

from Albuquerque, NM to New York City,

to meet up with her and meet all her relatives.

(yes we drove the entire way)

*it wasn't the 'brightest decision' I ever made,

but it did lead me to my life as it is now.

after a week in Brooklyn, NY

the 'italian beauty' dumped me,

leaving me to fend for myself immediately.

I eventually flew back west to Grants Pass, Or.

to visit my grandmother.

a few weeks later,

I took a bus to the Bay Area to visit my other grandmother in Albany, Ca.

and then in mid-September,

I boarded a Amtrak enroute to 'start a new life' w/a

friend in Rapid City, SD.

the train broke down later that day in Reno, NV,

and everyone on board had to spend the night.

the next day (11 Sept 1988)

when a new engine pulled-out w/everyone,

I decided 'not' to go.

two weeks later,

I was working at Harrah's Casino & Hotel

as a security officer...

*in 63 days I traveled 6100+ miles by

car, plane, bus, & train.

(it wasn't as much fun as you'd think it would be)

**I spent 5 years at Harrah's/Reno before relocating to

Las Vegas, Nv in Dec 1993.

***btw, as of this moment,

I have yet been to Rapid City, SD.

7.15.1988 - New York City, New York:

my first full day in NYC was 'not' as I

had thought it would be.

constantly fought w/my 'current' girlfriend,

'Sarina Scavuzzo'

(seriously. that was her real name)

and it was this moment I had realized

'I may have fucked-up by going on this trip'...

*our main issue for our disagreements;

she wanted to move to NYC to live,

and wanted me there also.

14.Aug.1987 - *Washington D.C.;

today is my 'first day' as a civilian,

after being 'honorably discharged' from the

United States Marine Corps

at 1600hrs 14 Aug 1987.

my time in the Corps:

188,352,000 seconds

3,139,200 minutes

52,320 hours

2180 days

311 weeks


5 years, 11 months, 21 days...

16.Aug.1977 - *Albuquerque, NM:

while visiting my mother during 'summer vacation',

I was watching the movie "Girl Happy/1965"

(starring Elvis... very ironic)

when 'breaking news' interrupted the broadcast to

inform the public of Elvis Presley's death.

My mother was so upset,

she left work early and came home.

*my aunt kathi actually met Elvis at a concert many years before,

and was handed a sweaty silk scarf by Elvis himself

during his performance...

16 Aug 2013. Los Angeles, Ca:

Jasmine 18.7 in./7.22 pds

Gabriela 19.2 in/7.31 pds.

17.Aug.1973 - *Fawnskin, Ca;

I arrive in the Big Bear Lake area,

in the San Bernardino Mountains, Ca.

to begin living with my uncle & aunt during

my 5th grade year...

*my 8th different school in 6yrs.

the pitfalls from 'divorced parents'.

19.Aug.2005 - *Las Vegas, Nv:

one of the worst days of my life.

I began living in my 1994 Toyota 4Runner,

w/my 7yr old Siberian Husky, Coley.

*sometimes our choices/mistakes catch-up w/us immediately,

and 'payback' can be painful.

**this ordeal lasted until 22 Dec 2005,

for a total of 125 days...

21.Aug.1999 *Las Vegas, Nv;

began working with the 'Travel Channel' film crew,

taping a special on the Venetian Hotel called;

'the World's Largest Hotel/1999'.

(it was an episode for the 'On The Inside' series)

taping lasted approx 3 days,

and aired 3 Jan 2000...

*I actually had almost 9 minutes of solid 'face time'.

**I have absolutely 'no idea' why this documentary

is now listed on

22.Aug.1996 - *Traveling:

depart McCarran International this evening enroute

to London/Paris w/my girlfriend/roommate

and her work-mates...

*the trip was 'paid-for' by the real estate company she worked for.

**also. London was much more enjoyable than Paris.

(I guess it really matters who you 'share it' with)

23.Aug.1990 - *Reno, Nv;

after months of asking her out on a date,

I was 'stood-up' by a young beautiful

'keno runner' (Harrah's Reno)

after cooking dinner 'for us' in my studio apt...

(she never showed, or returned to work either)

24.Aug.1975 - *El Cerrito, Ca;

play golf w/my grandfather

at Vallejo muni course.

*I shot 94, my pops shot 87

25.Aug.1981 - *San Diego, Ca;

arrive MCRD San Diego,

for Marine Corps Boot Camp.

Day 1/81...

*departed Arlington, Wa at 6am.

arrived MCRD San Diego 10pm...

(car, plane, bus)

26.Aug.1996 - *London, England;

my 3rd & last day in London.

was appreciative (to her) for the trip abroad,

but my girlfriend was 'a spoiled pain in the ass'...

27.Aug.2011 - *Agoura Hills, Ca;

moved-in the last of the furniture from my las vegas, nv house

into my new house here in agoura hills, ca...

28.Aug.1996 - Paris, France;

visited the Eiffel Tower today.

*even though I enjoyed London alot more than Paris,

standing on the observation deck of the Tower and over-looking

the great city of Paris was one of the highlights of my trip...

29 Aug 1976 - Fresno, Ca;

attend the 13th birthday party

of a neighbor, larry ruiz...

30 Aug 1991 - *Reno, Nv;

1st date w/a future girlfriend.

Hi Stacey L...

31 Aug 1974 - *El Cerrito, Ca;

left the hills of El Cerrito, Ca,

and spent the holiday week-end

w/my grandmother in Albany, Ca...

1 Sep.1980 - *Arlington, Wa;

(Labor Day Holiday)

huge fight w/my 'step-monster' about

my 'lack of' responsibility'

around the house because I decided I was tired

of doing 'everything'

for the lazy bitch while my dad was out of state working.

*this was the beginning of the end for me as far as living at home,

I moved-out a few months later,

living w/a friend and his mother while I completed

my senior year in high school...

2.Sept.1991 - *Reno, Nv;

being it was Labor Day,

it was fairly busy w/gambling patrons

at Harrah's-Reno.

which also meant that thieves

were also out and about.

my floor partner & I caught a purse thief in

the 'cabaret casino' as he was attempting to grab his

bounty after he had raised the partition separating

the slot machines side spaces...

4.Sept.1979 - *Arlington, Wa;

a new city, a new school,

so begins another school year.

today I start my junior year at

Arlington High School...

8.Sept.1984 - *Las Vegas, Nv;

left MCAS El Toro, Ca at 5am,

driving to Las Vegas and picking my mother up

at McCarran Airport in Vegas to attend the funeral

of my great-Uncle Dutch...

10.Sept.1999 - *Las Vegas, Nv;

thursday, 9.09.1999 was my original choice

for my wedding day.

*date changed to 9.19.1999,

so more people could attend this ill-fated affair...

510 302 5948.jeff

Aguilera, Christina 1-310-917-9191

510 734 2647.yvonne

11.Sept.2001-Las Vegas, Nv;

was watching cnn headline news 'live'

(along w/the rest of the world)

as the second plane hit the world trade center in nyc...

12.Sept.2001 Las Vegas, Nv;

after experiencing the wrath of M.T. during

yesterdays devastating events,

(and after a discussion w/my former spouse)

I decided that 'today' would be my last official 'full time'

day at the Venetian Hotel & Casino.

*I did return to the property approx two dozen times over the next

few years as a 'private security consultant'...

13.Sept.2012 Agoura Hills, Ca;

I was so damn sick a year ago today

(as were the girls).

I 'hate' being fucking sick...

14.Sept.1988.Reno, Nv;

arrive in Reno, Nv via Amtrak from Oakland, Ca.

I will call Nevada my home for the next 21yrs...

14.Sept.2001.Las Vegas, Nv;

my 'then' wife Lori and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary

at the 'Top of the Stratosphere Casino',

having dinner at the 'Top of the World' restaurant...

(I had steak w/smoked salmon, she had linguine & clams)

even though our 'official' anniversary date was not until the 19th,

we decided to get out of the house this Friday night.

the Nation was still mourning the disastrous events of 9/11,

and we needed to get away from the 'tv broadcasts,

among other things.

after our meal,

we danced to a house band's BAD music versions of

a variety of bands of the 1980's.

(the only time her and I ever danced together)


we drove to the Mirage,

played blackjack/craps for a few hours,

then we called it a night.

and went home.   

15.Sept.1988.Reno, Nv;

for the 2nd night in a row,

I spent the night in the Cal Neva Sports book,

as I was unable to afford a hotel room...

16.Sept.1981.MCRD, San Diego, Ca;

even though all the days of Marine boot camp were

a blur because of 'everything going on',

I remember this particular day vividly because

of 'fellow recruits' from Detroit bragging about

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns during the evening break.

*Hearns eventually lost to Leanard...

17.Sept.1983.Disneyland, Anaheim, Ca;

visited Disneyland today w/my girlfriend Trisha.

*she was 'really my wife' as of 16 July '83,

but no-one knew about our nuptials...

19.Sept.1999.Las Vegas, Nv;

today I married my 2nd,

at the 'little white chapel' on the 'vegas strip'.

it was a 'very' non-traditional event;

she wore a sexy 'mid-thigh' cream colored dress,

I had on khaki dockers, and a pink 'ralph lauren polo'.

*hey. we looked damn good.

**and yes. we are still 'civil' to one-another...

20.Sept.1999.Las Vegas, Nv;

first day of 'officially' being married.

spent our wedding night at the Embassy Suites

in the North West Valley.

and after checking-out,

we checked-in to the Mandalay Bay Hotel

on the Vegas Strip.

staying there for three days;

enjoying the wave pool,

the restaurants,

and you know,

'the married thing'...

21.Sept.1988.Reno, Nv;

my very first day of employment at

Harrah's Hotel & Casino.

*Graveyard (11:45pm - 7:45am) Casino Security...

22.Sept.2007.Pasadena, Ca;

even though I really couldn't afford it at the time,

I still drove to SoCal and bought a GA ticket to watch

the UCLA Bruins play/beat

the Washington Huskies 44-31 at the Rose Bowl...

23.Sept.2001.Las Vegas, Nv;

purchased a walk-in gazebo/jacuzzi for

our 'starter house'.

*finally completing our backyard after 4yrs...

24,Sept.1993.Reno, Nv;

after 5yrs of continued employment,

today is my last day at Harrah's Hotel & Casino.

*I relocated to Las Vegas, Nv approx 2mo later...

25.Sept.1974.El Cerrito, Ca;

today was the 11th birthday of my 'first' 6th grade

girlfriend 'Xhonda' (I can't remember her last name).

*and that means 'TODAY' is her 50th birthday,

happy birthday Xhonda...

26.Sept.1995.Las Vegas, Nv;

it was 18yrs ago today that I had my 1st date w/K.R.

*I was so in love...

27.Sept.1978.Albuquerque, NM;

had a crazy day today at Highland High school.

experienced my 'only' bomb threat. ever.

*school was dismissed at 10:15am...

28.Sept.1986.Iwakuni, Japan;

played tennis today with a very attractive woman.

*no further information will be given...

29.Sept.1983.MCAS El Toro, Ca;

performed my USMC 4th quarter P.F.T. today.

(Physical Fitness Test)

my final score of 300pts,

was the highest you could achieve.

*100pts/20 consecutive pull-ups

100pts/80 sit-ups in 2min

100pts/sub 18min 3mile run (17:46)

at the time I was in the Marines,

less than 3% scored 300pts at any given time.

**USMC P.F.T. average score was 255pts

***this was my first (and only) 300 score.

****my USMC P.F.T. average score was 289pts during my enlistment...

1.Oct.1996.Albuquerque, NM;

drove to Albuquerque, NM (from Las Vegas, Nv)

to spend a week with my mother & grandmother

(who weren't on speaking terms during my visit),

so I could celebrate my mom's 5oth birthday on Oct 6th...

2.Oct.1980.Arlington, Wa;

AHS Cross Country meet @ LSHS

we lose.

*my time 19.07.33/3.1miles 7th/19th.

**cross country in Washington State was awesome,

running through the great North West,

never hot, and the scenery was always spectacular.

***Lake Stevens was a nice track...

03.Oct.1972.El Paso, Tx;

my very first tonsillitis, ever.

was out of school (4th grade) for almost 2weeks.

*lived in El Paso, Tx for 8wks w/my mother before moving

to Albuquerque, NM w/her and her new boyfriend...

04.Oct.1996.Albuquerque, NM;

my girlfriend that I had been living with for

the past 5ish months in Las Vegas,

flies out to ABQ to meet-up-with-me to help celebrate

my mom's 50th birthday (Sun).

*she was a fuckin pain in the ass the entire time.

**regardless if she did 'indeed' have the migraine she claimed

to have during her stay,

she was obnoxious and miserable to everyone.

***personally. I believed she was faking,

because when I took her to the airport on Monday to fly back home,

she mysteriously began to 'feel so much better'.


22.Oct.1982 El Toro, Ca;

went to the movies with

(my then girlfriend/soon to be wife)

Trish to see

'An Officer and a Gentleman/1982'

at the theatre located at MCAS El Toro, Ca...

23.Oct.1993.Reno, Nv;

I can remember this day as vividly as it occurred.

I had a 'dinner guest' over to watch

the 6th game of the World Series,

and after the 5th inning we 'decided to video tape'

the remainder of the game so we could 'visit'...

*great times.

26.Oct.2012.San Francisco, Ca;

spent the day shopping w/l.g. in 'the City',

(World Series game #2 was the day before)

then we drove to the East Bay for dinner,

and ate at

'Spengers Fish Grotto' in Berkeley...

*I fuckin' love that place.

6.Nov.1984.Las Vegas, Nv;

attended the

209th Marine Corps Birthday Ball

at the Imperial Palace Casino & Hotel

in Las Vegas, Nv

with my friend Teresa B,

and 4 other Marines and their escorts...

*even though 'the official' USMC Birthdate wasn't for another week,

it is a common tradition to have staggered celebrations,

so Active Duty Marines can attend at least one celebration,

and/or even a few different parties at various locations.

**the United States Marine is on duty 24/7...

W0409369 11/6/2013 *Premier...

6.Nov.1987 Albuquerque, NM;

my first date w/Sarina S.

*what a 'life changer' this event turned-out to be...

10.Nov.1981 San Diego, Ca;

celebrate my 'very first'

United States Marine Corps Birthday

while still in USMC Boot Camp

(and only 3 days away from graduation)

my platoon, #2069,

(along w/the entire Gulf Company)

was treated to all the burgers, hotdogs, french fries

and chocolate pudding we could eat in 20min.

and after a formal inspection of our dress alpha uniforms,

we enjoyed a movie (Apocalypse Now/1979)

and a personal cup of popcorn and hawaiian punch

at the MCRD San Diego Base Theatre.

after the movie,

there was an official ceremony on the grid,

including the cake cutting.

*was the best day of Boot Camp for all of us...


Las Vegas, Nv;

I attend my 'only' Marine Corp Birthday Ball

in Las Vegas, Nv at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino.

*which was renamed 'the Quad' on 21 Dec 2012,

and 'again' renamed 'the Linq Hotel & Casino' on 30 Oct 2014.

my date for this USMC Ball celebration was a younger girl who

I was madly-in-love with during that time of my life.

**the relationship died w/my transfer to Iwakuni, Japan 14mo later...

11.Nov.1976 Fresno, Ca;

having the day off from school,

my friends & I have an epic 'nerf football' game

lasting over 4hrs on the street we lived on,

using telephone poles as end zones...

*it's a shame that youth is wasted on the young.

12.Nov.2011 .San Francisco, Ca;

take Ash, a few of her friends and others

to the Bay Area for a week-end of football games...

17.Nov.1974.Albany, Ca;

spend the entire day w/my Gram

(my mom's mom)

celebrating my 11th birthday a week ahead of time;

Spenger's Fresh Fish Grotto in Berkeley, Ca for breakfast, bought school clothes at the El Cerrito Plaza,

had a malt at Woolworths,

shot pool at my Gram's neighborhood bar,

the Ivy Room,

and had dinner at Burger King.

she then drove me back that evening to El Cerrito, Ca

where I was living with my other grandparents

while I attended the 6th grade...

*one of my most favorite birthday memories

with my Gram.

(I really miss having her in my life)

22.Nov.1984.Rio Rancho, NM;

spend thanksgiving

w/my mom & step-dad...

my Thanksgivings:

* - denotes my birthday falls on Thanksgiving.

+ - denotes Thanksgiving is 'before' my next age celebration.

1963: newborn - El Cerrito, Ca - w/mom, dad, & grandparents.

1964: - 1yr old - El Cerrito, Ca - w/mom, dad, & grandparents.

1965: - 2yrs old - El Cerrito, Ca - w/mom, dad, & grandparents.

*1966: - 3yrs old - El Cerrito, Ca - w/mom, dad & grandparents.

+1967: - 3yrs old - Sausalito, Ca - w/mom, dad.

1968: - 5yrs old - El Cerrito, Ca - w/entire KISS Family.

1969: - 6yrs old - El Cerrito, Ca - w/dad & grandparents.

1970: - 7yrs old - El Cerritto, Ca - w/grandparents.

1971: - 8yrs old - Anacortes, Ca - w/dad.

+1972: - 8yrs old - Albuquerque, NM - w/mom.

1973: - 10yrs old - Big Bear Lake, Ca - w/Aunt & stepfuncle.

1974: - 11yrs old - El Cerrito, Ca - w/entire KISS Family.

1975: - 12yrs old - Fresno, Ca - w/dad & stepmonster.

1976: - 13yrs old - Anacortes, Wa - w/dad, stepmonster & her parents.

*1977: - 14yrs old - Fresno, Ca - w/dad, stepmonster & grandparents.

+1978: - 14yrs old - Albuquerque, NM - w/mom & stepfucker #2.

1979: - 16yrs old - Arlington, Wa - w/dad & stepmonster.

1980: - 17yrs old - Arlington, Wa - w/dad & stepmonster.

1981: - 18yrs old - San Bernardino, Ca - w/my favorite Aunt.

1982: - 19yrs old - Irvine, Ca - w/girlfriend & her family.

*1983: - 20yrs old - Irvine, Ca - w/girlfriend (wife) & her family.

+1984: - 20yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/new girlfriend & her family.

1985: - 22yrs old - Huntington Beach, Ca - w/military friends.

1986: - 23yrs old - Iwakuni, Ja - w/a very good friend.

1987: - 24yrs old - Rio Rancho, NM - w/mom & stepfather #3.

*1988: - 25yrs old - Reno, Nv - w/a new friend.

+1989: - 25yrs old - Reno, Nv - w/grandmother.

1990: - 26yrs old - Rio Rancho, NM - w/mom, stepfather #3,& grandmother.

1991: - 28yrs old - Sparks, Nv - w/girlfriend & best-friend.

1992: - 29yrs old - Reno, Nv - w/new girlfriend & her son.

1993: - 30yrs old - Reno, Nv - by-myself.

*1994: - 31yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - Stripper Bar.

+1995: - 31yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/friends.

1996: - 33yrs old - Rio Rancho, NM - w/mom, stepfather #3 & grandmother.

1997: - 34yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/girlfriend & her daughter.

1998: - 35yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/girlfriend & her daughter.

1999: - 36yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/wife & my step-daughter.

+2000: - 36yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/wife & step-daughter.

+2001: - 37yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/wife & mother-in-law.

2002: - 39yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/wife & mother-in-law.

2003: - 40yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/wife & mother-in-law.

2004: 41yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/my wife, step-daughter & mother-in-law.

*2005: - 42yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/my wife & new friends.

+2006: - 42yrs old -Las Vegas - w/my wife & friends.

+2007: - 43yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/my wife & friends.

2008: - 45yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/my wife, friends & mother-in-law.

2009: - 46yrs old - Las Vegas, Nv - w/my wife & friends.

2010: - 47yrs old - Agoura Hills, Ca - w/friends.

*2011: - 48yrs old - Agoura Hills , Ca - w/my 15yr old daughter.

+2012: - 48yrs old - RV Trip - w/the girls, Jack & the Palacios.

2013: - 50yrs old - Agoura Hills, Ca - w/family & friends.

2014: - 51yrs old - Henderson, Nv - w/family & friends.

**the next time Thanksgiving will be

on 24 Nov is 2016, my 53rd B-Day...

24.Nov.1963.Albany, Ca;

50 years ago today,

I was born...


Las Vegas, Nv

after years of begging 'my then wife' to drive

to SoCal to watch a UCLA Football game live at the Rose Bowl,

we finally go.

and lose to the highly ranked Washington State Cougars,


*2 weeks later I again 'dragged her' to see the UCLA Bruins play.

this time against the New Mexico Lobos in 'the Las Vegas Bowl'.

which they won,


**we never went to another UCLA Football game together again.

15.Dec.2008.Las Vegas, Nv;

although we were still 'officially' married,

my wife Lori,

who had been living in Allentown, Pa with her daughter

for the past few months,

comes back to Vegas to visit

and celebrate the holidays with me...

*which would be the last Christmas we would ever share

with one-another...

14.Jan.1975.Fresno, Ca;

receive my first (and ONLY) perfect ALL A's report card...

02.Feb.2011.Dallas, Tx;

spent the day in my rv with the kidz,

while the coldness continued in the southwest...

13.Feb.1981.Arlington, Wa;

attend my high school's 'sweetheart dance'

w/Jeannie G.

(huge crush, HUGE)...

14.Feb.1974.Fawnskin, Ca;

in 5th grade;

received a 'Valentine' from Brooke Gerald,

(the most popular girl in school).

**I honestly thought I was going to marry her...

6.March.2012.Alamo, Nv;

took the girls on a weekend-getaway to the Nevada desert

to experience the myth of Area 51.

we visited the

(buying memento's of our excursion)

and stayed at

(veranda room)

we saw the 'black mail box'

(even tho it's white now)

and drove the 'un-marked' dirt/gravel/paved road

that leads to a rear gate...

(we only viewed from 100+ yards or so)

*we didn't see any ufo's, security patrols,

or any flying aircraft what-so-ever.

**we did see a huge group of 50+ people

gathered along side of

'the extraterrestrial highway'


at dusk that saturday night awaiting possible alien encounters.

***if you ever find yourself in the middle of the nv desert,

I recommend the above motel,

(which are little individual cabins w/their own theme)

and a trip to the little a'le'inn

to visit w/some very 'interesting' (weird seems to harsh) individuals,

and to experience your own private 'chicken-skin-moment'

while driving the eerie dark nevada desert at 11pm... crazy!!!

20.April.1984.MCAS El Toro, Ca;

was dismissed at 1130hrs from admin for the Easter weekend,

which I spent at my girlfriend's house in Irvine, Ca...

(yes. the same girl who was 'secretly' my wife...)

27.April.1999 Las Vegas, Nv ;

worked a 19hr shift

at the 'under construction' Venetian Hotel &Casino

(8am - 3am)

*the property was only 6 days away from opening,

and everyone was rushing to finish everything by then...