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‚Äčmy opinions.1

*a page to say whatever the fuck I want...

last updated: 20 Oct 2010

15 May 2010: racism 8 July 2010: atheletes 19 Aug 2010: steriods

14 Oct 2010: the view 20 Oct 2010: reality shows



the following entries may contain semi-graphic descriptions, wordage or material you may find offensive, or just don't agree with, damn bad.     


1.a subjective statement or thought about an issue or topic, and is usually the result of emotion and/or interpretation of facts.

2.a belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

3.a personal view, attitude or apprasial


15 May 2010



ok, I have got a serious question here;

why is there still racism here in America?

and why are people (of all races) still judging others based on the color of their skin?

what the fuck?

I have heard just about enough of this bullshit word;

black, white, brown, yellow, red, green or whatever your skin tone happens to be, an asshole is a asshole,

no matter the color pigmitation of your skin!

and this term of 'reverse racism'?,

where did this come from?

we no longer have the time for this,

the past is exactly that, PAST!

so; move on, forward, and live among each other,

and damn it; have fun!

8 July 2010


"dont hate the player, hate the game"

how many damn times have you heard this from an over-compensated, no talent hack, that doesn't give a rats-ass about the game, the team, or the fans?

just his ability to 'mouth-off' and take as much money as he can and as fast as he can.

and as much as I hate to admit it, it's almost as much the fans fault as it is the player(s) themselves.

the hero worshiping, the money spent on sport venue tickets (guilty here), the collection of memoribilia connected to your favorite teams (guilty); all add up to contribute to the outrageous fortunes some of our sporting stars now demand. I have always believed you should be paid for what you are worth.

sure, contracts are a good idea to keep players intact and attached to a certain team, but even then, the 'bitches' complain in the middle of an already signed deal that someone else is making more money than them and aren't half as good.

ok, theory; pay these atheletes for what they do,

not for what they can/or might be able to do.

golf is the best paid sport for the money, if you don't do well, you don't get to buy that brand new flashy sports car.

I'm not at all saying that our beloved sport icons shouldn't be paid for their talents, absolutely they should be!

but dear god, up front? really???

and to demand a 60 minute special on espn to announce your intention to play professinal basketball?

and the general public watched, as I did, to see a very talented, non-champion, well spoken, integrity-lacking indivdual make a spectacle of himself and the sport;

damn you lebron james.

I was never a big fan of your team,

but did hold a special place in my heart for you as a person; and you broke that.

no one is bigger than the game lebron,

not even michael jordan.

but the difference between the both of you are not just the

6 championship rings,

michael knew he was just a player in the world of basketball,

and you actually believe you are a god.

lebron james, not only did you lose 'me' as a fan,

but you lost my respect as a man.

good luck in south beach, mr. james.

19 Aug 2010


'I wanna juice you up'!

So, the U.S. Congress has indicted another sports legend in the anticipation of bleeding his career

across the tabloid circuit.

Well; good for you, all you 'elected' servants representing us everyday people. We have much bigger problems concerning the American way of life:

unemployment is at an all time high,

foreclosures are crashing all around us,

the homeless, hungry and the medically starved are in dire need constantly.

But, lets spend (waste) millions of tax-payers dollars on dramatic court room drama entailing the past days of some of our sporting icons to prove without a reasonable doubt, that they 'juiced' their statistics during clouded moments of an otherwise spectacular career.

I don't recall any U.S. Gov't interference during the baseball strike of 1994/95 to punish, redeem or moderate the labor dispute concerning the American national pastime?

Ya, why would elected 'officials' piss-off all the wealthy team owners who make 'large' donations to their election campaigns every time they seek re-election?

Thank goodness for the Mark Mcgwire, Sammy Sosa 1998 home run record chase. Because of the coverage concerning this special moment as it was being played out, John Q. Public was once again interested in the wonderful game of baseball.

Team owners, players, fans, and everyone alike knew something was going on; yet no-one did anything about it then, why should they?, baseball was exciting again, and the revenue was flowing rivers of gold...

So, lets waste millions upon millions of dollars, time, effort and energy to crack the whip at something we don't really understand the effects of!

did these players physically hurt someone? NO!

(but lets give sex offenders gov't supplied viagra.),

are these players truely criminals? NO!

(a convicted rapist goes free after 4 years.)

did they intentionaly deceive? ok, maybe.

(didn't we have a president cheat on his wife?)

does it really fucking matter?

(integrity of the game you say?, what integrity?)

Quote by Charlie Harper/Two and a Half Men:

(played by the great actor; Charle Sheen)

"Baseball was better with steriods"

14 Oct 2010

the view

'five women on one show'

(truth be told, I watch because of Elisabeth Hasselbeck...)

Ok; Religion, War, 9/11...

these are all touchy, touchy subjects.

But really, what is the sole purpose of having Muslim worship in the immediate area of

the new Freedom Tower?

I seriously don't know, can someone tell me?

But I would think that something that is so controversial, should maybe be looked at from 'all' points of view.

I mean really, do we want to give a reason for such hatred

to establish itself before the buildings are even erected in foundation?

I can see both sides here,

(the sentimental reasons and the freedom to worship)

but reserve my feelings because of my prior established ground rules concerning certain topics of discussion.

But let me just say this:

Just because you are of German heritage,

does not make you a Nazi...            

20 Oct 2010

reality shows

there's hardly anthing 'real' about 'reality tv'

I have to admit that until just recently,

I was not a fan of reality tv.

I watched a couple episodes of the Osbournes back in the summer of '02. The throwing ham episode, funny.

And American Idol for the entire 3rd & 4th season, but now only for the auditions. Paula left, and so did the ratings.

 No thanks:

Survivor (a nice idea, but not really)

Jersery Shore (I just don't get it)

the Biggest Loser (hey, they're tryin')

Miami Ink: (no tatts for me)

Big Brother: (spoiled fucking children at its best)

the Apprentice: (hmm, maybe. D.T. is 'the' shit)

My Life on the D List: (Kathy 'your' do-able, show sux)

the Girls next Door: (just jealous of Hef is all)

Temptation Island: (stupidity at it's finest)

the Bachelor: (just fuck 'em all, then choose)

the Bachelorette: (see Bachelor)

the TO Show: (another obnoxious ass-elete)

Jon & Kate +8 (Kate, you a BITCH)

The shows listed above;

I have seen at least once or twice,

usually during commercial breaks of what I am currently watching, but not withstanding an occasional boring night of television that may intrigue me to tube in. 

But I recently have started to watch the following reality shows, and would like to share:

*Dancing with the Stars:

I started watching in the middle of season 1, and was entertained by the participants, outfits and choice of music. Have been disappointed w/the 11th season,

the show is becoming too money hungry with the addition of 'time filling' with ridiculous additional performances of non-participants.

Hey DWTS, dont change a damn thing, your show is number one for a reason.

 *World of Jenks:

This is perhaps the best real 'reality/docu' show I have seen to date. This young man; Andrew Jenks, goes around with a camera man and films 'real-life-shit'!

Not rehearsed, scripted or any fake shit going on here.

If you have not watched, I highly recommend you do.

This kid is going to make it, big time.

*Keeping up with the Kardashians:

Well; I started watching a couple months or so ago by accident, and have just kept tuning in.

The K-girls are all easy on the eyes,

but Kourtney is my favorite. Sure she is beautiful, but there is something else besides that, and I just can't place it. And even though her baby's father; Scott Disick appears to be a major dick-head, I think he could actually be a nice guy.

Ya, he is an asshole-drunk, conceded, and may have some of his values twisted, but I think he may surprise the world with what he finially embraces.

Oh; Scott, lose the fucking shoulder sweaters already.

Now, 'the man', Bruce Jenner has his role of


in this fashion show soap opera.

But I admire the man for his past athletic accomplishments and also for his fatherhood instincts with all these women.

Bruce, your a great dad.

*The Spin Crowd:

Is about the business of public relations.

The business; Command PR, located in L.A. is owned by Jonathan & Simon.

(who at first I thought were a couple)

And with the clever assortment of their cute assistants,

makes for a very entertaining 30 min.

This show may be 'scripted' abit,

but it is on the cusp of breaking the mold.

They could really do something special with this show.

Hey Jonathan; don't be such an ass ALL the time.

*Conspiracy Theory

with Jesse 'the body' Ventura


so we have a former Navy Seal, ex-Govenor of Minnesota, a part-time actor, the once most feared fighter/entertainer in wrestling all packaged into what he has now become;

an independent investigator looking into 'possible' cover-ups and secrets by the U.S. Government and 'other' shady organizations. (ya, I said 'shady')

There are a few people I would not want to fuck with,

Jesse Ventura is high on my list.

This show examines exactly what it is called, and leads us to believe that our own Government may be concealing 'secrets' from all of us.

Really?, no shit?, are you fucking kidding me?:

9/11, Secret Societies, Big Brother, Area 51, JFK assasination among others.

Well, I am in no way an expert on any of these subjects,

but I believe that 'things' have happened that 'we' will never know the truth about.

You go Governor, kick some ass baby!

*Ma's Roadhouse:

This is a program my dad would have watched if he was still alive, and perhaps that's the reason I do.

This biker's wet dream is owned and operated by Rick and his friends and family. Now let me just say; Rick reminds me of my dad, the long hair hippie type, that if you see him on a street corner, it would appear as if he couldn't afford a pack of cigs.

And again,

'don't judge a book by its cover'

Rick is a savey, intelligent, hard working business man;

who happens to look like a typical roughneck.

Ya, this SOB knows exactly what the hell he is doing,

and he knows what star quality is:

his raspy-voiced, hard drinkin', chain-smoking, white haired, no bull-shit taking, tell it like it is, burger-flippin' mother.

Or as she is so known;


I can't even start to describe this woman;

it would be unjust for me to do so,

you have to hear/watch her for yourself.

This reality-show may be 'scripted' a little,

but it is pure enjoyment.

*Undercover Boss:

Now, when this show first made its debut last season,

I was very skeptical.

No way that a 'suit' would get on their hands and knees and scrub the floor, toilet, take out the trash, and take orders. Guess I was wrong.

Unless they are all Academy Award winning actors, this reality show is exactly what every employee has dreamed of. Having 'the big boss' come down to the emp-level and see what the fuck is going on in the real world, not sitting behind a desk on 'their' ass shuffling papers and eating a cobb salad with Perrier.

I have enjoyed most of these episodes, and think this type of show was way over due.

At the end of each undercover assignment, the 'boss' always has the emps who have assisted in his eye-openning job duties, come to the HQ for the truth-be-told segment; sometimes emotional,

sometimes funny;

but always entertaining.

I'm not sure how long they can keep up the grown-up version of 'Punked' going, but it was/is a great idea and hope that they continue to do so.


why is it that millions upon millions of people every night sit down and watch other 'real' people live their lives?

(some more extravagant than our own)

Do we all want to live in someone elses shoes?,

even if it's only for 3o minutes?

Are we so bored with game shows, movies, or the typical TV series that we are willing to escape into the 'reality' of another lifestyle/world?

Or, do we watch reality shows just to see what is going to happen next?

to be continued on my opinions.2...