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my opinions.2:

*a page to say whatever the fuck I want...

last up-dated: 29 Oct 2010

21 Oct 2010: friends & family 23 Oct 2010: late nite talk shows   

24 Oct 2010: customer service

27 Oct 2010: bad drivers 29 Oct 2010: illegal immigrants 



the following entries may contain semi-graphic descriptions, wordage or material you may find offensive, or just don't agree with, damn bad.           

 opinion (noun):

1.a subjective statement or thought about an issue or topic, and is usually the result of emotion and/or interpretation of facts.

2.a belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

3.a personal view, attitude or apprasial.


21 Oct 2010

friends & family

You can pick your friends, but not your family.

'Ain't that the fucking truth'.

(minus the fact, you 'can' pick your spouse)

So, not taking into consideration the few that are born with a fucking platinum spoon shoved up their ass;

how many people are really happy with the family they are forced to deal with?

An article I remember from a few years past,

stated only 20-30% of all of us were totally content with our families.

Some of the reasons listed:

overbearing parents (mothers being the worst),

meddling in-laws (again: mothers),

siblings (brothers that sponge),

embarrasing family gatherings

(who is the asshole drunk in your fam-unit?).

Now; a few would argue that friends can also be overbearing, meddling, sponging fucking asshole drunks, but you can kick those jerk-offs outa your life.

You may be stuck with the genetic gene pool you were born into, forever.

Myself, I have no brothers, sisters, my father has died, and haven't talked to my mother in over a decade.

So my only shot at having a 'real' family will be to marry into one, again.

(I got rid of the asshole drunk in 'my' last family)

So I actually do not have the 'entire' expierence as to some of the situations listed above, but I have had dealings with family issues while growing up and being bounced from relative to relative.

But all of us have had friends who have impacted our lives, good and bad.

In the same article, it listed major reasons for terminating a current friendship;

infidelity (your friend laid your spouse/or visa-versa),

untrustworthiness (two-faced fuck),

money troubles (loaning a dead-beat),

totally unreliable (a no-show is a no-friend).

I have had some wonderful friends in my life,

men & women who just 'got' me and were/are just enjoyable to be around.

But what I found to be the #1 reason for ending a friendship;

you just simply out-grow each other.

People change; we all do, and some change differently.

A friendship is indeed a relationship,

a relationship you have with another person.

And being a friend is unlike a sexual relationship

(although, there is the term F.W.B),

as you may tell your 'friend' somethings you would never tell a spouse or a mate.

A true friend will never judge you, past or present

(unlike some of our family members).

A true friend may not always agree with you,

but will at least listen to your situation.

(how many mates really care to listen?)

And a true friend is someone you can count on when the chips are down,

and will always be there for you,

no matter the predicament,

and assist you without ever expecting anything in return.

Wouldn't it be nice for all of us to have a true friend who was also in our family?...

23 Oct 2010

the late night talk shows

"Heeeeere's Johnny"

I had the opportunity to watch

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson

during the 70's, 80's and early 90's;

and I still think it was better than any of the numerous late shows being offered to us today.

Mr Carson was truely, a class-act;

he had a flare for the dramatic,

a sense of humor for the hilarious and outragious.

But his facial expressions were always the best.

Especially when he would look into the camera with his ever popular smirk-smile; I miss you Johnny.

*David Letterman is as close to 'the original' as you can get; yet he has his own style that makes him head and shoulders above everyone else.

*Jay Leno is a nice guy that will always finish 2nd to Letterman. You can't really say anything bad about Leno, Dave is just funnier.

*Jimmy Fallon is actually a very good actor and decent comedian; so maybe he just needs a new approach for his late nite schtick, I think his show is boring sometimes.

*Carson Daly should be a news-reader somewhere.

*Craig Ferguson is much too dry for me.

*George Lopez could be a contender, time will tell.

And then there's:

*Conan O'brien...hmm. I just don't understand what the fuck the problem is with this guy.

Is he cursed?, does his body emit a foul stench?,

did he piss-off somebody during his past life?;

or does he just not take control of his enviroment?

I mean hell, just look at the guy, he looks like he could be the illegitimate child of howdy doody and some Irish basketball player, male or female.

The guy 'is' funny lookin',

and he has the voice to go along with it.

And that damn hair, wtf is all that about?

Maybe he and Justin Bieber go to the same barber and get their hair tips from the underground, who knows.

And now,

TBS is currently running adverts for his new show which begins in November,

and apparently, 'everyone' misses him.

Where the fuck were you all before he got his ass thrown to the curb?

Conan you will 'again' be hot in the beginning,

then it's up to you and your cohorts to keep 'everyone' wanting more to keep your ass afloat... 

Happy 85th birthday Johnny Carson.

So, how do I decide which Late Show to dvr?,

it has nothing to do with the 'host',

but whom-ever is making a 'guest' appearance

that I want to see/hear.

24 Oct 2010

customer service:

'Just treat others as you would like to be treated'.

No matter where you work, what job you have,

or type of business you offer;

most likely customer service is an important ingredient to the success of your livelihood.

Now; maybe it's just me,

but I think 'cs' has really changed over the past 10-20 years, and not for the best.

Let me tell you what pisses me off the most,

someone on the phone,

at a drive-thru,

or anywhere else that has to do with direct conversation, and you can't understand a fucking word

coming out of their mouth.

(and they may not understand you either)

Now I am in no way chastising 'anyone' who is working to support themselves/family and so forth;

I actually am questioning their superiors who have thrown them into 'the fire' by having them do a position they may not be fully qualified for.

And being a prior business owner who expected exceptional customer service/speaking skills,

I can't imagine an owner having someone who can not communicate the english language accordingly dealing directly with the public,

(unless of course the owner themselves don't speak english well, but even then; come on, common sense people).

And another thing,

when did 'cs' change for cell phones?

I can't tell you how many times I have placed a service-call to my cell phone provider,

and I'm transfered to the philippines;

what the hell is all that about?

I truely can't understand every other word.

Usually, I get so frustrated,

I hang-up and try again until I get an english speaker I can deal with.

And sometimes when you wish to speak to a supervisor,

they are even worse.

I just don't get it, I really don't.

Now moving past the language barrier,

lets talk food service/servers;

the younger they are, the worse they seem to be.

I am not picking on the food service industry as a whole,

but the incompetence from some of it's staff members who would rather flirt, text, smoke, or whatever instead of doing what they are employed to do;

wait on their tables in a timely fashion and ensure that their guests are taken care of at all times.

Nothing pulls my chain harder than waiting for my server to return with a drink, an order,

or even an acknowledgement of inquiry;

ie: 'is everything ok'?,

and then you observe them doing something as listed here.

Now in the defence of all the hard workers that take pride in what they do, sometimes a delay is inevitable because of certain unavoidable situations.


when I see my server standing outside talking and laughing on his/her cell phone,

or texting,

or sitting at a table of the opposite sex for over 15 minutes;

is just so 'not-right'.

Usually if I am receiving 'very bad' service,

I will ask my server if they are really busy, or short-staffed, cause this shit happens.

More times than not, they give me a surprised look with their response of 'no'.

I have NEVER not tipped someone for service rendered,

(I've wanted to on numerous occasions, but I just can't),

but I have cut down on the monies left.

And 'I' am the best gratuity-minded person I know.

As far as the other end of the rainbow,

if I experienced outstanding service,

I have actually doubled the check for the tip.

I love doing that,

it makes me feel good to see the look on my servers face when they get more than they ever expected.

'Some of the worse' servers are young ladies,

they just don't get it.

'Some of the best' are the older women,

they know they have to hustle to make the green.

But then again,

one of my fav servers is at my iHop in Vegas, she is a 22 year old mom that is simply put, one of the best.

A single mom that is also putting herself through night school; any restaraunt that could have a dozen of her,

would be a gold mine.

Ok; I'm done, don't want to continue anymore.

Just one more thought;

if your dealing with someone and you are representing your Company/Business,

treat people as you wish to be treated yourself;

you can't go wrong with that...

27 Oct 2010

bad drivers:

'I wish I could launch missles from my car'

or as I like to call them;

the reason the rest of us must pay an outragious amount of car insurance every month.

ok, question:

why is it that everytime you have dealings with an irrate driver, it's always your fault?

your going too slow, so they shove their arm up your ass to make the horn blow.

or, when you signal to change lanes;

and you proceed to do so,

they shoot the gap,

and nearly become lodged in your trunk space,

and then scream obscenities and give you the 'signal' as they speed by.

or god-forbid;

you stop at a red light/stop sign/cross walk or whatever, and you get rear ended by some dick-fuck texting on his phone or playing with himself cause he just saw a pretty girl walking down the street.

and lets not forget the ever popular;

'you took my parking space',

so now he kills you with an illegal firearm.

ya, the last one seems pretty extreme, but shit happens.

and why is it that everytime some couples have a major blow-out, one of them leaves the scene speeding in a 3500 pound metal object while they are pissed at the world, and sometimes even drunk? thats a good move.

and just touching on driving drunk, why?

but you know what really pisses me off the most?:

drivers that don't signal.

I hate it...

wouldn't it be nice to have 'one' day that was a total joy to be behind the wheel while on your commute?

ya, and now we all are going to make our second wish.

29 Oct 2010

illegal immigrants:

If they work, pay taxes, and are viable; WTF?

This is a subject matter that quite a few people have very 'strong' opinions about, I'm 'not' one of those people, but I would like to make my feelings known.

To begin with,

ALL of us are immigrants in one way or another,

maybe the North American Indian is the only nationality that can actually claim America as it's own.

And with the wide assortment of individuals from other countries settling here over the past 300 years or so; is what made the United States of America what it is today,

one of the best places to live.

I say 'one' of the best because I have been to quite a few other countries that are also wonderful:

London, England; Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan;

Vancouver, British Columbia; Cairo, Egypt;

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

If given the opportunity, I would love to live in any one of these places.

Every country in the world has good/bad in their viens,

it's how the body is conditioned that really matters.

(body being the established rule of its leaders)

I understand the U.S. governments improved policies since the terroristic attacks of 9/11;

and agree with the new immigrant laws,

but I strongly believe there should be a way of determining who would be good for this country,

and who wouldn't.

If someone wants to come into the United States to work, pay taxes, and be a positive influence to benefit this country, then by all means, let them in.

But, if they just want to be a drain on the already sagging financial status of our weak economy, then kick them out.

No welfare, no foodstamps, no healthcare, nothing!!!

We have too many free-loaders as it is,

and most of them have been here forever.

I actually have a great idea, welfare/foodstamps; 1 year.

And if you can work, but don't want to, then get the fuck out and let someone in this country that will.

*I relieze the economy is shit right now, and unemployment is at record highs, but maybe if we would have had a better structure for how banks/realitors did business to begin with, we wouldn't be in this financial mess.

Why were millions upon millions of people given home loans that they could not afford after their adjustable rate mortgages expired?; greed thats why!

And the domino effect of people not spending money on goods to try to save money to pay that house note, caused businesses to close which ultimately lead to millions losing their homes by foreclosure!

Maybe we should have people with more integrity and willingness to live the once inspired American Dream come into this country and work hard to get 'us' back to what we once were:

the 'United' States of America.

**I will take an immigrant who wants to work hard and earn their money over a lazy, pampered, spoiled-ass American any time.

I'm not saying ALL Americans are lazy, but the 10-20% that are, effect us all...

to be continued on my opinions.3...