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my opinions.3

*a page to say whatever the fuck I want...

last up-dated: 01 Dec 2010

02 Nov 2010: our right to vote 10 Nov 2010: U.S.M.C.

16 Nov 2010: romance & relationships          

1 Dec 2010: wal*mart   



the following entries may contain semi-graphic descriptions, wordage or material you may find offensive, or just don't agree with, damn bad.  

opinion (noun):

1.a subjective statement or thought about an issue or topic, and is usually the result of emotion and/or interpretation of facts.

2.a belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

3.a personal view, attitude or apprasial.


2 Nov 2010

our right to vote:

'We all have a choice to make a difference'

with today being election day in an off year

( no prez is being elected, are they?),

I thought I would touch on this subject matter.

now, traveling as I have been the past couple of months, I have already submitted my early vote (absentee) ballot as I wanted to 'participate in the process' of the election campaigns. I was raised as a stout republican by a family that believed the grand ole party was the 'only' way, no matter of the person seeking public office or issues at hand. I am proud to admit my very first vote I ever cast was for the re-election of president ronald reagan in 1984. but, I did not vote again until 2008, and yes I voted republican. I can't really explain 'why' I didn't bother to submit my 'say' during those 24 years, nor can I give a valid reason for voting republican at the last election. as for my 'say' in this years governmental proceedure; I voted for issues I believe in and not for a single breathing canidate. now with that being said, I must admit that gives me no accoutability for complaints during the next few years, and I'm fine with that.

I tired quickly of the never ending 'smear' campaigns being endorsed by all parties involved. they use such tactics to hopefully entice the general public to 'vote' them into a public office so they can 'better' our world. words like: reckless, radical, extreme, dishonest, untrustworthy, are all used with absolutely no remorse. basically, everyone blames everyone else. no thanks, I strongly believe no matter what political party you attribute yourself to, your choices are exactly the same as the other. now some of us may have a family member, friend or someone we know that is seeking to make a 'change'. then give your vote for this person, and back him/her on every single issue they believe in.

after all, he/she is representing 'you'. It would be a wonderful thing if '1 person' could really make a difference, doesn't work that way; as there are too many 1 persons that are involved. I am in no way suggesting that '1 vote' doesn't matter, because it does; I just am very disgruntled at what the election process has become, a bully verses bully fight, with the last person standing/winning most likely being exactly the same as the individual they defeated.

I was raised a republican,

I will live my life as an American.

10 Nov 2010

united states marine corps:

'Semper Fi'

Happy 235th Birthday

to the

United States Marine Corps


The Marines were founded on 10 November 1775 in a drinking establishment called Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pa., the Tavern is also recognized as the birthplace of Masonic teachings (Freemasons) in America.

I enlisted in the USMC in December 1980, which was during my senior year of high school; and arrived at boot camp in San Diego, Ca on 25 August 1981, two months after my HS graduation. I joined the Marines because I had very limited options; no money for college, I didn't want to continue working at Safeway, and I wanted to leave Washington State. Plus, the opportunity to travel was an added bonus.

I do not recommend Military Service for just anyone, let alone joining the Marines, especially the way kids are these days. You have to understand the significance of what a Marine stands for; the slogan 'Semper Fidelis' is latin meaning 'Always Faithful', which is not just a motto to the Corps, but a way of life. When you are a United States Marine, nothing else matters; your family, your religion, your well being, all take a back seat to the fact you 'are' a Marine' first, everything else second. And there are only two colors of Marine; light green, dark green. If your skin tone falls somewhere in the middle, you will be labled in BC (boot camp), and thats it.

I spent 6 years in the Corps, and believe it or not, wouldn't trade those memories for anything. It is hard to explain the commaradory you experience while in the Marines to someone who has only known a backstabbing enviroment in the normal working class world. Sure, there are asshole-jarheads just like the dick-fuck you work with in your job, but it's just different. Most assholes, brown-nosers, and the typical lazy-shit-whore who normaly just ease their way thru the day are exposed in the Marines, and dealt with. Not in the 'a Few Good Men' way, but normally reassigned or transferred. Where in the true-business way of civilians, some of these ass-munchers are sometimes promoted because of the unjust favortism shown by bosses without any sort of integrity what-so-ever. I'm just saying.

But above everything else, a US Marine is taught to be respectful of the heritage established of Marines past.

You wear the uniform proudly, you talk the talk, you walk the walk. And nobody 'fucks' with a single Marine, as you will have 1,000 crazy mother-fuckers up your ass, immediately.

Even though you are no longer serving on active duty,

you will always be proud of the fact you served,

you inspired others to follow you, and forever hold the title

'United States Marine'. 

God Bless all who have served in the United States Military;

past, present and future.

16 Nov 2010

romance & relationships:

'Why can't we all just get along?'

question: why is it that men & women differ so on what is important in relationships? I just don't understand how such a flaw can exisist in intelligent beings.

And I, am just as flawed as everyone else; and anyone, ANYONE who says they know why, is full of shit.

All I can relate to you on this subject; are my beliefs, my past experiences and my true feelings from the heart.

so the following is my opinion only, which doesn't mean I am right or wrong, I'm just expressing my views:

from a young age, I learned that women are the heart of the earth, and that man is just another creature in their world. seriously, as funky as this may sound, that is truely how I feel. a woman gave birth to us all.

and yes it's a fact that a female needs a mans 'seed' to procreate, but after the 'deposit' is made, it's a womans body that nutures the baby-to-be and gives us life.

so why do some/most men treat women like shit?

and why do some/most women put up with their attitudes?

or visa-versa...

as we grow into young adults, we all develop a certain type of opposite attraction towards one another. some like blondes, others brunettes; some skinny, some thicker, some white, some not. everyone has a 'type' of individual they are attracted to; physical attraction is normally high on the list of desires, as is possibly ones financial status and/or earning capabilities. maybe even possesions (ie: cars, houses, ect) come into play during the search for a potential mate. and then once you find 'all' of what you may be seeking, the courtship begins. references such as: gold diggers, shollow hals, pump & dumps, bimbos, mimbos, thrash for cash, and other colorful words describe some during the courtship affair.

'she is only going out with him for his money'

'he is only going out with her cause of her looks',

(or again, visa-versa).

how many times have you heard this, or even said it yourself, OR it pertained(s) to you specifically?

you know what; it doesn't matter,

if you do care about the person, tell the doubters to fuck-off.

sometimes love just happens when you least expect it;

it's what you do 'after' that really matters.

I am the prime example of letting a relationship go;

and not trying to rekindle the spark.

I won't smear my ex's short-comings with her alcohol,

or will I subject myself to critisism for working 18 hour days all across the world.

but let me just say this: the domino-effect was in play;

had there been no alcohol, there would have been less ugliness, which would have maybe contributed to more time at home to strengthen the relationship once it was in doubt.

but sometimes, no matter what you do,

the relationship just runs it's course and ends.

I have had many girlfriends throughout my life,

I have also been an ass during some of these encounters.

as we are young, sexual thoughts pre-occupy our normal thinking process, and we are overwhelmed with the urge to scrog, fuck, screw, have sex, intercourse or whatever you want to call it.

but as we get older, wiser and more secure with ourselves;

we come to relieze what really matters most is true companionship. someone to share our dreams with,

our everyday thoughts, a funny moment,

a spectacular sunset (or sunrise),

or even just the simple experience of holding hands.

there is absolutely no reason to stay in a love-less marriage/relationship,

I did it for 10 years, never again.

when you are courting someone, or going into the 'honeymoon' phase you do wild and crazy things to express your feelings toward your fuck-buddy, we all do:

the rose pedals on the floor, the breakfasts in bed, the dinners under the stars, the bubble baths, the erotic massages, the simple moments to share, and above all else;

the 1,000 times you say the words:

'I love you' in one day.

and once you move-in together, it just seems to stop.

I admit, I actually continued the 'wow' factor for a couple years after our marriage; until I tired of being unappreciated, then I stopped cold turkey.

maybe I should have continued the little notes, the spontaneity of surprises, and had been more supportive of her needs and desires. but her drinking killed my initiative.

I strongly believe that romance is always needed to keep our love strong and vibrant throughout a relationship.

sometimes just simply asking; 'how was your day?'

and then taking the time to listen, 'really listen' to her/his response, will make for a special moment;

and then if asked, give honest feedback.

those moments actually could be better for a relationship, than a pricey night on the town.

love is a crazy, crazy emotion we all don't really understand. all we can try to do is hope we experience it at least once in our lives, and then hope it lasts forever.   

20 Nov 2010

security during holiday shopping:

'Watch out, cause they are watching you.'

Since this time of year has an increase of people at the malls, specialty stores and so forth; it also brings out more seedy characters looking for a quick/easy score. So I would like to share with you my knowledge on certain aspects of staying safe during the holiday season. 'Please' just read; and even if it seems my suggestions are abit over-the-top, or even common sense worthy; remember it's always best to be safe with information than sorry with regret.

To begin with, are the a, b, c's:

Always Be Cautious!

Criminals normally operate in groups of 3 or more; the driver, the lookout, and the strong-arm.

The strong-arm is usually the person who will make contact with 'the mark' (victim) by a threatening nature, having the lookout nearby for backup and observation. And the well prepared ones, have a getaway route/vehicle on the ready.

The following 'suggestions' are tried and true:

1. If at all possible, go shopping with a buddy; the more the better. Safety is in numbers, especially when theives will be looking for an easy mark (someone by themselves) to score some quick cash and/or easy merchandise with the very least of resistance possible.

2. Ladies, please don't go shopping at night. Most crimes are commited during the cover of darkness; add a vulnerable woman walking up to a couple hundred yards to her vehicle, hands full of packages/bags, talking on her cell-phone, and not paying attention to her surroundings, is a possibility of an unfortunate event. If you must shop at night, use the buddy system, valet or some other suggestions below.

3. Believe it or not, Mall Security is not only for the general protection of the Grounds and its Stores; but to provide protection for the shoppers as well. The average mall will have approximately 8-12 SO's (Security Officers) on shift at any given time, even more so during the holiday shopping season, not to mention the patrol units in the parking areas. So if you feel the need for an escort to your vehicle, Security can assist you with that added protection. Also; if the SO is maybe a little older than you feel comfortable with (or for any other reason), ask the Security Dispatcher for the patrol unit to shadow your escort, which means they follow you for an added bubble of protection.

Please note: do not have security carry your packages,

that just diminishes the value of your escort.

They are there to ensure your safety,

not to be your personal assistant.

4. When you plan on spending 'large' amounts of money in a couple transactions, it would be wise to use either your debit/credit cards. Thieves sometimes position themselves near a cashiers area to spot a possible 'mark' using an abnormal amount of cash. And then target this person.

Also remember, even if you spend all your money,

what you have bought can be sold, pawned or used by someone other than it was intended for.

Other examples of targeting include; your wardrobe, your jewelry, your demeanor, your unattentivness, your packages and social standing. (are you well known?) Dressing in jeans, a t-shirt, and comfortable walking shoes, and not wearing your $5000. watch/ring/necklace allows you to 'blend' within your environment,

think 'plain-jane'.

5. Although you should always be 'on the clock'; here are some problem areas to be extra aware of, day or night:

parking lots, stair-wells, elevators, bathrooms, fitting rooms, while you are getting in & out of your vehicle, hallways, bus stops, your backseat of your vehicle, and anywhere else that cuts you off from the public eye.

And always walk like you have a purpose.

Someone who presents themselves as a confident indivdual, usually is less likely to draw attention.

6. It is generally a good idea 'not' to drink alcoholic beverages while spending large amounts of money.

(Las Vegas casinos serve 'free' drinks for a purpose)

If you have got your 'buzz-on'; it will hamper your judgements/decisions, making you more vulnerable, which could possibly encourage someone to take something from you. Also, instead of the 'pepper spray' in your purse/pocket (which at times will only anger an assailant), it's suggested to carry an air-horn. Not only will the sound be heard by others who may help, activating the horn near the ears of an attacker can disable him/her immediately,

and cause temporary disorientation;

giving you a moment or two to get away.

7. a.In the event you believe you are being followed and you are on foot, do any or ALL of the following;

get within a crowd of people, stop and talk to a couple,

walk into the nearest store and proceed to the cashier

(a camera is there, a thief doesn't want his picture taken),

activate your air-horn so others notice you,

if you see law enforcement, make contact.

And NEVER do the following under any circumstances:

if you are being followed, 'do not' approach the suspect,

never try to lose someone by going into a restroom,

(as you have just cornered yourself).

Do not panic, EVER; believe it or not,

most thugs are just as scared of you as you are of them.

If you are in need of help, never yell 'help', scream 'fire'.

And worse case scenario?; drop all your bags if approached by a theif, and run towards people, immediately screaming fire or sounding your air-horn. As soon as you drop your packages on the ground, that will devert the attention of the assailant and give you precious moments to get away.

Your items are always replaceable, 'you' are not.

b.If you are driving and believe you are being followed: staying on well lit and busy streets, make 4 right turns in a row; if the car is still behind you, don't panic. While safely driving on a busy street, call 911 and give dispatch your current location, your direction of travel, your car and if you can, the other cars description.

If you know the location of a police/sub-station, drive there. And all the while,

make sure your windows are up and doors are locked.

And NEVER do the following under any circumstances:

again, do not approach the subject,

do not go home

(you really want this person to know where you live?)

do not speed, drive erractly, or run red lights/stop signs to 'lose' anyone; this isn't a movie, it's real life. 

The holiday season is a joyous time,

and it normally also brings a 'spike' of illegal activities.

As always, please be careful in everything you do.   

30 Nov 2010/01 Dec 2010


'not the most intelligent person I've ever met.'

This entry may be more of the reality type than the outspoken opinion variety.

I have had wal*mart on my pending list since the creation of this page, but over the last 24 hours, I have been in personal contact with the organization itself. And since I am being offered an interview for the purpose of possible employment to join this 'retail giant', I will wait to finish my 'opinion' entry until after my contact with the company is complete.

(I already have a brief outline concerning my comments)

continued 01 Dec 2010

wow, I was actually interviewed today for a job opportunity at a wal*mart location. I submitted my app almost 10 months ago for a security manager opening; the position I was interviewed for today was a 'l.p.a.' ; a loss prevention associate. which is an undercover employee that walks the store in circulation among the shoppers looking for theft.

ok, not exactly what I had in mind, but I had showed up, so screw it. the interview was given in their breakroom while people were eating? wtf? I could not believe it. and the young lady giving the interview had absolutely no idea what she was doing. I actually felt sorry for her, so I stopped the process after 10 minutes and said I had made a mistake and that I was no longer interested. poor thing panicked and went and got the store manger. I didn't really know what to do, so I just sat there. after my interviewer left the room, I talked with the emps eating their meal. they told me that they had recently been hired for the holidays, and that they also had been processed in this way. totally unprofessional. I asked how they liked the store, all were happy to be working during this time of year. the store manager arrived and asked why I was no longer interested in the position? I told her I had applied for a 'managers position', not entry level. and I was dismissed. thank god. now let me just say, I have shopped wal*mart for over 15 years, and will continue to do so; but the unprofessionalism of that store was beyond belief. the entire interview process, the way the manager was barking at the workers, the unkept areas in the backrooms, even a firedoor was blocked with product. and when I left, no escort; so I looked around, what a fucking mess. and as I was walking the back areas, NO-ONE ever questioned me. maybe because I was wearing a suit, or because I was walking with purpose, or maybe no- one cared, who knows.

I have heard all the rumers throughout the years about the wal*mart organization, and truth be told, mostly just wrote them off, as it never concerned me directly. but seeing some of the things I observed today was just appalling, it was like a bad movie that you pay for, so you just stick around to see how it would end. I personally shop at wal*mart because they are considerably less expensive than other retail stores, and do like their equate brand for some items. I understand they have put some smaller business out to dry, and I somewhat feel for these mom & pop stores. but doesn't wal*mart employ more individuals?, charge less, so consumers can buy more? I don't know what my theory is on this, I just know I would never, ever fucking work for this organization after what I saw today.

to be continued on my opinions.4...