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these are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone...

**updated: 16 Feb 2014/11am


it's been nearly 11 weeks since I last updated

'my thoughts' page.

I spent nearly 3yrs keeping up this page with

my thoughts on many subjects,

the transitions of my personal life,

and even shared my daily activities.

I've decided to drastically 'cut-back' on my entries,

along with the content involved.

I have many reasons for this decision,

but mostly because I just don't have the time any longer.

my life has changed 'dramatically' during the 3yrs

I've been doing this web site.

some 'changes' have been wonderful,

and a few... not!!!

I admit I've made a few mistakes on these pages,

but have always corrected myself,

and even apologized when it was deemed appropriate.

no matter how old you are,

you can always learn something new.

this site has been a learning experience for me. 

I've also made a lot of new friends/acquaintances

who have shared their feelings/thoughts after reading

what I've written here.

*and also a few non-friends who also like to express

their feedback as well.     

even connecting with 'a few' of my former-relationships

has been a form of entertainment for me,

and a little uncomfortable at times.

so with ALL THAT being said, I'll try and give an update now worthy of my previous entries.

I haven't been here since before the 'crazy season'

(the holidays),

I'll begin with my 50th birthday celebration that was spent w/Ash, Elli, Jessica and grandpa Jack in hawaii.

we were gone for a week, and experienced rain 5/8 days.

we all did have a fantastic time regardless.

my night before thanksgiving party was a hit,

minus the fact a few of 'uninvited guests' showed

and attempted to crash the event.

*the Palacios Security Team handled the situation accordingly.

while I'm on the subject,

Kissmas 2013 was also a mega-event.

with a few of you even accepting my invitation to attend.

*I'm still not that brazen on my social media skills,

and find it amazing/awkward when meeting someone for the first time

after only exchanging emails/phone calls/pictures.


the few of you I did meet 'real world' were awesome!

both thanksgiving/christmas were celebrated

here at my house,

and also in 'west covina' at casa-palacios.

each dinner/celebration was (as always)

fun and entertaining.

because of our trip to hawaii,

and a 'pending' one to the tropics next month

(to celebrate both girls 18th birthdays),

we all decided to 'cut-back' our spending

for presents this year.

the girls each got designer headphones,

and a few gift cards, and video games,

Jack received imported cigars and a really

'nice' bottle of scotch,

while Jessica and l.g. just picked-out their own gifts.

*what fun is that???

as for myself;

the trip to hawaii was from grandpa Jack,

and all the women in my life contributed to my iPhone 5s. *Jessica did give me a new cologne; CK...

my christmas presents consisted of:

a 'ninja' blender w/all the attachments,

a new calphalon wok,

and a complete shinkenson ho train model.

*I loved it all.

new years was spent in

las vegas (for the upteenth time),

but was very laid back this year.

*maybe I'm starting to get bored of the vegas glitz/glam.

since the holidays,

things have been pretty uneventful.

everybody just doing their daily activities.

I've enjoyed a few sporting events,

watched a couple movies,

and even re-connected with a longtime friend.

as far as 'today' goes;

I'll be cheering for the 'Manning-led' Bronco's today,

and decided 'not' to have a party here at the house.

in-fact, I may indeed be watching the game 'solo'.

the girls are going to a friends house,

Jessica is currently 'out-of-town', as is grandpa Jack.

*it's actually rather nice sometimes to be alone,

enjoying peace/quiet while watching

a program in solitude.

my travels this month include both

'business and pleasure'.

just myself going on a biz-trip,

and then taking the girls 'out-of-town' when I return

for a 'little r&r'. 

as I mentioned above,

I have had a few 'surprise' contacts from people since

the inception of this site,

and yesterday afternoon/last night was another.

after finishing cooking-up some 'snacks' for today's game,

*jambalaya, lemon/garlic hummus, and spicy deviled eggs.

I got a phone call from a friend from 'my reno days'.

so her & I spent the evening here at the house

reminiscing our past experiences,

and talking about people we knew back during our

shared memories of 'harrah's reno.

needless to say,

we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

she's visiting her mother in seal beach

(which is about 60miles south of here),

for this next week.

I invited her back for Super Bowl today,

but she said her & her mother already had plans.

so anyway,

it was nice to see someone again I knew from

my younger 'innocent days'. 

ok then. I'm going to post this update,

(along w/a few other updated pages).

I'll update once more before I leave next week. 

take care...

13 Feb 2014/5am

good morning.

it's just past 5am and I have been home since 2am,

but haven't yet gone to bed.

jet-lag sucks!

I 'normally' love to travel abroad,

but now I just like to be home.

I can't even begin to explain to you how much

I missed my girls, the dogs/cats,

and even those behemoth shit bags outside.

the funny thing is;

when your single and/or don't have

anything/anyone in your life,

you really could care less about being home.

but when you have loving creatures in your life

(humans included),

things change.

I'm so WIDE awake,

but know within the next couple of hours I will

be in-between-the-sheets snoring away.

*yes, it has been brought to my attention that I am indeed a relentless snorer.

in fact, I was recently informed that my 'open mouth breathing' during

my deep sleep is comparable to a 'jet engine'.

**I will be seeing a specialist once I return from my getaway w/the girls

later this month.

***I don't want to sleep ALONE forever...

everything 'appears' to be normal and running smoothly, although 'we' do have 'a few things' to discuss when

the girls wake for school this morning.

grandpa Jack came back from Arizona a few days ago,

and found-out a few 'things' that were probably 'not'

meant to be discovered.

oh well. kids are kids.

*I remember doing a few things when I was growing-up.


no harm was done,

but there 'will be' a penalty phase to adhere to.

so, I've updated a few pages this morn,

and I'll publish these now.

ok then. I'm going to go shovel-up some horse shit,

and then take a shower before everyone wakes.

then maybe have a fresh cup of java,

and watch a little sportscenter.

I'll be back before the end of the day...

14 Feb 2014/noon

Happy Valentines Day!!!

been up since 3am,

after getting 'roughly' 6hrs sleep.

I 'officially' started my day about an hour later by

drinking an entire pot of coffee and then pushing

the wheelbarrow around scoopin' poop.

*the one thing I didn't miss while being gone!!!

upon completion of shoveling the excrement

of those massive beasts,

I properly cleaned-up,

(including a 'closer shave' than normal)

and began making pancakes/sausage/eggs

for the girls breakfast.

even grandpa Jack gobbled-up some chow

this early morning.

*normally the 'old man' doesn't eat anything before midday.

my day so far has been quite uneventful,

and rather boring.

been doing laundry, and catching-up on my mail.

(snail-mail & emails)


I have made a few Valentine phone calls,

but still need to make a few more.

both girls have 'dinner plans' for tonight,

but assured me they would be home early so

my V-Day evening wouldn't be a total 'wash-out'.

*l.g. and I have 'cooled-off' dramatically since the holidays,

and Jess is currently 'still' in the bahamas.

poor me.


Ash, Elli and myself will be leaving early

tomorrow morning to drive to vegas

(we have tix to see the eagles Sat-nite),

and then flying-out Sunday morn to join Jessica

for a few days.

*since both girls are celebrating their 18th birthday this year,

what better way to honor the occasions.

grandpa Jack is staying here at casa-kiss to watch over things and take care of the kidz,

plus the godfather is going to join him here and begin

a few new projects in the rear of the property.

*these old guys aren't happy unless they are working on 'something'.

alrighty then.

I'm going to get outa the house,

and eat lunch somewhere.

hope you all have a great day. 

16 Feb 2014/11am

ok then.

this is going to be 'short but sweet'

as I'm now pressed for time...

*I was having trouble w/my Kiss Vidz page.


we arrived here in vegas mid-morning yesterday after

a very uneventful drive from SoCal.

*both girls slept almost the entire way.

we met up with my former neighbors and stayed

at their house for the night.

*where I'm updating from right now.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 'eagles concert' last night,

the girls... not so much.

not sure exactly what the problem is with them right now, but they both need to 'get over it', now!!!

I'm not going to let this obnoxious behavior continue

the entire week I'm keeping them out of school

to celebrate their 18th birthdays.

*we've never had this sort of problems before,

and I have a feeling that 'boys' are the root of the situation.

or specifically;

my disapproval of their party last weekend,

and not allowing them to each bring a friend (boy) along on our week

of tropical enjoyment.

maybe my lack of 'parental experience' is finally

catching-up with me and hampering my decision abilities. whatever.

so. we are currently scheduled to depart vegas this afternoon to the east coast,

spend the night,

and then continue onward to our destination tomorrow.

*that is unless I decide 'enough is enough' and cancel the entire trip because

of 'shitty attitudes'!!!

alright. that's about all I've got to say.

I'm not sure if I'll update this next week or not.

see ya...

to be continued...