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these are my thoughts, and my thoughts alone...

completed: 4.30.2014/11:30pm


good evening...

I've been extremely busy these past few weeks.

it's amazing the worthless bullshit that can takeover

your day without even realizing it...

the girls and I are currently in the rig

on their spring break.

*with the two shepherds.

we had plans and an absolute schedule to adhere to,

but because of a few unforeseen circumstances,

we're going to just drift around for the next week

from location to location.

all is well at casa kiss,

(or so it was yesterday morning when we left).

the mexi-godfather and a few of his grandsons are taking care of the dailies while we are away.

grandpa jack has been spending most

of his time in arizona,

this cat-dog-spa is fast becoming a joke with

the legal delays and such.

*I guess 'joke' is not the exact word I should use,

considering the amount of money and time invested to date.

maybe 'Pain-in-the-Ass' would be more appropriate!


I can't believe the main road thru yosemite is closed

because of snow and icy conditions.

*I didn't plan this trip very well.

it was still beautiful here today,

and except for hwy120 most routes are clear.

yesterday we drove up 'the grapevine' (hwy99),

stopping-off in fresno for brunch,

and I drove by my old home and school to show the girls.

the last time I was in fresno was august 2002,

and a new freeway,

hwy180 had been built since then.

*right in the middle of my walking path to/from school.

everything else looked 'about the same' though.

I'm not exactly sure of where we are going to go next,

(or even if we'll stay here and rough it a bit).

as I'm updating this web-site

(not just this page),

the girls are watching billy crystal on hbo.

he is so damn funny.

no service hook-ups are available here for rv's

(power, water, cable, sewer, etc).

but there are a few 'dump stations',

with fresh water available to replenish supplies.

also. the max length allowed is 40ft,

and this unit is a 42ft.

I'm thinking we may not be able to stay 'in the park'

after tonight,

no park rangers have said anything yet.

but I saw a few rigs being turned away tonight.

ok then.

it's nearly 11pm and I'm exhausted,

I will continue this page sometime tomorrow.

*the weather on easter sunday (tomorrow)

is forecast partly cloudy & mid 60's,

then monday/tuesday calls for rain during the day,

and the possibility of snow over night here in the valley.

**I love snow!!!

good night...      


Easter Sunday...

good morning,

and happy easter everyone.

only been up for about an hour,

and still drinking my morning-mud.

both girls were already gone and have yet to return.

the weather outside is beautiful today; clear/61' .

not exactly sure what is on the agenda today,

but I'm sure that 'they' have already made plans.

so we'll have to wait and see.

I just reread the entry above from last night,

sorry about it lacking substance and choppiness,

I'll try and 'do better' today/tomorrow.

ok. girls are back. bye...  


good 'early' afternoon from

'the biggest little city in the world',

reno, nv...

somethings never change, like this damn dirty city!!!

I shouldn't talk trash about this crappy little place,

I actually had the 'time of my life' while living

here for just over 5yrs.

*14 Sep 1988 - 06 Dec 1993

even though most of my memorable memories include;

the parties and monday night football gatherings

at my studio,

and the women I dated.

(ah. the women. more about them in a minute)

I thoroughly enjoyed working at

harrah's casino & hotel.

except for the last 6mo,

I had a few outstanding bosses while I worked there.

*the last guy was a complete moron!!!

and I have to say harrah's reno casino

in the late 80's to early 90's,

was the equivalent to as far

as 'hooking-up' goes!

everybody was fucking everybody!!!

no shit...

if you were single, above average looking,

and liked to engage in sexual activities;

then harrah's reno casino was your type

of working environment...


the hook-ups were regulated by the departments

you worked in.


if you were a table games dealer,

your interested bed-mates were 'normally' from the games department, food & beverage, and executive staff.

*fucking dealers. overpaid primadonnas!!!

slot department emps had the cashiers,

and other slot members.

while the security department was

'supposedly forbidden' to fraternize with 'anyone'

from the property,

a few of us (myself and one other),

manage to sidestep that 'silent forbidden rule'.

truth be told,

I fucking smashed that damn rule into fine dust

while I was here.

I never 'kiss & tell',

and I'm not going to start now.


I will admit that I had the good fortune to

'be in the company with'

some very beautiful women while I lived here.

cashiers, cocktail servers, dealers, pit-bosses,

executive assistants, slots, department managers, hotel/front desk, payroll, human resources,

and even a 'stunningly beautiful' executive vip host.

*ya. I know you read these pages daily baby!

I'm not bragging what-so-ever,

*well. maybe a little.

but my reputation as a man-whore was known

throughout the valley.

*which really isn't a good thing I guess.

but I did enjoy sex... ALOT!!!

I've re-established contact with a few

of my 'past friends',

but as the saying goes;

"you really can't go back again'!!!

besides. trying to establish a 'real relationship'

out of nothing but a past of nothing but

'bedroom memories' just doesn't work.

at least for me.


my memories of this little city are many,

but the sex ones stand-out alone...

las vegas had it's moment's,

but wasn't even close in comparison!!!

ok then.

putting my boastful mannerism aside for now,

I'm so happy I left this place when I did.

reno will never be the 'gambling mecca'

like vegas or atlantic city,

but it keeps trying to inflate itself to those levels.

there are a few 'new' resorts that have opened

(and closed) since I departed,

but nothing close to the vegas atmosphere.

I will admit this tho;

this rv park we just happened upon here

at the grand sierra resort in the eastern part of reno

is pretty cool.

everything from a decent coffee shop, mini-race tracks, movie theaters, a bowling alley, full service spa,

and even a driving range w/floating island greens.

we haven't partaken in any of these amenities as of yet

(we've discussed seeing a movie tonight tho),

but they are here to enjoy.

ok then. it's time to officially start the day,

not sure what's on the agenda.

I do know we're going to tahoe tomorrow

(weather permitting, it may snow).

so. I'll see ya later...


we literally just arrived in vegas.

the drive south on us95 was the most brutal experience

I've ever had driving an rv.

the wind was beyond anything I've ever driven in,

and the fucking idiots in the fucking cars

didn't help matters any.

plus. having the girls with me was another 'stressful'

notch to add to the entire ordeal.

anyway. we're parked in my old neighborhood,

on the street next to a former neighbor.

the girls are inside the house,

and it's just me and the two shepherds in the rig.

tonight, I need some space to unwind and relax.

who knows,

I may not get up before noon tomorrow.

ok then.

I'm going to have a beer,

eat whatever is in the fridge (snack wise),

and after walking these two furballs

(they have been shedding crazy-like the entire week),

I'm going to go to bed!!!



I woke-up this morning 'sick'.

very, very sick;

sore throat, runny noise, severe cough, fever

and these damn chills.


I'm going back to bed for awhile.


got home early this morning at 4am.

decided to get the hell outa vegas while there was

a lull in the weather.

the wind had calmed by yesterday morning,

but the rain was in the forecast.

I didn't do much at all yesterday, except sleep.

I slept all afternoon,

until Elli woke me for dinner at 5pm.

and after having a few slices of pizza,

went back to sleep until 9p.

then I waited for the girls to get back to the rig,

then we left vegas around midnight.

Ash & Elli went up on the 'High Roller' last night

w/my friends (former neighbors),

and said the night-time views of vegas were awesome.

*I did look at a few of the pics on their phone,

pretty cool indeed.

I'll post a few as soon as I download them

onto this laptop.

*I remember when I worked at the nyny casino,

and I would go to the top of the 'chrysler building' facade and go up an unfinished (at that time) stairwell,

and into a attic that looked as if it could had been designed to be a luxury suite,

and then outside to a veranda that encircles the entire building with four eagle head gargoyles

protruding outward.

the view from that standpoint was incredible,

especially at night.

normally a few of us would go up there for

an 'unofficial' break during our shift.

ok then.

I need to post my updates.

have a great sunday everyone...


hi guys. considering I was sleeping 'almost' ALL day,

I'm pretty much wide awake right now.

*I did do 4 loads of laundry,

order dinner for the girls (chinese),

and watch this weeks epi of survivor tho.

this fucking 'bug' I caught last week just won't

get out of my system.

the girls did not get infected with whatever-the-fuck

I caught (thank goodness),

and I have since decided to start a 5 day penicillin intake.

*I thought this was possibly 'strep-throat' at first,

but the mucus never invaded my tonsils

as it has in times past.

so I didn't feel the need for an antibiotic,

at the time.

ok then,

now that I have just grossed you out. lol

I hate not being well,

and the fact that I'm tired and cranky right now just

pisses-me-off too!!!

I'm sitting out on the veranda right now,

I can see a gazzilion stars

(no moon from my point of view yet tho),

and it's a very comfortable 71'.

*according to the weather bug display on my computer.

and it's so damn quiet.

no tv, no music, no barking dogs,

no phones ringing/beeping,


I love this time of the day/night,

tranquility is a very beautiful thing.

I just wish I felt better to enjoy this moment more.

alright, I'll stop my man-bitching now!

the weather tomorrow is forecast to be 100'

here in the hills.

I'd like to take the kidz to the dog park,

but my stamina may not be ready to handle

the entire group.

what I really need to do is go shopping.

the pet food supply is dangerously low for all of them,

plus the refer's downstairs need some attention.

the girls have 'basically' been on their own since we returned from spring break;

doing some light shopping, fixing meals, laundry, etc.

they both are very awesome young ladies.


I'm extremely hungry.

I am craving 'bbq chicken breast cesar salad' right now,

w/fresh pea-pods, and parm cheese.

maybe some crunchies also.

*crunchies are salad toppers;

bacon, pine-nuts, sunflower seeds & croutons.

if I eat one more bowl of oatmeal w/honey,

or chicken noodle soup, I'm going to scream!

the first day,

very FIRST day my throat isn't sore,

I'm going to have a peppered t-bone 'rare', loaded baked,

and asparagus (blanch).


I need to refocus my thoughts.

I did receive a call today from an 'old friend'

in vegas this afternoon.

we had talked a few times last week while the girls

and I were rving,

but we didn't 'hook-up' in vegas cause of me

not feeling well.

so she called to invite me up to vegas this weekend

and for 'cinco de mayo' on monday.

I'm thinking about it,

even tho the past 3yrs I've spent the 5th of may

w/the Palacios fam.

I had a chat w/the girls about it,

and of course they say Go!

*they won't be 'allowed' to stay home alone,

and grandpa jack was already planing to be in town

from arizona on friday.

so. I'll decide later.

it's been a few years since I've seen this woman,

but we talk on the phone/text quite often.

I know I haven't mentioned l.g. or Jessica lately,

and I'm not going to now.

I will just say this;

some people are meant 'not' to be

in a relationship.

so anyway.

I think I'm going to wrap this up now,

and try to get to sleep sometime soon.

it's cooled-off considerably since I've been outside here

for the past hour,

a light breeze has even picked-up a bit.

plus. I've been joined by two cats, and three dogs.

*the only reason the siberian showed was because he heard me open

a bog of marshmallows, and he came running across from the guest bedroom that he and the other pooches have now claimed as their own.

ok. I'm done.

good night everyone.

sweet dreams beautiful...   


yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery...