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my thoughts.10.2

(08 Oct 2012 - 14 Oct 2012)

completed: 14 Oct 2012/1pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

08 Oct 2012/9pm

well, it's been a few days since I've been on here...

hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend.

as for myself, Ash, Elli, and grandpa Jack;

we did indeed make the 417mile trip north to

the san francisco bay area,

and back again.

now, driving in a car that distance is fairly easy.

but in a 40ft long behemoth that doesn't exactly stop on a dime is sometimes a challenge.

especially when you are dealing with idiot-car-drivers that cut you off, tailgate, and try to run you off the road.

*not to mention the crazy music the girls had me play on the main sound system.

we arrived in excellent spirits friday afternoon to a

semi-cloudy beautiful bay area day.

had I known what a disaterious weekend it would become,

(sports teams speaking only)

I should have just made a u-turn and go back home

and watch both the sfgiants games and the ucla football game on tv.

anyway. besides the masive losses by both these teams (sf49ers did indeed win),

it was a pleasant trip to the 'home-land'.

the weather was actually very 'fan friendly',

even though we had forgotten our blankets in the rig for the baseball game saturday night.

and yes, it was chilly in my shorts and sfgiants polo.

the girls were better suited for the weather than I,

and jack had a sweater that I borrowed for a few innings until I went and spent a small fortune on 5 sweatshirts...

(4 for us to wear, and 1 for my exposed legs)

I guess when your no longer used to the brisk october evening and the dampness of the bay breeze, you forget. never, never again!

another note of interest;

when Posey hit his homerun during saturday's game,

I stood up so fast

(excited at the possibility of the sfgiants coming to life),

I dropped my cell causing unrepairable damage.

just more $$$ for the bucket.

I did enjoy the change of scenery though.

and it's always nice to go somewhere,

but it's even better to come back home...

*one more thing;

ALOT of you have inquired about my

'update/photo' that I posted on 05 Oct;

not to sound rude... but...

if you have to ask, then it doesn't concern you.

and yes, someone did piss me off!!! 

09 Oct 2012/8pm

good evening everyone...

yes, I did correct my page header and dates/times.

thank-you to those of you taking the time to email/text me

to point these things out.

what can I say;

I was physically and emotionally drained last night.

hey, give me a little credit at least for updating.

today was mostly spent doing laundry,

taking the Siberians & Co. to the dog-park &

shopping for groceries.

and then while I made dinner, I watched/enjoyed the SFGiants finally beat the cincy reds.

dinner tonite:

my infamous meatloaf w/bacon crumble topping,

garlic/cheddar mashed potatos w/ brown gravy,

corn-on-the-cob, baby peas, lima beans,

bacon-ranch salad. and a really good boxed wine.

(2009 silver birch sauvingnon)

*yep, I live high on the hog boys and girls...

I never really liked meatloaf that much until my 'ex' made me her 'old family recipe'.

which of course I enhanced and now call it my own;

I add 'real' chunks of extra sharp cheddar to the mixture, which melts fabulously within.

and also top it with a light spread of

'kiss spicy ketchup' and peppered bacon crumbles.

the girls love it.

jack likes the loaf cold the next day for sandwiches,

which is why I always make two.


the rest of the week will be getting back to

my normal activities.

Ash and Elli had permission to take the day-off from school, but they both chose to go. seriously.

these are two very good girls.

grandpa jack is going to the san diego area tomorrow for a week or so to talk with a realtor about 'possibly' listing the property he purchased with grandma jo.

he has informed me that he really wants to live

here full time;

I think he enjoys being here with his grand-daughter.

plus, the mexi-godfather and him have this 'old man clan' thing going on;

they are calling their 2 man social club the 'OMC',

and you have to be 70yrs or older to be a member.

but since I am responsible for bringing them both together,

I am an honorary 'jr' chatered member.

lucky me.

oh, and before I forget;

I'd like to mention to the 2 or 3 readers of my site here,

that l.g. did a fantastic job here at casa-kiss while we were all up north enjoying ourselves

in the wonderful san francisco bay area.

*I actually do LOVE the bay;

it was just that I was 'soured' before we ever left because of some information that Jessica relayed to me.

(she's still in vegas btw)

but, as it was pointed-out to me last night;

I really shouldn't let someone's opinion of me/about me effect me so much. so be it...

plus, as I have previously stated;

my sport-teams sucked the sweat off a dead man's balls this weekend past.

also, had a little bit of a 'situation' with my cousin and his wife concerning my sfgiants tickets

AND my sf49ers tickets.

let's face it, lending family/friends money or anything of value for that matter is a recipe for disaster.

so with that being said,

it will take me a long time to trust 'anyone' again.

ok, enough of that shit.

as I've been writing this, we all have been watching batman/1989 starring michael keaton, jack nicholson;

kim basinger, billy dee williams... and so on.

I remember seeing this flick in the theatre,

I love it now just has much as I did then.

I also made my parm-cheese popcorn... yumm!!!

just got a phone call from the palacios fam,

they are having 'another' birthday' party

this coming sunday. surprise. surprise. so it appears as if our weekend is now planned;

friday night:

high schol football


tailgate/game at the rose bowl to face the utah utes, saturday night:

date night w/l.g.


another 'hang-over-to-be' created by

the latino group of west covina.

a fun-filled couple of days to look forward to...  

10 Oct 2012/11pm

Because this exact topic was the discussion during

dinner this evening;

(shredded wheat cereal w/bananas and strawberries)

I decided to post the exact words, as they were said:

on Friday, 24 August 2007,

Aimee Teegarden read the following question to

Miss Caitlin Upton/Miss South Carolina

during the Miss Teen USA 2007 Pagent:

"Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is?"

*the question became infamous when Ms. Upton botched the answer with a string of nonsensical

and non-germane responses,

and the resulting video became a popular Internet meme.

Ms. Upton's answer was:

"I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh...people out there in our nation don't have maps, and, uh, I believe that our education like such as South Africa and, uh, the Iraq everywhere like, such as and...I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., err, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future for our children.".

I did not post this to 'pick-on' this beautiful young lady,

only to express my opinion that the United States as a country is currently failing our school children.

I normally 'do not' state my political/religion beliefs in this forum for all of you to read;

but seriously... maybe if the government as 'a whole' spent a little more money on our children's education instead of 'buying' friends all over the world,

our country wouldn't be slowly turning into 'dumb-ville'. I'm not saying that all of our children are not excelling in the academic venue we have created for them to learn and ready them to contribute to society.

but, I imagine we can and should do better.

and just so you all know, this is directed to

both repubs & dems alike.

I'm so fucking tired of the billboards, the lawn signs,

the 'I approve this message' commercials,

and the social media outlets that everyone seems to use to their own benefit to slam the opponent of the schmuck they plan on voting for.

remember, just because you 'think' your correct with what you believe in, so does the other person.

I'm going to go with the logic my father once said to me while I was growing up:

''all politicians are thieves, liars, and will say and do anything to get elected.

but once they get there, what do they really do?"

if you really honestly believe your candidate will

'make a difference'

then please vote for them.

but please don't 'slam' someone for not agreeing with you. that's why there is chocolate and vanilla.

(no pun intended)

ok then, enough of this bull-shit subject.

back to my original topic.

a short time after the Miss Teen 2007 Pagent,

as a guest on NBC's The Today Show,

Ms. Upton told Ann Curry and Matt Lauer that she was overwhelmed when asked the question and did not comprehend it correctly.

The Today Show hosts gave Ms. Upton

another opportunity to answer.

She responded:

"Well personally, my friends and I, we know exactly where the United States is on our map.

I don't know anyone else who doesn't.

And if the statistics are correct,

I believe that there should be more emphasis on geography in our education so people will learn how to read maps better".

Both Curry and Lauer, along with unseen crew members, applauded her response.

Education should be

'top priority' for everyone seeking public office.

but it's not...

goodnight my friends. sleep well, dream big!!! 

12 Oct 2012/4pm

good afternoon everyone...

I've been keeping busy today w/house chores and some light shopping, getting ready for a very full weekend.

this is the second full week of having a housekeeper

here at casa-kiss.

it's nice to have someone doing all the little things that take up so much time; windows, dusting, vacuuming, etc.

still getting used to the fact of having 'semi-strangers'

in my house at all times.

(these two ladies are friends of the Palacios')

no more running around naked when nobody is home,

I don't wanna scare the shit outa these women.

anyway, I have a 'full slate' tonight;

the girls and I are meeting w/l.g. in moorpark for a football game tonight,

and then afterwards we are all going to a late showing of Hotel Transylvania.

I wanted to take the High School Football team to Hooters after the game, but couldn't get approval from the school, coaches, parents, girlfriends and so on. damn-it...

haven't really thought about what to eat before we go to the game in a few hours;

so I'm thinking for dinner this evening we will have something easy and filling;

grilled cheese sandwiches w/tomato soup.

I brought back quite a few loaves of fresh french bread

from the bay area,

so I'm thinking that one of those beautiful round packages I haven't put in the freezer yet may disappear in a hour or so.

I just had to take a look-in the refer to see what kind of cheese we have;

swiss, american, extra sharp, pimento, colby and provolone. so everyone can pick what flavor/combonation they want. as for myself: 2 slices of swiss and 1 slice pimento

sounds pretty damn good.

alrighty, the girls just walked in the door;

hence the dogs acting like a bunch a crazies.

the game starts in a few hours,

so I better be starting on this dinner-thing. 

13 Oct 2012/2am

good 'early' morning.

we (girl6, l.g. & her youngest, and myself)

just got in a little bit ago.

the movie Hotel Transylvania was outstanding.

very cleverly done.

I can see this movie being a halloween classic.

I for one will buy this dvd just as soon as it's released,

which will be in what; 8weeks??? ha!

seriously, go see this movie.

also, during the 'coming attractions preview',

the movie 'fun size' looks funny as anything.

anyway, I just thought I'd fill you guys in while everyone else took the pupz on a quick walk before bed.

I have my alarm set for 7am to ready the rv for

the game tomorrow.

we are going to have close to 3o people at the tailgate before the game, not sure if they are all planning on going into

the stadium though.

*some just show up for the beer, food, and atmosphere. maybe I'll stay in the rv and just get 'ripped'.

oh shit, that's right we have a birthday party tomorrow evening at the palacios' house. I have to pace myself.

the football game tonight went as I expected;

we lost 7-42...

I hate, HATE the head coach; such an asshole.

every parent in the stands was making comments about this guy and his unsavory coaching techniques.

seriously, if I knew where Hoffa was hidden,

this guy would join him.

alrighty then, I just heard the barking of my

furry kids downstairs,

so I will end this now and get ready to 'host'

my overnight guest.

I love it when l.g. spends the night...


hi guys.

I apparently forgot to publish my updated entry 8hrs ago,

I could have sworn I did.

oh well; we just arrived to the rose bowl,

we're running about an hour late this morning.

because of me.

went to bed around 2:30a,

but didn't got to sleep till about 4a.. hubba-hubba!

when my alarm went off 3hrs later, I just couldn't get up.

(I will so leave that 'pun' alone)

anyway, I need to get going, and finish setting up here.

not sure how long I'll last at the game today, I may come back here to the rig and take a nap, alone!!!

plus, I have this birthday-bash to attend later.

I'm going to be so damn tired.

btw, did you all catch that Nationals-Cardinals baseball game last night?, I could only listen to it on the radio,

but the highlights on sportscenter this morning were crazy.

ok, I'm hungry, time to grill!!!


hi guys.

today was a pretty interesting day.

I feel like I have not slept in two days, so damn tired.

and... I'm now officially hung-over. headache.

ok then, enough bitching already.

ucla won today at the rose bowl,

which enhanced the already beautiful day.

*fall has finally arrived here in SoCal, thank goodness.

the heat-wave we experienced a few weeks ago was harsh,

almost vegas-like.

so, after the bruins victory,

about a dozen of us took the rig to west covina to begin the birthday festivities for the now 18yro pedro.

and yes, it was another palacios-party-classic.

normally when we go to a celebration at the mexi-godfathers house, I can drink whatever I want as grandpa jack will drive us all home.

but jack is still down south in the san diego area,

so I thought I was going to have to sip my drinks slowly. that was until my bff gf l.g. informed me she had

experience driving an rv.

not sure that was good news or not,

as of this very moment my head is throbbing hard.

*not that head you sexual deviants.

I've already drank 16oz of orange juice,

taken a multi-vitamin, and will be drinking water all night.

just as long as I don't yak!!!

*but just in case,

I have a trash can w/a fresh liner ready to go.

is that considered TMI?

I'm thinking tomorrow morning a iHop breakfast

will be calling my name.

which is very do-able;

as the sf49ers don't play til 1pm, and the sfgiants are

on at 5pm.

hell the way I feel now, I may not get outa bed til 10am.

that would be awesome.

because of the San Francisco teams basically playing back to back; my afternoon tomorrow will be spent on my ass,

in my lounger, snapping my fingers to be waited on.

ha. ya, that's going to work.

I'd be snapping my fingers to a nub before I could get

a glass of water.

actually, the mexi-godfather and a few of his militia will be coming over for both games,

along with about a ton of mexican food leftovers.

no more tequila shots for me tho.

ugh. just the thought of that 'made my mouth water'

in a bad way.

just finished watching the yankees lose to the tigers

in 12 innings,

now it's time for bed... good night everyone.  

14 Oct 2012/1pm

well I didn't stay in bed til 10am (7:45a),

I didn't go to iHop and have pancakes (frosted mini-wheat), and I had to go to the store this morning and get some 'stuff' for the san francisco sports extravaganza. (walmart)

omg. please, please, please, any of you on my twitter feed; could you remind me 'NOT' to ever go to a walmart superstore on a sunday morning

with a massive hangover!!!

*I will thank-you in advance now; Thank-You.

my headache and shortness of patience was wearing thin because of all the damn

undisciplined crying spoiled children.

I will say this;

'back-in-the-day' if I had thrown a temper tantrum such as I had seen today in a 'public place',

my dad would have broken-off his foot in-my-ass. literally. children these days are just so misbehaved, and their parents are plain 'assholes' creating other 'asholes'.

I actually did say something to a woman about possibly putting duck tape over her childs mouth to silence her screaming antics (yes I did).

and her reply was, and I quote:

"mind your business and shut your mouth white boy"

my thought on this entire conversation;

Typical Racist Bitch!!!

and as she was checking-out a few lines over,

I could still her child screaming over whatever.

I really do hate that store location; Porter Ranch.

I wish they would build one in this general area,

but the 'stuffed-shirts' around here:

agoura hills, hidden hills, calabasas, oak park, etc.

won't allow it. I hate rich people.

they ALL think they are better than everyone else.

well maybe not all, but most do.

ok, I guess that's enough bitching for now.

I know if I drink a beer or two I'll feel better,

but I'm not in the mood just yet.

alot of people are downstairs awaiting the niners game,

I guess I need to get down there and play nice.

I'll be back. 

to be continued on 'my thoughts.10.3'...