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my thoughts.10.3

(15 Oct 2012 - 23 Oct 2012)

completed: 23 Oct 2012/10:30pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

15 Oct 2012/11am


*this is my Monday morning headline...

BOTH San Francisco teams lose HUGE games!!!

will continue later...


good evening all.

well I'm a little less stressed than I was this morning.

and I have to admit,

I read an email from one of my 'special friends' that did indeed contribute to my 'better mood'.

have you ever 'met' someone

(we've never met, nor I'm sure ever will)

that can just put a smile on your face no matter what

the subject matter is?

that is this 'friend' of mine.

plus the 'entire cast of characters' associated with this

'lover of life' are amazing.

ah, to be young again and have that 'air' about you.

btw luna, we're not ALL bad. I still love you.

so anyway. had a fairly boring day;

errands (bank,, cleaners, grocery, pet food)

and because the weather is once again going to be mid-90's this week, I had to ensure the mist system was still operating properly for the 'beasts that live in the barn'.

so after my afternoon of driving around, spending money, looking at women (ya, I still look), I came home and made some fantastic taco 7 layer dip for tonites festivities.

as far as the nite goes;

the girls (all of them including Jessica and l.g.)

spent the entire evening across the street at a neighbors house for mnf/sfgiants baseball.

and had a fabulous time.

the giants finally played up to their potential.

and the comeback by manning/denver was crazy.

as far as my plans for tomorrow goes;

at this exact moment, I have none.

I may try to get some serious writing done after

my morning workout.

what's serious writing for me these days you ask?

(like you guys really give a shit!)

maybe a paragraph or two I

l.g. wants me to meet up with her for lunch,

we'll have to see about that.

*she likes going to these outdoor cafe's to be seen by others. I don't get it...

I really don't care if a celebrity is having lunch at the

table next to me.

now with that being said;

there are a few 'female' starz I wouldn't mind

'having for lunch'. ha.

ok then. I am going to take the dogs for a walk 'alone'. everyone else is otherwise 'busy';

homework, across the street helping clean up,

or just went home.

good night all. sweet dreams everyone.   

17 Oct 2012/9am

good morning everyone.

you guys missed me yesterday didn't ya?

had a pretty interesting day to say the least.

the morning was the normal routine;

poop-patrol, grained the beasts, drank some coffee,

made scram-cheese eggs & english muffins for

the girls breakfast, drank more coffee,

did 2 loads of laundry, baked 3doz halloween cookies,

(yes, I am domesticated), took the kidz to the dog park,

and then decided to meet l.g. for lunch downtown.

so I prettied-up,

and drove down to 'fake boobie land'.

not that I dont mind the saline-filled augmentations;

but do the 'twins always need to be pushed-up around the throat of the owner.

ladies here is some advice;

leave something to the imagination for us guys.

makes us appreciate the journey more.

anyway, picked-up some flowers on the way,

valet parked, sat at an outdoor table and waited.

and waited, and waited... and waited.

almost 45min later she decides to call to tell me she is going to be another 30-60min.

so fuck it, I decide to order:

tandoori chicken, sweet/hot curry rice, fried flat bread,

and some veggie medley.

I passed on the salad as it looked like a plate of weeds. dessert was a cinnamon laced cheesecake.

so anyway, as I was waiting for my lunch to be prepaired and on my 3rd kingfisher beer, I noticed a young 'ish' woman sitting by herself by the railing and looking in my 'general' direction.

thinking maybe I could have company during lunch I walked over to her table and asked if she 'would like to join me'. her reply was simply "NO".

no worries I thought.

walked back to my table in time to have my plate full of weeds arrive. (which I did not eat)

at that moment, I got back up and walked inside to the bathroom to 'get rid of the beer' that did not absorb

into my system.

I then shuffled back thru the semi-crowded restaurant to my table, and to my surprise 'ms NO' was sitting there.

using her compact to observe her non-apparent flaws.

as I sat down she appologized for her 'rudeness' and asked if my 'invitation' was still open.

I laughed as I said no.

I guess my reply startled her as she looked at me

like I was crazy.

for a moment it looked as if she was going to get up,

until I said; 'sit down, relax, have a drink...

my name is greg.

she had been stood up herself by her ex.

ex what?, I have no idea.

we ended up talking for almost 3hrs.

it turns out she is an executive producer for a few shows (former & current) on a certain network.

I admitted to her that I had indeed heard of these shows,

but never watched them.

we talked about everything, work related and not.

*l.g. actually cancelled,

she was still in court and wasn't able to get away.

I really had a nice lunch (which she paid for-nice)

and conversation w/'ms no'.

we exchanged numbers, did the SoCal kiss thing

(I hate that shit) and went our seperate ways.

her stories were amazing, funny, sad,

and all too real to the hollywoodland lifestyle I have been hearing about since I've been here.

I promised her that I 'would not' repeat any of

the names/stories she had told me

(I informed her of this site btw)

and with that being said... damn!!!

I decided not to tell her of my intent to publish my stories,

or get my still-working-script read.

she thinks I'm semi-retired. (truth!!!)

by the time I made it thru traffic to agoura,

I decided to pick-up up dinner at popeyes chicken,

and that was that.

after watching the mighty nyyankees lose their 3rd game

to the tigers,

I talked with l.g. a few times and also to

a former high school classmate.

I am indeed leaving out some details of my

crazy, CRAZY day; there is still a little privacy in my life. time to work-out.

19 Oct 2012/10pm

hi guys.

just a quickie as I am still sick w/strep-throat.

I spent all day in bed yesterday,

and felt quite abit better this morning so I thought.

I got up at about 4:30a to begin my day and was back in bed before the girls got up for school.

in fact, I slept into the 4th inning of the sfgiants game,

which they won btw.

the girls are spending the next two nights at a friends house, and jessica is back in vegas till the end of the month.

so I have been alone all day and will remain so until tomorrow morning,

when grandma palacios and a few others

arrive to 'help-out'.

*the mexi-godfather hasn't been feeling to good lately,

so he will 'not' be coming over...

I told them I was alright, but was told to 'be quiet'.

so here I sit in my bedroom with my laptop key board

being illuminated by my tv.

the kidz are all up here, minus a.j. of course.

*he is on constant patrol duty throughout the house. speaking of which,

I still get freaked-out when I'm the only person in the house. I swear there really is 'others' who live here... seriously!!! even the dogs think so,

especially beverly; who barks at the wind.

I think I'm going to go downstairs and fix a few pancakes;

a few for me, and a few for my pets.

ugh. my throat is still on fire, my temp is 102.1.

*also, here's a piece of advice for those of you who-ever get strep, or any sort of 'very sore' throat:

DON'T DRINK ORANGE JUICE!!! I did that once, ONCE!

ok then, I'm hungry. I see you guys later.   

20 Oct 2012/11am

morning everyone...

actually feeling alot better today;

my throat is still sore/scratchy, temp is 100.6,

and I'm still pretty weak and groggy. but, I'm up and about. *had no choice; grandma palacios woke my ass up at 7:45am and said she needed to wash my bedding.

I need to get my house key off her key-ring. lol

I have been properly caffeinated with mexi-coffee,

just finished eating a few jalapeno cheddar biscuits w/a salsa omelete,

while watching the 'top 10 joe montana games' on the nfl network (dvr'd).

ok guys, just wanted to check-in with you all.

I'll be back throughout the day,

going to take a shower and get ready to watch

the stanford-california game.

and yes, I'll be cheering-on the cardinal(s)...


btw; cardinal-it's the color, NOT the bird.

I was just reminded.

*thank-you to the girls of santa cruz...

and also, thank you to those of you wishing me well.

yes, I am currently taking antibiotics; amoxicillin.

I have taken penicillin in the past (90's),

but it was just so harsh on my body.

I still have my tonsils, so when I get strep I go down hard. sometimes very hard.

ok, I'm going to grab some food that grandma palacios

just made;

sour cream enchiladas, chicken soft tacos, salsa rice and watermelon water...


just thought I'd check-in before I go to bed...

I'm so damn tired.

had a fairly laid back day,

I did go outback for a few hours and lay down on a chaise and take a little nap.

I love sleeping outside, I've been playing with the idea of purchasing a large hammock.

we'll have to see what's up with that next spring.

I was thinking of something as I was laying outside surrounded by my critters,

and listening to the pitter-patter of the hoofed creatures as the exercised their muscular bodies;

I thought to myself, 'what am I doing here'? seriously!

it's been just over 6 years (72 months, 312 weeks, 2184 days,

52416 hours, 3144960 minutes), since I was living my life in the 1994 toyota 4runner that is parked in my garage.

I haven't driven that vehicle in nearly 4years,

but I will never EVER get rid of it.

my life has changed dramaticly since my 4runner days;

I have a house again, I've added to my kidz,

I found out I have a daughter,

I've made friends with a very special family,

and I appreciate it all.

I have experience life in a reality I don't ever wish

to visit again, I will never forget though. NEVER.

some people don't believe me when they hear this

'little bio-fact' of my life.

in fact, at my christmas eve party last year,

one person in particular basically called me a liar and said I was making the story up to try and find a girlfriend.

what the fuck??? (he's not invited this year)

*not that this 'subject' comes-up in public,

but some people who know me like telling others. so be it.

there are alot of people who have lived-on-the-street who have once again made it back into society,

but there are many who don't. I guess I was lucky.

I don't know, it was just something I was thinking about today. sorry to bore you guys.

maybe my day will be a little more exciting tomorrow. perhaps I should go to 'brunch' in

beverly hills tomorrow;

something 'exciting' always happens in beverly.

just one more thing; 

 'the girl' 2012

Toby Jones/Alfred Hitchcock:     

"there was a young man from nantucket,

who had such a large cock he could suck it.

he looked in the glass, and saw his own ass,

and broke his neck trying to fuck it..."

*I saw this movie tonight on hbo;

didn't get great reviews, but I liked it...

I'm going to bed now. good night.

21 Oct 2012/10pm

again, thank-you to everyone who sent me

'get well soon'

wishes the past couple of days.

today was the best I have felt in a while now.

sports wise; this weekend has been pretty great.

the sf49ers win on thursday, the uclabruins didn't lose (cause they didn't play mind you),

and today the sfgiants beat the cardinals (the bird)

to tie the series at 3 games each.

so instead of watching a semi-boring mnf

game of chicago/detroit,

I get to watch the boys of the bay play!!!

after waking-up this morning at 7am,

I enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea w/lemon and honey while talking w/grandma palacios about the mexi-godfather.

(again, he's been 'not feeling well' lately)

I then took a shower (yes, kinda trivial... but fuck it)

and picked-up Ash, Elli, and the rest of girl6.

after picking-up 'the chicks'

(as I call them now, as they are always chirpping)

we decided to go for brunch in thousand oaks.

we ate at the 'eggs-n-things'.

very excellent choice I have to say;

there was about a 20min wait, but it was worth it.

as soon as we sat down we were each served a crepe w/homemade jams. I chose blackberry.

we all ordered a variety of items and then helped ourselves to the entrees;

cheddar omelets, ham & cheese omelets,

green chile omeletes, pancakes, waffles, french toast, sausage, bacon, ham steaks, hash browns, corned beef hash, and coffee, orange juice, milk.

*it's always a little pricey when I take all the girls out for a meal, but we don't really do it that often anymore.

after our meal, we visited a strip mall down the road and each 'chick' got a new outfit.

*minus shoes, but they did indeed ask...

ugh. I couldn't imagine having all 6 of these girls


I love girl6 so much, but damn they are a huge handfull.

and the constant chitter-chatter about boys;

I had no idea that high school girls talked so damn much about the boys they like.

I thought only us guys 'swooned over' the ones we loved. anyway, after the brunch, the hours shopping,

and then the dropping-off of the 4 not living with me; I took Ash & Elli to the grocery and bought enough food, shampoo, conditioner, and face treatments to hopefully last the week. we got home just in time for the sfgiants game to start.

by the way, I have a question for you ladies/girls:

have any of you eaten ice cream and pretzels together? seriously! like dipping mini's into your bowl of rocky road? maybe it's a 'new fad thing', I'd never heard of that before. ok then, I'm actually very tired right now,

so I'll end this and do my nightly chores before going to bed. I hope you all have a fantastic monday,

hopefully that ball team from san francisco will kick some cardinal ass!!! (the bird, NOT the color)

goodnight everyone. 

22 Oct 2012/5pm

getting ready to watch 'my' #SFGiants in game 7.

will be updating throughout the game tonight.

and yes, I'm drinking baby... 'I'm not driving'!!!


the 'g-men' have just taken the lead 1-0 bottom of the first.

oh by the way;

Fox Sports audible part of their broadcast 'sux sheep balls'. the crowd noise is so muffled you can barely hear

them cheer/jeer,

but the broadcasters sure are loud enough.

and as I tweeted a little while ago;

I'm sure Mr. ego-maniac himself, Joe Buck had alot to do with it.

god-forbid if the 'little princess' was drowned-out by a cheering crowd. I've heard he is such an ASSHOLE!!!


boom!!! #SFGiants up 2-0, bottom of the 2nd...

why yes,

I'll have another cranberry-vodka.

thank-you for asking.


and the Giants of San Francisco keep the scoring

per inning going;

bottom of the 3rd: 7-0

I'm having fun, all ny myself.

*girls are doing homework upstairs...


once again VistaPrint had some issues tonight preventing me from updating...

SFGiants are currently leading Game 7 8-0

7th inning stretch...

AND I will be attending games 1 & 2 of the series,


look-out Bay Area, Mr Kiss is coming back home.


for the second time in 3yrs,

the San Francisco Giants

are the

National League Champions (of 2012).

I've been fairly busy w/plane & hotel rez' this past hour,

and 'we' (l.g. is going) are all set.

leaving tomorrow midday and then taking bart to the east bay to have dinner w/my cousin and his family.

and we'll be staying the night there also. wednesday/thursday nights,

her & I will be staying in a hotel near the wharf.

and I'm not sure we'll (or I) be taking the trip to

detroit as I had hoped.

I honestly do not wan't to go alone,

and taking Ash is no longer an option for personal reasons.

and l.g. has absolutely no desire to go north to detroit. *honestly, I do not blame her. but seeing my team in the enemys lair is incentive enough for me to possibly reconsider the trip. we'll have to wait to see.

tonights celebration was fun,

except for the fact I had to run down the street and back in nothing but my tan colored bvd's as to the bet I made at the start of the series if the Giants won.

it would not had been so bad, except for the fact that the old man had informed ALL the neighbors on the street of the upcoming semi-naked jog I was going to perform.

it takes alot to embarrass me, ALOT...

this was as close as I've been in a long time.

for a few reasons I don't wish to discuss in this pg-13 forum

I have created.

*just use your imagination and 'then some'.

last time I do shots of tequila and talk trash about my team winning the pennant.

besides, I always thought the 'loser' was suppose to do something outragiously funny, not the winner?

screwed again, and I didn't even get a kiss first...

alrighty then.

it's nearly 11pm and I'm still recovering from my 'strep',

and I'm sure running outside in 59' weather with barely anything on but a smile didn't help matters much.

I have alot to do before we depart lax tomorrow,

so I am going to have to say 'good night'.

*oh, btw... my daughter, my sweet innocent child;

took a few shots of my 'bvd dash' and wants to post the pics on my pic page here AND twitter. wtf?

I informed her that christmas for her may be canceled... nite.

23 Oct 2012/9pm

good evening from

the San francisco Bay Area.

I love it here.

I'm not that big on air travel anymore,

even though I have traveled to many, MANY places in the states and internationally.

I'd just rather drive if at all possible.

with that being said;

l.g. and I had a pleasant uneventful flight from LAX to SFO. (minus the drunk snoring guy 4 rows behind us-funny) arriving in terminal 3,

we took a short walk to the bart station

(bart/bay area rapid transit-monorail system)

which is in the international terminal of the airport.

I love bart.

as a young teenager in the mid 70's I got in trouble once when I lived w/my grandparents in el cerrito for ditching school and riding bart all day.

ya, I got in so much trouble.

but even to this day, I think it was so worth it.

ok then. we transfered trains in oakland and met my cousin at the el cerrito plaza station,

then 30min driving to his house.

it's only the third time I've been here,

and he's got all the toys:

pool, jacuzzi, ski boat, sea-do's, old vette, etc.

and a nicely mortgaged house.

not that I'm slamming my own blood here on the pages for all you to read (yes, yes I am),

but ever since he picked us up from the station today,

all I've heard about is his 'money troubles'.

I don't buy it, and neither does l.g.

I did take the four of us (his wife included)

out to a very nice dinner (the outback),

and then went shopping for groceries for the morning.

we're going to stay the night here, but then tomorrow before the game check-in to a hotel near fisherman's wharf.

here in about a half hour I get to meet my cousins grandchildren for the first time.

he's only 51 and has 3 grandkids, damn I'm old...

I can still 'freshly' remember him, his brother and myself doing kid shit together. fun times.

so I'm going to go shower before the kids get here.

*btw; what kind of parent keeps thier 4, 7, 9 yrs old

children up this late?

I may update again before bed,

maybe something exciting will happen w/the kids here.


hi guys.

l.g. and I are all settled-in here in my cousins guest room, and I have to say nice accommodations.

I thought I would give you guys a quickie while this gorgous woman in her sexy 'sfgiants world series 2012' t-shirt talks to her kids on the phone.

anyway; all in all it was a very pleasant evening tonight, and it was actually 'kinda' nice to talk

about family memories.

it seems as if we are the only ones left.

life is a crazy-ass journey.

even though my 'cuz' invited us to stay the next couple nights here in his house, I think we are still going to use the hotel room across the bay we reserved.

staying next to the wharf is always fun.

the weather today was beautiful, 68' mostly sunny.

tomorrow's forecast (according to ktvu ch.2)

has a very good chance for rain.

no worries. I will dress accordingly.

and as far as the team goes;

the sfgiants would play game 1 in hurricane conditions and do whatever it took to win.

the game itself doesn't start til around 5pm,

so that gives us enough time to check-in and catch

a cab or shuttle to at&t park. I think it's less than 4miles.

I can taste those garlic fries right now.

omg, speaking of food;

tonite when the munchkins came over,

step-grandma (who is only 34 btw) served a 'light snack'.

the snack was; pretzel twists w/sides of duncun hines frosting (milk chocolate, whipped cream cheese) for dipping, and strawberry/watermelon flavored water.

I have to admit I'd never tried this combo before,

but it was pretty damn tastey.

not sure if I agree with giving such young kids a snack like that so late, but hell who am I to say anything;

my daddy instincts haven't been that great either

this past year.

ok. l.g. is off the phone and just informed me it's

time to 'cuddle', so be it.

good night everyone, sweet dreams.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.10.4'...