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my thoughts.10.4

(24 Oct 2012 - 31 Oct 2012)

completed: 31 Oct 2012/midnight

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

24 Oct 2012/8am

good morning.

it's Wednesday morning, I had an memorable night,

I'm drinking freshly ground dunkin,

I'm looking rather adorable (as I've just been told),

it's Game 1 of the 2012 World Series,

and I'm approximately 35miles from at&t park;

home of the San Francisco Giants...

today is going to be an awesome fucking day.

the weather outside looks to be mostly cloudy, it's not raining... yet. we'll have to see what happens in the next few hours. please, no rain today.

also, because of recent inquiries;

(I'm not really sure why tho...)

I'll be re-posting my 'updates' Oct/Nov 2010 from the last time the SFGiants won the World Series.

*I'll try to do this once we get checked-in to our hotel

in a couple of hours.

and I guess we'll be renting a car after all,

too many places l.g. wants to visit thru the weekend.

ok then. I'm cooking omletes this morning,

so I've gotta go...


omg. could you guys believe tonights game?

sfgiants 8 detroit tigers 3

and with

Pablo 'the Panda' Sandoval hitting 3 home runs,

this guy is Hott!!!

the entire experince was wonderful,

and even got better once the obnoxios drunk-ass detroit tigers fans who were sitting two rows behind us were all (3) escorted out of at&t park by sfpd.

let me tell you,

these guys gave a new meaning to the word 'ASSHOLES'!!!

anyway, l.g. had a fantastic time also,

and we both ate enough garlic fries tonight

to last a lifetime.

not to mention their cheese steaks... ugh.

tomorrow will be just popcorn and beer...

(well, maybe a corned beef from 1st base carvery)

we're going to rent a car tomorrow,

and do some sight-seeing before the game starts.

I'm thinking of going across 'the bridge' to petaluma,

as there is a great pizza & salad joint over there.

funny thing; all fucking season long ESPN gives

the San Francisco Giants

absolutely NO AIR TIME on SportsCenter;

and tonight, we are the lead stories.

how do you like us now,

John Skipper/ESPN President???

ok then. I'm going to re-post my first 2 pages of

'my thoughts' which includes my entries from the last time the sfgiants played/won the world series.

they also include other favorites:

how I met the mexi-godfather, the san diego zoo story,

and some other personal crap I wrote about 2+ years ago.

I was just looking over those pages;

wow, I was all over the place with my updates.

*I really had no idea wtf I was doing,

or wanted to do with this site.

(and I still don't)

I did NOT change any words, phrases, stories or spelling

*be kind Luna (she's a teacher),

and these pages are exactly as they were when

I first published them.

overly long, extremely boring points,

and somewhat gibberish.

but a few of you have wanted to read these, so be it.

alrighty then, I'm going to shower and 'try' to

get some sleep.

not that l.g. and I are going to 'bend & thrust' all nite long (you never know tho),

but it's still rather 'new' for me to share a bed w/a female again after all this time.

I'm so used to my furry kidz sleeping with me,

it's kinda wierd having another bod next to me.

*she doesn't 'shed' as much, & smells great,

and she is soft to the touch.

plus there are a few other benefits I won't list.

ha ha ha. l.g. just read what I wrote... busted!!!

alright good night...  

25 Oct 2012/11am

good morning/afternoon.

I've been up for a few hours now;

watching sportscenter,

and drinking coffee on the balcony watching & listening

to the on again/off again rain.

I just got out of the shower, and thought I'd do an update before we head to petaluma for lunch. I'm starving.

I had a few croissants w/blackberry jam a while ago,

but I need some meat baby!!!

(hmm, that sounds kinda dirty)

and now I wait.

why is it that no matter what time you tell your 'female partner' you would like to leave, it never, EVER happens.

no worries. this woman is worth the wait.

*besides I'm watching the replay of last nights game on the mlb network. so cool.

my only complaint about watching this on tv is the subdued volume of the crowd noise;

I guess joe 'the little princess' buck can't have the noise of cheering fans drown-out his droll voice.

I'm so glad I experienced game 1 live!!!

looking forward to game 2 tonight.

Boom! the Panda just hit home run number 2,

looks just as good on tv/replay as it did live.

*well maybe not 'quite as good'.

ok. we got the morning paper delivered to our door,

and I've yet to browse thru it.

so I'll post this and then read a news paper

the old fashioned way;

getting your hands dirty w/ink by turning the pages.

have a great day.   

Go San Francisco Giants!!!

26 Oct 2012/10am

good morning everyone.

l.g. and I had a very nice day yesterday.

(that's putting-it mildly)

let's just say our day was just like the weather;

started-out slow & soggy,

and finished fast, exciting, and with a bang.

we're still in bed,

and I don't think we will be getting up anytime soon.

happy friday everyone...


I was just informed that 'we' are going shopping,

have no idea where we're going.

guess I need to shower...

27 Oct 2012/noon

oh my...

it's nearly noon, and I'm just having my first cup of coffee.

I guess that's what happens when you don't go to bed

till almost 4am.

friday didn't exactly go as we had planned;

as l.g. and I were getting ready to go out shopping yesterday afternoon,

I got a call from my cousin inviting us to a halloween party, and to also stay the weekend.

needless to say, 'we' accepted.

so after checking-out about an hour later

(was told I wouldn't receive a early c/o fee, we'll see),

we drove back to the east bay to my cousin's house.

after dropping-off our bags, and having a light

'fast food' lunch, we went costume shopping.

that was fun. not...

*after trying a few various 'stumes on,

I decided to go as a sfgiants fan. lol

as far as the party goes; only a few guys dressed-up,

but most of the women participated.

one schmuck came as a jason-type charactor wearing a mask and carrying a crowbar,

which he dropped in the entry way breaking a tile.

cheap tiles I guess.

very casual as parties go;

there was a ton of pizza, beer and chips and such,

and we played board games all night.

it was fun.

as far as today's plans;

after I finish here and have a few more cups of java,

I'm thinking of taking l.g. to a local bar that my grandmother used to go to all the time when she lived

here in the bay area.

I think I mentioned this place before in this forum;

I would go there w/my gram and play pool back

in the 70's. *not so sure that would be allowed these days. because I know she used to watch the oakland A's play at this place, I thought it would be nice for l.g. and I to watch the giants there tonight.

a little bit sentimental perhaps, or not.

whatever, I just want to watch the game and maybe

have a few beers.

l.g. is flying back to LA tomorrow evening,

she has that work thing. I'm going to stay at least till monday, and see if the series comes back to 'the city'.

I have a feeling they may 'win-it' in detroit tho.

the last time a san francisco sports team played in detroit for a championship, they won:

san francisco 49ers/super bowl 16/ jan 24, 1982

*hopefully it's the giants turn 30+yrs later.

ok. I need more coffee and maybe some scram-eggs,

then I guess I'll take a shower.

plus, we have to return the costume before 3pm.

a guy and his wife invited us to their house tonight

for 'their party', so we may go if this bar isn't what I remember it to be. as long as the game is on.

have a excellent Saturday everyone.


oh my. trying to find a place today to watch the

ucla football game this afternoon was crazy.

my first choice; the ivy room on san mateo blvd in albany,

is currently closed for remodeling or something. bummer.

we finally ended up at the house of one of my cousins business associates in walnut creek.

nice house. very nice back yard. and a huge 80" tv.

I wanted to take the tv.

after the game (which the bruins won),

we drove about half an hour to a hooters in dublin

to watch the san francisco giants win the 3rd game

of the world series.

1 more win, and the sfgiants are 'again'

World Series Champions...

I'd love to see them win it at home,

but I think they'll sweep the detroit tigers and win the series in detroit tomorrow. oh well.

could you imagine the crowd reaction in at&t park if they won the series in san francisco?

it would be crazy.

anyway. after hooters, (which wasn't nearly as crowded as I would have thought it would be today)

we drove back here to my cousins, and just sat out back and visited for a few hours.

l.g. is leaving tomorrow night after game 4,

as she has to be accountable for her work monday morning.

if the giants do secure the series tomorrow night,

I'll fly back to LA monday afternoon.

I'm actually very tired, so I guess I'm going to bed.

was up 'way too late' last night.

have an excellent sunday everyone...

29 Oct 2012/11am

good morning everyone...

been up since 3:30am; after not going to bed until after 11pm celebrating the sfgiants world series champioship victory. been watching some replays of the game on the mlb network this past hour. it's just as exciting the second time around. so anyway;

l.g. didn't leave sfo until 7:30am, and we took the 5am bart to the airport. not a bad way to go for $10 each.

*plus my return trip.

I'm so exhasted at this very moment,

and may be taking a nap here any second.

I've decided to stay in the bay until wednesday evening,

and will be flying back home after the SFGiants

victory parade.

*I think Ash is enjoying this time away from me for

some strange reason.

grandpa jack has been back at the house since

I've been north,

but his rules and my rules are a little different.

believe it or not, he is a little more lax than I am.

also, I didn't say anything in earlier posts... but;

the mexi-godfather has been in the hospital for the past 7 days recovering from a semi-major procedure.

he is suppose to be released within the next couple of days, so that was great to hear.

alrighty then.

I'm going to lay down for abit, and save my energy for monday night football and the san francisco 49ers.

not sure where I'm going to watch the game.

*don't want to stay here at my cousins, too much going on. (never thought I would ever say that!)

I'll see ya guys in a while.


just got back from having lunch with my cousin's daughter and her two kids (his grandkids...omg).

I so remember when she was born in june 1983,

and coming up here from mcas el toro a few months later

to see this cute little baby girl.

the last time I saw this young lady was back in july 1995 when she was 12yrs old,

during the funeral of my cousin's mother

(my aunt, her grandmother).

that was a rough-patch for my family,

as my dad died 7 1/2 months later.

lezza reminds me so much of her grandmother, it's scary.

her two kids; girl/4 boy/6 are so cute and typical kids.

and we figured out that she is my 2nd cousin,

and her kids are my 3rd.

and if I understood the 'family-relations-page' correctly;

leeza and Ash are also 3rd cousins.

jeesh. I feel like we are all from somewhere

in kentucky now. ha ha ha.

alrighty then. I've been invited over to a mnf party

down the street.

so I'm going to go pick-up some beer, ice, and some snacks before the game starts. I'll check-in a little later.


San Francisco 49ers

win on

Monday Night Football...

had a pretty good time down the street at the mnf party.

it's always nice to 'go to a party' and just enjoy myself.

I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow,

I may go out exploring most of the day.

maybe go to fishermans wharf for lunch,

pick up a few sfgiants championship hats/t-shirts,

and also I'm thinkingof going to the Exploratorium.

*I haven't been to this place since grade school.

also, there is an art gallery I really want to visit again,

they have on display a wide variety of photogs

(Ansel Adams, Yousuf Karsh, Brassai),

not to mention the visual arts.

I just can't for the life of me remember the name of the museum or if it was a studio.

maybe I'll just park and aimlessly wonder

throughout 'the city'.

the weather is 'supposed to be' mostly cloudy w/a chance of showers tomorrow night and then continuing

thru wednesday.

a celebratory parade in the rain?,

only in san francisco.

omg. I've been watching the weather channel this past hour, this storm is just crazy.

their forecast is upwards of 100 billion in damage to property and the economy.

is this the begining of the 2012 prophecies?,

think about it people. worse storm ever!

the political heavy-weights in charge are telling people to evacuate and head to higher ground.

and go where? and how?

most people in new york city don't have vehicles,

and live paycheck to paycheck.

and the homeless?

if you don't have the money or the means for travel,

you have to ride the storm out.

just like they did in new orleans with katrina.

no further comments on this subject,

too sad to think about.

ok then. I'm going to bed. good night.

sweet dreams to 'you'... 

30 Oct 2012/10am

good morning.

getting ready to head over to san francisco and enjoy my last full day in the bay area.

I found a few artsy places I am looking forward to visiting. Ash and Elli are 'not' going to school today;

instead, they and about 20 +/- classmates are going to disneyland to enjoy the halloween festivities the park is

currently displaying.

I've been to halloween town before, it's pretty cool.

I have a feeling that the girls were planning on going regardless if I said yes or no.

sometimes I just don't understand why parents don't let their kids take-off a day or two every once in a while.

maybe my parenting skills are not exactly what

they should be,

but I feel I'm doing an above average job.

these are the moments I'm happy that I don't have the 'chatter' of a second opinion screaming in my ear.

although that time may be coming to an abrupt end.

*more to follow on this particular subject at a later time.

have you been watching the

'east coast storm surge' on tv?

I know quite a few of you live on that side of the country,

I hope you all are safe and dry.

alrighty then. I'm going to fix some breakfast and then get over to 'the city' and begin my day.

see ya...


had an awesome day 'in the city'.

I visited a few touristy spots,

and had a fantastic lunch in chinatown.

I also talked w/quite a few people who remember the victory parade of 2010,

giving me some great advice on where to go,

and the in's and out's...literally.

so my alarm is set for 5am, and I will return the rental to sfo and check my bags in early before taking city transportation to the market street area.

I'm thinking if I'm there about 2-3hrs before the parade begins I'll be in good shape.

ugh. I can't believe espn is showing/talking about

the world series of poker. fucking ridiculous.

sometimes I think the programming director for espn

is a fucking idiot.

I'm going to bed. I'm so ready to go home... 

31 Oct 2012/5am

good morning,

and happy halloween...

just wanted to say hello before I start my day.

damn, I'm tired.

everyone is still asleep, so I'm trying to be quiet.

my cousin and his wife don't get up til 7am,

and I plan on being already checked-in at sfo by that time. will wait and grab a coffee when I leave here.

the weather has a chance of rain today;

I don't think it's raining yet, it is abit hazy out tho.

Ash & Elli had a pretty good time at DL yesterday,

but they left fairly early because one of the girls they

were with got sick. that's a shame.

hope the young lady feels better today.

I heard the parade today will last 1 1/2-2hrs,

so I should catch my early flite on time.

*I have 1 flight on standby, plus my scheduled.

would be nice to be home in time to hand-out candy.

can't recall how many kids we had last year tho.

alright, I'm going to get this day started.

see ya guys later.


just sat down here in the lounge at sfo,

have about 20min before boarding.

the parade today was crazy, fucking crazy...

I stayed in my spot,

near the powell street bart station the entire time.

the news reports earlier this morning stated a crowd of over 1 million was expected.

I think they all were standing in my area.

funny thing was, everyone was so damn friendly, polite, and just happy to be there.

why can't we all act like this ALL THE TIME.

*I know, crazy thought... right?

I have to say also that some of these wives/girlfriends did not particularly appear to be 'over-joyed'

about being on display.

so listen ladies;

I could see some of you were 'not amused' about sitting in a convert along side your mlb star husband/boyfriend or whatever waving and forcing a smile to all of us pions.

but you have to 'lower yourself' once in awhile to a lower standard 'and play the part' occasionally to be able to enjoy the huge homes, expensive jewelry/clothing,

and everything else your 'piece of man-meat'

has entitled you to. I will say this though;

Barry Zito, Buster Posey & Ryan Vogelsong have some major fucking Hotties for wives.

*not that the other chicks on display weren't cute,

but these three stood out in my mind. hubba-hubba...

one final thought before I ready myself to fly home;

how coincidental that the San Francisco Giants share the exact same colors that Holloween is known for;

Orange & Black,

and they are celebrating their World Series Championship

on that exact day.

will check-in later tonight before bed.

if your going out w/your kids/grandkids or whoever,

please be safe.

alot crazy-ass-motherfuckers out there tonite.

*btw, apparently I forgot to 'pubish' this morning.

not vista-prints fault, this time.


Halloween 2012

is now officially over...


good 'late' evening.

I thought I'd be in bed long ago,

but I had alot of 'everything' to catch up on.

I didn't get home until almost 7:30p;

after the delay at sfo, LA evening traffic,

picking-up pizzas for dinner,

and another 6 big bags of candy.

*I also had to inform the girls to cut down of the distribution of the 'treats' to the ghosts & goblins coming to our door.

they were giving a handful to every 'treater'. jeesh.

anyway. I am so freaking happy to be home.

and because of all the hugs/kisses/licks,

all my kids(z) missed me also.

grandpa jack has been here since I left,

and he even taped the sfgiants parade and civic center celebration for me on the mlb network. what a guy.

I had debated going to the civic center area, but decided to go to the airport after the last player's car drove by.

oh, I also hadn't realized that the players were being driven in alphabetical order until a young girl standing next to me said something to her dad about that... duh!!!

I really enjoyed watching the entire civic center presentation on dvr.

the 'city broom' mayor lee gave the team in tribute to the 'sweep' of the tigers was priceless. I loved it...

I talked w/my cousin after I got home, and he said it was raining pretty hard up there, glad I missed it.

I could have sworn it sprinkled a little bit during the parade, who knows tho. maybe I was imagining it.

I'm hungry;

thinking I may go downstairs and hove a bowl of cereal, watch a little sportscenter, and then go to bed.

g' nite...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.11.1'...