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Last Updated: 17 Nov 2013/2pm

ok then. let me jump right-in.

today is the

238th Birthday of

United States Marine Corps.

it has only been during these past few years that I have really paid attention to this.

don't misunderstand me,

I've always taken pride in having served in the Marines,

but since being discharged in 1987,

I never really paid attention to the date.

along with Veterans Day.

I guess when your attention span is that of a gnat

(just telling it like it is),

and all your worried about is when/where/who you are going to get your next piece of ass from,

you don't really care about the trivial bullshit.

but as you age,

get older and put some priorities ahead of others,

you begin to take pride in your past accomplishments.

no matter how insignificant or small they may be.

so anyway. those are my thoughts on this.

in other news;

today I am 18,249 days old.

my dad

(as most of you know)

died exactly one week before his 5oth birthday;

09 March 1946 - 02 March 1996

he was 18,256 days old when he died.

so that means

(if I was my father)

I'd have exactly 7 days left to live.

7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes.

7 more sunrises, 7 more sunsets.

that's it.

7 days to enjoy what life has to offer:

family, friends, my pets,

my favorite car, movies, and foods.

oh. and popcorn. I fucking love popcorn.

I know alot of you have this ridiculous fascination

with bacon,

my personal fascination is with popcorn.

all kinds of popcorn;

stove popped, microwave, bagged, boxed,

and yes... movie popcorn.

ALL w/butter of course.

not that fake-ass-oil-shit though!

and definitely 'not' air-popped!

what stupid-ass invented 'air-popped' popcorn?

that shit taste like warm styrofoam,

and actually maybe even not 'that' good.

so getting off the popcorn subject,

I'd like to share with you guys a few more tidbits.

*I'm actually working on this entry a few days before the 10th.

I type, I delete, I type, I delete...

November has always been a special month for me;

my birthday, thanksgiving, a few school holidays,

and the beginning of the holiday season.

I actually had forgotten that another family member

(a former wife of one of my cousins),

has the same birthdate as me.

*she is a year younger though.

as far as the plans for my 50th,

it was just revealed to me a few weeks ago that we

will be going to hawaii to celebrate

my 'half-century' of being alive.

leaving a few days before my 'special day',

and then returning before

'the busiest travel day of the year'.

and considering both girls will be missing

a few days of school in addition to the entire week they already have off for thanksgiving break,

I'm sure I'm going to get another letter from the school saying the girls are missing too many days.

*I really don't give a fuck though!!!


I love telling school officials to go fuck themselves!!!

there will be 9 of us making the trip,

with quite a few in the palacios clan staying here to watch over things during the time we are gone.

I normally don't get 'all worked-up' for a trip/vacations,

but I am very excited about this.

for one thing,

I'm not going to have to pay for a thing,


which is always nice.

but the absolute pleasure of this entire situation,

I didn't have to plan a thing.

Ash, Elli and Jess did everything themselves.

with a little input from l.g.

*very little input.

**and thank you to grandpa Jacks checkbook!

normally I am the one who plans everything.

vacations, parties, weekend trips, afternoon getaways, grocery/pet store runs... everything.

I intend to kick back, relax and enjoy my ass off!

I'm going to take my golf clubs only because I have no idea when I'll be over there again,

but I don't know if I will actually 'tee-it-up'!

*not playing the game regularly tends to throw-off your timing

and causes even 'once great players' to play like shit!

-not that I was 'once great' mind you.

ok then. enough about my '50 is nifty' plans.

everybody is doing fine.

we've added a few more mouths to feed recently,

seriously this 'pet thing' is starting to get

a little bit out of control.

I've never had so many 'critters' in my life,

especially all at one time.

speaking of critters;

Cat Dog Spa is moving along,

rather slowly,

but at least it's going forward.

grandpa Jack and the Mexi-godfather have made

this project their number one priority,

behind smoking a cigar

and drinking a good cognac of course.

still in the middle of the 'legal process' with

my prior business associates,

which I'm sure isn't going to end anytime soon.

ok then. I'll update another time.

I'm no longer 'in the mood'...

17 Nov 2013/2pm

ok then. today i'm 18,256 days old.

my dad died when he was 'exactly' this old at 3:45pm

(1 week before his 50th birthday).

which means,

as of 3:46pm 'today',

i have lived longer than my father...

*i picked the song by ac/dc on my kiss vidz page

because my hippie, weed smoking, cursing,

good-looking, adulterer dad liked them alot... g.a.k.

**i'll be back later.

i'm going for a drive right now...

to be continued...