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my thoughts.11.1

(01 Nov 2012 - 04 Nov 2012)

completed: 04 Nov 2012/4pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Nov 2012/9pm

hi. busy, busy day today.

quite a few things needed my attention considering the

fact I was away from home for the past 9 days.

apparently while I was gone the 'thought' of going to the grocery store and getting pet food was not a concern.

I was very disappointed in 'a few' things around here that I'd rather not go into with any depth of a discussion.

anyway. had to 'hit the grocery' really hard,

and also load up on 'fresh' pet food.

I guess I'll take the blame for the dog food,

a 50lb bag only lasts roughly a week.

I should have gotten two bags before I left.

but not going to buy food the entire time I was gone

was just f'in ridiculous.

not that there wasn't anything in the pantry and/or freezers; but I like to get fresh fruit every couple of days,

and fresh bread and milk at least once a week.

I'm guessing the girls were just so busy with household chores, school homework,

and keeping-up with their social calendar;

they didn't have time to eat anything but

canned goods, poptarts, cereal (no milk), and those freezer snack foods that aren't so good for you.

*at least they each had a can of veggies while I was gone. **added plus: they did take their vitamins daily.

ok.ok.ok. I'm done bitching,

at least for the time being anyway.

will take me a couple days to get back into the

swing of things, I actually didn't get outa bed

until 5:45am this morning.

in fact after I post this, walk the kidz, and take a shower:

I will be going to sleep

(with a little help from a tylenol pm).

l.g. and I are taking girl6, and her kids to the movies tomorrow night to see 'Wreck-it Ralph'.

the movie looks to be very cute.

after the show, everyone is coming back here to

spend the weekend.

plus, saturday night the palacios' are going to join all of us at the rose bowl for tailgate/arizona game.

as far as sunday; nothing planned right now.

l.g. and I are thinking about going up to vegas next

week-end, just to spend a couple days together.

(after the ucla basketball game that is...)

with the holiday season fast approaching,

this may be the last time we have some 'alone time'.

not counting the palacios' family unit,

I'm planning on having a few friends from

out of town stay over.

plus it looks as if jessica and her husband

(who are legally divorce)

may 'try' to work things out; friends/lovers/who knows. regardless, they will be staying here thru new years.

l.g. is also going to have some out-of-towners stay

with her and her mom at their house.

plus; her father (and new fiance') are coming to town in a few weeks and staying thru the thanxgiving day week-end. *that should be interesting.

I've talked to this man a few times on the phone

(pretty full of himself... worse than me!),

and he sounds to be a fun guy to be around.

he is a semi-retired atty living in southern florida,

and is currently engaged to a young lady

2yrs older than l.g. (she isn't too thrilled with this btw). alrighty, I'm going to get this posted, walk the dogz,

take a shower, and then go to bed.

I'll check-in with you guys later. nite.    

02 Nov 2012/8am

good morning...

yes, actually slept very well last night,

thank-you for asking...

I woke-up at 4:15am and just decided to get up.

grandpa jack wasn't up yet,

so I did the coffee prep and also put some

cinnamon rolls in the oven.

funny how the smell of something baking so early in the morning gets people out of bed.

*a little 'add-on' to pillsbury sweet rolls;

place a few thin banana slices on each roll a few

minutes before pulling them out,

smushing the warm banana's on top when finished.

and then after spreading the frosting,

sprinkle some granola on top.

these are AWESOME.

the girls each had one, along w/some scram eggs,

while jack chose to feed his to the kidz.

*grandpa jack is really having a hard time with

the holidays approaching;

as this will be his first christmas w/o

grandma jo in nearly 50yrs. so glad he's here tho.

my early morning chores are complete.

I even gave a couple sugar cubes to those

huge beasts outside.

*I've decided to rename my horse lucifer,

as he truely is the devil...

alrighty then.

so as I sit here boring you guys whith my jibber-jabbar;

I'm listening to 'on air with ryan seacrest',

while watching 'muted' sportscenter.

the girls are already off to school,

and grandpa jack is out back doing something.

l.g. has already texted me a dozen times,

and called me twice.

she is excited about our weekend plans I guess.

I'm working on my 2nd pot of coffee

(minus a few cups for grandpa jack),

and 'thinking' about taking the kidz to the dog park.

I will be fairly busy today;

along with my normal bs,

I'm going to go to west covina to visit the

the mexi-godfather.

plus, I'm in desperate need of haircut also.

alright, I need to touch base with jessica in the next hour.

*she's still in vegas.

so I should just get going and 'get this day started'.

so I'll see ya.   

03 Nov 2012/2:30pm

good afternoon everyone;

it's the weekend, let's all have fun.

had a very 'stacked-up' day yesterday,

didn't even climb into bed til past midnight...

after getting a haircut (trim) mid afternoon,

I drove over to west covina and visited w/the

mexi-godfather for a while.

I'm still not exactly sure what exactly happened

medically to the old man;

but was told he had to have a few 'heart stints' replaced. plus he had a little reaction to some medication

he was given early in the procedure.

anyway. he is doing alot better, and will hopefully be discharged within the next week.

funny thing, as I was sitting there getting pummeled by the old man on the chess board, he was discussing with me about fencing-off a bigger dog run and dividing the property to be able to allow the dogs a

larger area to run and exercise.

as he's saying this,

he basically stoled my queen off the board and check-mated my ass in a few more moves. I swear he cheats!!!

after a few hours visiting, I decided to head back towards the house before friday afternoon traffic hit.

I barely made it back alive. seriously.

a stupid-ass motorcyle was darting thru traffic

(as most of them do as congestion begins),

and he/she/he-she (not mocking mind you)

came within inches of crashing into the front of my suv, which caused me to slam on my brakes almost

getting 'plowwed from-behind'.

I hate inconsiderate drivers. alright, enough said.

after getting back home, I readied the house for our overnight/weekend guests;

towels, soap, pillow cases, sleeping bags, bottled water,

and a fresh candle in my room.

*a little ambiance in preparation of special moment,

or two, or three, etc...

blah, blab, blah. I'll quit boring ya.

after everyone finally arrived last night 7pm-ish;

we went to the olive garden for dinner,

and then a late showing of the movie 'wreck-it ralph'.

I HIGHLY recommend this movie;

very cute and tremendously entertaining.

the script for this flick must have been hellish fun to write. after the movie, we stopped for shakes at 'in & out' and

then car-convoyed back to the house.

girl6 and l.g.'s daughter all slept downstairs

in the movie room, while both boys crashed in the

den on the sectional.

*why teeny-boppers would rather sleep on couches rather than beds is beyond me.

reveille went at 10am this morning,

which meant I had to do '2nd call' at 10:30am.

breakfast was pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon,

some fruit juices, and ALOT of coffee.

oh, and another question for you;

all 7 girls had to put some make-up before coming

to eat because why?

there was one 18yr old, and one 14yr old boy here, thats it. after breakfast, the boys and I took the kidz to the dog park for an hour so all the females could get ready in privacy. and that just about catches-you-up on our goings-on.

I just took a shower, alone.

l.g. said no back washing today, damn-it.

girl6 is finishing up getting the rig ready for the ucla game this evening.

only a few of the palacios' will be joing us tonight.

in total, there may be about 20 of us in our group.

not the biggest crowd we've had this year,

but we'll have fun.

it's a late game tonight (7:30pm),

so afterwards I'm sure we all will just come back

here and do whatever.

ok then. I just got challeged to a ps3 game of

rainbow six vegas 2.

*I suck at these games,

why people give them to me is unknown.

Ash is the warrior in this house.

grandpa jack loves to just sit at watch his grand daughter play these 'shoot-em-up' games.

ok then, I'm going to go get my 'video-ass-kicked'

by a smart-ass teenager.

I'm out. will check-in before we leave at 4pm.

enjoy your saturday.    

04 Nov 2012/10am

what a beautiful day it is.

*not that I've been outside yet;

in fact I literally just got out of bed about 15min ago.

*I though I'd pound-out some words while I enjoy this cup of coffee during these rare moments of silence.

thank-you to grandpa jack for doing all my morning

poop-scoop duties among other things.

had an excellent time at the rose bowl yesterday.

counting myself, girl6, l.g. her kids and the 15 palacios'

and the three other rv's parked near us;

there were over 40 of us just having a grand ol' time.

omg. there was this group about 100 feet away from us and they had a make-shift bbq pit made up of newspaper, lumber, fireplace logs, and some gasoline.

poor basturds had no fucking idea what they were doing. they had flames shooting almost 6 feet adding the gas. needless to say, security was over there with a fire extinguisher damping their bbq and mood.

so, we offered them one of our portables to cook the

'whole chickens' they had.

they weren't the smartest college kids I had ever met,

but they rank in the top 5 for being most fun.

I had forgotten that it was homecoming,

and the crowd in the rose bowl reflected such.

the game itself was a slaughter; ucla 66 ariz 10.

after the game ended, we sat around in the rv and

waited-out the traffic before leaving.

on the way home we stopped at a 7-11 and everyone got snacks, drinks, and lotto. (no lotto for the kids)

once we got home, girl6+1 took their snacks and such down to the movie room, the boys played ps3 and l.g. and I went upstairs and watched sportscenter.

*I love a woman who will watch sportscenter

w/me while laying in bed.

I wish I knew what causes the dreams you have at night;

I keep having this recurring dream of a certain person that I've never met, or have even had 'direct' contact with. wtf?

I told l.g. about this,

and she just rolled her eyes at me, laughed and got

out of bed to take a shower.

'no respect' for my uncontrolled wild thoughts.

alrighty then, moving along;

I have some rolls in the oven, along with some leftover fruit from yesterdays breakfast for everyone to snack on.

I'll be going to panda express to get us all brunch

in about an hour,

have to make sure to get everyone's order correct this time. l.g. and her kids will be going home after the

tampa bay-oakland game this afternoon.

*apparently these boys love the buccaneers.

after they leave,

I will be taking girl6 out for some errands/shopping.

and then afterwards, we'll stop 'somewhere' for dinner

and then I have to drop the girls off at their homes.

as far as tonight goes; no plans as of yet.

a thought: I did buy an awesome 1500 piece puzzle of the

golden gate bridge while I was in the bay area,

so maybe I'll 'start' that.

I totally suck at puzzles though,

can a few of you come over and help me please?

after completion,

I'm going to frame it and hang it in the entry way.

I figure if I start it now, I should be finished in like 5yrs.

I have some personal issues and a valid business opportunity to deal with during the next couple of days;

so I should be fairly busy most of the week

as of right now, l.g. and I are still planning our little 'getaway' to vegas next weekend.

which works out great because of next monday being a national holiday, veterans day (observed);

no schools, no courts, no where-to-be.

girl6 wants to go, but that is a responsibility I don't wish to assume right now;

they are too young, too many,

and too hyper when they are all together.

maybe when they are all about 40.

I need more coffee.

shit. grandpa jack is yelling outside about something.

gotta go.



the day has been quite entertaining to say the least.

to begin with, watching these two boys enjoy their tampa bay football has been fun.

their grandfather is a mega-huge buccaneers fan/supporter and I guess it has rubbed-off onto his grandsons.

l.g.'s daughter doesn't give a damn about football,

she and girl6 have been downstairs watching

movies all day.

I've been keeping busy with getting lunch,

taking the dogs to the park,

waiting on everyone, doing laundry,

and playing chess with grandpa jack.

so anyway;

I'm going to get ready to get out of here shortly;

for dinner tonight, the girls want to go to panera bread for soup & sandwiches. sounds great to me.

I'll talk to you later.  

to be continued on 'my thoughts.11.2'...