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my thoughts.11.2

(05 Nov 2012 - 08 Nov 2012)

completed: 08 Nov 2012/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

05 Nov 2012/6pm

had a very interesting day.

it's a funny thing when you wake-up and have absolutely no idea what is in your future within a certain time frame.

I did my normal morning duties,

to include taking the girls to school.

*Ash' car is 'in total need' of an oil change,

and until she gets it done, no more driving. boom!

after dropping them off and telling them they have to find their own way home (grandpa jack picked them up),

I drove to the century city area and had a

'late breakfast/early lunch' with l.g.

while we dined, we had a pretty serious discussion concerning our relationship.

*more to follow on this subject at a later date.

after our talk/meal/make-out session (I so love to kiss),

I drove to west covina to visit with the mexi-godfather.

when I arrived at the hospital

(not the greatest medical facility I've ever visited),

the 'old-man' was reading a book he had received

from one of the nurses;

'we discovered alien bases on the moon/fred steckling'.

ya, shocking. and the convo we shared for the next few hours was very compelling and insightful.

as I sat there and listen to this 'crazy-old-man' give me his thoughts on this subject-matter;

I admit I wasn't really paying attention,

until he started telling me stories of when he was

growing-up in durango, mexico.

about the mysterious lights in the sky,

the strange flying object he and his family encountered while traveling in the middle of a mexican desert

over 75yrs ago,

and the strange dreams he has had his entire life.

now seriously, I admit that I do believe in alot

of crazy shit;

bermuda triangle, ufo's, bigfoot, guardian angels, witchcraft, fate/destiny, love-at-first-sight, and so forth.

but never really ever thought about this particular entity. but as this elderly 5'4" man with a few tubes/wires attached to his aging body was telling me these stories;

I couldn't help but to be totally enthralled by the sterness of his voice, his unblinking eye contact,

and the obvious seriousness of the information he was currently sharing with me.

I admit, he had me thinking the 'what if's'.

after his informational stories, I went to a nearby eatery and 'snuck-in' some outside food for the patient.

*don't judge me, you've all done this!

because of my extended stay, I was caught in the evening commute. I hate driving in traffic.

also, my plans for making stuffed peppers for dinner was a wash-out. so I picked-up el pollo loco.

I wanted kfc, but the girls wanted the

grilled chicken w/tortillas.

probably better for us anyway.

in fact, I'm still eating my homemade chicken soft tacos

as I'm typing this up.

wish I had a huge frozen margarita. ok then.

so I have one more thing to discuss before I tuck my

web-site in for the night.

I have been thinking about having a friend that I've known for over 10yrs stay with me for a few weeks to

get him back on to his feet.

he is currently going thru a counseling session for a compulsive addiction he has had for many years,

and I commend him for finally seeking treatment.

but considering the fact there are

extenuating circumstances involving this individual and parts of my personal life, I have come to the conclusion that having this man in my house for any length of time may not be a 'healthy environment' for everyone involved.

I have no fucking idea why I am telling you this,

maybe because I just need to get this 'shitty-feeling'

off my chest.

I realize this guy needs someone in his life after his

therapy 'check-out',

but I'm afraid it just can't be me.

as I mentioned above,

we've been friends for a long time and I really do care about this person's welfare,

but I can now see that my eagerness to help someone would most likely get very ugly.

you see, this is jessica's former husband and they both have just recently been amicable towards one another.

so much so, they have also reconsidered their

current relationship status.

but, there appears to be a wench, er wrench in the mechanical workings of this possible reconciliation.

*I would LOVE to tell you who it is,

but will 'hold-off'. for now anyway.

so with that being said;

jess & I have decided (with my insistence)

that for the both of them to really 'try again',

staying here would not be the brightest idea.

and seeing how being in vegas (in my house) is also no longer an option, they will be taking a holiday vacation together where no outside influences can interfere.

*the sad thing is, this little ordeal has also put a 'new light' on a friendship I've had with someone for a long time,

not to mention other feelings.

no worries. it's time to move forward, and not look back.

I'm going to take the kidz for a walk,

not in the mood for the mnf gathering down the street.

but I do plan on drinking a few 'jack/diet cokes'

just as soon as I return.

alrighty then, the end of a crazy-ass-day has finally arrived. and let me just say this;

I've had a few drinks and took a xanex,

so hopefully I'll be snoring within the hour.

since we've last talked;

I walked the dogs,

listen to both girls explain to me their opinion

of election 2012

(a homework assignment),

walked the back fence line w/grandpa jack and

discussed some changes,

and watched the last 10min of the mnf game.

and yes, I have had a few cocktails.

I haven't watched network tv the past few days as I am so mother-fucking-ass tired of hearing about which

political 'jack-me-off' to vote for.

and I'm so sick of:

"I'm Joe Blow, and I approve this message".

have you even thought about the monies these so-called public servants have wasted to gain our attention so they can further their career by defaulted actions?

I normally do not bring-up the subject of politics,

and/or the men/women that represent the country by electorial votes.

but unlike some party members/elected officials,

I refuse to 'belittle' and 'slam' others who don't share my exact point of view.

to see how stupid and ignorant some people are,

just go to any twitter-feed and read peoples insults about their opposing political rivals.

unlike playful banter concerning sport teams,

the ruthlessness that comes out during an election year is just plain asinine!

I have already 'early' voted;

and I'm a registered republican,

but did not vote that way on the entire ballot.

I almost wasn't going to cast my vote for the presidency,

but at the last minute, I did.

truth be told, I'm not in love w/either candidate.

and I do not agree w/alot of their policies.

but I did vote for the person who I thought would do the

less harm to our country.

regardless if your democratic, republican, independent, constitutional, green, libertarian,

or a whig from years gone by...


it's your right as an american citizen,

others have died to protect that right.

so honor our fallen hero's from the past 236yrs of freedom and cast your vote tomorrow for whomever you honestly beleive will continue to represent


United States of America

to the best of their ability.

*and won't embarrass us in the interim.

on the lighter side of things;

I'm thinking of having a bowl of 'frosted mini-wheats' w/chocolate syrup and milk and watch a few reruns of

'the big bang theory' while sitting up in bed

w/my furry-ass animals.

so, that's all folks...

P.S. I don't care which political party your affiliated with,

if your coming back here day after day to read my 'sometimes' boring drivle;


P.S.S. and just in case a few of you are wondering;

my vote on 'legalizing' marijuana, gay marriage,

mandatory military service for all 18yr olds,

the 'instant death penalty' to pedophiles and rapists,

and a maximum 10% federal/state income tax,

would ALWAYS BE YES!!!

goodnight sweetheart, wherever you are...

06 Nov 2012/6am

today is election day,


*VOTE 2012*

no matter who you vote for, win or lose,

you did your part...


good morning, been up since 4am with just a wee-bit

of a hang-over.

have already drank 24oz of oj, taken a multi-vita

and a few tylenol.

hopefully I'll be feeling better in no time.

will be hanging around the house today getting some chores done, and I plan on trying to complete the current chapter I'm working-on w/Semper Five.

I don't plan on turning on the boob-tube until approx 8pm tonite for the election results.

not that I don't care, just don't need to hear a play by play for every single vote cast.

I will be leaving early tomorrow morning for my overnight trip to arizona to discuss a posible business venture

I am considering.

the owner of this start-up is a former marine colleague of mine from the mid 80's.

I was in administration at the time,

and he was the executive officer (2nd in command)

of the current helicopter squadron I was assigned to.

*funny how things seem to work out.

I'm hoping to be back by thursday late afternoon to watch a skit that girl6 is practicing for the winter/holiday pep rally

in mid-december. it looks to be very cute.

ok, I should go.

I'm going to make waffles for the girls breakfast.

and then start laundry, writting and whatever...

I'll check-in periodically throughout the day.

good morning.


I've been outside most of the morning with the landscapers trying to determine what exactly I want to do concerning my idea of a proposed dog run area.

grandpa jack has had the local/national news on all morn listening to everyone's opinion on the soon-to-be

election results.

I'm so not interested in having some 'news-reader' blowhard political analyst wanna-be give their opinion about what is happening at the local/national polls.

plus, as a side-bar-bonus;

'old-man-jack' is talking loudly to the tv's stating his non-partisan opinion concerning today's event.

actually, I have just come up with a fantastic idea;

I'm going to go 'drive-thru' for lunch,

and then go see a movie.

I'm outa here, I'll check back-in later...


hi... just finished cleaning-up after dinner.

the stuffed peppers w/rice, ceasar ranch salad,

and cheese toast was awesome by the way.

in honor of election 2012 I did in fact have

an All-American meal for lunch; Taco Bell.

afterwards I went to the theatre and saw the movie

'Taken-2' w/liam neeson.

the first one, Taken was of course better.

but they did tie both stories together nicely.

ol' mr neeson is begining to show is age a little bit

(as most of us over 40 are),

so maybe his next mega-blockbuster action genre should have him kicking the shit out of the 'bad guys'

in their al-Qaeda retirement cave dwelling community.

seriously, 'liam neeson' does a great job kicking-ass

for a 60yr old northern irishman.

*if you haven't seen this sequel, just wait for the dvd.

after the movie I went to the grocery,

and then came home to grandpa jack still sitting in the den watching the elections going-ons.

I really think he is totally enjoying todays political activities. I've tried to ignore all the 'chitter-chatter',

but have caught 'bits & pieces' here and there.

now both girls are sitting in the den w/jack listening to each update as the State's report their electorial votes.

I will most likely join them shortly just because 'it's time'.

I am so not looking forward to the damn commentary that accompanies every new vote each candidate receives.

just announce who wins after all votes are counted. actually, I'm going to take the kidz out for a walk before plopping down in front of the tv for the next 2-3hrs to

listen to everyone's voting opinion.

not counting grandpa jack's of course.

ok, I'm going on a walk w/the kidz.

I'll see ya...


congratulations to president barack obama.

he got to keep his job.

now maybe it's time for him to spread the wealth...

please do 'everything' you promised during your

're-election campaign' mr president.


07 Nov 2012/3am

good morning.

ok then, another election year is now finally behind us.

now maybe we all can continue our

'somewhat' normal lives.

I have to leave here in about 45min to lax to catch my

flight to phoenix.

will be staying the night,

and returning midday thursday afternoon.

actually a little excited about seeing my former X.O.,

and discussing his exceptional idea concerning this possible business opportunity for the both of us.

the weather is forecasted to be sunny/90' and low humidity. I don't miss the southwest heat,

but the lack of humidity is/was a huge plus.

ok then, I was using this 'update' as an excuse to drink to coffee before I shower, so I best start my 'getting ready'.

will check-in when I settle in this morning/afternoon. 'happy hump day'...


just settling-in to my hotel.

I actually changed locations upon my arrival

here in phoenix.

my rez were originally at a best western (I love bw),

but this particular location has a real asshole

for a general manager,

so I decided to go elsewhere.

*all I was inquiring about at the front desk was an

early-check-in, and this individual 'just lost it'.

for a person in a management position to be that confrontational was totally inappropriate.

and it didn't help that he was on the border of being a racist. I think he realized his mistakes after I left,

as he has called 3 times to my 'contact number' leaving appology messages. fuck him!!!

a complaint letter to best western corp is forthcoming. anyway. it's just past 11am here in phoenix,

and I'm going to have to meet my former marine associate

in about an hour for lunch,

so I should freshen-up and get going.

talk with you later...  

08 Nov 2012/12:30am

hi ya. it's kinda very late here, but I'll type-up whatever I can before I fall asleep.

I'm beat. been up for nearly 21hrs,

and I just wanna go to bed.

ok then, so let me tell you guys;

it's pretty awesome to see somebody you haven't seen

in over 25yrs (fall 1985).

the last I saw my former x.o.

(executive officer/2nd in command) he was a major,

a little thinner, more hair, younger kids, and a older wife. now; he is a retired 'full bird' (colonel), a bit heavy, totally bald, his daughters are grown, he has 4 grandkids,

and his 'new' wife is 5yrs older than his eldest daughter.

*I so remember his 'other wife': MILF!

anywho, we did the whole catch-up thing;

sharing our past live experiences with each other since we last saw one another.

which we believe was just after the thanksgiving

weekend of 1985.

as I was transfered from the tustin, ca helo base the first week of december, and reported to the air station in iwakuni, japan in mid january. blah, blah, blah.

I know this trivial bullshit isn't that exciting,

so I will end this entry with a incident from my past that I was reminded about by 'the col':

*I had absolutely no idea he even knew of this. btw.

so anyway; I had just celebrated my 22nd birthday and promoted to sergeant (E-5) a month before

arriving in japan.

I say this because I was still rather young/immature/always had a 'hard-on', and given some responsibility by the marines that I really wasn't emotionaly ready for.

but for the next 6 months while in japan,

I faked-it pretty well.

up until the moment I met 'captain hottie',

and by god she was.

my primary job entailed the supervision of 10 marines in the administration office,

and personal duty was the oversight of the officers personal records, so everytime my squadron received a new officer,

I was their first contact.

flash-forward to late june 1986, and I met 'her'.

captain 'hottie' was on a 1yr unaccompanied tour

(meaning her husband and kids were still in the states.)

we 'hit-it-off immediately.

even though fraternization between enlisted & officer ranks is strictly taboo, we did anyway.

at first it was totally innocent: tennis, jogging together, meeting for lunch a few times, talking in public view at the 4th of july party, and arranging both of our groups of friends just to be at the same dance clubs at the same time... totally innocent.

seriously. well anyway, it didn't stay innocent for long.

long story short (I know, too late);

after about 3months of us 'sneaking around' and not taking 'huge' chances. I decided it was time to 'dress as a female officer' and sneak into her dormitory (barracks)

and stay the weekend.

it worked twice, but was 'found-out' the 3rd time.

fucking military police dick-head!

the punishment wasn't as harsh as it could have been;

(I won't list the various charges)

she was transfered to another squadron on the other side of the base and given an official reprimand.

I was given 45days barracks restriction, a suspended demotion to corporal, fined $ for 3mo,

and ordered to never see her again.

I also lost my plush assignment in the admin-offices,

and had to take charge of the street cleaning details

my last 2months on base.

it was very humiliating to say the least.

and to make matters worse,

all my friends had ostracized me.

but considering the fact that I 'could have' been thrown in the brig for up to 18months, demoted to private,

and given a bad conduct discharge from the service,

I considered my punishment 'fair & just'.

this was my only 'blemish' during my 6yr

military career.

I am neither ashamed nor proud of this past event in my life. it happened.

when 'the col' brought this past incident up as we were talking among his family, he was laughing the entire time. and I just sat there in shock and disbelief that he had knowledge of this past transgression of mine.

*I can count on one hand the people I've told,

including Ash and grandpa jack.

and now you know.

so, as 'the col' was wrapping-up his story telling

(with me filling-in-the-blanks and having a few scotchs),

his new 'younger' wife

(who was laughing throughout the tale)

smiled at me and asked:

"was 'she' worth it?"

my immediate 'dumb-ass' reply was;


to wit, she re-phrased her question;

"was banging 'captain hottie' worth all you

had to endure?"

I honestly had never thought about it like that before.

but as I sat there with roughly a dozen people looking at me awaiting my answer,

I remembered every detail of those approx 14weeks.

I smiled, and stated 'abso-fucking-lutely!!!

where-as everyone cheered/clapped.

there was other things that transpired this evening,

but I'm tired and have shared enough.

with that, I'm going to take a shower and go to bed.

good night 'capt hottie', wherever you are...   

08 Nov 2012/11am(mst)

good morning/afternoon.

I'm running a little late, but will at least get an entry in before I check-out.

ha. I just re-read my entry of last night,

can't believe I posted that.


our past is who we are,

and helps shape us into who we've become.

I am so not perfect.

and yes, there are a few more 'stories/and or other things' that I should share about myself.

but then again, why?

I figure if you come back here day after day to either be entertained/bored or whatever by my lack of spelling skills, and my improper usage of pro-nouns, verbs and such, then screw-it.

why should I totally expose myself to be ridiculed and judged by people I (under normal circumstances)

will never meet.

*I do realize that both of my 'former-wives' read this site,

so they can toss barbs, or whatever. I don't care.

*actually, my 1st 'ex' is always so sweet to me in her emails. thanks trish.

the other... not so much.

anyway, this 'start-up' I have been 'briefed-on'

sounds/looks like a great idea.

my only concern is;

if two people are going to invest in a opportunity together, they should 'invest' equal shares to be equal partners.

that way the risk

(there's always a risk with any investment)

is shared 'equally', along with the benefits.

without getting into the mechanical details,

I will say I am 'in love' with the concept of the production value this particular idea has to offer.

can't wait to read the preliminary growth projection report emphasizing on what I believe to be a worthwhile business venture.

another concern is that 'investing' with family/friends is also a 'short plank to walk' when it comes to financial decisions to be made that affect others

you have no control over. or vica-versa.

specifically speaking (his wife), that is.

maybe I should just 'lie' and say 'I forgot' my checkbook. here I go again; blabberish worthless details of something I am not ready/willing to discuss in this forum.

ok then. here's something for you guys to chew-on until my next entry of my current dietary consumption;

my sweet/innocent daughter and our houseguest decided to sneak-out of the house last night and go to a party that I had previously stated 'she could not attend' because of the location/being a school night/and the possiblity

of drugs & alcohol being present.

needless to say, I may have have to ship the both of them off to a nun boarding school in the french alps.

and yes, I'm pretty fucking pissed-off about this.

*maybe I really am a 'bad dad',

I still have no mother-fucking idea of what I'm doing! anyway, I admit my stomach is topsy-turvey right now, knowing I am going to have to punish these two young ladies. I should just throw-up now.

and of course, this 'sneaking -out' bullshit comes the exact time I share a story of 'sneaking-in' that basically

'mirrors' each other.

*ie: they defied grandpa jack and I, as I defied the military rules; both for the same reason. to see the opposite sex.

they both are still to be punished,

but I need to be a little compassinate and take

their feelings into perspective.

that still doesn't forgive them for doing something they were specifically told they were not allowed to do.

and one more thing;

thank-you 'sprint family locater' for your assistance

in this matter.

alright, I've gotta go meet 'the col' and his wife for lunch, and then catch my flight home.

I'll see ya guys later.



I didn't make it home in time to watch the girls practice

their skit for the school winter/holiday pep rally,

and was very disappointed about such.

but did pick them up from school afterwards,

and then the three of us went to dinner at 'numero uno'.

while waiting for dinner,

we had a very serious talk about rules.

and what happens when you break the rules and destroy the trust values 'we' have shared since we've been together.

I told these two young ladies that my reasons for saying 'no' to certain things has nothing to do with being 'mean',

but mostly for their safety.

and yes,

they both are being punished for their 'little escapade'

from last night.

I hated doing it,

but I cannot or will NOT put up with this kind of bullshit.

I don't care what other kids do,

or what other parents 'let' their kids do.

(I thought I was a pretty cool dad, maybe I'm not.)


and to add 'salt to the wound';

the young man who 'pleaded' with Ash to sneak out last night to attend the party,

was waiting for her outside the gate of our house when we returned from dinner.

no she didn't talk to him,

no he wasn't allowed on my property,

but yes... I did have a little talk with this 20yr old boy.

I don't think he liked me very much,

and I admit the feelings were mutual.

I don't think I've seen the last of this individual,

but he now knows my rules are MY rules.

I think the worse thing I could do is forbid Ash from

seeing him altogether,

so until I can trust 'her judgement' again, he will be allowed to 'see her' here at the house on a date.

*after she is off her 'punishment' of 2wks with no houseguests, no going out, and no car.

I have absolutely no idea if this punishment is too severe,

or not severe enough.

I also let these two know by punishing them,

also punishes me.

hopefully we all will learn from this situation.

*actually, it took alot of resistance on my behalf not to beat the shit out of this little arrogant punk.

why young men think they know everything is beyond me. and this one is worse than most;

having a rich family that caters to his every little need.

no job, no worries, no respect.

I fucking hate boys... they are all evil pigs.

I always said that my 'payback' for the way I was a

'horn-dog' in my 20's & 30's,

I would have a daughter one day and see the other

side of the coin. and here I am.

tomorrow, we all were planning on attending the first game of the season for ucla basketball.

but now it will only be l.g. and I,

and as far as I'm concerned... that sucks.

ok. enough is enough. I'm going to bed.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.11.3'...