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'my thoughts.11.4'

(15 Nov 2012 - 21 Nov 2012)

completed: 21 Nov 2012/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

15 Nov 2012/2pm

good afternoon.

been busy all day getting everything done that

I did not have time for yesterday.

which included a dr's appointment for my

reoccurring sciatica.

I've had this for over 10yrs now,

and am finally getting laser treatment.

I hope to god it works, I'm so tired of this shit!

anyway. it's been overcast here for the past few days,

and the forecast has it raining through the weekend.

I had a sports-filled couple of days planned,

but due to my current home-life situation,

I've decided to cancel the following:

tonights UCLA basketball game,

saturday's UCLA/USC football game,

and monday night's 49ers game in candlestick.

no worries, they're all on tv.

apparently, my being gone to enjoy 'cheering for' my

fav sport teams have contributed to the situations

I am now encountering.

so with that being said to me, I will no longer attend these functions until my 'situation' improves.

and I am NOT happy about this.

I have decided not to drag my 'misgivings as a father' on this forum for others to 'mock and/or critique' any longer.

hey, I now realize that I've made multiple mistakes,

and had taken things for granted when I should not have.

and now I am taking the proper steps to address this.

it's amazing how some of you have judged me recently for what I am now going through.

please no more emails,

I have spammed some of your addresses.

not that I don't mind the advice and so forth,

but to get ugly with some of your comments was simply unjust and not cool.

is your life so fucking boring you have to ridicule

someone elses?

there is plenty of other blogs/websites to go read and make sarcastic remarks about, so just leave me alone.

and for those of you who emailed, text me your support...

I thank you.

with that, I'm out...



I owe a big 'thank-you' for tonight's dinner to 'stouffers' for their easy to fix/and slightly enhanced lasagna.

I always heat-up two 6lbs boxes,

and the last 10min I turn the oven down to 125' and

add additional mozzarella.

it's awesome with additional red sauce on the side also, normally classico.

but tonight I used 2 jars of rao's and added

1lb ground beef and 1lb spicy sausage.

along with a stuffed veggie salad (that the girls prepared), and homemade texas cheese toast.

a very laid back easy to fix dinner that we all enjoyed.

I was hoping to take the kidz to the park this afternoon, and/or an extended walk tonight,

but the drizzle-rain put a stop to that.

do you guys have any idea how a rain-soaked

siberian husky smells?

or worse yet;

how long it takes to get an alaskan malamute's multi-levels of hair dry w/towels and a dryer? forever!

as far as the dogs going out back to go to the bathroom when it's raining, they normally go as close to the house as they can so they don't get wet.

all my dogs hate rain. they love the snow though,

don't figure.

last winter I tried to put-up a 10x10 tent w/anchor ropes

to block the rain for the kidz as they 'do their business',

but the winds tore it to shreds.

so now I'm thinking of using one of those extending awnings attached to the side of the house that can be

extended during crappy weather.

I still think a dog-litter-box is a great idea for indoor pooping capabilities.

just because the size of 'the box' would have to be the square footage of a typical twin bed should not deter the

production of this billion dollar idea.

hey, don't laugh.

I know for a fact some people use cat-litter-boxes for their small dogs, ie: poodles, chiguagua and so on,

it's just finding that 'bigger box' for a st. bernard.

Im going to go upstairs and check-on the homework-study-session currently underway.

see ya... 

16 Nov 2012/9pm

good evening all...

I had a fairly uneventful day;

coffee, sportscenter, breakfast,

dropping the girls off for school,

some light shopping,

lunch w/l.g.,

visited the mexi-godfather

(he is to be discharged sunday afternoon hopefully),

picked up the girls from school,

returned home,

walked the dogs during a slight lull w/the rain,

ordered and picked-up pizzas,

on the phone w/jessica who is currently in florida trying to locate her ex-husband (don't ask!),

and now currently washing bedding.

yes, I'm living the dream.

both girls are in the den (no tv), each working on a book report/presentation that is due after their fall break.

btw, since when did school give students a week off for the thanksgiving weekend?

I remember the 'old days'

(when we had typewritters, 8-tracks, and 'old' teachers) when thursday/friday was the traditional days-off.

*ah, the life before cell phones.

during our dinner of pizza, wings, and bread sticks;

the girls, grandpa jack and myself had a 'light' conversation on the events ALL of us will be missing the next 25yrs that these two broom pushers are being punished.

*not quit that long, but that particular time-line is according to Ash' semi-smart-ass comment.

seriously though, maybe if they had remembered the pre-dawn party for 'breaking dawn-2' tonight/tomorrow they would have re-thought their actions. enuff said.

so my weekend is starting to take shape:

ucla/usc football game party here tomorrow,

dinner/date w/l.g tomorrow night

(jack will be on guard detail).

on sunday all of us will be at the hospital when the

mexi-godfather is released,

to be followed by a palacios 'welcome home' fiesta.

monday is ucla basketball,

and sf49er mnf here. and thats-that.

if anything else comes to mind, I will let you guys know. good night...

17 Nov 2012/11pm

hi guys.

just got home a few minutes ago, had a great date with l.g.

in fact my entire day was spectacular.

*I even started my day with a cracked coffee carafe.

so anyway;

the mexi-godmother arrived bright and early this morning at 8am, and had the downstairs filled with the aroma of freshly cooked mexican food in-no-time.

I decided to take it easy on the spicy chorizo this morning, no need to give myself heartburn 'before' the game.

but I did have 'a little' Kahlua in my coffee,

well maybe more than 'a little'.

grandma p had showed up with 6 fam-members,

and had the entire table in the dining room loaded with dishes of food by the time everyone started to arrive

for the usc/ucla game.

and yes, there was alot of screaming/cheering/cursing as we all enjoyed watching the bruins 'shit on' usc.

*well, not everyone. there were a few trojan fans here.

and yes, I did have a few shots of te-killa's along

with beer chasers.

l.g. was a 'good girl', only sipping a few glasses of wine. after the game; alot of people left,

but a few of the 'old guys' hung around and had a cigar with grandpa jack in the backyard. I passed.

the weather here today was mostly drizzle-rain,

so I couldn't take the kidz to the dog park.

but the girls, myself and l.g.'s youngest son played with the sibs inside the garage.

*after pulling-out the cars of course.

words of advice if you have ever thought about getting a siberian husky, alaskan malamute, or a bassett;

these dogs need to be exercised almost daily,

and taking them to a dog-park is best.

and sometimes having them 'play' in the garage 'works'.

upon completion of 'play-time', the girls helped grandma p finish cleaning up, while l.g. and I 'cleaned-up' ourselves upstairs for 'date-night'.

our date-night included a light dinner (apps)

at 'kings fish house' in calabasas

(oysters, crab cakes, steamed mussels & grilled artichokes) and then the james bond movie, skyfall.

pretty damn good movie, 8/10.

the last time I saw a 007 movie in the theatres was

'for your eyes only' during the summer of 1981, 30+yrs ago. I like daniel craig.

but my favorite 'james bond' will always be pierce brosnan. after the movie, I caught-up reading my texts,


the Stanford Cardinal beat the Oregon Beavers.

omg. omg. omg. seriously, I was absolutely shocked.

not that I didn't think those 'smart boys' couldn't beat

the 'inbreeders', but wow!!!

in fact, I'm watching the college football highlights

now on sportscenter;

and holy-shit Kansas State the #1 team also lost today.

damn man. I go to the movies and all 'hell breaks loose'.

I'm guessing the game next week against Stanford 'in the rose bowl' may have bigger consequences than I

had first imagined.

I was planning on staying thru the holiday weekend

in las vegas, but my plans may have to change.

if it wasn't for my party on wednesday night, the girls and I would be driving to vegas tuesday morning.

I almost wish nj would come down here from

vegas for thanksgiving, but she doesn't like traveling in a car longer than a few hours,

and flying for her is out-of-the-question.

so anyway, tomorrow all of us are going to the hospital to be there for the mexi-godfather when he is discharged

from the hospital.

let me just say a few things about something while

l.g. is finishing-up her bath.

having a loved one sick/in the hospital really sucks.

Ash had only been in my life for barely two months when she got strep-throat, I hated-it she was so sick.

and then having grandma jo 'pass-away' last may was really an emotional time for all of us.

and now having to see this powerful old man lay in a hospital bed with tubes everywhere, and hooked up to a gazillion monitors was just not right.

everytime I had ever seen this little 'fire-plug' he was always so full of 'piss-n-vinegar,

and was in-charge of everything all the time.

two people who were so very important to me in my life;

my grandfather and my dad both died after I had just recently seen them.

my grandfather in 1986, and dad in 1996.

I still have dreams of seeing grandpa in his open coffin,

and dad on the layers of cardboard before

they both were cremated.

I don't know if I'll ever see a loved one 'after-life' again,

too much negativity involved.

*if you haven't experienced the loss of a loved one,

it is really traumatic.

hmmm. I just read what I just wrote,

I have no idea why I just said those things. I'll just let it be. ok then. l.g. just finished drying her hair and is telling me it's my turn to shower before bed. so be it.

I really don't mind a woman telling me what to do... sometimes.

I'll check-in with you guys before we head-out to

the west covina area. good nite...

18 Nov 2012/11am

good afternoon.

it's been a crazy/busy morning so far.

l.g. and her youngest son spent the night last night,

that young man cracks meup so much.

he was up at 6am,

and went outside with grandpa jack to do the morning chores, even pushing the wheel-barrow around while jack shoveled dog/horse poop into it. good kid.

he then proceeded to start his day appropriately by playing one of Ash' 'shoot-em-up' games.

so early for so much blood & gore violence.

after l.g. and I woke-up, we watched sportscent in bed

(ya, she's awesome)

while having our coffee.

after I went downstairs and watched 'G.I.Joe' kill shit,

and when I asked 'little man' (l.g.'s son) what he wanted for breakfast, he smiled and said "mcdonalds"!!!

so he and I made the mc d's run for everyone.

there were alot of breakfast sandwiches for all.

as of right now;

we are all getting ready to go meet the palacios family at the hospital for the afternoon release of the mexi-godfather. afterwards, there will be a sunday afternoon fiesta

in west covina.

ok then. I have to finish getting ready.

have a great sunday everyone...


Breaking News:

the mexi-godfather is safe at home,

and doing very well.

apparently his cholesterol level when he was admitted earned him the name 'plastic man'.

*I guess that's really not funny, but I did laugh.

jack and I just got home,

l.g. and 'little man' left earlier to go pick-up her daughter,

and the girls are staying the night at the palacios.

they will be working at a church function all day tomorrow. grandma p volunteered their serices.

well, well. old man jack just suggested to me that we should go out on a 'man date'.

we're outa here, I'll check-in later.

19 Nov 2012/8am

good morning.

I accidently slept-in this morning.

so I have to get my azz moving,

lots of things to get going-on today.

so while my coffee is being made I'll let you know what

jack and I did last night.

when you live in nevada as long as I did (over 20yrs),

you get used to 'everything being openned 24hrs.

not so with the rest of the country.

let me just say this; we could not find a place to go drink, shoot pool, play darts or whatever.

why do bars/pubs close so early on sunday nights

around here?

and it wasn't until we took a 'wrong turn' did we find this little 'hole-in-the-wall' bar.

I swear the place was barely 1ooosqft,

and had roughly a dozen bar stools.

but we had a pretty good time chatting-up with the owner/bartender 'joe' and actually closed the place down at 2am. the draft, mix drinks were good, and the stale popcorn wasn't that bad either.

not much else to report about, was just nice to not worry about getting back here at any specific time.

as far as today goes;

have to go place some food orders for wednesday night. (sushi, subway, cupcakes, pies), pick-up a new keg tap and cooler (mine mysteriously disappeared), and go get some more party napkins, plates and whatever.

also, my tv here in the kitchen appears to be not working properly right now as I am trying to watch sportscenter,

so I might have to look into getting another.

alrighty then, my coffee is finally finished and ready to go. I'm going to start my day. happy monday everyone!



I was just reminded via a phone call about

monday night football tonight.

why I totally spaced this out, I have absolutely no idea.

but including the palacios and regulars,

there are a few newbies coming tonight for a total of about 40 +/- people showing-up. (no l.g., she's working late)

plus, as a added bonus;

the ucla basketball team w/shabazz play tonight on espn2. so I am going to call subway back and order some sandwiches for tonight.

plus chips/dip and whatever else the palacios clan bring.

and yes, my lg flat screen took a dump this morning.

so jack is going to go pick-up a replacement for me/us within the hour.

is there anything else that can be put on my plate for today? seriously ANYTHING ELSE??? I'm out... 

20 Nov 2012/10pm

long, busy, and exhasting fucking day.

I'm going to bed now;

I'll update tomorrow, mid-day.

good night...

21 Nov 2012/5am

good morning everyone.

sorry for ignoring the site yesterday,

I was beyond busy.

after my early morn-duties,

I took the girls to get their nails done

(I also enjoyed a mani/pedi),

and then to lunch at souplantation.

and then the afternoon was spent at the grocery stores getting ready for today.

plus the normal straightening-up, closing-off rooms,

and me just being an ass sometimes.

*if I'm cleaning, EVERYONE is cleaning.

everything is 'all good though', just a little tired right now.

I've been up since 3:45am, hardly sleeping but a few hours. hopefully I'll be able to get in a nap before 4pm,

everyone will start to arrive by 5pm.

the palacios clan, including the mexi-godfather will all be here by 10am.

grandpa jack is outside with the wheel-barrow this morning, and then he is going to home depot to get some parts for a broken toilet.

*ya, of all days for my entry commode to stop working.

ugh. this damn coffee is way too strong, jack must have added more grounds to the mix.

he says that I make 'weak-ass-coffee that taste more

like dirty water. whatever jack!

I can't drink this shit,

I'm going to make another pot.

I'll check-in with you guys later.

if any of you guys are traveling today, be careful...


just put 2 huge birds in the ovens.

as soon as I give a quick update here,

I will make about 5lbs of stuffing.

nothing fancy,

just 'stove top' with some slight enhancements.

(I add crushed cashews, sliced cranberries,

and top w/a little ground cinnamon.

*great tasting, I swear.

the girls were up by 7am,

and began helping me immediately;

slicing/dicing fruit, veggies and so on.

both of them are very excited for the party tonight.

grandpa jack fixed the entry toilet

(replaed the floater and arm), thank goodness.

I would hate not to have 2 downstairs bathrooms available. a few neighbors came over this morning on their way to work and dropped-off food, snacks and such.ok.

I'm going to continue to 'get ready' for this little swary,

I'll check back-in a little later.


hi guys...

the party is starting to wind down.

thank goodness. my nap didn't go exactly as planned,

and I'm exhasted!

we didn't have as many people as last year,

but still had about 50 +/- show.

plus I met a couple of very, very cool 'new' friends.

anyway, I have a few things to 'finish-up' before I go to bed. we're going to tow the suv behind the rv tomorrow,

and take the mexi-godfather and grandmother with us.

plus the dogs. *the cats will be 'home alone' for a few days. actually, as I was typing out the number of people/dogs going, now I'm thinking we may 'drive' the suv with

the 3rd row of seats in.

I'll have to discuss this with the others first.

ok then, we are 'planning' on

leaving tomorrow morning between 6-7am.

if I have time, I'll 'check-in' before we go and tell you a funny story the mexi-godfather told us about while he was in the hospital. I was laughing so hard I was crying. speaking of grandpa palacios,

I had him read some of the emails you guys sent to me wishing him a speedy recovery.

some of you guys are so damn thoughtful.

alrighty then, I gotta go. I hear alot of barking downstairs. good night guys... 

to be continued on 'my thoughts.11.5'...