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'my thoughts.11.5'

(22 Nov 2012 - 30 Nov 2012)

completed: 30 Nov 2012/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

22 Nov 2012/6am

happy thanksgiving everyone...

I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee, and am ready to rock-n-roll! just awaiting a few of these 'slackers' to get

themselves travel-worthy.

we've decided to drive the suv to give more room in the rig. the dogs love to travel, and they all have their little spots; chairs, couch and rear bed.

so l.g., her daughter, Ash, Elli,

and the dogs will ride w/me in the rv.

while grandpa jack, m/m palacios, and l.g.'s two boys

will ride in the suv.

looking forward to this weekend;

we have a few things planned,

but will mostly just do whatever comes-up daily.

so listen, I don't have the time right this very moment to

re-tell the 'mexi-godfather situation',

but will (at the very least) transcribe it this evening.

*you guys will love it.

ok then. I need to walk the kidz before we leave,

and then get this party started.

*yes, I have a 'teeny-tiny' hangover.

one more thing;

on behalf of myself, Ash, Elli, Jack,

and my extended Palacios family;

we would like to wish ALL OF YOU a very

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and/or whomever you are sharing the day with.

I, for one am thankful for every one of you who look-in-on-me everyday, or whenever you can.


25 Nov 2012/9pm

good evening.

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. mine (ours) started-out beautifully,

but ended abruptly on a sour note.

sometimes it takes a while for someones 'true-colors'

to truly shine.

anyway; the drive north to las vegas thanksgiving morning was a little more congested than I had imagined it to be.

we were on the road by 7am,

and pulled into my driveway at 1:30pm.

after picking-up n.j.,

we went to the santa fe buffet for our turkey dinner.

had a great meal, wonderful conversation,

and a very enjoyable experience with

some beautiful people.

after nearly 2 1/2hrs of dinner/dessert

and mindless chit-chat, a few members of our group stayed at the casino to gamble,

while the rest of us went back to the house and enjoyed a few holiday classics with the kids.

(bad santa/2003 & christmas vacation/1989)

*and yes, I was a great 'host' and picked-up the 'gamblers' when they were finished.

the following day started-out with breakfast at denny's,

a 'quick' walk-thru of a nearby wal*mart for some

lingering black friday deals (there wasn't any),

and then a few of us piled in the suv for a drive south on

the las vegas strip.

I even posted some of the pics I took that day later that

night on my twitter.

after the 'strip-drive', we decided to go to the movies,

seeing 'rise of the guardians'; a very good family movie. after the movie we decided to go to the grocery to pick-up some 'basics', and then the trouble began.

I am really not in the mood to 'air' my dirty laundry,

but l.g. decided to rent-a-one-way and drive back

to cali at 8pm.

I have no further comments on this particular situation.

saturday, which was my 49th;

was spent at the dog park w/the kidz,

and then watching the ucla-stanford game.

after the loss to stanford, I decided to give 'a friend' a call and stayed the night.

I got back to the house around 10am today,

walked the dogs around my old neighborhood while

Ash and Elli finished packing-up the rig,

and we were on the road by noon coming back home. *grandpa jack, and the palacios left about an hour

before us in the suv.

traffic was indeed heavy driving back home,

and especialy stressful in the rv.

we took our time, stopping for dinner and to walk the dogs in victorville around 4pm, and then getting home by 7pm. and now as I'm writing this, the ucla basketball team is blowing their lead over a cal-poly school.

this weekend just isn't turning out the way I thought

it was going to. oh well, that's life I guess.

I have a fairly busy week planned, plus it looks as if I may be taking a trip back to arizona next weekend.

hope you all have a enjoyable monday.

alrighty then, I'm done. goodnight.   

27 Nov 2012/1pm

after I got home on sunday,

I caught-up on the local 'newsy-shit' by glancing thru the last couple of days of the LA times.

mostly just the normal everyday bullshit here

in southern california;

a few fender-benders, more than a few homicides,

a robbery or two,

and the standard stories of celebrities helping serve the

'less fortunate' their thanksgiving dinners.

I realize there are alot of people who actually donate their hard-earned monies and valuable time to a charitable cause to basically 'give' to those who have experienced

hardships in their lives.

and for those people who continue to 'donate' year-round (or whenever they possibly can),

I salute you.

but for those who 'use' this time of year for their own personal 'gain' by 'pimping themselves out' in front of a camera to advertise their 'good deeds' to possibly further their piece-of-shit career by having their picture published for millions of people to observe... fuck you!!!

for 364 days a year all you care about is yourself,

and enjoy staging artificial stories to keep yourself in the news and in the public eye.

and because you have absolutely 'no talent' and the only worth to society that you currently engage-in is letting the world view your extravagant lifestyle that you haven't earned and are only entitled to because of a certain woman's crotch you were squeezed-out of.

I guess all of us 'commoners' should be impressed by

your 2-3hrs of standing in a homeless shelter putting on lipstick, and fluffing your hair before the next picture is taken detailing your 'exact' detailed moment of extreme kindness to those people you 'step-on' every day of your life. do yourself a favor;

lose the fat-ass weight in your derriere before you get old and start to drag that thing around on the ground

like a sack of potatoes,

quit pretending the sun rises & sets out of that huge crack, try dating somebody who isn't the worlds biggest bigot and extreme racist to every race,

and the next time you get married try to understand that no matter what anyone says to your face,

you are not a princess, you are not a celebrity,

and above all else; you really don't matter.

*actually; when I began the above rant, I was 'talking' in-general concerning a few of the high profile celebs that think they can 'jump-start' their sagging career by flashing their faces in a serving line in front of 'the less-fortunate'. but I decided half-way-thru to direct my message to the biggest 'fame-whore' in the universe.

and one more message to this

'over-hyped, under-achieving, fat ass':

the next time you make a sex tape;

be sure and pump that ass faster, moan/groan louder,

orally please your partner (male or female),

and 'please' give your viewers a 'happy-ending' in either one of the appropriate receptacles.

*did you notice how this 'social scumbag' decided to 'copy' others good-will towards our armed forces this year and attend a marine corps ball after a few 'real' celebs

did it last year?

normally I do not use this forum that I have created to engage in worthless banter concerning some sub-humanoid creature that I will never meet;

but this article I read in 'the Times' just pissed-me-off.

so... whatever.

in other news;

I'm flying back to arizona tomorrow morning for the day

to discuss in precise detail the exact logistics of this business opportunity that I now have a solid interest in.

we'll see what's-what before I decide.

also, I understand that some of you are interested in the

'goings-on' that lead to the 'ill-timed' departure of a few of my thanksgiving house guests last weekend. no-go.

I don't share pillow-talk, my bedroom-gymnastics,

or the disagreements shared within a

personal relationship.

besides, I have more important life-activities to concern myself with than the ridiculous antics of a 'third-party'. alrighty then. I've mumbled enough for one entry.

I have a 'school-update' to attend in 90min,

to see if 'all is well' in 'high school land'.

*I'm really in no mood for this shit today.

happy tuesday.


good evening everyone.

I guess I was a little irritable earlier today;

I just reread my last entry,

and as always corrected some minor spelling mistakes.

I honestly don't really give 'a shit' about my word usage

and misspellings;

but according to emails I've received, some of you do.

so anyway. I had a nice convo with a few of Ash's & Elli's teachers and their counselor.

since the elimination of 'the older boy' from my daughters life, she has improved 'everything' ten-fold'.

*truth be told; I think he just moved-on to someone else.

no worries, she's over him. or so she says.

they both have gained 'most' of their freedoms back,

but still have to discuss the 'staying-out'

on fridays/saturdays.

and considering the fact that the 9pm bedtime rule has been working most proficiently;

I've decided to make it permanent,

with a 6am rise & shine attached.

speaking of 6 in the morn;

I leave for phoenix tomorrow morning at 6am,

and return around 10pm.

hopefully this time we'll have a better p.o.a.

(plan of attack) than the last time we got together.

time will tell.

my 'former' assistant, ms jessica has been MIA since picking-up her 'former' husband from his

'special needs classes'.

I did receive a 'coded' text from her on saturday,

but when I replyed back, nothing.

last I heard they were in jacksonville, fl

for thanksgiving visiting friends/family.

as long as they're safe, all is good.

ok. time for bed.

3am wake-up call is only a few hours away.

good night everyone.      

28 Nov 2012/11pm

just wanted to touch base before I crash, so damn tired. good day, excellent day in fact.

this mornings flight to phoenix was very strange;

counting myself, there were 7 passengers on the plane.

and with 4 being two 'older' couples,

I basically had my own 'air-hostess'.

C. was 'simply put' a wonderful girl (32yrs) to talk with.

I had absolutely no idea what kind of schedule

these people work,

and the amount of hours they 'have to fly' to keep their benefits current and active.

I always thought working for an airline in the capacity

of a pilot, flight-attendant would be crazy cool.

I'm guessing it's not, ALL the time.

my meet/greet in phoenix went surprisingly well.

hopefully, this 'thing' will work out. time will tell.

I have absolutly nothing planned for tommorow,

so it may be a perfect day to get some real writing done.

also, l.g. wants to meet for lunch on friday.

not sure about that.

ok then.

I'm kinda tired, and want to watch sportscenter before bed. so I'll 'see' you guys tomorrow.


29 Nov 2012/10am

good morning everyone.

I can't believe I didn't get out of bed until almost 9am,

I was so damn tired.

I didn't turn-off the tv till after 1am, watching sportscenter and then the begining of Air Force One/1997. good flick. plus, I had a bowl of 'honey nut cherrios'. so good.

so as I sit here having my third cup of java flavored w/coconut AND irish cream creamers,

I've just decided that today will be a

'do nothing all damn day' day.

well I may take the kidz to the park in a few hours

if the weather holds,

and then pick-up some fresh veggies for dinner.

but besides those little chores, I got na-da planned.

so with that being said,

I'm going to finish up this coffee and then maybe fix an omelete for breakfast. see ya.


vista print is once again

'experiencing technical problems beyond their control'. what a crock of shit!

I've been trying to publish my last entry and a new update the past couple of hours, and keep getting 'shut down'.

I just returned from the dog-park w/the kidz,

and called tech-support and they 'once again told me'

that the previous issues have been resolved.

so I'll try this again.


good evening everyone.

have had a fairly good night tonite;

for dinner we had southwestern grilled chicken salad with spicy ranch dressing.

I picked-up some cooking spices in a gift shop yesterday at sky harbor airport in phoenix,

along with a few stocking stuffers.

after dinner the girls went across the street to help our neighbors decorate a few outside trees for the holidays, while jack and I had a in-depth conversation about this business opportunity that has fallen into my lap.

nothing ventured, nothing gained... (nothing lost either). anyway, going to take a drive tonight after the girls go to bed and head to the coast and watch/listen to the waves crash on the beach.

it's been raining off and on here since mid-afternoon,

and have heard reports of high surf nearby.

hmm, as I'm looking outside right this very moment I can see it is hazy/foggy out.

*maybe I'll hold off on the trip to the coast tonite,

too many drivers on the road for holiday shopping.

plus the road I take (kanan road) is known for accidents when the weather isn't exactly perfect.

jeesh, the girls just walked in the door and have

decided it's 'snack time':

making instant oatmeal (brown sugar cinnamon)

w/sliced bananas. and of course, a yoohoo!

so here I sit boring you guys with my unexciting details of my evening, listening/watching these two make a mess

in my clean kitchen

(so much 'action' for instant oatmeal),

and watching sportscenter (muted) on one tv,

while watching 'americas funniest home videos'

(unmuted) on another tv.

*at the very least, I'm a lazy multi-tasker.

grandpa jack is outside in the backyard somewhere,

this holiday season is going to be very 'hard' for him,

as it will be for Ash I'm sure.

I also miss grandma jo so much.

I've thought about bringing n.j. down for a few weeks in december, but she declined the invite.

once upon a time I entertained the thought of having n.j. move down here full time,

but I'm afraid it just wouldn't work-out.

just too many 'opinions' concerning certain matters.

(as was discovered during thanksgiving dinner)

ok then. it's bedtime for the girls;

and for the past few weeks I've been telling them stories of my family and when I was growing-up.

nothing I'm sure most of you would be interested-in,

but Ash looks forward to these stories of my dad

and grandfather (her grandfather and great-grandfather). and Elli just listens and laughs.

so with that being said,

I'm going to head upsatairs and make sure the

giggling-goos are ready to go to bed.

good-night everyone. 

30 Nov 2012/11am


I'd say 'good' afternoon but my head is pounding as

if it's getting ready to explode.

I hate when I get headaches like this,

all I wanna do is climb back into bed and go to sleep.

ok, I'll quit my bitching.

anyway; I'm thinking of driving to the coast and letting the soothing sounds of these huge waves I've been hearing about on the news calm my nerves.

according to my doctor, these headaches (migraines)

are caused from stress and my deficiency to deal with

the symptoms properly.

and taking pills is not an option for me,

I hate, HATE taking pills.

blah bah blah, I'm sorry guys I really don't feel like doing this today. if I feel better later I'll check-in...

happy friday everyone.

*these are the moments that it's nice to have a

'certain someone' in your life to share your misery with.


just got back home about 20min ago;

just in time to watch the pac12 football champioship.

go UCLA Football.

I didn't go to the beach this afternoon as I had wanted to, the weather is just too damn crappy to drive around in. especially with everyone on the road for holiday shopping. anyway. the girls are spending the night at a friends house, and jack is downstairs in the movie room watching a few harry potter movies. I don't judge.

so my dinner tonight will be a mega-huge baked potato w/butter & sour cream,

some left-over grilled chicken chunks,

and mexi-corn on top.

I may add some parm-cheese also.

plus, a few coors lights will probably make it to my menu. ok then. 'the rematch' is about ready to start.

I'll be back.


just returned from running some clothing over to

Ash and Elli; apparently they are going fishing tomorrow with their friend and her father.

they invited me,

but I graciously declined.

I ain't no fisherman-type-of-guy thank-you.

so the girls won't be back until late afternoon/early evening. so once again, I am a man without a plan tomorrow.

fuck-it, I'm sure something will come up.

the ucla football game tonite wasn't a blow-out this time, but the stanford cardinal still beat us.

congrats to them and their fans, they're rose bowl bound. will look forward to whatever bowl game the 9-4 bruins

can qualify for.

l.g. and I talked on the phone a few times today,

and since I canceled lunch today because of my headache, she invited me to brunch on sunday.

I told her I'd have to get back to her on that.

ok then. I'm pretty tired,

and my throbbing head is still active,

and needs some attention.

I'll see you guys in decenber.


to be continued on 'my thoughts.12.1'...