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'my thoughts.12.1'

(01 Dec 2012 - 05 Dec 2012)

completed: 05 Dec 2012/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Dec 2012/1pm

good afternoon everyone.

and here we are the last month of the year;

the holiday season is now upon us.

and let us not forget that the mayan calender ends on

21 Dec 2012;

2012 The End Is Near

so either way, this month is going to be an exciting one.

*seriously though;

if the end of the world is really going to happen,

there are a few young ladies I'd really like to

'meet-up-with' first, or even during.

you might as well 'go out' with a bang!

so anyway, getting back to my 'current status;

as I'm typing this up

I am sitting here in the kitchen sipping coffee,

eating some carrot bread and watching fox news.

even though college football is flooding the tv channels today, I am so not in the mood to just veg-out and watch anonymous teams beat the shit out of each other.

so I'd thought I'd try to get 'educated by news' instead.

the rest of the day is totally up for grabs;

it's been raining here off/on all morning so

the dog park is out, and the girls are on their fishing journey until about 4pm so hanging-out with

them is a no-go.

and grandpa jack drove over to west covina to visit

the palacios family.

so once again here I sit with absolutely

no adult supervision. ya-ya-ya I know, poor me!

we are ALL going to meet up tonight around 6pm at the honda center for tonights ucla basketball game.

and then afterwards,

the girls and I are going to stay the night in a hotel and then go to disneyland tomorrow.

they haven't done much these past few weeks

because of 'punishment',

and I did promise them over a month ago that we would do this after the ucla game. so that'll be fun.

ok then. I'm hungry, and the dogs are all restless,

so I'm going to take them to 'drive-thru' and get us

all some cheeseburgers. and just maybe we'll go on a walk afterwards. weather permitting.

I'll touch base before leaving for the game.

hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

be safe on the roads today with all the holiday traffic.


ok so I 'didn't' take the pooches on a

fast-food-drive-thru-treat this afternoon.

I decided to make my baked macaroni & cheese with

honey ham chunks in it.

I made 2 huge lasagna pans of it, and none is left.

lets just say I had my fill and the kidz ate the rest.

now that I got that settled,

I can move on with my boring chit-chat.

I'm already to take-off for anaheim in about 10min,

I packed an overnight bag for myself and the girls.

the weather forecast is saying scattered showers,

which means disneyland will shut down the outdoor rides periodically when it gets too wet. no worries.

the three of us will have fun tomorrow no matter what.

one more thing before I go;

a long-time reader of mine (yes, I have a few)

has asked me to re-publish my christmas shopping ettique/safety tips again.

so I'll take this laptop with me and 'try' to get that

posted by tomorrow.

ok then, I've gotta go.

it may take me longer than normal to drive south,

the weather here is holding now, but who knows.

have a great saturday night everyone...

02 Dec 2012/midnight

well shit;

another ucla basketball game,

another worthless loss.

no worries.

in about 8hrs the girls and I will be walking in the gates of disneyland and enjoying the sights/sounds of

'the happiest place on earth'. rain or shine!

so anyway;

after meeting everyone outside the honda center before the game started, we bought a few extra tix.

*I couldn't believe it was nearly sold out.

yes, the place was packed, mostly with san diego fans.

we actually left w/3 1/2min left and down by 13.

out of ALL the games I've been to,

this is only the 3rd time I have ever left early.

*2 basketball games, 1 football game.

we all then made our way to tony roma's a few miles away, and closed the place down.

the steak and mushroom flatbread appetizer was amazing, as was the cold coors light.

we then proceeded to our hotel right down the street

(not staying at the park this time)

and boom, you're all caught up to this very moment.

oh, talked w/l.g. tonight while I was driving to the game,

she asked me if she could meet us at disneyland tomorrow w/her two youngest.

I replied no;

saying that it was probably not a good idea considering the situation that arose up in vegas last weekend.

I think I hurt her feelings,

as I am not ready to forgive and forget that quickly.

besides, as 'mean' as I've been to the girls these past couple of weeks I kinda just wanted to bond with the both of them. maybe I'm wrong about all this.

it wouldn't be the first time I have been wrong in my life, and it won't be the last.

the girls and I are sharing a room, nothing fancy.

just two queen beds, two sinks, and 1 bathroom.

we are so roughing it. ha.

so here I sit on top of my bed, lights off, girls asleep,

and I'm typing away in the dark using my laptop screen's glow to light-up the keys.

I really do need to get another computer with the

keys that are lit-up.

I'm getting tired, so I'm going to call it a day. I'll see ya. good night...


good evening everyone.

had a awesome day with the girls at mickey mouse land.

we were up this morning at 7am,

and standing in front of the main gate at 8am

when they openned.

the very first person inside the park this morning was a little girl named cynthia from helena, montana.

she was with her family celebrating her 7th birthday.

what a cutie she was.

and she was so happy to be the very '1st' one in the park.

*I guess you had to be there.

even though the weather was pretty wet most of the day, both park(s) were pretty busy.

*not memorial day busy, but still fairly crowded.

was disappointed that the 'indiana jones' ride and the

'ferris wheel' (cali adventure) were closed,

but we did enjoy 'space mountain' and

'soarin over california' quite a few times each.

we were in line for the 'tea cups' when they shut them down cause of the water underneath the ride.

*it wasn't a steady rain, more like a hazy-drizzle.

anyway. we all had a great time,

and just 'grazed' all day on food carts and such.

I let the girls do 'their own thing' for a few hours,

and I went to the espn zone in downtown disney to watch the sf49ers get beat in overtime. (and have a few beers)

I hate it when all 3 of my teams lose within a day or two. just think, only 125 more days (april 6, 2013) until the sfgiants get their world series championship rings before they play the cardinals for the first home game of 2013.

and yes, I WILL be there.

we left the park around 8:30p, and hit a arby's drive thru on the way home.

both girls showered and are already asleep (I think),

and I also am on the way to shower/sleep within

the next hour.

grandpa jack says he missed us and was happy

we came back.

(I'm still not sure what he meant by that)

anyway, it's raining outside right now and I'm sitting upstairs in my bedroom with the french doors

open smelling the mist.

rain sounds awesome on the balcony.

it's funny, all the dogs (minus aj-in the hallway) are on my bed sleeping, or watching the cats as they both sit in the doorway watching the rain drops hit the outside deck.

ok, it's late and small things are amusing me now.

omg. I only heard bits & pieces of the murder/suicide by

the chief footballer this afternoon,

but just now heard the story on sportscenter.


he murders his girlfriend in front of her mother,

and then drives back to arrowhead stadium and shoots himself in the company of the team's general manager

and a few coaches?

and to make matters even worse;

his child is only a few months old without

a father or mother!

what goes on in someones life that he takes a life of his babys mother, and then his own?

she must have REALLY pissed-him-off!!!

ok then. it's just past 11pm,

and I have yet to shower before going to bed.

still have ALOT on my mind, but will continue tomorrow. good night beautiful, wherever you are...

05 Dec 2012/11am

good morning/afternoon everyone.

my appologies for my lack of updates the past few days,

I've been 'otherwise occupied' with the arrival of a

out-of-town' guest 'droping-in' LATE sunday night,

and also doing my christmas shopping while

the girls are at school.

it's so much easier to bring bags/packages into the house without the peering eyes, and the non-stop questions.

plus, I decided to 'use' the assistance of my 'outa-towner' with ideas and suggestions.

so besides my 'friend' being here,

visiting about a gazzilion stores,

and having a very 'needed' wonderful time

the past 48+ hours,

I've been totally getting into the holiday spirit.

after the girls got out of school monday afternoon,

we decided to go shopping for a tree.

3 hours of searching by the way;

roughly 5 lots, 80 miles, and endless measuring.

plus the traffic;

coupled with evening LA gridlock and the

holiday seasonal drivers,

it's a wonder you can get where your going within

any time frame what-so-ever.

but shopping during 'normal business hours' is very cool.

ok then. I'm reposting my 'holiday shopping safety'

advice that I originally posted on 'my opinions.3'

on 20 Nov 2010.

I've edited the entry earlier this morning,

also adding a few reality stories

at the end of the entry.

please read,

and if you have the time,

send me an email with your opinion.

*subject line: Holiday Shopping

I always appreciate your opinions about what I post here. I've kinda missed emails from a few of you lately,

everyone's busy these days I guess.

so listen, any of you heard about this new

'nike fuel band' thing?

it's one of the 'hot-hot' gadgets this year,

and trying to find one is crazy-hard.

(in size small, and black)

sports retailers/stores around here currently

have waiting lists.

so it looks as if I will be ordering these in the next

few days off

also, uggs are becoming a pain to find.

their available, but the colors I'm searching for;

'cactus flower' & 'sugar plum purple' are in demand.

I'll find them.

grandpa jack on the other hand,

said he is looking to add to his already huge assortment of his vinyl collection.

his favorites being 'late 40's jazz',

'american bandstand of the 50's',

and revolutional 60's pop. (whatever the fuck that is). anyway, I'm on the lookout for any or all of the above.

oh, he also wants a burmese python.

NO WAY. snakes are so not my thing.

as far as my christmas wishes, I really don't have any.

there is this set of kitchen knives w/block and sharpener I've been looking into the past few months.

normally I just buy something like that when I see it.

but I haven't pulled the trigger as yet.

a new wheelbarrow would be nice too.

ya, I'm exciting to buy for eh?

besides, christmas is more for the kids.

and seeing how this is jack's first holiday w/o his wife,

I want to make his extra special.

he has been talking about going back to australia next month to bring back more of his belongings.

Ash wants to go, but her missing even more school than she already has would not be a good thing.

plus, the officials at her high school would just send me another notification of my lacking parental skills because I pull her out of classes for my own recreational reasons.

her teachers are cool w/me,

but her counselor is another story.

also, it appears as if Elli's mom will be coming back

to town in feb/mar'13,

so we'll have to see what will transpire then.

these 2 girls get along so well,

I'd hate to pull them apart now.

*there have been a 'few' hiccups though,

but nothing we couldn't all work out.

ok then. this is the last day my friend is going to be in town, so we have some things planned and I should get going.

I'll check-in later.


been having a 'stay-at-home-day' today...

pretty awesome I have to say.

have had my spaghetti sauce 'saucing' since noon,

the entire downstairs smells fantastic.

will be serving a choice of pastas;

penne, linguini, cheese tortellini,

or whole wheat spaghetti.

(everybody likes their own kind of pasta w/my sauce)

will also be serving;

grilled artichokes,

spinach salad w/hot bacon dressing,

my infamous garlic 3 cheese bread,

asparagus spears w/lemon mustard.

and for desert, a variety of 'cubed-cut' fresh fruit.

I thought I'd better cook at least once while

I had company in town.

question for you guys to ponder:

'I have this friend of mine (wink-wink)' who recently just 'possibly' ended a semi-serious' relationship,

and has been keeping company with an 'old acquaintance' the past few weeks (text, phone-calls, and in person).

the situation is;

these two have a notoriously naughty background together. you see, she is married, and has been for over 20+yrs. and back in the Fall 1995 these two were inseparable for almost 6months.

after which 'my friend' started a relationship with a different woman with whom he actually married.

now 'he' is currently single and she is 'still'

very unhappily married.

these two started their 'mutual-contact' on the terms it was 'supposed to be' a short-term/discreet relationship.

which at the time it began,

the physical attractness the two shared was incredible,

and almost 'too-intense' for words.

but now as time as gone by,

and the both of them have matured to the point of sharing actual conversational

topics and not just the sweaty-beads of

a 'physical-only' relationship,

it is 'very' apparent these two are attracted to each other emotionally, and not just linked to each others

physical attributes.


is this rekindling of a once intense association between these two individuals based on actual shared feelings?,

or just the memory of a lust-filled romantic interlude that was the most meaningful element of their then younger

less-experienced lives?

I have no answer to 'my friend' for this.

if I did have a thought concerning this situation,

I would say;

'our lives can be compared to a game of chess'.

we all begin with the exact same pieces on the board.

as throughout 'our life',

we all make certain sacrifices to better our chances to survive until the very end of the game.

giving-up certain 'positions' and 'pieces' as we play,

to come to the ultimate conclusion; to win the game.

(ie: be happy).

sometimes as you play though,

you do 'stupid moves' which 'could' cost you the game,

but can recover if you concentrate and think about every single move you do from that point on.

*and on that rare occasion,

another 'bad move' can ruin everything.

alright enuff said of this.

in other non-exciting, useless news to you guys;

I finally located my 'former-assistant' jessica and

her tryst ex-husband.

they were in north-eastern florida for the

thanksgiving weekend,

and have journeyed north to virginia beach, virginia.

I know why rog is there,

why they are 'both' there is confussing.

maybe the 3rd party involved is feeling

a little adventurous.

I'm sure there will be more juicy details to follow concerning this outragious situation.

ok then. the girls just got home, and I have yet to go to the store to pick-up a few necessities for tonights meal.

will check-in a little bit later.

*thank-you to those who have already sent feedback via email concerning my 'holiday safety' update.

and NO, I was never a police officer.


good evening...

I just returned from taking my 'outa-towner'

to burbank airport.

(I hate driving in the fog)

plus, I stopped off and had a few drinks to think

about some things.

I realize I could have just come straight home

to do the same,

but I just wanted to have a moment.

so anyway. this business proposal that I've been considering looks as if it may indeed be on the upswing.

so this is definately good news.

my arizona buddy will be coming here on saturday morning, and staying a few days.

(maybe I should just turn my home into a bed & breakfast)

ha. looking forward to having him here.

I think he is taking a break from his spousal unit also.

when I mentioned that she was more than welcome to come along, he interrupted me and stated "no that's ok".

hmmm. maybe she just doesn't like me.

*I never thought about that.

no worries. you can't waste your time concerning yourself about what others think of you.

I have in the past, and it's just asinine.

I'm thinking of taking a trip in the next to weeks back east;

I have to close the book on a unfinished chapter of my life, and it really needs to be done in person.

ah, the things we do in our lives.

tomorrow is going to be

'working outside in the backyard day'.

quite a few things are in need of some serious attention.

in fact, a few of the palacios boys will be here at 7am to begin the tasks at hand.

oh by the way, dinner tonight was fabulous.

not just because I slaved ALL day long,

but the company at the table was enjoyable.

I'm still not sure on the rules of 'parenting etiquette'

as far as having company for dinner,

or even a 'surprise' house guest.

being surprised worked this time.

but explaining where l.g. has been lately is another situation I am not ready to explore.

*the girls were across the street when

'everything' went down.

and the excuse given wasn't the actual reason.

sometimes the less said, the better.

maybe I should start to adhere to that thought.

ok I'm tired. time for bed...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.12.2'...