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'my thoughts.12.2'

(06 Dec 2012 - 09 Dec 2012)

completed: 09 Dec 2012/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

06 Dec 2012/9am

good morning everyone.

I've already been up nearly 5hrs,

and am now taking a short break before we begin

our next assignment;

cleaning-out the house and barn gutters/spouts.

we've already tighten the rear fence line,

inspected the corral posts, (loose wires, broken nails, etc.)

and the shrubbs in the walking paths have been cut back. *plus the normal poop patrol duties.

also, the horses vet, groomer and farrier are all

coming out this afternoon.

Ash and Elli want to take the 'giant beasts' off property

this weekend with some of their friends who

will also be riding the trails.

grandpa jack will be going along also.

I on the other hand will be staying home with absolutely

no danger of falling off again.

ok then. I've gota get a bite, and get back outside.

see ya later... 

07 Dec 2012/10pm

good evening everyone.

I'm hoping you all had a good friday

(and even a better friday night).

I just got home from a 'date' w/l.g.,

our first time seeing each other since the incident up

in vegas the day after thanksgiving.

it used to be when I was younger that if something like this happened I would either 'not' talk to the person ever again and just move on.

or if we ever did get together, it was normally for sex. niether proves true in this situation though,

I just accepted a happy hour invitation is all.

I realize that people say things that they sometimes regret as soon as it comes 'outa-the-mouth',

and to forgive and start-anew' is in our nature.

(well, not everyones)

besides, it was just drinks and appetizers.

no harm, no foul.

we'll have to see what transpires next.

since this happened, two weeks ago today;

I've decided that my 'priority' of dating is not as important as I thought it was.

*not that having a 'fomer-thrash-mate' come down and spend the weekend was 'dating' mind you,

I'd like to think of it as 'getting to know you... again'. seriously though, that may have been a bad idea

for everyone concerned.

so with that being said, and having a daughter (plus one) that I am responsible for;

I'm going to put 'my personal life' on hold for a while.

I have to take my kid's feelings into consideration before I 'ever' introduce her to another woman I date,

she got pretty attached to l.g.

alright. enough of this relationship bullshit.

yesterday was property management day,

and we (myself and a few palacios fam-members) got everything done I had wanted to complete.

a word of advice though;

walking on top of your roof when it's foggy and moist outside is not advisable.

especially when you have clay tiles,

they get 'very' slippery.

nearly had a few of us fall off the side of the

house and barn.

I truly admit that I'm an idiot when it comes

to home maintenance.

after we finshed-up, which was about 4pm, I went to the deli and picked-up a few 2ft hoagies and a variety of cold salads and bags of chips.

oh, a case of corona was also on the menu.

and yes, the boys got paid for their hard work,

as they always do.

after dinner, the palacios left

(they had a desisignated driver),

and the girls and I went to go look at christmas lights around town.

saw some very elaborate displays.

I've yet to get into the

'Griswald Christmas Spirit' as far as

outside decorations go.

we do have a few of the blow-up decorations, lights,

and other displays we set-up for our kissmas party,

but as far as stringing lights everywhere, no thanks.

there were some boys that came over last weekend to do instal christmas lights,

but I wasn't going to be available to 'watch them' so I told them to come back the weekend before our party.

as far as today went;

I started out with the normal stuff;

poop patrol, coffee, sportscenter, breakfast for the girls, more coffee, grocery, pet food,

and lunch w/grandpa jack.

we also visited Ash's high school to look at some items

and give a few bids for a silent auction the school is

having tonight to support their sport programs

among other things.

in fact,

jack and the girls are still not home yet (9:50p).

I'm sure they went out for a snack afterwards,


they're christmas shopping for me and looking for my 'present of a lifetime';

G.I. Joe with Kung-Fu Grip.

seriously, don't laugh. I always wanted one growing-up, but wasn't allowed to play with dolls.

after the 'school-bid-thing', I dropped-off grandpa jack here at the house and started to make my way over to meet

with l.g. for 'friday night happy hour'.

*and she was 45min late by the way.

ok then.

your all caught-up with my so exciting past

couple of days.

my weekend is still 'under construction' as far as plans goes. jack is taking the girls riding tomorrow along with

a few of their friends,

so maybe I'll go finish my christmas shopping and have a lunch out-and-about somewhere.

who knows, things change.

I'm going to give jack a call and see where they are, maybe ask for a treat or something.

good night everyone...

08 Dec 2012/9am

good morning.

actually slept in this morning until 7am, jack and the girls were up to get the horses ready for their ride later and took care of my morning chores.

plus, I didn't know that we were hosting a 'carb-heavy' breakfast this morn before everyone begins exploring

the trails at 10am.

so I went to the grocery and picked-up some waffle pre-made batter and 'many' packages of sausages.

and then when I returned,

'the girls' prepaired the meal all by themselves.

even cleaning their mess in the kitchen afterwards.

we were expecting 'roughly' about a dozen people,

and only 7 showed.

no worries, I'll keep the 'left-over' cooked sausages in the freezer until christmas eve when I am going to attempt to recreate a christmas morning meal that my 'step-monster' would fix every year; 'tomatoes & sausages'.

not exactly sure what 'all' the ingredients are,

but the huge pot is full of canned tomatoes,

cooked sausages, and spices.

I do remember that this dish simmers on the stove for a few hours, and is served with eggs, breakfast potatoes,

and toast.

the additional condiment of choice to assist in the flavoring is 'worcestershire sauce'. it's an awesome dish.

ok, I'm going to take the kidz to the park this morning,

so I'll get back to you guys later.

have a great saturday everyone.


afternoon everyone.

hows your saturday going?

I did indeed take the dogz to the park,

and stayed about an hour until it started to get crowded. afterwards, we hit the arby's drive thru for a quick snack. been home ever since.

so I've been taking advantage of no one here;

I took a few of the presents I've already bought

and wrapped them,

played some 80's music ridiculously loud,

made a 'few' blended alcoholic breverages,

and been walking around in my

'merry kissmas' sleep shorts,

and watched that ucla basketball team finally win a game that was nationally televised.

and now I'm getting ready to watch the heisman trophy award show.

I can't believe they stretch this award show to an hour. gotta get those advertisers 'big-bucks'.

I'll check-in a bit later.


hi guys.

just got back home about 30min ago from having dinner and an evening over at one of Ash & Elli's friends house.

the 'horse crew' got home around 5:30pm

(which was later than I had wished, as it was darkish),

but grandpa jack was with them.

after they all got home,

they cooled & watered the sweaty beasts and then

cleaned themselves up.

while they were all getting the 'hairy beast smell'

from the bodies,

I got a call from one of the parents of the girls they had gone riding with; asking if we'd like to come over for dinner.

so I accepted.

we stopped at the store and got a few bottles of vino,

some sodas and I picked-up a couple cheesecakes.

dinner tonight was beef stew, doughy drop biscuits

and a fresh fruit salad.

I love tasting other peoples cooking.

the meal was wonderful tonight.

after dinner, we sat in their family room and just

talked about 'everything'.

I've come to the conclusion that I am very lenient with my rules and so forth around here.

these parents have their kids turn their cell phones totally off at dinner time,

and aren't allowed to turn them on until after breakfast the next day. wow. I couldn't believe it.

I'm not saying I would ever enforce such a rule,

but it's a good rule.

homework, sleep, family time;

all goes without interruption from the electronic device. they have five kids, so I'm guessing the cell phone thing may have gotten out of control.

so anyway. it was great to meet some new people

(this girl and her family just moved here from

chicago over the summer), and hear some fresh stories.

not really sure what they do for a living,

something about consulting or whatever.

nice house though.

after we left I was privy to some knowledge that this girl had shared with my girls.

damn. private detatils concerning the parents.

I was a little bit surprised that this 'new friend' of Ash would just willingly talk so freely about her family.

I actually stopped Ash after the 2nd story,

as I really didn't feel it was my business.

and after we got home,

I had a 'light talk' with both girls about this

particular topic of discussion.

I re-confirmed that what is said/done in 'our' house

stays in 'our' house.

no story telling please!

and also wanted to let them know that they really shouldn't repeat such stories that someone else tells you,

especially if it is so private.

this new girl may have just wanted friends,

and thats the way she thinks she can get their attention

is by 'story-telling'.

I think everybody has done that at least once in their lives. anyway. it's good to know that this young lady is like a tape recorder and will repeat just about anything she hears.

will have to watch what I say when she is around.

well, it's almost 10pm and I want to watch the local news. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

*good night beautiful, I miss you... 

09 Dec 2012/8am

good morning.

for some strange reason,

I didn't sleep very well last night.

I tossed and turned all damn night long.

and then when I did finally fall asleep, I had the weirdest, craziest, and intense dreams ever.

in fact, when I woke-up at 3:45am, I just laid there.

not moving trying to figure out what-the-fuck I

had just dreamt about.

my memory is hazy, but what I can remember;

I was running along side a cliff and had 'something'

chasing me.

the sky was bright orange,

and I kept running as if I was going to be caught.

I have no idea where I was running to, or running from.

but I do remember I had to keep going.

it sounds so damn stupid now that I'm typing it out,

but at the time it wasn't.

ugh. there were a few more;

one including a fantasy lover,

and another that had me playing horseshoes with someone

I know but can't recall who it was.

I've always had vivid dreams my entire life,

even to the point of being able to control them at times.

I know that sounds crazy,

but there was a time when I could fall asleep with a certain thought on my mind and then have mini-adventures with that particular thought as the subject all night.

that lasted from my late teens into my early 30's.

and even though I've tried since, I can no longer do it.


sorry, I don't mean to carry-on with this stuff,

I just have a very active mind at night.

(or at least I used to)

oh, and I talk 'alot' when I sleep.

even getting in trouble one time for talking about a previous relationship while my 'new' girlfriend was laying

next to me.

*which I received the 'silent treatment' for the

following morning. anyway.

making omeletes for everyone this morn, once they get up. grandpa jack is even still in bed.

I guess that horse-riding really takes it out of you.

ok then, I'll be back.


thank-you vista print for not functioning properly, and having me waste time 'clicking publish' without any resolve. AND for NOT having customer service available

for tech-support. shitheads!!!

so I will update throughout the day today,

but have absolutely no idea if they will be available

for you guys to read.

so anyway; I had the coffee and bacon ready before the sleepy-heads awoke from their slumber

(jack; 830a, girls; 915a),

and once they were hungry, western omletes for all.

after breakfast, the girls showered and painted their faces and then went shopping.

grandpa jack decided to go to west covina to visit

the mexi-godfather

(he is still weak, but doing much better)

and once again I am home to fend for myself.

so here I sit in the kitchen, eating sunflower seeds and drinking some cran-apple drink thing the girls had me buy. I've been thinking about popping-open a beer and fixing a blt w/avacado sandwich for lunch.

the forecast called for clear/sunny skies today,

but so far it's just hazy out.

if the weather does break,

I'll take the kids to the coast and hit the doggie beach.

no worries as far as sandy-fur goes,

the pupz are all due for their yearly shots and to be washed/groom tomorrow.

and if we do indeed hit the beach/surf today,

I can drop them off tonight.

having all these fur-balls covered w/wet sand and running around the house would be totally fucked-up.

I did that once before;

not only was my suv trashed and smell like wet dog for weeks, the house was a total disaster.

sand 'everywhere';

the floor, carpets, couches/chairs, MY BED. it was crazy.

I swear I still find traces of that day.

*taking them to the beach that day wasn't

the brightest idea I had ever had.

ok then, it's just about noon and I'm going to see if

this page will post.

I'll be back... hopefully.

**POSTED AT 12:12pm, after approx a dozen attempts...

(now will try to post this also).


good evening all.

decided 'not' to take the kidz out to the beach today as the weather never really cleared until late afternoon.

instead I took the entire 'pack' down our street all the way to the main road and back. (about 4 miles total)

actually on the way back to the house,

the girls returned from christmas shopping and Elli got out of the car and walked with me & the dogs back home.

apparently she had been wanting to talk with me about a few things for quite some time.

so we had our 'little-chat', just the two of us.

truth be told; she doesn't want to leave and live with her mom after the holidays.

she wants to stay here and live with 'us',

and also graduate with the friends she's made these

last couple of years.

I didn't know that her mom was planning on moving

after the first of the year.

I did not know exactly what to say.

her mom is still out of the country,

and the two of them either talk on the phone

or skype each other at least twice a week.

I'm thinking there may be more to this story than

I've been told. will have to wait and see.

dinner tonight was 'smogy' for all;

you fix it, you eat it, you clean-up your mess.

the girls had some salad w/veggies,

grandpa jack had a ham & swiss sandwich,

as for myself, two bowls of honey-nut cherrios.

there. I know a few of you are always curious as to what our meals consist of.

my week is not totally booked as of yet, so I may get some 'chores' done I've been putting off.

*I still have a storage unit with boxes in it.

that's $55mo I'd like to get rid of.

alrighty then, I'm going to call it a day. good nite...    

to be continued on 'my thoughts.12.3'...