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'my thoughts.12.3'

(10 Dec 2012 - 15 Dec 2012)

completed: 15 Dec 2012/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

10 Dec 2012/6am

good morning.

been up since 5am, on my second cup of java.

will be waking the girls up in about 15min,

they will be going with me to drop off the kidz for the vet/grooming before they go to school.

it's so much easier to have some assistance when

the dogz go to the vet.

a few of them don't mind, a few do.

either way, the more help, the better.

after we drop off the kidz,

the girls will go to school,

and I am going to meet w/l.g. for a

late breakfast/early lunch.

she called late last night and said she 'needed to see me' and talk to me about a couple of things. so... whatever.

after my social appointment,

I may go to the movies. not sure just yet.

not many out there I'm very interested in.

'life of pi', 'lincoln', or maybe 'killing them softly'.

so happy monday to all of you.

I'll check-in a little later...


ok we are just about ready to go.

the girls are ready for school and the kidz have been

walked and know they are 'going bye-bye'.

had a chat w/grandpa jack after my last post,

and we both decided that the mexi-godfather is going

to stay with us for a while.

we've been talking about it for a few weeks now,

as he isn't getting much 'rest' at his house.

too much going on there at all times.

and not only is the mexi-godfather in agreement,

but grandma palacios is totaly on board with the idea. grandma p says she 'needs' a break from the

'crabby old man' (her words).

so with that, grandpa jack will be going to pick-up our 'temporary' house guest this afternoon.

honestly, I think Jack 'needs' someone here closer to his age group to have conversation with.

and these two old guys can sit out back and talk for

hours about any subject.

it will be nice to have the godfather here for a week or two. plus, it will keep Jack 'outa-my-hair' for a while. alrighty then, going to finish getting the pupz gym bag ready for their busy day.

ha. yes, they have their own bag for when they travel:

toys, treats, leashes, collars, harnesses, chewies, etc.

a movie today still is on my agenda, or I may just go for a drive this afternoon along the coast.

will check-in as soon as I return.

*well SHIT!!! this is not publishing again...

(as of 7:37am)

will call Vista after dropping-off the dogs. Assholes!!!

12 Dec 2012/12pm

good afternoon everyone.

I have alot going on today, so this will be fairly brief.

as I 'noted above' a few days ago,

the mexi-godfather is now staying with us for a while during his rehab.

he is suppose to be exercising regularly;

which equates to 3-4 times a week,

and with my already established gym he can just 'work-out' by walking across the pool deck into what is suppose

to be the pool-change-room.

so hopefully he'll get himself motivated and start his 'rehab' regime within a few days.

actually, grandpa jack has been working-out with me

'off & on' this past year,

so I'm sure Jack will get the 'old man' going soon.

so anyway, another mouth to feed. ha ha.

I appologize for not keeping my 'blah entries' as current

as I normally do,

I have alot going on 'personally' and above all else;

I'm just not 'feeling it' right now.

sometimes it justs appears mundane to me to keep updating all the time when I really don't have much to talk about. plus, I've been receiving some rather obnoxious emails this past month that I am non-to-pleased-about.

I've taken all the safety factor guidelines into

consideration to protect myself and my family against any sort of breach in security.

to wit: Ash' high school has received a few calls asking if 'she' infact attends the school. and of course the school official is not allowed to release that sort of information on the telephone.

and in-return, I was able to retain the numbers that inquired about my daughter.

yes, even if you *69 to block your number,

you can attain access via the local police department requesting call records because the person these numbers are inquiring about is a minor.

plus, when I get the number, I can look-up the name on my background-check program.


phone numbers, names, and addresses.

anyway. I need to go.

I have something going on today I need to get ready for.

I'll update a little later. (as long as Vista publishes) 

13 Dec 2012/1am

good morning.

(to be 'good night' in a moment)

just got home a few minutes ago,

and thought I'd 'check-in' before I go to bed. had a very interesting day to say the least,

maybe I'll tell ya later, maybe I won't.

it was begining to rain outside as I drove-up the drive,

so maybe I'll just sleep-in,

as it's suppose to rain all day today.

I have a wee-bit of a 'hang-over headache' just starting to thump-thump my temples,

so I'm thinking it's tylenol pm & a large glass

of orange juice time.

looking forward to going to sleep as I'm exhasted.

so with that being said; good night!


good afternoon everyone.

I actually didn't fall asleep this morning until after

3am this morning,

I had so much on my mind thant I couldn't just

shut down and relax.

I hate it when I go to bed and just lay there.

and getting-up without falling asleep for at least a few hours was not an option for me today,

as I have way too much going on.

after I complete this update;

I'm going to clean myself up and then meet with

the girls when they get out of school at

'our place' to discuss some things that have transpired

these past few days.

and then the 'young-ones' want to go to a

school-mates christmas party tonite,

and I will be meeting with l.g. for a late dinner.

thats about the meat of my day.

I'll see ya later...

14 Dec 2012/11am

a terrible tragedy this morning

in newtown, connecticut.

please, keep these victims and their families

in your thoughts today.

*I can't even imagine having my daughter,

one of her friends,

or classmates/teachers being in a similar situation.

God Bless the entire community.


what a crazy and emotional day.

when something like this happens,

it makes you realize what is really important.

considering we are in the season of 'giving' and trying to buy every up-dated gadget,

new fad articles of clothing,

and the biggest 'bling' we can afford;

sometimes we forget what we take for granted everyday.

the love and well being of our family and friends.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I broke-down a few times today while listening to the news reports as

they were being told.

the heartbreak and feeling of emptiness I felt upon the death of my grandfather and father must be nothing in comparison to what these parents, family members,

and friends of those killed are feeling at this exact moment. all those children, and those teachers/school staff.

my heart is so heavy with grief.

I understand that our current society is so fucked-up right now that we have basically 'almost' become immune to incidents such as these when they happen.

but that doesn't mean we should ignore what has been going on these past few months;

movie theatres, shopping malls, churches, public schools. the first thing I did when the girls got home from school today was to grab them both and hug them so damn tight. up to the point they both started to wiggle free.

they both had already gotten permission from me a few days ago to spend the night at a gfs' house tonight,

but under the circumstances I asked them if

they could please stay home.

and they agreed.

of course that meant that all the other girls came here,

no worries tho.

always happy to have girl6 + an additional 4 here.

they are all currently working on a display of a lemax ceramic village for our christmas party next weekend.

of course the pupz aren't helping out that much,

all they want to do is play.

I'll post some pix after they've finished.

and because today was so emotionally draining,

I decided 'not' to cook anything for dinner.

so I went and picked-up dominos for everyone;

sandwiches, wings, and pizzas.

I love the 'wisconsin 6' pizza, so damn tasty.

a few of the girls ate their pizza toppings,

and left the crust.

so needless to say,

the dogs had some unscheduled treats.

for desert we are having homemade waffles topped with

ben & jerry's ice cream.

if you've never tried it, please do.

a hot freshly made waffle lightly buttered,

with a scoop of cherry garcia AND mud pie.

we have almost two dozen flavors in the big freezer

to choose from.

Ash 'loves' strawberry cheesecake,

and Elli is 'crazy' about vanilla heath bar crunch.

grandpa jack is 'boring' with his vanilla,

and the mexi-godfather 'enjoys' kroeger brand

chocolate chip mint.

omg, now I'm starting to crave 'waffles & ice cream'.

I guess its' time to fire-up the the waffle irons.

a secret to making waffles for a few people is to have a couple waffle makers side by side, and preheat your oven to 250' and ready a cookie sheet with foil to place freshly made waffles on to stay warm.

be sure and 'lightly' butter the waffles 'after' taking them out of the oven, or they may/will burn.

*been there, done that.

ok then. I'm going to get going,

I wanna walk the kidz before I settle-in for the

remainder of the night.

I'll try and check-in again before bed.

I really do appreciate you all...


alrighty then.

thought I would 'sign-off' before I go to bed.

(or turn-off the computer)

after spending more time than I'd like to admit watching/listening to the news reports

of todays events,

I thought it 'best' that the girls and I share an evening of laughter, fun and silly string fights.

to wit: we did.

and even the reddi-whip made an appearance towards the end of our shenanigans.

one of the benefits of having dogs;

they eagerly follow you around while your running after someone trying to jettison whip-cream into their hair.

*only flaw to the above would be:

'not' cleaning-up the 'silly-string' properly before you

begin a reddi-whip fight.

anyway. all the girls are downstairs in the movie room getting ready to sleep, or whatever.

the 'old men' are already in bed

(not together mind you),

and I am actually going to stay-up a little bit longer

and just veg-out.

no tv, no computer, nothing.

in fact, maybe I'll go outside and sit and enjoy the silence, with some sort of alcoholic beverage in hand.

not really sure what is on my agenda tomorrow,

Ash forgot to tell me. LOL

good night everyone.  

15 Dec 2012/9am

good morning everyone.

even though I didnt' go to bed until 2am, and was up by 7am, I feel like I slept soundly.

the girls are all starting to get-up,

and since I've been cutting Ash back on those

'energy drinks', I have two pots of coffee ready to go for these 'sleeping beauties' to help them start their day.

I also have decided to change my morning caffeine intake to the 'murky mud' for the time being.

I do love those 'morning-monsters',

but the 'shakes' I would sometimes feel throughout the day was enough to make me look else where for

my morning buzz.

besides, drinking a warm cup of coffee when it's 'cold & wet' outside just feels right.

I'm sure I'll reconsider the 'monsters' once the weather starts to get a little warmer.

still not sure what is on the agenda for the day;

the girls did mention last night they wanted to go to

'the grove' in LA to go shopping, and maybe have some lunch or whatever.

*the 'whatever' being 'boy watching' I'm sure.

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather are somewhere in the back of the property on the utility cart.

who the fuck knows what these two will be up to today.

and yes, the mexi-godfather is doing much better.

I just think he wanted to get out of his house for a while,

and have someone near his age to 'shoot-the-shit' with. alright. the girls are starting to arrive,

so I'll have to end this boring detailed entry.

have a great saturday everyone.


everybody is just about ready.

I'll be leaving myself just as soon as all the girls get themselves together and get on the road.

they all have alot on their agenda;

shopping, lunch, more shopping, boy watching,

buying my christmas presents,

and then a christmas party tonight at 7pm.

as far as 'my plans' for the day now that I

have been 'uninvited'; I have none.

anybody wanna do something (anything) with me?

I may take the kidz to the 'dog park' a little later,

as the weather outside is beautiful.

btw. I have a 'new page';

'12 Days of Kissmas Movies'

which has details of the 12 movies I (or 'we') will watch

leading-up to and including Christmas Day.

*hey, it goes along w/the motif of my web site.

ok then. the girls are getting ready to head-out,

so I'll 'talk to you guys later'.

hope you all are having an excellent saturday.


today has been a day of making plans, changing plans

and doing whatever idea 'comes-up next'.

the girls left just past 11am,

and haven't been home since then.

I've talked to Ash a few times though, and they are all having fun shopping and such.

their going to be home within the hour,

and get ready for the christmas party tonight.

as far as my day goes;

I did indeed take the kidz to the park before the skies

turned cloudy this afternoon,

afterwards we took a drive to a neighbors house and

visited with them for a while.

I came home to find the 'two old guys' down here in the movie room looking for a movie to watch;

so the three of us are currently are watching

'four christmasa/2008'.

it's a typical reese witherspoon vehicle,

but it 'is' a pretty entertaining flick.

so anyway. the ucla basketball team is playing tonight

at pauley and I wasn't even considering going,

but themexi-godfather wants to go,

so I guess we're going.

so with that being said, I need to get ready.

it's nearly 5pm, and the game starts at 6:15pm.

no shower, just my hair in a pony -tail,

put on a ucla sweatshirt and I'm good to go.

so I guess we'll finish watching this movie after we

get home later tonight.

I'll try and check-in before bed.

have a safe saturday night everyone.


good evening all.

just got home a little while ago.

we arrived at the game tonight about 8min into the game and the bruins were all ready ahead by 15pts.

it was a good night to be a ucla basketball fan.

after the game we stopped by this little bar that jack has made friends with the owner and had a couple drafts. (owner wasn't there)

sometimes I can't believe the traffic around here,

it could be 2am and you still could experience

a stalled freeway.

traffic in vegas was just begining to become a pain in the ass before I left last year, or so I thought.

now when I drive back up there,

it doesn't seem as bad as I remember.

anyway. me and the old guys had a pretty

nice night together;

no kids, no women, no curfew,

and nobody telling us what to do.

jeesh. that really doesn't sound the way I intend it to. LOL

ok I gotta go, the girls are just walking in the door,

see ya guys tomorrow. good night. 

to be continued on 'my thoughts.12.4'...