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'my thoughts.12.4'

(16 Dec 2012 - 18 Dec 2012)

completed: 18 Dec 2012/11:30pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

16 Dec 2012/10am

good morning.

I 'just' got up about 10min ago,

and I thought while I waited for a fresh pot of coffee

to brew I'd say hi to you guys.

the girls got home last night about 11pm,

and they brought some newbies from

the party with them.

so as I listened to all the 'drama' stories of;

who's dating who, who broke-up w/who,

and who brought who to the party

(you think your confused),

I made stove-popped-popcorn for everyone.

and after the stories died down,

we turned on one of my favorite christmas movies;

'bad santa/2003'.

a few of the girls had never seen the movie before.

I'm thinking it may have been a little too risque for 16-18yr old girls, but they all seemed to enjoy it.

some of them didn't make it to the end tho,

falling asleep before the movie ended around 3am.

before I went to bed I had to break open some new pillows out of their plastic bags, and find the pillow cases to match. never had this big of a slumber party before.

(a total of 15 young ones are here)

and since some of these young ladies had never been here before I had to play parent for a moment or two;

I always tell Ash's house guests

the rules of a sleep-over;

the house rules:

1. no boys

2. no drugs

3. no alcohol

4. no open flames (candles)

5. no smoking inside the house

6. no leaving the house after the alarm is set

7. and also NO BOYS (I say this twice for effect)

I've only had to deal with 'one' issue the past year and a half with a sleepover guests of Ash this entire time,

and she hasn't been allowed back.

*putting vodka in cranberry juice wasn't very cool.

also, I normally don't let anyone smoke ciggs unless I know their parents know they smoke.

I don't want that shit coming back to bite me in the ass!!!

ok. my coffee is ready, I so need a cup. I'll be back in a bit. 


good afternoon everyone.

I just had to update and tell you guys what I just spent

at KFC for everyone's lunch;



I'm not sure if I've ever spent more at a

'fast-food' place or not.

*had to wait almost 30min.

but considering the fact it's for 18 people,

it's roughly $12.65 each. that's pretty good.

(and that was with some discount included)

Ash, Elli and a few of the 'stay-overs' are setting

everything-up at the big dining table right this very minute for our impending feast;

60 pieces of grilled chicken,

(20 being breasts)

40 hot wings,

30 chicken strips,

30 biscuits,

20 large sides,

(mash/gravy, cole slaw, mac/cheese, green beans)

3 chocolate ring cakes.

*plus 4 cans of corn, and 7 baked potatoes all cooked here.

jeesh. I hope there's left-overs for dinner.

alrighty, I was just told we're almost ready.

let's eat!


today is a good day.

after our chicken feast a few hours ago,

we ALL went to the dog park and watched the kidz run crazy throughout the large enclosure.

a few of the girls had to leave the park almost as soon as we arrived as their parents 'needed' them to come home.

others stayed for a little while before taking-off,

they got bored.

apparently, not 'everyone' is as excited to watch dogs play among themselves and others as I.

after about an hour the dogz began to tire,

so Ash, Elli, Girl6+3, the old men, and myself left in our 3 cars and came back home.

*grandpa jack & the mexi-godfather detoured to pick-up some fresh cigars and some adult beverages

before returning.

in fact as I'm writing this;

they both are just beginning to 'light-up' their stogies and settling-in for some 'story-time'.

I normally don't partake in cigar smoking as an

everyday past-time,

but going out back and sipping a scotch and listen to these two for a while may be quite entertaining.

in fact, it usually is.

so maybe that's what I'll do for the next hour.

the sf49er/patriots game starts in 90min,

so I'll just relax with the elders until then.

be back in a while.


hey ya.

just a quickie before I end my day.

watched the sf49ers almost blow a 4 touchdown lead

to the mighty patriots.

but they pulled the game out of their ass to win it.

as you know, I'm a 49er fan from way back and endured quite a few losing seasons before the

joe montana era began.

but I also like the patriots. I just don't advertise this much. anyway. after the game, I was going to take the girls christmas light viewing around the neighborhood and surrounding areas, but the fog changed my mind.

so maybe we'll go within the next couple of days.

I plan on meeting l.g. tomorrow for lunch,

and then go to west covina to get some 'more' clothing

for the mexi-godfather. that's pretty much my day.

I'm sure other 'activities' will arise though.

ok then. bed time. good night. 

17 Dec 2012/11am

good 'early' afternoon.

wanted to say hi before I take-off for a couple hours.

will be having lunch w/l.g. within the hour,

and then afterwards go to west covina and pick-up some additional clothing for the mexi-godfather.

we had a little bit of a situation here this morning;

one of the girls who spent the night here saturday night called Ash and said she left her 'expensive watch' here and wanted Ash to bring it to school.

problem is;

we looked everywhere and couldn't find it.

so while Ash & Elli were getting ready for school,

I called this girl back and told her so.

well she was upset,

and as she was talking to me I could here her mom in

the background screaming.

her mother then got on the phone and proceeded to chew my ass out about letting her daughter 'misplace' her watch, and for not paying more attention to such things.

as I tried to explain to this 'hot-head' that I didn't recall even seeing her daughter wearing a watch,

she even became more upset and went 'wacko' on me.

I mean seriously,

she was screaming at the top of her lungs and calling me every name she could think of,

and basically accusing me, Ash or whoever of stealing the watch so we could 'pawn-it' to support our

apparent drug habit.


at about that precise moment I heard somebody else screaming in the background,

and then complete silence.

then this pyscho-fuck of a mother uttered;

"my daughter just found her watch, sorry"

and then hung-up.


needless to say my blood pressure had elevated abit,

and I was upset at the accusations this woman

had thrown at me.

most concerning was her remarks of an

'apparent drug habit', that really bothered me.

so when the girls came down to go to school,

I asked them of this.

Ash and Elli both looked stunned and even laughed.

I immediately said this was NOT a laughing matter and if I need to be aware of something.

Elli then told me that this girl had told them in the past that her mother was using cocaine.


that may explain this woman's pyscho behavior and accusing others of what she is guilty of.

that is just like one spouse making unsupported statements about the other spouse having an affair,

when in reality the spouse making the accusations is actually the guilty party.

ugh. I'm fucking exhasted all ready today.

I'm not too sure about ever inviting this particular girl back here anytime soon, if at all.

not that this young lady should be penalized because her mother is a 'fucking wack-job',

I just don't want to have to deal with this

woman EVER again.

fuck me!!!

I'm just glad I kept my composure throughout

the entire conversation.

I probably would have seriously regretted anything

I would had said.

and believe me, I wanted to.

ok. I'm outa here. be back soon.

*I have ALOT of 'stored-up' excess energy right this very moment, maybe l.g. and I should get a room. lol.

(that would make today a 'real moanday'... ha-ha)


good evening all.

I thought I'd do a 'quickie' while I sit here in the kitchen and wait for the girls to finish chopping-up the ingredients for my home-made chicken salad.

I already deboned the leftover kfc chicken from yesterday (yes, we had ALOT left)

and have my secret 'special sauce' ready to go.

*special sauce:

mayo, miracle whip, spicy dijon mustard, lemon juice,

and worcestershire sauce.

(it's the amount you mix which is 'my secret')

so besides the shredded grilled 'white/dark' chicken meat; chopped celery, pine nuts, walnuts, green onion,

sweet pickles, yellow & red peppers,

and a few hard boild eggs.

will be serving this on oven toasted french bread

w/melted provolone.

plus we need to finish off the rest of the 'sides' from yesterdays lunch.

ya, ya, ya. go ahead and flip-me-shit like my daughter did;

I bought way too much food.

I forget that most young ladies don't eat that much.

oh well, better to have 'too much' than 'not enough' I say.

the left-overs will be mostly eaten by tonight anyway.

ok. enough babble, the girls are just about done, so I'm up. will check-in later.

tonights movie: 'jingle all the way/1996'.


dinner tonight was a huge hit,

the chicken salad was 'crazy good'.

after dinner the old men took-off to do

some christmas shopping and are still gone.

meanwhile, the girls and I are in the den watching

the 'arnold movie'.

I'm currently multi-tasking,

while they are laying on the floor w/the kidz

laughing away.

this movie's premise is a father (Schwarzenegger)

who waits until the last minute to buy his son the

'season's hot gift' and experiences some bumps

along the way.

the gift in question was the 'turbo man' doll.

these dolls were acrually sold in walmarts during the holiday season of 1996 for $29.99,

I know this because I bought one for my

'old movie room' back then.

which I subsequently lost w/the auction of my

storage shed in July 2006.

anyway. curiousity led me to check ebay on this.

there was one being auctioned that was 20bids deep and was up to $127.51 with 23hrs left.


I love ebay, and have been a member since April 1999.

normally I just 'window shop' on the site,

but have made 249 purchases since joining.

back when I first started ebay my 'former step-daughter' was into beanie babies and digimon cards,

so thats what I began getting.

and then I purchased alot of dust collectors.

ya, I'm full of interesting boring stories, sorry.

ok then. I'm going to finish watching this movie,

and then take the dogs for a walk.

good nite...

oh btw; toys-for-tots tomorrow.

18 Dec 2012/2pm

good afternoon everyone.

made my annual delivery to toys for tots this morning;

4 huge teddy bears

4 barbie doll/horse playsets

4 big dump trucks

4 beginners art kits w/case

I probably could have done more, but I just didn't.

I actually got a chuckle when I was dropping-off;

there was a tree in the front lobby area w/gift-tags attached listing 'dream gifts' from kids aged 5-16,

typical gift giving tree.

so as I was waiting for my receipt,

I started looking at the 'gift-tags' (without detaching them), and some of the dream gifts were outragious.

alot of playstation-3's, xboxes, and other gaming devices.

I saw a dirt bike, go-kart, and even an ipad-2.

and then I saw some that broke my heart;

new underwear, $5 a day to have dinner, and a new coat.

so I took those tags off, and went to target.

I bought 2pkgs of underwear, t-shirts, and socks.

a new coat w/matching scarf & cap.

and a gift card for a local grocery.

I'm not listing these last gifts here for any

kind of recognition,

just to show what some of these young kids really need.

our country can give billions & billions of dollars

away to other countries,

but we can't even ensure that our children have clothing

or eat everyday.

sometimes our country really sucks.

oh. and of course we are going to hear about the celebrities or other affluent individuals that take a few hours out of their day to serve christmas dinner this year.

mostly for public awareness value I'm sure.

dont' get me wrong,

or misunderstand what I'm saying here;

there are thousands of people who donate their time out of the goodness of their heart and expect nothing in return. I'm talking about the 'others' who take advantage of the situation at hand and use it to benefit their own career.

one name comes to mind: Kardashian

ok. I'm done with my 'worthless' opinion.

anyway. the girls and I are going out to dinner tonight and then to the ucla basketball game tonight.

and since the 'old men' don't want to go,

we will finish-up our shopping for christmas gifts to them and the palacios fam.

plus, we need to get some party gear for our

party saturday night.

alrighty then. I'm going to make a snack and

watch some dvr'd shows. (or a xmas movie)

I'll be back.


currently watching 'days 6' kissmas movie,

a harold & kumar vehicle.

I let the girls choose today.

so when this over,

we'll be heading south towards pauley and stop somewhere for dinner along the way.

curious to see how the ucla basketball team responds coming-off a blow-out victory.

this should be interesting.

hey, have any of you ever watched 'restaurant stakeout'

on the 'food network'? if not, you really should.

the ingredients of the show;

this high-octane restaurant owner goes around to established diners and such and sets-up hidden cameras to observe the goings-on for the owners.

there's more to the show than this, just watch it .

the show revolves around mr willie degel,

an outspoken restaurant(s) owner himself. this guy is great. I love this show.

ok then, the movie has finally ended.

not my favorite holiday classic by far.

so we are going to get outa here, see ya.


it's cold outside tonight, in fact... it's fucking cold outside! according to my dashboard lights,

it was 35' while we were driving home.

and grandpa jack just informed me a few minutes ago it's going to go down to 28' later on.

he and the mexi-god-father have already

covered the horses ,

turned-on the heater down below, covered a few

of the flowers,

and there are 2 fires roaring in two fireplaces right

this very moment.

normally I keep the thermo set at 68',

but tonite I will drop it to 60', shut-off the upstairs,

and keep the fires going all night long.

and we all sleep downstairs.

actually both girls are bunkering-down in the movie-room, and I'll be sleeping here on the couch to

'keep the fire burning' all night.

this fire is warm and crackling away beautifully right now,

but damn it's cold in here.

the kidz are currently laying on the sectional I 'was' planning on sleeping on, so I may just sleep on the recliner. grandpa jack has the fire going in his bedroom,

and the mexi-godfather is in the guestroom down the hall.

I never thought it would ever get this cold here.

so now that you've been properly briefed on our sleeping arrangements, you can sleep soundly tonite.

I'll fill you in on our evening activities tomorrow.

good night everyone.  

to be continued on 'my thoughts.12.5'...