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'my thoughts.12.5'

(19 Dec 2012 - current)

updated: 22 Dec 2012/7am

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

19 Dec 2012/3pm

been busy all day getting ready for

'Kissmas Party 2012'.

grandma palacios and a few of her relatives are here helping out, and even l.g. showed up.

the cleaning part wasn't an issue,

but getting certain rooms decorated and other rooms

locked down was.

grandma p is making over 10 dozen tomales,

her salsa and guacamole.

I have two 20lb turkeys, four large beef briskets,

and one 18lb ham to start cooking tomorrow.

that's over 100lbs of meat,

and thats not even including the salads, sandwiches,

apps, and everything else.

once again my slogan;

better to have too much than not enough.

I know that 'some of you' have a more sophisticated party appetite and take things to the next level;

but I will have quite a few 'under' 21's and even

more 'cane walkers' in attendance.

*that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

anyway. I'm sure I'll be going to bed fairly early tonight as I hardly slept well at all last night while baby sitting the fireplace, but the house was warm.

the temp this evening isn't going to be as chilly,

but we'll see how it goes.

as far as the rest of today is concerned;

when the girls get home they will be taking the kidz

to the park for me,

while l.g. and I finish wrapping a few of their presents and get them under the tree.

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather are currently out back roping-off part of the property so we don't have any of the issues we experienced last year.

the pool/jacuzzi will be off limits also.

so. after the tamales, reducing the property-line,

the dog park and present wrapping is finished,

I'm taking everyone here out to dinner to a bbq place,

great food.

we've been having christmas music playing all day throughout the house,

and I'm listening/watching a vhs christmas tape I

recorded years ago:

rudolph, the grinch, and santa clause all on one tape.

hey don't make fun of me,

it was 'pushing-the-envelope' back when I did this.

so my quota of christmas movies for the next few days

have been fulfilled.

I'll be back later tonight after dinner.

20 Dec 2012/1pm

good afternoon.

we got a late start for dinner last night,

which meant coming back home even later

than I had wanted.

I don't know about you guys, but I enjoy having my evening meal by 5pm at the latest.

last night we didn't even get out of the house until 7:30p,

and by the time we ordered,

and began eating it was already 8:30p.

and then you factor-in during/after dinner conversations, dessert for some, coffee for others.

plus a mini-argument over the payment of the dinner-tab.

*I really do hate it when you tell everyone you'll pay for dinner, and then 'some' make a 'little scene' cause they wanna take the glory. jeesh, old people!

we weren't back to the house until nearly 11p,

and done getting ready for another freeze til midnight.

and once again I laid on the couch stoking the fire to keep the downstairs warm.

I tell you guys this because I really did intend to post another entry before bed.

anyway. I just got in from the dog park,

thought I would let them enjoy the beautiful weather today. the next few days it is suppose to rain,

or at the very least be 'misty'.

*I dated a girl named Misty once, well not really 'dated',

but whatever... I like the name Misty. kinda sexy.

so it's forecasted to rain saturday night.

which means I have to figure out a parking scheme to allow people the least chance of getting wet after they drop-off their vehicle and come into the house.

a few boys from Ash' high school will be doing valet again and park all of the party guest's vehicles along

both sides of my street.

and again, some of my awesome neighbors are allowing some of the more luxerious cars to be parked in their driveways. *like the newer 2004 models. ha.

alrighty then.

I wanna get a few errands completed before

the girls get home,

I promised both of them I would help them complete a project that is due tomorrow.

*they're both done, but we still have to fine-tune the presentation/delivery part,

as it's an oral/visual report they both have paired-up together for their history class.

their subject:

'how has the christmas celebration/holidays changed

in the last 100yrs.'

I'll check-in a little later.

by the way; thank-you to those of you who have sent me and my family an e-card, that was very nice of you.


good evening.

have had a very laid back and quiet night.

I decided to fix 'breakfast for dinner' for everyone tonite;

we had 'scram-eggs', fried spam & potatoes, eggos,

and biscuits. it was awesome.

after dinner, I listened to the girls presentation of their report for tomorrow. very, very well done.

it's amazing how commercialized christmas has become

just in the last 30yrs alone.

and I've fallen into the 'standard-prototype-consumer' category during this time frame,

and especially these past two holiday seasons.

after their oral report, we all (yes, even the old guys)

watched 'it's a wonderful life' downstairs in

the movie-room.

we took a break in the middle of the movie so jacks and the godfather could have a smoke,

and the girls and I heated-up some cinnabuns and plopped a scoop of french vanila on the side. it was tasty.

now, everyone is getting ready for bed.

the weather report says it shouldn't be as cold tonight,

so I'll be sleeping upstairs in my bed. the mexi-godfather will probably be up before 5am and have the fireplace going before the rest of us are up.

tomorrow looks to be another laid back day for me.

l.g. and her two youngest kids will be here for dinner,

and then spend the night.

her oldest child doesn't want to come to the party on saturday, and won't be coming tomorrow either.

ok then. guess I should get going to take the kidz for a quick walk, and then get into bed myself.

have a great night everyone. 

21 Dec 2012/4pm

well, is today the last day of Earth?

I hope not,

there are some things I would still like to do.

ok then. moving forward with life as it is;

I've been up since just past 4am,

starting my day as early as possible to ensure I had enough time to get everything competed.

everything is 'basically' ready for the party

tomorrow night.

the mexi-godfather had a few of his relatives over to relocate the pool table, a few arcade machines,

and the couches out of the game room to allow dancing.

and yes, I the 'cheap-skate' did spring for a DJ this year.

last year I had subway do the platters of cheese, meats, and finger sandwiches.

this year I'm having a family owned deli take care

of that for me.

a little more expensive, but the quality of the food will be 'much better'... I hope.

also, I had a party tent rental rep over today and they will be setting-up a valet tent along with covering leading

to the front door from the street.

*better to be prepared for the rain, than not.

the girls just walked in the door, I'll finish-up here in a bit.

---- ok, I'm back.

Ash and Elli were so excited to tell me how they did on

their history report presentation today.

they received an 'A' 95/100, which I was so happy about.

but apparently, they got 'the giggles' half-way-thru

their presentation, and they couldn't stop.

oh well, shit happens.

anyway. their visual graphs and the music sound track they used to enhance their 'report' really made an impression.

we are going to watch a movie here in a sec,

and then have grilled cheese sandwiches and

tomato soup for dinner.

Ash and Elli are pretty excited right now as they have a party to go to tonight,

and in fact I was just told that parents are invited.

and both girls want me to go, so I shall be attending.

I've been to this house before last year,

lots of 'roast beef' will be there.

you know the types;

snobby, stuck-up people who think they are better than everyone else in the world.

seriously tho;

I think some of these 'over-educated-under-achievers'

have NEVER sat on a toilet to defecate.

(let alone clean a commode w/their hands)

I think they have someone shove a 'shit-tube' up their ass so their 'body-waste' exits while they sleep. ha. thats funny! anyway. I'm sure I'll have some good stories later tonight when I return, so check back after 10p or so.

ok, gotta go. have a safe friday night everyone.


so I thought I would give you guys a 'quickie' as I wait for my two young-ones to make a wardrobe change and 'remove' some of their shadow eye make-up.

my god, they both looked like racoons w/the amount of 'whatever' around their eyes.

and don't get me started on their ridiculously short, SHORT red skirts they both were 'planning' on wearing.

I'm not trying to be the 'old grinch' here, but come-on; a skirt that barely covers the crack-of-her-ass??? accompanied with black hose

and high heeled red shoes to enhance the leggy-look???

give me a fucking break!!!

not sure if they both did this as a joke or not,

but I know the look on my face was of sheer shock.

I have no idea where they purchased those skirts,

but they should come accessorized with a six-pack of condoms, and about a dozen 'morning-after pills. seriously!

ha. ok-ok-ok. they just came back downstairs laughing,

and saying 'joke's on you' daddy!!!

ya... ha-ha-ha, very funny you little shits.

I almost went into cardiac-arrest.

but they DID take pictures of themselves on

their cell phones.

*not so sure if it was REALLY a joke.

but they are dressed 'very adorable' now,

so we are outa here.

wish me luck,

maybe I'll get lucky w/some hottie

snobbish soccer mom who is over-due for her

christmas bonus. LOL

I'll be back...

22 Dec 2012/1am

why is it when people are born with rich parents they think they are so much better than people who have worked hard and over-come many obstacles in their lives to achieve the success that they are currently enjoying.

just because some rich-bitch pushed you out of her well manicured vagina doesn't give you the right to step all over 'us little people' to make yourself appear more important than you ever will be.

so for treating my daughter the way you did tonight,

and for embarrassing her the way you did,

and for pushing her so hard she fell down and smacked her head on the side of the gazebo causing her head to bleed,

is the reason I kicked your fucking ass!!!

I don't care that your only 22yrs old,

I don't care if you were drinking,

I don't care that your family is well known

and has 'connections',

I don't care that I nearly broke my hands on your

pretty-boy face,

I don't care if there were 20 people outside that saw me beat your ass after you did what you did,

(did you notice how many people stopped me?)

and I really don't give a fuck if you press charges

and I go to jail.

because once I'm out I will find you and beat you within a second of your last breath, that's my promise to you.

it's about time 'someone' makes you take responsibility for your obnoxious behavior and totally uncalled for actions. and that 'someone' is me mother-fucker!!!

and if you ever, EVER touch my daughter again;


*by the way, I was having a wonderful time up to the moment 'he' did what he did...


needless to say; it's not exactly a good morning.

I wrote that entry above earlier this morning when I was still pretty pissed-off.

and 'didn't publish' it on purpose, thinking maybe I would calm down by now and erase what I said.

but fuck it, I'm in total agreement with what and how I said what I said and don't give a 'rats-ass' who reads it.

as far as what is going on right now;

my hands hurt, I'm extremely tired,

and my daughter has a contusion above her right eye

and on her upper left arm

(and she may have a slight concussion).

all because she refused to dance with someone.

so... this 'person' was very interested in Ash all night,

but she was not in him.

he asked her to dance more than a few times but she graciously declined each time,

but apparently (as he told her) he 'gets what he wants'.

as Ash laughed at him and turned

and was walking away he grabbed her arm,

called her a 'very' obscene name,

and then shoved her HARD causing her to fall

into a gazebo.

I observed the entire situation as it unfolded,

and as I was about 20ft away, I immediately intervened.

I'm a little hazy on the accountability of my actions,

but can recall using both my fists to plummet the 'fuck-stick' to the ground hitting him approximately two dozen 'or more' times before anyone 'tried' to pull me off of him.

I can assure you, he had absolutely no idea what hit him.

if it hadn't been for Ash and Elli both screaming at me to stop, I'm afraid of what could have happened.

no matter what the outcome of this becomes,

I do not regret my actions what-so-ever.

I'm afraid 'we' may not be invited back to this house

anytime soon though.

l.g. was here when we returned home at 11p,

and immediately looked after both Ash and I,

she then called the authorities to question on whether an incident report had been filed.

also calling just minutes ago;

as of 6:30am, nothing.

as far as Ash goes,

she was bruised pretty bad by his grip on her

upper arm area,

and by hitting her head on the side of a gazebo bench.

I'm seriously thinking of taking her to the local cop-shop and filing a assualt report and have pictures

taken of her injuries.

the bump on her head was the size of a golf ball last night when we got home,

but using a cold compress throughout the night brought

the swelling down by half.

and my right hand is seriously fucked-up.

ok then. l.g. is recommending we go to 'quick care'

for the both of us.

so we are going to take-off right now.

what a day to have our kissmas party.

(just saying)

to be continued...