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'my thoughts.12.6'

(24 Dec 2012 - 25 Dec 2012)

completed: 25 Dec 2012/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

24 Dec 2012/10am

good 'Christmas Eve' morning.

hopefully you all are where you need to be to celebrate

with your friends, family, and loved ones.

if not, and you are traveling today;

please be careful and remember, don't drink and drive.

if you have no-one to spend the holidays with,m

then you are more than welcome to spend them with me

and my family.

(by reading these pages of course...)

hey, if anyone knows what it's like not to have 'someone'

to spend Christmas day with, it's me.

not that I didn't mind being alone sometimes,

but there are moments/certain days that maybe,

just maybe it's nice to have company.

I'm not trying to bore you all with memories

of days gone by,

I just want a few of you to know that even though you may be alone, you not really alone.

I've read as many emails as time would allow me

to read this morning,

and a couple of you told me how much you look forward to my 'blah-blah-blah' (my words) everyday.

I appreciate the compliments and kind words,

but believe me everyone,

everything for me isn't perfect.

not by any means.

remember this;

I only write here what I wish to share,

not what I want you to know.

at one time I was going to cease my 'updates' all together, but someone suggested that I use this forum as a way to clear my thoughts and say 'whatever' to make

myself feel better.

I heard her, but I didn't really listen.

maybe I should of.

ok then. sorry.

these pain meds I'm on are really fucking with my

petty-thoughts this morning,

and I'm sure the glasses of vino I had with my eggs florentine an hour ago just enhanced the 'fogginess'

I am currently experiencing.

(l.g. really is a great cook, btw)

*and please don't grade me on spelling, word usage

or sentence structure either;

I really couldn't care less this morning.

also, a few of you inquired about the party of last friday night, and why I deleted the page/entry.

actually, I NEVER delete anything;

I just removed the entries from being published.

and did so by the advice of my girlfriend/attorney.

but I have absolutely no regrets for what I said,

and I'd do it all again... in a minute!

my injuries of a dislocated left pinky,

which is currently in a splint, and a battered right hand that is wrapped accordingly fails to compare

with 'the other guy'.

Ash is doing much better,

but still has a very bruised forehead and upper left arm,

and a shiner under her right eye.

*she didn't have a concussion by the way.

and nobody has heard 'anything' from 'the other guy'.

not a word! ok. enough said.

well damn. I just reread this entry, pretty boring crap eh? sorry about this. I'm going to take a nap and try to get rid of this 'morning drunk' I got going-on.

I'll be back in a few hours with my normal bullshit

'what I'm having for dinner' bullshit.

*ya I know, I said bullshit twice. so be it!!!

one more thing before I take my much needed nap;

please take the time to read my 'republished' page of

'a Christmas Eve poem'

which I posted for the first time a year ago.

I am not the author,

as it was written by a U.S. Marine on Christmas Eve 1986. enjoy...



I feel a mega-ton better.

my headache is gone, but I am still a little tired.

so as I just sat down here in the kitchen,

grandma palacios has poured me a cup of mexi-coffee

for me to drink and 'sober-up' (she says... lol).

anyway. a few more people have arrived since I

lay down to take my nap,

so I have absolutely no idea how many are here now.

I know we're planning a fairly large

'kissmas eve dinner'

in a few hours; smorgy-style.

the palacios' have quite a group here already,

with a lot of tupperware containers in the refers.

also, a few neighbors and kissmas party attendees are also going to be showing-up here within the next few hours to help us celebrate and share the evening with.

everyone was asked to bring a dish, appetizer,

and/or something to gnaw on.

*I'm hoping someone brings a dish of green bean casserole, or I'll just have to make a huge dish of it myself.

I love that goopy-ass shit!

so. speaking of the weather;

having the weather being overcast,

and cold and wet is great for the holiday atmosphere.

but, I wish there was snow outside.

it's been raining here all morning

(which is awesome)

but it's in the lowish 50's.

*too warm for snow flurries. damn-it.

l.g. left during my mid-morning siesta,

and will be returning soon with all three of her kids soon. Ash & Elli are out with some friends at the T.O. mall (Thousand Oaks mall),

doing their last minute holiday shopping.

*I'm still awaiting my 'G.I. Joe w/the kung-fu grip'.

grandpa jack, the mexi-godfather,

and a few of my neighbors are out back in

'the smoking area' enjoying some cigars w/their coffee, or whatever the hell their all drinking.

and here I sit at the breakfast table, by myself,

typing away for you guys to read. blah!

again I appreciate the e-cards some of you have sent me,

and I sent a return to all those I received one from.

I'm thinking about going downstairs to the movie-room and see what the 'younger' palacios kids are watching.

hopefully it's something christmassy.

also, I'm hungry now.

I want a nutella w/banana sandwich. and a beer.

and maybe some fritos w/bean dip. yumm.

hmmm. maybe just 2beers.

ok. I'll be back...


good 'Christmas Eve' evening.

I'm upstairs taking a minimal break from the hustle & bustle of the 'feast-feed-for-all' going on downstairs.

and as always,

I thought we were not going to have enough food. ha!

there is everything from

homemade mexican food, to pizza hut pizzas.

someone even brought two huge pans of lasagna.

and yes, I've had my fill of green bean casserole.

there aren't as many people here as were for

the kissmas party,

but there's still about 50-60 crazies down there.

l.g. and her 3 kids showed-up a few hours ago,

I wish her 18yr old wasn't such a p.i.t.a.

he 'really' didn't want to be here,

(and it showed)

so I suggested he call up one of his friends to come pick him up and go do something he wanted to do.

and he left about 30min ago. so be it.

let it be known I'll never make anyone do something

he/she doesn't want to do.

(minus homework, chores, and such)

you only have to tell me 'once' you don't want to be

here cause it 'sucks'.

I guess some teenage-boys would rather hang w/their bro's and smoke ciggs in the 7/11 parking-lot instead of having 'everything' at his disposal,

including about a dozen 16-18yr old pretty girls

to get to know.

no worries. unlike thanksgiving weekend,

there was no argument/discussion about this.

anyway, the other two kids are having a blast.

and l.g. is staying the night,

so she is having her fill of margaritas.

(hey, 3 outa 4 ain't bad)

well hell. I guess I need to get back down there,

we are having a xbox-kinect bowling tourney soon.

just one more thing;

I'm kind of missing having some family from my 'other life'

(or as I now refer to; B.A.: 'Before Ash')

to share these new memories with.

I guess that's the downside of 'not having' any brothers, sisters, or close relatives.

I really do wish my father hadn't died so young.

it would have been 'a sight' to see/hear my daughter

call my long haired/dope smoking father 'grandpa'.

just the thought of that makes me smile. (and cry)

alrighty then. enough of that setimental bullshit,

I'm outa here.

I'll check-in at least once more before going to bed.


it's just about 80min away from Christmas Day,

and there are only 7 of us here now.

the mexi-godfather went home w/his family tonite,

not really sure he was happy to leave though.

the last 'guest' to leave tonight was our newest neighbors who just moved in down the street.

he and his wife relocated this past summer

from east brunswick, new jersey. I love these people.

and omg, the stories he tells about 'certain things'

are very entertaining.

I've only been to new york twice, and I loved it each time.

I never stopped in jersey though.

I'm still not really sure what he did for a living,

maybe somethings are better left 'unknown'.

anyway. l.g. is in the shower up here,

her kids, Ash and Elli are all sleeping in the movie room.

and last I saw, grandpa jack was in the barn w/the horses.

I have my alarm set for 3am to do my 'santa kiss thing',

all the big presents were hidden 'very well' this year. RV. and l.g. brought all her kid's presents also,

so I need to get those out of her suv and taken care of.

plus, I have a few that need a 'little extra' time to display. after our gifts are exchanged in the morning,

the palacios' want us to come over around noon for brunch, and gifts over at there house.

and then we'll all come back here for dinner;

shrimp caesar salad, t-bones, and lobster tails.

ya, I know. not your typical christmas day meal,

but we all agreed to have this along time ago.

and l.g. and her kids were excited about the fare.

besides, we have enough turkey, ham and fix'ins left-overs to last us a long time.

and I always have thought bbq'n on christmas was

actually pretty cool.

hmmm. maybe I'm the only one to think that though. alrighty then, l.g. is out of the shower and standing here telling me it's time for bed.

and looking at her, I am in total agreement.

looks like 'mr kiss' gets an early christmas present after all. *wink-wink

good night everyone.

25 Dec 2012/4am

Merry Christmas 2012

Santa Kiss has completed his assignments...

*now I am going back to bed for a few more hours

of much needed sleep.

we'll talk soon...


the presents are all unwrapped, the kahlua coffee is flowing, and I seriously need a couple extra-strength tylenol.

Ash and Elli are making chocolate chip pancakes for themselves and the other two kids,

and grandpa jack is 'outback' (pun...) smoking a new cigar that santa gave hime for being a 'good boy this year'.

and l.g. and I are 'thinking' about going upstairs for a 'quickie' little nap... *I'll be back.


good 'Christmas Day' evening.

have had a very laid back holiday.

the morning with presents was awesome.

and I so enjoyed watching all 4 kids, l.g. and jack

opening their gifts.

I admit that in my younger days I was pretty much a shallow schmuck and didn't really care about

anybody but myself.

(hey, unlike many others, at least I admit it!)

but as I have 'gown-up',

I have come to the realization that 'other peoples happiness' is what really matters.

and if I can assist in that, that is the greatest gift of all.

not that the giving of 'materialistic' items is what

'giving' is all about.

but the excitement I now enjoy as I watch the face of someone unwrapping a gift that I gave is one of the greatest feelings I now know.

especially when its' someone I love withmy entire 'being'. *remember, this is only the 2nd christmas I've ever

shared with my daughter.

and I will treasure each and every one.

plus, having l.g. and her young children

was an added bonus.

and even though grandpa jack is still missing grandma jo,

I think he still semi-enjoyed himself today.

even going to celebrate 'feliz navidad' in west covina was a normal affair today;

the food, the drink, and the gathering in general was just 'drama free'. normally, there is 'something going on' in the house of palacios that paraphrases a reality tv show on some level of insanity.

even all the 'rug-rats' were in rare 'behaving' form today.

it's gotta be 'the day' that brought-out the best in all. actually. when we came back home,

a fairly large group of p-fam members followed us back. apparently, part of my christmas present from the palacios family is to do some backyard work/maintenance

the next few days.

not that my property is in dire straights,

it just needs some 'adjustments' and 'touch-ups'.

I still haven't got around to hiring a full-time landscaper/gardener.

my lawns are always mowed, and the shrubs near

the house are fine.

but once you go beyond the horses,

the natural beauty of the scenery has 'naturally' begun to reestablish itself.

and the once manageable trails leading 'around' may need to have a 'little love' shown.

*hey, you guys know I'm not an out doorsy guy.

sometimes I still don't know why I bought this place.

so anyway, team palacios will be here during the next few days doing work outside,

then the mexi-godfather, and grandma palacios will be staying here thursday-thursday while we take-off

for new years.

speaking of new years, our plans may have changed,

not sure as of yet.

well I have just been asked to go dowstairs for ice cream, apple pie, and a movie.

so I better go.

I hope all of you had a wonderful, WONDERFUL Christmas. good night...   

to be continued on 'my thoughts.12.7'...