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'my thoughts.12.8'

(31 Dec 2012)

completed: 31 Dec 2012/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

31 Dec 2012/7am

good morning.

I've been up since 5am with a sick dog.

I think 'Mad-Max' possibly ate something while we were on our late-nite walk last night.

he is currently no longer yaking,

and is finally drinking pedialyte.

(can't have this guy getting dehydration)

the thing about having 'one' dog getting sick in such confined-quarters is trying to keep the other dogs from licking-up the vomit.

both girls have been up since about 5:30a helping me out, as it's easier to have 'the other kidz' outside.

and yes, it was damn cold early this morn.

alright, Max is wagging his tail so I'm going to take him back outside for a solo-walk before the girls lay back down.


everything appears to be fine now.

I actually fell asleep for about an hour after I

took 'el-sicko' out for a walk.

I just noticed that my earlier entry never posted,

so I'm guessing that 'vista-print' is once again having issues. anyway, I'll keep updating and trying to post.

not so sure what we are going to do today,

don't really want to leave the pets alone until I know for sure that 'everything is fine'.

I may just let the girls go out and about to

explore by themselves. still unsure about that though.

I'm going to take a shower and get cleaned-up before the girls get back-up. I'll be back later.


all cleaned-up, I even shaved and trimmed my beard.

I'm ready to party.

so I just got off the phone with 'vista', and of course they claim there is absolutely nothing wrong with their end, and maybe I need to check my internet connection.

which kinda makes since, as I've had issues with my 'wireless system' here in the rig before.


if I was indeed experiencing technical difficulties on my end, then how could I be updating, saving,

and also checking my emails? this woman also told me to log-off and back-in to my account to see if that helps.

so whatever.

the girls have been up for 30min and are getting ready to go get us some fresh fish for tonight.

all the kidz are doing well, and while the girls are gone I'm going to walk them and then decide if I'm going anywhere. I'm pretty sure Mad-Max just ate something he shouldn't have had, and it's now out of his system.

alaskan malamutes are notorious for eating 'anything' when their young, and he is just 19mo.

the weather has been fairly clear all morning,

but I can see clouds up north stretching across the ocean,

so who knows what it will be later today.

ok then, I need to go take care of a couple things before the girls leave, and they are sitting here staring at me being impatient little teenaged girls.

I'll try to post again after I log-out and back-in again. *11:20am boom. it worked...


good afternoon everyone. thank-you to those of you who have sent me texts, emails and so on;

wishing me and my family a 'happy new year'.

I send those 'well wishes' back with a 'kiss'. lol

so, the girls went out and had some sushi for lunch,

and also picked-up some excellent filets for dinner tonight. so now we are going to take some boat tour of the bay that Ash & Elli found some info on.

all the kidz seem to be doing fine,

so I'll chance it and leave them to 'sleep' & 'relax'.

it's so beautiful outside right now,

can't wait to get on the water.

*I'm not exactly a seagoing individual... sharks!!!

'll check-in a little later.


hi ya...

after I finally left this steel cocoon with

the girls this afternoon;

we took a tour of morro bay,

heard some facts about morro rock,

*a 581ft tall volcanic plug;

discovered/charted by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

a Portuguese explorer in 1542.

and then we visited a few shoppes along the main drag, 'embarcadero ave'.

which led me to telling the girls a story about

the 'old two-tiered freeway'

in the east bay of san francisco called 'the embarcadero'.

it was demolished after the earthquake of Oct/1989.

as most the upper level came crashing down,

killing quite a few people who were driving on the freeway during the quake.

I can still recall that day vividly in my memory;

I had just sat down with a bbq steak and was

prepared to watch the world series between

the sfgiants and the oakland A's

when the station went off the air. blah-blah-blah,

sorry, I started to ramble again.

anyway, the girls are making dinner;

bbq t-bones, salmon filets, baked potatoes, and asparagus spears w/hollandaise sauce.

for dessert I have dreyers triple-berry sherbet w/fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

so anyway. while the girls are making dinner,

I thought I would 'play around' with this site a little bit.

I'm looking to change/add a little here and there,

and may be posting different things tonight.

I'll update a narrative abit later also.

*this will be my new years... exciting, eh?!

so if you're going out tonight be careful,

and please don't drink and drive.


I just added a new page;

'Kiss Vidz'...

nothing fancy, just thought I'd share some of my favorite music videos with you guys.

I'll probably post a new vid once a week,

maybe more for 'special occasions'.

as always, feedback is appreciated.

*I can't take the credit for this though,

Ash has been wanting me to put a player on this site for

as long as I can remember.

ok then. we're listening to all my saved vids on my you-tube account, they're making fun of my 'disco' songs.

I'll be back...


we have all been having the best 'new years eve' together. normally I don't drink when I have Ash w/me in

the rig while we are traveling,

but considering the fact that we are in a

'very secure' location,

are surrounded by quite a few rvers who just love to be 'lookie-loos' to observe what others are doing,

and have a very good protective blanket

with all these dogs;

I felt very good about letting down my guard and having

a few glasses of brandy.

besides, my daughter knows how to defend herself with the 'hardware' we keep in a few lock-boxes.

I'm not going to get into a discussion about 'gun control'

with you guys in this forum,

because (just like politics) there are never any winners.

but I will say that every american has the right to defend themselves from the enemy, foreign and domestic.

I did read a few of your twitter feeds after this last school shooting, and am in total agreement that 'something' needs to be done though, and immediately.

ok then, enough of that.

so after dinner, which was perfect by the way,

we watched animal house and then the girls went running outside in 'homemade' toga's.

(which were blankets covering their clothes)

but they had fun for the few moments they were out

there yelling t-o-g-a t-o-g-a!

afterwards, we took the kidz down the park road so they could stretch their legs and go potty.

and now we are watching 'alien-v-predator/2004'.

alot of bars in the surrounding areas are hosting their own nye parties, but I am perfectly content right here.

this will be my last entry for the year 2012.

and yes, I've got a buzz on... 

to be continued on 'my thoughts.1.1'...