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my thoughts.13.2:

(19 Nov 2011 - 24 Nov 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

19 Nov 2011/7:30a

good morning.

I wasn't quite able to complete the movie j.f.k. last night, nor did I finish the huge bowl of popcorn I made.

but after I did my wheel barrow duties this morn and go down to the movie room to clean-up my left over mess,

I noticed the mega-bowl of popcorn was almost empty.

either I have rats, or maybe one of the elders decided to have a crunchy buttery breakfast.

my kidz 'do not' like popcorn at all, unless 'devil' somehow manage to open the doors (no thumbs) and she decided to try some goop saturated little pieces of styrofoam! she is the only one that is 'breaking the mold' of what I thought I knew about dogs.

my daughter called me after she got to her girlfriends house last night, and proceeded to inform me that this 'breaking dawn' movie is now one of her favorites.

from the way she was acting, I'm thinking she was really 'hyped-up' on sugery food and drinks still.

(I hope anyway...)

ok, the elders have just departed to the san diego area for the next couple of days; they are still looking for a property down there, and have said they don't really want to be here when their daughter first arrives.

speaking of which, I still need to clean myself up and then pick up Ash and we will be on our way to

LAX to meet her mom.

we have thrown ideas around on what to do for turkey day, as the palacios clan really wants the four of us to

come over for the entire day.

but I really enjoy thanksgiving left-overs,

so grandma jo and I decided we will cook our first turkey dinner together with 'all' the fixin's,

and after we stuff ourselves, we will make our way over to west covina for the evening festivities.

the mexi-godfather is planning a semi-surprise party

for my birthday

(ya old man, I found out),

so I will pretty much 'go with the flow' that night.

birthdays are very important to me; not mine so much any longer, but I love to make a big deal out of other's.

and since I now have this little girl in my life,

I have so many of her's to look forward to:

her 16th, 18th, 21st, 29th, 30th... etc *hell, who am I kidding, ALL her birthdays will be special to me.

alright it's nearly 7:30a and I wanna get out of here by 9a, so I will shut this down for now.

will be back throughout the day to keep you guys up to snuff. if you don't hear from me for more than a day,

come here to agoura and find me!

hope you all have a fantastic saturday...


I just heard this on sportscenter as I was 'cleaning-up';

Walter (Walt) R. Hazzard Jr.

15 April 1942 - 18 Nov 2011

Walt Hazzard; the Bruin Family will be forever in your debt. g.a.kiss

Walter 'Walt' Hazzard Jr.

(above left)

was a member of the UCLA Basketball National Championship Team in 1964.

(UCLA's first)

He was voted National Player of the Year,

the Most Valuable Player of the NCAA Tournement,

the over-all number one pick of the NBA Draft

by the Los Angeles Lakers,

and a member of the USA Olympic Basketball Team that won a Gold Medal in the XVIII Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan; all of this in 1964.

He was also an NBA All Star in 1968 while playing with the Seattle Supersonics.

Mr. Hazzard was the head coach of the

UCLA Basketball Program from 1984 - 1988.

Winning the National Invitational Tourney in 1985.

I actually met Coach Hazzard on Saturday, 15 Dec 1984 when the Bruins hosted the

American International Yellow Jackets at Pauley Pavilion. (my very first UCLA Basketball game)

I got the Coach's autograph, along with Reggie Miller's and Nigel Miguel's on my ticket stub that I still have framed.

In all honesty, I had no idea who Coach Hazzard was at that time, and only desired Reggie Miller's signature

on my ticket.

Coach Hazzard's passing is a tremendous loss

to the UCLA Family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to

his family and friends.


good evening;

for not having much planned today,

we were so very busy.

after picking-up my daughter from her girlfriends house,

I was surprised how excited she was that we were going to go pick-up her mom from the airport.

(I had hoped that this would be the case)

so as I drove to LAX, I was told almost frame by frame about the new twightlight movie; breaking dawn part 1.

I had never seen my kid like this before, non-stop talking, laughing, all the while telling me all about

her 'new' favorite movie.

I'm not going to even try to explain this movie to you all,

too many characters, too many side-stories

and alot of vamps and wolves.

oh, and the whole baby thing.

the reviews of this movie were not kind,

so I'm guessing you really have to be a fan of the 'twightlight series' to enjoy this flick.

alright, so all the while I was listening to Ash give me detail by detail of this epic movie, I had us enroute to LAX.

traffic was pretty light (by los angeles standards) and we made it to the airport, parked and were waiting outside the security check-point area in just over an hour.

now I have to say something;

I understand and totally agree with the regulations of TSA concerning our safety issues. but I still miss the days of waiting by the arrival gate for your party to walk down the breezeway coming off the flight.

just missing the moments of days-gone-by.

after waiting nearly 45min, and spending way too much cash-ola on over-priced coffee; her mom had arrived.

both girls were crying as they hugged, and I was almost caught-up in the moment.

after Ashley (her moms first name, my daughters middle... memba?) and I also embraced, we went to go wait for her luggage while Ash went to the bathroom to 're-adjust' her face, or so she said.

after getting her luggage (lots of luggage mind you),

we departed the airport and were enroute back up to this general area to find a place to eat as we all were famished. but before we ended up at the diner, I pulled over so Ash could practice driving with her mom in the car.

so while Ash drove, her mom was in the passenger seat

and me in the back seat.

first time I had ever sat in my rear seats, crazy thing.

after lunch we head back here to the house,

(I had thought that Ashley had been here before, but was told 'no', I still think she has though,

will have to check this site I guess for a reference).

so anyway, after the dog show

(barking, whining, talking, peeing, jumping, etc)

I brought Ashley's bags (5) in and put them in the guest room adjacent to Ash's room, while Ash showed her mom around the house.

within a half hour of being home the mexi-godfather called and 'gave me grief' about not wanting to go to the ucla football game tonight. (last home game of the year) well, the girls were both excited about going when I brought it up, so we ended-up going after all (no rv tho).

by the time we got there, the palacios army (15) had already settled in and was awaiting our arrival. Ash took no time in introducing her mom to everyone,

she is so damn grown-up.

the ucla game was a one-sided affair to our advantage;

colorado 6 ucla 45

I still dispise the coach though.

after the game, we were invited back to west covina

(of course), but came back home instead.

so we hit the grocery on the way home for snacks and food favorites, and boom... here I am having a coors light,

sitting in the kitchen typing away while Ash and her mom watch a movie downstairs in the 'movie room'.

I have '2 dogs'; elles and rustin laying next to me,

the others are downstairs with the girls.

the cats are upstairs in my bed sleeping.

not sure what our plans are for tomorrow;

we were invited to church and/or sunday brunch at

casa-palacios, but graciously declined.

I'm thinking we will just stay home ALL day.

thunderstorms are forecasted for tomorrow,

so it may be a great day to just relax and take it easy.

oh my, my, my; I have to admt,

Ashley is extremely attractive and looks so damn good.

I'm glad she got the help she needed.

it's a funny thing; my ex-wife was a blonde,

but I have always been attracted to dark haired women, always. there's just something about a female with dark hair... beautiful. and Ash and her mom have the exact same hair color; chestnut-auburn. but Ash's eyes are blue, while Ashley's are green. and I still can't get over how much they look alike, it's a scary thing. in fact, the palacios family were all in total agreement that these two look like sisters rather than mother/daughter.

ok, I've been listening/watching the stanford/cal game

'currently 3rd quarter' on espn while I've been updating,

looks cold and wet in the bay area tonite.

it's nearly 9:30p and I guess I will take the kidz out for a walk, they were all inside for most of the day.

hope your sat-day was special, g'nite

and I'll see ya tomorrow.

oh, one more thing: 

happy '50th' birthday

oh meg, you're such a hottie... g.a.kiss

Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra

'Meg Ryan'

19 Nov 1961 - 19 Nov 2011

*of course I love the movie 'sleepless in seattle' 1993,

but my favorite 'meg ryan' movie is 'city of angels' 1998...

20 Nov 2011/5:15a

good 'early' morning.

I've been up since 4:40a, didn't sleep well at all last night. after I signed-off last;

the 3 of us took the kidz for a quick walk, cut short by the rain begining to come down.

(in fact it's been raining all night)

after the shortened walk,

I made hot chocolate w/marshmallows for the girls and then I headed up to bed.

I can't even begin to explain how pleased I am that Ashley is here visiting, Ash is just so happy.

today looks to be a 'stay at home day';

I've been thinking of making my sauce for spaghetti lately, and with it being rather chilly and wet outside;

today may be the day.

so just as soon as it gets light out, I will do my morn-routine, shower, and get to the store and back before

the girls wake-up.

and I'm sure Ash is going to want bagels/cream cheese,

so I'll pick those up also.

watching sportscenter as I type this up, lots of upsets in college football yesterday. today is nfl sunday, go 9ers. alright, I'm going to have another cup of java and change into sweats to ready myself for wheel barrow duty.

check-in with you guys later. have a great sunday everyone.


just taking a short break from playing video games and having my daughter kick my ass.

after I last left you, I proceeded to go outside in the early morning mist and do 'poop patrol', grained the horses, slopped the pigs, collected the eggs... ha, just kidding, no pigs or chickens thank-you very much. but I did change the blankets on the horses, and spent a little time with them. afterwards, I went shopping for sauce ingredients and picked-up bagels/cream cheese and some fresh lox.

breakfast was fantastic; and yes, each pup got their very own salmon filet this morning.

so currently my red sauce is cooking in the crock pot,

Ash and her mom are laughing while they play a dance game on the kinect; which of course is causing the pupz to bark and run around like the crazy animals they really are.

it is just going to be the three of us here all day,

no outside company.

I hope we don't kill each other by day's end.

I talked with the elders this morning, and we will be meeting them in san diego tomorrow morning, and then all of us will be going to the san diego zoo together.

which means we will be leaving by 5:30a to 'hopefully' miss the morning traffic and meet the grandparents

at the main gate by 9a.

(which should be interesting... all of it)

ok, I just heard a 'slight' disagreement between the kidz,

I best be going for now. I'll be boring you again real soon.


lazy, lazy day.

the aroma of my sauce is just beginning to leak out of the crock pot, and soon it will be radiating throughout

my entire home.

everyone is doing their own thing right now;

Ash is on her lap top looking at the san diego zoo web site, Ashley is reading the sunday newspaper 'LA times',

the dogs are all sleeping in various places,

the cats haven't been seen in hours,

the horses are out standing in the mist (wtf?),

and I am 'kinda' watching the nfl games on direct tv while sharing a bottle of lambrusco w/Ashley.

I guess I should start to boil the water for the pasta's;

spaghetti, penne, and cheese tortellini.

that way everyone gets what they desire.

my red sauce is the meaty version:

italian sausage, 85% hamburger, shredded chicken,

along with chopped olives, sauteed mushrooms and onions, red/green peppers, diced tomatos, and some secret spices.

while I was in the kitchen this morn preparing all this,

I also started to prep for thanksgiving;

hardboiled 2 dozen eggs for 'deviled eggs', peeled 10lbs of spuds, and made my 'turkey rub' spread.

hints: when hardboiling eggs use '1 tbs of salt' in the water for easy shell breakage, peeled potato's can keep for 5 days in a water-brine, and use unsalted butter as a base for your turkey rub mixture. (crispier skin & less sodium)

and yes, I do watch the food channel;

but normally just to drivel on myself when I'm

watching giada de laurentiis

(yep, she is such a damn hottie and a ucla grad)

alright enuff boredom, I'll check in later.


the sauce is ready, all the pasta's drained, ceasar salad is dished out, the garlic bread is just about done,

and I have 2 eager chicks ready to devour just about anything I put in front of them.

and yes, I will be opening a 3rd bottle of the cheap stuff.

hope everyone is having a fantastic sunday afternoon.

sf49ers are for real baby, kicking ass and takin' names!!!

I'll check-in later...


we finished eating nearly 3 hours ago and I am still extremely full. everything was excellent; the meal, the company, the nap afterwards (ha, not really).

and I didn't even have to clean-up afterwards, surprisingly. so instead of the nap, that I really wanted to partake in,

we all took the kidz for a rather long jaunt

throughout the neighborhood and we only got

drizzled on once. after the walk, we all played 'boggle' the actual game, not computer style.

when is the last time any of you played a board game?

I think the last for me was a couple weeks ago w/Ash;

trivial pursuit 'the original'.

sometimes it's just fun to sit at a table, and play a game not on a screen, or with a hand device.

and omg, to use paper/pencil to keep score, how primative. I've had both my cell phones off all day; no calls, no texts,

no dm's, no notifications what-so-ever.

a relatively stress-free day.

and my land-line only rang three times;

the elders, the mexi-godfather and a wrong number.

did I ever mention before that Ash has me dvr

'the ellen degeneres show' everyday now?

and I admit I have actually been watching the show with her and her grandmother almost daily.

let me tell ya something; I know that ellen is married to a female, and that she is a blond... but I think she is a

'hot hottie'.

and her sense of humor is out'fucking'ragious;

she doesn't care who she plays tricks on,

even the actor antonio banderas felt the wrath of being 'ellened' a couple of weeks ago.

the only reason I bring this up now is because we are all watching friday's episode with the cast members of the 'breaking dawn movie' being her daily guest.

I wonder what kind of career all these kids are going to have once the vampire/werewolf series end?

I know the three main kids have made other movies, but I'm curious if they will be 'typed-cast' at all.

I would have to say that my favs in these movies are;

ashley greene and anna kendrick.

they're so young, but very, very beautiful.

alright, 10 minutes until the american movie awards start and I was just asked to make popcorn, I'm on it.

I'll see you guys tomorrow... sometime.

-21 Nov 2011/5a-

good morning all.

it's 4:45a and I am ready to rock.

been up for nearly 45min, I'm showered, caffeinated, dressed and just finished packing a cooler w/soda, red bull, snacks, etc. both girls are almost ready themselves;

I love traveling with people who get up on time and are excited about going somewhere.

I'm thinking we will be outa here within 30minutes. grandpa palacios will be coming over later this morning to house-sit/dog-babysit and I'm sure start some new project of some-sort. (he's a crazy mo-fo!)

so our plans are to spend the day with the grandparents at the zoo (9a-5p) and then afterwards, who knows.

we may spend the night down there instead of driving another 3hrs back here tonite.

we're all taking an over-night bag just in case.

was so happy the mexi-godfather 'volunteered' to come over here to watch the prop/animals today,

I just love that old man!

Ash was having a great time looking at the live animal cam-feeds yesterday ( and swears she will get some face time on one of them today, that should be interesting to watch.

the weather at the zoo should be beautiful today

(forecast: sunny, 58'), perfect for viewing the animals.

I can recall august'04 when my ex-wife, her daughter and I went to the zoo; it was hot and most of the huge animals were sleeping in their caves out of the sun most of the day.

it was 'not' a good all.

alrighty then, it's 5am straight up and I'm going to go check on my road crew. I'll have my laptop in my gear just in case we stay south tonite, I'll update first chance I can.

have an excellent day everyone...


good evening my friends.

not sure how much I will be able to 'share' before my

tylenol pm's kick in.

I am currently in a hotel near the gaslamp quarter here in san diego, ca. my daughter and her mom are staying in a room across the hall from me, and the grandparents

are on a lower floor.

the girls and I left the house around 5:15a, and arrived at the zoo main gate by 8:40a, even with a breakfast stop at the hide away cafe in solana beach. excellent cinnamon rolls. the weather was beautiful up until about 11am,

when the clouds rolled in and then it turned rather chilly as the day went on. so anyway, the zoo was fantastic, better to go when the sun isn't beating down on top of you with all the cement in the park. my least favorite; the reptile house, my most favorite; nearly everything else.

because the weather was so cool, and the sun wasn't bearing down, nearly all the animals were out in full force. we even got to view the pandas scurrying about,

which I was told is very rare. we rode the bus tour twice, took the overhead tram 3 times.

and everyone got along wonderfully the entire day

(ya, I had doubts about Ashley and her parents).

we had a mini-lunch at sydney's grill; I had the black bean veggie burger w/an extra green chile, awesome.

and they had diet coke, very cool.

after we ate, we walked off those calories going all the way to the petting zoo, which is located at the very edge of the park going south to the discovery land area.

then we just sort of went back and saw things

again which we liked. even the gorillas were having a romp around their area.

I didn't see any monkeys throw their shit though,

I've heard of that happening before.

we left the park about 30min before closing (4:30p) and came over to the downtown district to find a hotel that would be walking distance to the gaslamp area.

which is located across the street to the right.

after checking-in, taking a shower and relaxing for

about 5 minutes, we made our way over to 'the melting pot' restaurant which was about 10 miles north on the 5.

this place is a great place if you like fondue.

you can literally dip anything into any cheese sauce you wish; and for dessert, the chocolate fondues are superb. while I was dining with my 'new family'

(seriously, what do I call all these people)

I had quite an experience with text chatter from 2 different friends from 2 entirely different parts of my past life. apparently, they had/have hooked-up unbeknowst to me, and my male friend who is in las vegas is still married.

wow. I was at a loss for words to say the least.

I didn't even know they knew each other.

anyway, none of my business once you get thru the

shock of it all.

speaking of vegas; I received a call from my former mom-in-law today while we were 'zooing it',

and she asked me if I was going to be in town for the holiday because she is going to be all alone and wants someone to spend the day with. well shit. what the fuck.

so one thing lead to another; and boom; Ashley, Ash and myself are going to drive up to las vegas tomorrow,

(after we see the prop the grandparents are interested in) spend the night at my house, and then wednesday morning pick-up the old battle-ax (ya, I say that to her face),

and then drive back to agoura hills on the

busiest travel day of the year.

if we can leave vegas by 4am wednesday, we will.

I'd rather get caught in traffic in the LA area than

the high dessert.

and I have no fucking idea when I am to take her back to her senior living quarters in las vegas.

if she asks me to stay thru new years, I will shoot myself. twice.

so that would mean I am going to have the mother of the woman I had a daughter with,

AND the mother of my ex-wife at my home for

thanksgiving which also happens to be my birthday.

why don't I just invite my mother also?

*actually been thinking about contacting her lately.

do I really want to be an asshole and not allow her the opportunity to at least meet her 'real' grand-daughter?

I don't know if I'm yet ready for that to happen just yet.

we'll have to wait and see.

ok, its nearly 10p and I'm starting to feel the effects

of the tylenol pm. so I will sign-off.

will 'try' to update in the morn before we leave;

but most likely it will be when I get to my house in vegas.

good nite you guys, and thank you for the

early birthday wishes. 

22 Nov 2011/2p

greetings from the semi-cloudy skies of las vegas.

we arrived over an hour ago, and I thought I would come upstairs to take a nap before going across town to pick-up NJ. not really much to report trip wise;

we left san diego this morning at approx 5:30a,

and made excellent time throughout.

we stopped around 8a outside of riverside at

a denny's for breakfast.

some of the worse (strongest) coffee I've ever had, EVER! after b-fast we cruised thru the mohave without a hitch, traffic was uncommonly light this morning. (tomorrow???)

we topped off the gas tank in baker, ca and took pictures of all of us in front of the 'worlds largest thermometer'.

(it was 49' btw...) and what happened next, well.........

I let Ash drive on the 15North until we got to jean, nv. which was approx 60 miles and just under an hour.

the driving part on the freeway was no big deal,

but the speed limit on that section of the road is 75mph,

and that bothered me a little. but, she did very, very well.

nerve racking for me, but fun for her and her mom.

speaking of Ashley; we are all getting along wonderfully,

and I know by some of your inquiries via emails/vm's you want to know what's going on between me and Ashley.

even though we have a 'brief history' together,

and I do find her extremely attractive;

it's for the best if the both of us concentrate on the

well-being of 'our' daughter.

My personal needs, wants and desires must now be put second to my daughter's.

and even though Ashley and I seem to be mutually attracted to one another, she also has issues she must deal with personally before she can cope with a relationship.

besides, my heart has taken a severe beating this past month, so I'm pretty locked-up right now.

no worries. there is someone for everyone, I'm in no hurry. ok then, I should try to get a nap in;

before I began updating I was next door talking to the neighbor who was 'sexting' ms. east coast

(yep, the same) last night and got caught by his wife

(my former personal assistant). so now jessica is going to 'also' be joining us for thanksgiving dinner.

and as far as my neighbor goes, I told him 'good luck' with my former fantasy girl. he will need more than luck, believe me. alright it's just pass 2p, going to lay down now.

I told NJ I would pick her up by 5p, and then we all will go out for dinner; me and 4 women... shit!


sometimes life is indeed a crazy ride.

after picking-up NJ, we all

(Ash, Ashley, Jessica. NJ, and myself)

went to 'her' favorite buffet in the boulder station casino.

I'm not slamming the boulder, but it's a local's casino and kinda a 'hick' place to say the least.

alot of seniors, bikers and wanna-be cowboys make this place their own. so anyway, after I ate some processed buffet food, I left all the girls to their chit-chat and went to the sports book to watch the ucla-kansas basketball game.

they ended up losing the game, but actually looked pretty damn good in the process.

after the casino buffet/sports book experience,

came back to the house and have had quite an interesting talk with ms. east coast throughout the night.

it's crazy when you've known someone as long as we have known each other (20+ yrs), you sometimes just know what the other is thinking.

her alibi for last night's action was that she was bored,

and felt like playing with someone,

I guess I'm chopped liver now!

anyway, everything has worked-out (somewhat),

and everyone is back to 'friends + benefits' status.

but jessica is still coming down for thanksgiving weekend;

in fact, she will be driving her vehicle also so 'when she returns' to vegas, she can bring NJ back with her.

(yes LB, your idea was a good one)

I still think jessica and her husb are still getting divorced tho, it's been a long time coming.

las vegas, nv is so hard on marriages, especially if you are in the casino industry.

infidelity is rampant for casino workers, seriously.

everyone sleeps with everyone, it's always been that way. and the games-dealers and cocktail servers are the worst, they're like a bunch of rabbits.

(ha ha, I will get feedback from that little statement)

so tomorrow I am hoping to be on the road no later than 6a, and hopefully by taking the exterior route (215) will miss the early morning commute entirely.

I wanted to leave by 5a, but that was quashed immediately by NJ, and the others followed her lead.

I can't ever remember 'driving' on the day before thanksgiving, so this is uncharted territory for me.

but I have flown a couple of times, what a mess that was!

the elders called me from agoura, everything is fine.

the mexi-godfather was still there and yes he had another project started; replacing my rain gutters,

and drainage pipes. jeesh old man!

so I'm thinking that we will be back in southern cal by noonish, or a little past depending on how many pee breaks we have to pull over for.

I'm not sure who has the smallest bladder;

NJ or beverly the basset.

both have me stop once an hour to piss,

and they are exactly the same;

bev will sniff everything in sight, and NJ will go into the store/giftshop or whatever

and browse forever. not tomorrow old woman!!!

alright, I'm tired and need to at least get 6 hours tonite.

will check-in as soon as I can from the house;

if you are traveling tomorrow, please be safe.

and if you don't come back here until after the holiday;

happy thanksgiving to you, your family and to whomever you share your day with.    

23 Nov 2011/10p

hello and good evening my friends.

it's been a wild and crazy day, some I can share with you and some I can not.

ok then; the day began in vegas at 5a with everyone up (including NJ), and ready to travel within 30min.

we were on the road, the 5 of us with 2 vehicles;

made it thru the morning commute and pulled into baker, ca by 8a stopping at coco's for breakfast.

after a 90min 'coffee break' and gift shop exploration

(I was so out-ranked by the 4 females)

we finally got back on the road. no snow on the moutain passes, but chilly as expected. traffic was smooth until victorville, then it started to get thick.

yada, yada, yada;

after 1 more gift shop stop, 3 more bladder calls,

and a 'almost ticket',

we eventually pulled into my drive by 1p.

well, let's just say I 'tried' to pull into my drive,

there were cars in the way.

apparently, my semi-surprise birthday party was moved from tomorrow night to today/tonite....... surprise.

no wonder the elders didn't want me to rush home today. sneaky fukin' bastards, all of 'em.

I can't believe they pulled this off and nobody blabbed,

not even NJ who apparently was in on the scam;

hence the 'come and get me plea' of 2 days ago.

so even though the party wasn't officially to start until 6p, there were enough people to greet us at the door and yell surprise; mostly the elders, my retired neighbors, some of the palacios clan and a few delivery people.

(who were setting up my b-day present; a billiards table) after the 'surprise', everyone went back to what they were doing; decorations, cooking, pool table, vacuuming/dusting, or whatever.

my travel-mates took their bags to their rooms;

and then Ash, her mom and Jess started to help set up decorations for tonites party, NJ took a nap and I sat up in my room because 'I was told to stay out of the way'.

besides, I had a friend that needed my help with something. *a crazy fukin story for sure, but not for me to repeat.

so after the phone calls, I decided to take a shower and get refreshed for the night to come.

if you've been reading these boring details of my life for a while now or since the inception of this site,

you know my 'night before thanksgiving parties' have always been a tremendous success,

and with tonight's being my 'another candle on the cake' celebration it was a huge ordeal.

there must have been over 50 people here at one time,

some peeps I didn't even know.

oh, and another tid-bit of knowledge for you;

apparently my house is now thanksgiving central.

there will be 2 huge turkeys cooking during the early morning hours (omg, that's funny sounding), what I meant to say is; there will be 2 huge turkeys 'being cooked' during the early morning hours. sorry about the 'repeated' phrase, I was going to delete the first and retype but I've been laughing my ass off about it. *not sure if grandma jo and grandma palacios would find it so amusing tho.

omg, I'm still laughing, oh god I got the giggles now!!!

another year older just makes me a bigger dork!

alright, I'm good now... I think.

have you ever read/written or said something that you just can't stop laughing about?, that's me right now. ok, ok, ok. so last count, I have approx 20+ people spending the night here at casa-kiss, including girl-6.

the mexi-godfather and his wife are shacked-up in the rv, while Ash and her friends have the movie room in the lower sector region of the house.

I think my former ma-in-law,

NJ is a little perturbed (word of the day) that she is bedding down in a regular guest room.

(no fireplace, no kitchenette, no jacuzzi tub, no nothin')

the look on her face when I offered the rv to g/g palacios was one that medusa would have been frightened of.

it's not that I was being mean or anything, she is just more feeble than the other seniors here. she is going to be only 73 next month but acts 93 at times... oh well.

I'm currently watching 'the bounty hunter'10 while I type this, and I just don't understand why brad pitt 'dumped' jennifer aniston for angelina jolie?

I guess that question ranks right up there with;

the kennedy assasination, sasquatch, ufo's and why

is there brussel sprouts?! ok, that last one was pretty weak; I'm getting pretty tired, so I am going to crash.

I'm sure with so many people here tomorrow I will have some amusing things to say throughout the day.

I'll see you guys in the morning. nite.

24 Nov 2011/6:45a

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I've been awake since 5a, thanks to a couple early phone calls plus a very small dispute among my kidz;

beverly and the cats both wanted the same sleeping

spot on my bed.

but only decided to get up at 6:15a due to a light knock on my door by grandma palacios with fresh mexi-coffee and some just baked blueberry muffins.

not much of a 'eater' first thing in the morn,

but the aroma of fresh bread is a wonderful thing,

plus the kidz are all now surrounding me and panting heavily in anticipation of having a muffin dropped in their direction. but this coffee is an amazing thing; I swear there is a smidge of cayenne pepper mixed in, but have been told no on different occasions. just a 'special' coffee bean and brewing process, along with shots of kahlua, raw sugar,

and of course whipped cream.

after a pot of this stuff, I'm ready to start a party.

alright I am going to shower and ready myself for

who-knows-what this morning.

and yes, it's my 48th birthday; good for me!!!

and thank-you all for the dm's, emails and so on;

I don't know hardly any of you, but I am so appreciative of your well-wishes today and also the many comments from so many of you on a daily basis.

why you guys keep coming back to be bored by my daily activities, try to understand my mis-spelled words and my apparant lack of knowledge on almost everything else is

quite astonishing to me.

but I thank you for your internet friendship, always.

will continue to check-in through-out the day.


alrighty then; my day officially started with a 'bang'!!!

as I was in the shower, my daughter and her 5 gf's

(who I have begun calling 'girl-6'; maybe now girl-666) decided it would be so 'funny' to totally cover my bedroom/study area with about a zillion cans of silly-string; ya, so funny!!! ha-ha-ha.

even the pups got involved, running thru the house with this sticky shit attached and falling off everywhere... nice!

so after the shock of my new decor, I was led downstairs blind-folded (just barely dressed out of the shower mind you) to the main dining room where an assortment of characters awaited my arrival with presents,

and a ton of food ready to be eaten.

so after singing along with the birthday song

("happy birthday dear old-man"... wtf??? HARSH!!!)

I blew out 'one' candle that was atop a stack

of pecan pancakes.

*I was told my chocolate cake would arrive this afternoon. arrive?, did the moutha-fucka oversleep or what?

anyhow; I've had a very nice birthday morning, and am currently sipping 'breakfast champagne'.

*breakfast champagne?

never heard of this beverage before, but am thinking it may now be a household tradition around here... daily!!!

I have not had such a show of affection towards me in such a long, long time. I feel blessed by everyone who has come into my life, and appreciate the love they have shared with me.

I don't want to get too sentimental right now,

as I am starting to feel the results of 4 glasses of the 'breakfast bubbly', and could easily breakdown emotionally within moments. ok, gotta stop; I'll be back!!!


ok, so before I begin this next entry I must admit something; I AM NOT A HORSE PERSON!!!

I was never, ever around them as a child,

(maybe I sat on a pony, can't remember back that far)

and as a teenager, young adult to old-manhood;

I rode a horse once in jr. high school,(a gf's horse) and a mule ride twice at the grand canyon w/my ex.

I did clean up horse shit though of my step-monsters horse my jr. & sr. years of high school while living w/my dad.

so now that we have my horse experience level at 0.0,

let me fill you in;

I clean their shit everyday, grain them, brush them and read up on 'horse care 101', but have never taken a riding/etiquette lesson. so when I decided to use my new western saddle on 'jill' just awhile ago,

(she is friendlier to me than that 'jack' ass shit machine)

I did everything correctly except cinch the saddle properly with some special slipknot thing-a-ma-jig.

needless to say, the saddle slipped with me attached and for a brief moment, I was surrounded by what appeared to be dozens of hoofs around my head.

and stupid ding-a-ling that I am, hung on to the reigns for about 15 seconds longer than I should have. being dragged for about '100 miles' (a slight exaggeration) and having fresh horse 'SHIT' introduce itself to me personally:

hello greg's face, I'm fresh steamy horse crap just

waiting to meet cha!

yep, I had a facial of horse manure boys and girls,

all captured on video thanks to grandpa jack!

all of this took about 10 seconds to occur, but I have a feeling I may be living this memory f*o*r*e*v*e*r!!!

I will say that all in attendance of my 'spectacular bid' (pun) to become a seasoned rider did come to my assistance immediately. 'all except for grandpa jack' who continued to film this 'moment' and laugh in complete amusement.

this is the same 'grandpa jack' that was 'helping me' with the fastening of my new saddle.

I'm thinking this may have been a possible set-up,

you dirty fukin' bastard!!!

so, here I sit fresh out of the shower, clothes in the wash, and admitting to having my face covered with horse-shit!

I knew this would possibly be a birthday to remember,

but come-on... really???

I am a little sore, but otherwise the only damage done is to my ego. it takes ALOT to embarrass me, this was close.

but you just have to get up, wipe the shit from your eyes, smile and say "horses for sale, cheap!"

*not really, my daughter loves them... I think.

ok, I'm going back down to my house guests and I'm sure watch 'the video' another dozen times.

if they posted it to 'you tube', I'm killing everyone!!! lol


watching the sf49ers play the baltimore ravens,

very defensive struggle going on.

we actually had another sf-bal game being played in the house on madden12; san francisco 31 baltimore 10 Final

a little more exciting, and a favorable outcome.

my daughter is currently at a gf's house

(yes, she missed my latest stuntman tryouts)

and just called wanting her mom, and jessica to join them for another viewing of 'the breaking dawn movie'.

so since all the women who are currently in my life

(one way or another)

will be watching vampires, werewolves and whatever;

myself, grandpa jack (or as I now call him; el bastardo),

the mexi-godfather, and a couple other boys currently still hangin' out with us old guys, will be in search

of a gentlemens club. and yes, it was my idea.

I haven't been to a 'club' since forever, and I am in excellent company to locate one. the only one's that come up on goggle are south to LA, but one of the boys here says there is one semi-nearby, so we will be enroute just as soon as the 9er game wraps up (it's not looking good for sanfran).

alright ladies, don't judge me; I'm another year older, not in a relationship, I love women, AND I had a shitty day.

(only 10 minutes of it was 'shitty', all the rest was fabulous)

if I'm not totally intoxicated, or with a hooker when I return home; I will sign-off for the night.

(just kidding about the hooker... maybe)


I had an interesting thanksgiving/birthday tonite w/the boys;

it's kinda late,

so I will continue this conversation 'sometime'

tomorrow morning on 'my thoughts.13.3'...

but before this day ends;

let me make a few special happy birthday wishes with those who share 'our' day:

Sarah Jane Hyland

24 Nov 1990

Elena Marie Satine

a beautiful hollywood 'newcomer'...

24 Nov 1987

Celina Jaitly

a bollywood actress...

24 Nov 1981

Katherine Marie Heigl

yes, she IS a mega-star...

Debra Lamb

B-movie scream-queen of the 80's...

24 Nov 1963

continued on my thoughts.13.3...