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my thoughts.13.3:

(25 Nov 2011 - 30 Nov 2011)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

25 Nov 2011/7:30a

good 'black friday' morning.

so, how many of you 'crazy santa-wanna-be's did the midnight shopping expedition this early morn?

and if you did brave the cold crowded gladiator arena where you went to get that 'one special deal',

did you get it?

chances are, you did not.

unless of course it was a regular advertised special,

and not one of those early-walk-in lead-in's that they

have only 5 available.

consumer marketing strategies for this time of year is so competitive, these retailers are willing to take a 'major loss'

on a few high value items, just to get money saving schmucks (like you and me) in the door.

ok then, so I know as you are reading this your going

where is this 'now' 48 year old dude going with this uncommon 'lead-in' of his own?

being there will be more shoppers out 'doing their thing' for the next 30 days; there will also be more thieves out

'doing their thing' for the next 30 days also.

please take the time to read (or re-read)

'my opinion' entry dated 20 Nov 2010;

'security during holiday shopping'.

enough said on this subject,

just please be aware at all times.

the 'it will never happen to me' belief is over-rated.

ok, so let me 'brighten the mood' by talking about this neanderthal right-of-passage all men have of watching a beautiful woman (or maybe not) shake their booty 6" away from his face. or even better; she is pumping her backside furiously up against a mans crotch region.

all of this for him to have a sexual fantasy of mowing a different yard, and her for the monies to pay her bills.

what a primative culture we live in.

but, if the above 'act' is done correctly, and the parties involved find each other visually stimulating;

it can be 3min 27sec of pure bliss for all concerned.

added bonus; the man (or woman) patron gets to watch someone else's woman dance practically naked inches from his/her face, and the dancer gets cashola to do whatever. editor comment: the dancer's are better in vegas,

and wtf is this pastey bull-shit?

alrighty then; I just volunteered to make a bagel run,

so I will be leaving this semi-crowded/noisey house

for the time being.

and yes, I am a little sore today from yesterday.

I'll check-in later...


it took me nearly 30 min of standing in line to get breakfast for the moo crew.

I hadn't even thought of today being busy 'everywhere'.

duh!; family/friends in town; send the old men

out to get bagels.

no worries tho; had a nice convo with a poor sap that was doing his best to eavesdrop during one of my phone conversations. I got him back though, reading this tweet 'direct message' I got from 'a friend' outloud:

"while you are in bagel shop, picture this: I am just out of shower, putting lotion all over my naked body.

enjoy choosing bagels now, baby."

ha ha ha. after I read it semi-loudly, he tapped me on the shoulder and said; "you might want to hurry-up and get home before she gets dressed." I just smiled.

*that was an actual message by the way.

so after picking-up 2 dozen bagels, an assortment of spreads, and a ton of lox (dogs gotta eat too) I made my way back home and had a box from sitting in the foyer; my new kindle fire had arrived.

it's smaller/lighter than the ipad2,

and when I get a chance to play with it after Ash is finished I'll let you know how cool it is; or not.

so our plans for the day after everyone gets cleaned up,

is to hit some stores, go see the holiday decorations at the mall, and then we all will be going to west covina tonight for dinner at the palacios castle.

I am currently begging Ash and Ashley to have a picture taken with the shopping store santa.

I'm getting resistance from my child tho,

I was specifically told 'no freaking way dad!'

I'm thinking there may a little 'wiggle room' in that response, especially if I beg and plead.

not to bore you with the gifts I received for 'still living'

(the pool table was a nice surprise);

but one that brought the tears rolling was a customized photo album that Ash and her mom gave me filled with 100's of pictures of her growing up, a copy of her birth certificate, and ribbons/awards/certificates she has gotten.

it's sitting right here on my nightstand, and I just can't stop looking thru it every chance I get.

the greatest and most thoughtful gift I have ever received. (Ashley put it together back in auzzie-land)

and you know how 'we all' go through an awkward stage/ugly duckling part of growing-up; well not my child. she was just as beautiful when she was born as she is now; and every moment in-between.

*I know some of you were always attractive!!!

so, I am going to get cleaned up, and then see what the girls have planned for us this afternoon. or to be more specific; which stores exactly will we be going to.

(yep, I no longer have a say in the plans of the day)

will check-in with you guys later, hope your having a fantastic friday.


good evening.

what a crazy, crazy day out in shopping suburbia.

nothing really out of the ordinary;

minus the unbelievable traffic and congested parking lots, the extra long wait for fries and a coke,

the screaming of children 'everywhere',

the joy of watching your soon-to-be 16yr old daughter

and her mother getting their picture taken with

that fat-man in the red suit,

the disgusting people who shower w/cologne or perfume, and carrying every single bag that was purchased

by everyone else today.

I have been going out to the malls on the friday after thanksgiving since as far back as I can remember.

I believe the first time was with my gram (my mom's mom) back in the mid 80's while I was still in the marines and I visited her for the holiday.

we went to a mall to get her a new toaster oven,

and to see the christmas decorations.

I know I missed a few fridays these past 25 years,

maybe 3-4, tops.

sometimes even going by-myself to keep my tradition intact.

and today was extra special, of course.

so; I just took a break from updating and showered,

now I was just informed I have 15 minutes before we are to leave for our hour plus drive to west covina where we (myself, Ash, Ashley, Jessica, and NJ) have been invited over to casa-palacios for dinner.

*the elders were invited also, but didn't feel like going out. and actually I'm surprised that NJ wanted to go.

alright, again I was just 'told' I have minutes

before we're leaving;

funny, I thought 'I' was driving 'my' car.

no matter, I'm done. see you later.

26 Nov 2011/3a

good morning.

we stayed out a little later than I had planned on;

in fact my former mom-in-law is still at the palacios house. she barely lasted till 10p before she fell asleep on a couch,

so we left her. she'll be fine.

being this was like the 20th time I have eaten dinner at the mexi-godfather's house; I am no longer over-whelmed by the large spread of food & drink that is always laid out buffet style for all to enjoy. or the fact that the hispanic culture demands that guests of the house are always treated like family. Ashley, Jessica and NJ were all in shock when they saw the amount of mexican food awaiting us, and were even more amazed that no-one was allowed to serve themselves until they had already piled on their food.

getting NJ to 'hurry up' and stop talking was a feat in-itself:

"NJ stfu and get your food, others are waiting to eat!"

after dinner, the kids watched 'bad santa'03 while some of us help clean up and then the game of gin rummy began.

I was eliminated in the 1st round and then sat outback talking

with the non-players.

I was so in the mood to drink tonite, but limited myself to 3 corona's early on; Ashley and Jessica on the other hand each got 'fired-up' and had a pretty good time.

I still can't believe it's going on 3am, and I'm not really even that tired; I did take a couple tylenol pm's when we got home 40min ago, so they should be working soon enough.

the ucla-usc game doesn't begin until 7p tonight at the coliseum; so I can hopefully get 7-8hrs sleep before readying the rig for the last game we will attend this year.

it was announced earlier tonite that the bruins had clinched the pac-12 south because of a loss by utah,

and will be playing either stanford or oregon next friday

02 Dec for the pac-12 title.

I should be more excited about this outcome,

but until coach dick, I mean rick leaves our program

we will never be any good.

win or lose, I just want a different coach.

alright, I'm begining to feel a little fuzzy finally,

so I will be hitting the pillow.

I hope you all had an excellent friday, and I shall be talking with you soon. good nite/good morning...


hey ya; I'm actually still in bed while I decide whether or not I am ready to officially start my day.

I woke up about 20min ago (9:15a), as I heard the rumbling of the rig being started and then pulling out.

so, either someone is running away,

or grandpa jack is going to ready the rv for tonights tailgater;

I'm thinking (and hoping) it's the later.

I know if I even 'tweet' that I'm awake, I will have condemned myself to the beginning of new adventures without the possibility of even trying to fall asleep again.

ya I know, poor me.

the kitten twins are still sleeping soundly here on my pillows; elles and rustin are also on the bed but appear to be

anxious to go downstairs.

well I guess I should get up already;

a cup of coffee sounds good, plus I'm a little bit hungry.

so, I will tweet my 'good morning' and see what happens; maybe nothing, maybe everything.


4 minutes: 2 texts, 1 twitter dm, and a call from grandma jo wanting to know if I was coming downstairs for coffee.

where the hell is my kid?

probably still sleeping. lucky little girl.

ok, going downstairs, have a great saturday everyone.

will check-in later...


the rig just arrived back home a while ago with grandpa jack gassing up, buying food/drink, and having it totally ready to rock for the big game tonight at the coliseum.

NJ was returned by the mexi-godfather about an hour ago with home-made breakfast burritos for all to enjoy.

*all the girls are still sleeping, for now!

ok, so I am normally up-to-date on current news/events, happenings, weather and so on; but lately have not really been paying attention to what's been going on around me.

so during the past couple of hours I've been reading emails, the LA times, watching cnn, and cruising web-sites trying to

catch up on anything pertinent I may have missed.

(the weather today; 79'... really? sweet!!!)

and normally I don't like to 'bash' people with my thoughts (unless they are the ucla football coach)

but this whole kim kardashian thing is beginning to roll

totally out of control. I do not think 'everything' that has blown up in her face is all of her doings;

her attention-grabbing-media-whore of a mother is most likely to blame for most of the family's shenanigans these past couple of years.

and until her feeding-frenzy is curbed by the general public, this over-bearing-money-hungry-sell-your-family-out for a dollar 'mother' will continue to re-invent her entire family unit until she is dead.

you have to give this 'shylock' credit though;

she has been 'lending out' her family falsehoods now for over 5 years, making all them richer and more powerful in the celebrity community than they ever should have been.

I didn't comment on the'kim-fake-wedding' because it was so damn ridiculous; kim just wanted to be special for a day.

she is not mature enough to be married.

and this latest 'false-act of kindness' by pretending to really care about the homeless by

'serving them thanksgiving meals' on wednesday at the los angeles mission just simply pisses me off.

I'm sure it was her mother's idea to have show up to pose for pictures with other celebs

(who no doubt REALLY do care about the homeless)

to try and contain the damaged mark on the kardashian name still reeling from the leaked stories of all the false

antics done on their soon-to-be cancelled show.

hey kardashian clan; if you really want to pretend to care about the homeless people of the los angeles area,

then why don't you spend time down there cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, painting the mission or anything else WITHOUT a single camera available to capture your

'staged' good deed!

ugh! I can't believe I actually enjoyed watching their show for a moment of time.

they are all now spoiled by all the attention given to them by everyone for doing absolutely nothing!

paris hilton your a princess compared to this

entire family. *I am a huge fan of bruce jenner, and like rob also (even though he went to usc) and the young girls have yet been consumed by the paps; but the rest of them

(with godzilla-mom being the front-runner)

can all just disappear forever for all that I care!!!

ha ha; Ash, who just came down stairs, just finished reading this entry and started laughing saying;

"dad, your so mean!" ya, I guess I am today.

sorry about my rant, just so damn tired about hearing about this god-damn family!

oh ya, wtf was up with the stupid-ass-bitch shopper who pepper sprayed others to get a video game console?

or the ass-wad who shot someone in a parking lot because he lost out on a closer place to park?

one of these days something very terrible is going to happen to many people at once causing a retailer to settle for millions and millions of dollars because of the ridiculous antics these major organizations use to encourage the animal-like behaviors of shopping frenzey consumers. so sad.

I'm thinking the lack of sleep, my still sore neck/shoulder has made me a crabby-ass today.

maybe I need to have a 'real' drink to mellow out.

that actually is a fantastic idea, grandpa jack can drive the rig to the game this afternoon, and I'll just nap in the back.

sorry, I need a drink...


hi, just took about an 80min nap; now having a iced-coffee and will be leaving within 30min to the game.

I'm so sorry for my rant of above, just so tired of people thinking they are a good-deed-do'er when all they are looking for is praise from others.

if you really wanna help, just do it and get others involved.

I know many of you are in charities year round, and even did something charitable for this holiday; good for you. I did not.

but will be doing my toys-for-tots shopping this coming week, and will also relay the info I received for contributions in case any of you are willing to give, (or can afford to).

alrighty then, we all are getting ready to head out.

even NJ was talked into going, I bet she falls asleep

by the 3rd quarter.

*grandma jo & grandma palacios are staying here though.

ok, will see you guys later, hope you all have a fantastic saturday night. be safe...


we're all still here in the parking lot of the coliseum;

what a totally disgusting game tonite.

ucla 0 usc 50

I absolutely knew we were going to get beat up,

but this was beyond ridiculous! there was a total of 24 of us sitting within earshot of each other, and a couple of the trojan fans even switched seats within our group so we could

all sit close together. ha; speaking of trojan fans;

I got into a tweet-war with a one in particular running his mouth, even the usc people sitting all around us thought this guy was a serious asshole after reading what he was tweeting to me; I got tired of his rants, so I blocked him.

but the funny thing was, one of the girls sitting near the mexi-godfather knows who this guy is. good information. actually sparring back and forth with this person was 1000 times more exciting than the game ever was.

no harm, no foul.

maybe now the powers-to-be will get their asses in gear, and revamp the entire atheletic department.

the game itself was like watching a nfl team run

over a jv high school squad.

ok then, we are getting ready to fire

the rig up and get going. I'll see you guys tomorrow...

27 Nov 2011/9:30am

good sunday morning.

been up since 5:30a; I hate it when you get up to go to the bathroom, and then you just can't seem to fall back to sleep.

and because I have the furballs sleeping with me,

if I get outa bed 'for any reason', they seem to think that it's either 'play time' or worse, it's time to get up.

sometimes it's nice just to sit downstairs when it's so quiet, no tv, no music, nobody around, no nothing.

don't get me wrong, I love having this 'new family' around me at all times; 'but' I do like having some 'down time' also. being an only child, and bouncing from one relative to another while growing up, you get accustomed to being your own best friend and the normalcy of having

yourself to rely on.

as a young child/adult I was always jealous of my friends who had brothers/sisters, but never let on.

how wonderful I thought it was to always have other kids in your house to do things with. funny thing tho, almost every friend I had that had siblings, hated them.

and now that I am grown, and have been exposed to the hispanic family culture; a large family can be a beautiful thing. and yes, their seems to be a 'new development' in the family every single day. that is some crazy shit.

but still, to have that kind of 'togetherness' always is something I have never been exposed to; not until recently. having a daughter, a living/breathing being who looks up to you every moment is a strange feeling.

sometimes when we are alone and just talking about 'whatever' I look at her with utter amazement.

she is me, and I am her.

and having her mother here this past week has been a eye-opening experience. yes, Ashley has had issues in her past that have affected her life, and relationships with our daughter and her parents. but, haven't we all made mistakes in our lives that have affected others?; I know that I have. it's how you 'learn' from those mistakes and how you deal with the one's that had put their trust in you that makes you the person you will become.

the reasons I am having these thoughts are maybe too personal to currently share; they affect myself, my daughter, her mother and grandparents, and also what is left of my biological family.

sometimes I think about my life before Ash come along;

I could do whatever I want, whenever I want,

and with whomever I wanted to do it with.

I could wake up at 3am, put my pets into the rig and just take off anytime I wanted to.

I ate when I was hungry, and slept when I was tired.

the 4 1/2 years before Ash were just about me,

and I so thought I was happy and content. I wasn't.

I wouldn't trade these last 8 months for anything;

between the palacios family, and Ash and her grandparents being in my life 'full time', I have never been happier.

there are some missing elements still in my life, but that is something I need to deal with privately.

we all have issues from our past, and demons in the closet that may come back to eventually haunt us.

it may be time for me to deal with the past before I can continue with my future.

alright, I'm spent emotionally and have been sitting outside on the patio this entire time without being disturbed.

*not sure why 'they' think I should not be interrupted when I'm updating, it's not like I'm composing shakespeare-like quality literature here.

ok then; my day is set to officially begin at 10am with riding lessons from somebody grandpa jack called.

afterwards we are going to a nieghbors house for

sunday brunch, not really wanting to go.

after that, I have no freaking clue what is in store for the remainder of the day.

I'm sure there will be something forthcoming though.

will keep you posted. happy sunday everyone...


hey ya; I got time for a quickie.

well I had my first 'real' horseback riding lesson from a 'real' instructor; not from an australian old man who says "just get up there and see what happens."

not exactly what he said in the past, but pretty damn close. anyway, I had no idea there was so much to learn,

you just don't slap your ass up there and go.

was not to pleased with the bareback thing,

I kept sliding off.

I was actually dressed more to play football than riding a horse; a training helmet, padded jacket, knee pads,

and tailbone pads.

oh, and I guess cowboy boots should be worn at all times. (not tennis shoes) I slipped off twice bareback, once while in the saddle, and once trying to get in the saddle.

jeesh, I am so not a cowboy. but I will keep trying.

you guys ever heard of a 'mounting block'? I guess until I get the hang of 'mounting' I have to use this step-stool thing.

all in all, for the 90min lesson, I learned more than I thought I ever needed to know about horses.

will be taking a lesson every sunday for the next 8-12 weeks.

my instructor is a young lady from one of the local stables nearby. I think she is in her mid-20's, but has been raised around these four-legged creatures her entire life.

she carries a little hand whip also; I wasn't sure if she was going to use the thing on me or the horse.

but she has it more for sound effects... I think.

after embarrassing myself with my lack of knowledge in this activity, I joined the rest of the group across the street at a neighbors house for brunch. (yes, I did shower first)

now, we are all back home and will be going to the mall to do some more shopping.

taking NJ with us, so we will have to rent a wheelchair; otherwise she won't last an hour.

ok. I best wrap this up, time to shop!!!


good evening.

we decided against the oaks mall since it was so beautiful outside, and drove about 35 miles south east to

'the grove' shopping district, as it was too nice out to be walking around inside.

the holiday decorations were all over the place,

and it was very crowded,

but probably not as bad as an inside mall.

let me also say that the paparazzi was out in full force today. I've seen a few 'mega-stars' from afar since moving here,

but nearly bumped into 'patrick warburton'

(played 'david puddy' on seinfeld)

a couple weeks ago with a shopping cart.

note: he is a pretty big boy 6' 3"/245,

but was very soft spoken in saying 'parden me'.

NJ was pretty impressed by just seeing the new's cameras everywhere, I couldn't even imagine if she had seen someone/anyone semi-famous.

we had about a 30min wait for dinner at the wood ranch bbq & grill; I had the giant short-ribs, mac/cheese, dinner salad, and a bite of Ash' chocolate cake.

nice place, but the table layout was crowded;

like perhaps they brought in a dozen more tables just for

the holiday weekend. food was great though.

after dinner, we walked around and did a

little more shopping

(all the girls were hoping to see a celeb I think)

and then came home fairly early so Ash could get

to bed at a decent hour.

*yes, she has school tomorrow,

she is doing very, very well by the way.

I'm currently upstairs in my bedroom watching 60min on dvr while I type this up; and I took a little break from my thoughts here to watch the segment on angelina jolie.

wow. wow. wow.

now before I say anything more,

I think I have stated in these pages that I am not what you would call a 'a. j.' fan; yes her face is breath-taking to look at, she's an exceptional actress (oscar winner),

and I will say she has a nice tush. and I along with others, seemed to favor jennifer aniston over her.

but, after listening to her interview (twice),

I may have been mistaken.

I've never really listened to what she has to say, frankly because I could have cared less.

but tonight, I watched her, listened to her talk about her forth-coming movie of the war in bosnia that she produced, and of her past tendencies.

I think there is something to this woman.

sure she is a hottie, ya she's bangin' brad pitt (he's hot),

she is a u.n. diplomatic representative and a goodwill ambassador throughout the world.

but, there is something else, something in her eyes.

I'd never seen it before, not that I looked or cared to.

I think I'm a jolie fan now.

not that any of you really give a shit, but I just wanted to share this with you.

ok, it's nearly 10p and my tylenol pm's have been kicking in for the past 15min, so I need to wrap up.

tomorrow's highlights include; chores in the morning along with practicing my saddle-skills,

(not riding, just putting the damn thing on properly)

taking Jessica to talk to an attourney,

going to petco (again), and then taking NJ and whoever else wants to go; to the ucla basketball game tomorrow night

at the LA sports arena. and then tuesday mid-morning I will be taking NJ back to vegas, and staying the night.

*LB your idea about Jessica taking her back was a good one, but Jess won't be going back for quite sometime.

alright, it's bed time. good nite...

28 Nov 2011/5p-

hi guys.

been fairly busy today, I'm guessing this is the way things are going to be when the grandparents go back to australia.

what was I thinking when I let Ash talk me

into getting these horses.

they are extremely needy and rude!

if they would just let me put the saddle on them without huffin' and puffin', life would be so much easier. (for me)

after an hour of 'trying' to get the saddle set properly

(I did complete the process 5 times out of 10,000!)

I went with Jess to her morning appointment,

and then her and I had lunch together at chili's.

I did the bi-monthly petco trip, and we also visited costco in westlake village to load up on people stuff.

after returning home with my daughter from school,

I made a panda express run for all of us.

and that has been my day to this moment. (4:50p)

after we finish with dinner,

(me: white rice, veggie stir fry, mandarin chicken)

we are going to the los angeles sports arena to watch pepperdine (3-2) play ucla (1-4).

I have absolutely no idea what to expect.

speaking of the ucla bruins;

I found out thru a radio broadcast on kiis-fm 102.7 that

coach rick had been terminated.

I feel bad about what this means for his family,

but not for him personally.

he should have never been hired as our football coach. alrighty then, I need to finish eating and wanna shower before heading out to the game.

NJ is more excited than anyone of us,

she's been watching the bruin basketball team since I started dating her daughter some decades ago.

quick question for you guys;

is it a bad thing to have someone on your mind knowing they don't even care you exsist?

how can I be the age I am and still not understand certain aspects of life?

no worries, everday I learn something new;

like how to properly saddle a horse without gettin bit.

I'll check-in after returning home from the game.


hey ya. just got in a couple minutes ago.

I'm not a very responsible parent this evening;

kept my daughter out past 11p on a school night for

some fun and food, shame on me.

considering the fact that the ucla bruins basketball team won their 2nd game of the year, we decided to grab

a couple pizzas and a bag full of garlic rolls at

lamonica's new york pizza in westwood.

if you are ever in southern cal, you 'must try this place,

some of the greatest pizza I've ever had.

located just south of the ucla campus on gayle street,

and open till midnite or later,

there are 'always' students standing in line for a pie.

after picking up the pizza and bag full of rolls,

we made our way back to the house;

*while all of them scarfed the food, my suv is going to smell like garlic rolls for the next month.

anyway, I'm hoping to get at least 6-8 hours sleep before driving NJ back to vegas tomorrow.

I may stay in sin city for a couple nights;

to take care of some business loose strings, and I'd like to

see a couple friends while I'm there.

also, visit the fashion show mall on the strip across from the wynn casino, and the forum shops at caesar's palace;

I love those places this time of year.

an added bonus: I can do some santa-kiss shopping without the prying eyes.

alright, I know I was rather vague today,

sorry, just busy.

will have a ton of time the next couple of nights to bore you guys, and get to some of your emails.

ok then, I'm going to sleep, will be back tomorrow.

good nite guys, sleep well.

29 Nov 2011/5:30p

good early evening from 72' las vegas, nv.

we finally arrived after a couple unplanned stops for NJ to use the toilet in the rv. normal people can pee/poop while the rig is in motion, but NJ said she couldn't concentrate hard enough to do 'her duty' while moving.

I was utterly speechless when she told me that.

and you can't just 'pull-over' an rv to the shoulder of the road anytime you want, as trying to get back into the flow of 65+mph traffic is tricky enough when you have an on-ramp to use. NJ was not amused with my non ability to stop/start on a dime, and informed me that she would rather

'not ever be stuck in this damn contraption ever again.' please, can somebody please remind me 'why' this crazy bitchy non-stop complaining senior citizen is still in my life 'after' her daughter and I are divorced?

oh yea, I forgot;

'cause she has nobody else west of the mississippi to take care of her', so I've been reminded constantly.

after the 3 unscheduled pee breaks, we arrived just past 4p which means we were on the road for nearly 5 1/2 hours. (not bad travel time, considering)

and since we arrived at the start of the evening commute here in vegas; after dropping off NJ at her senior living community, we (Jessica is with me) decided to park here at the boulder station casino and will be having dinner at a fairly new restaurant; pasta cucina.

looking forward to having a quiet relaxing italian dinner with a very good friend.

afterwards we will drive to our neighborhood,

(her house is next to mine, remember?) ok it's nearly 5:30p, and Jess is ready, so off to dinner we go.

*no dogs with me, just the kitten twins. will check-in later.


happy tuesday night.

and before I begin this 'mess',

I will confess that I'm a little drunk, well maybe more

than a little.

so here I sit in my semi-furninshed house on the floor with my cats, drinking jack/cokes and watching reruns of everyone loves raymond, seinfeld, and the king of queens on my dvr that currently has no more room for shit.

as I mentioned above, dinner tonight was shared with my neighbor (the she, not the he) at the new italian eatery at boulder station casino.

the food was your standard italian fare, in fact at best it was about the same as the other italian place they

had there before; san lorenzo's.

let me bore you with our menu of items;

apps: spinach and artichoke dip, calamari fritti,

and mozzarella fried cheese.

caesar salads with extra artichoke hearts.

we then split 3 entree's;

eggplant parmesan, salmon w/sauteed spinach,

and manicotti florentine.

Jess had a couple glasses of house chablis, and I myself had 4 glasses of pomegranate italian soda.

*didn't want to drink alcohol while I still had the rig to drive, hence the reason I am currently

hammerin' the jack/cokes.

alrighty them, I am going to go to bed and the best part is I can sleep in tomorrow; the only pet-poop I have to clean up in the morning is the cat's litter box.

so, that's it... good night all. 

30 Nov 2011/11am

good early afternoon my friends.

do you have any idea how wonderful it is to sleep in and

'not be disturbed' by anything or anyone?

it's going to be a great day, I can tell already.

I was just enjoying my coffee and watching the victoria secret fashion show from last night

(I deleted a couple seinfelds from dvr to make room);

I watched it last year also, besides the stunning girls scantily dressed, it was again pretty boring.

they once again had the 'radio-traffic' simulation being used as the narrative for the entire production;

which is so amateurish in the way they say/present current events as they happen. ridiculous. my fav beauty for the night was miranda kerr, what a stunning brunette she is.

and she just had a kid with orlando bloom?,

I thought he was gay?

anyway, I muted the show when kanye 'the racist' west

came out (I hate that asshole),

and did the same for jay-z's production.

I think jay-z is the most intelligent man in the industry,

I am just not a fan of his music.

in fact I guess I could have had the show muted

the entire time.

anyway, very laid back day for me today; will be having lunch with Jessica at noon, going to a fav of ours called 'stieners'; excellent chicken fingers and natural cut fries.

afterwards, I have an appointment with my optometrist

for my yearly check-up,

and then will be fitted for eyewear and contacts.

tonight Jess and I;

who had been my personal assistant the past 5yrs before I relocated, have a business dinner to discuss an opportunity that has been presented to us before they

officially launch their product early next year.

I guess it's time for me to get back into 'the game'.

ok, so I need to start to get cleaned up,

will check in later this afternoon...


having a great day, wishing you all were here.

beautiful day here in the vegas valley;

but according to the weather forecast for tomorrow

'rain and a high wind warning' until 9p.

so apparently the travel plans back to southern cal will be postponed until friday morning.

which will allow me to sleep undisturbed for another morning;

it's the small things you have to appreciate.

also, because of the nasty conditions outside;

it will be a perfect opportunity to stay inside and visit the upper echelon shopping districts on the vegas strip.

I love to go to the fashion show mall and watch the rich people treat all the commoners like shit, and they really do. the forum shops at caesars are normally littered with tourists, but even some of them are genuine assholes.

I've seen quite a few celebrities while I lived here in vegas, normally in the domesticated postion of being part of their security entourage.

but a few times, I just happened upon them; and 'tis the season' is the best time of year to people watch.

I literaly bumped into la toya jackson once, and was amazed at how tiny and petite she was.

(not to mention the nose/face) but she was very polite to me as I tried to utter an apology for nearly stepping on her as her 'people' pushed her into anther direction.

but my funniest story was when I was still married to 'lk' and we just happened to be standing on the escalator directly behind joan rivers and her daughter melissa. the entire time we were riding the escalator, they both were bickering back and forth 'loudly' about what time they were to meet the car back in valet to go back to their hotel.

needles banter I say.

normally people don't crowd a high profile individual

while here in vegas,

they are trying to impress others themselves.

I don't understand why the sudden increase in my email inbox, but will try to get look in there to check them

out sometime tonite.

ok, I wanna watch the local news at 4p,

so I'll continue this convo a little later.


it's strange to watch my favorite newscasters after not seeing them for so long. vegas news is still the same;

homicides, vehicle deaths, mortgage/foreclosure fraud, casino's bitching at not 'taking in' enough money last quater, and above average unemployment.

oh, with the lead in story being the n.f.r. 'national finals rodeo' being in town thru the weekend, yee-haw!!!

as I stated above, I 'will not' be leaving until midday friday because of this storm that is currently blowing in;

snow is actually a very real possibility the next couple of days, shit. not a huge fan of driving the rig

in snow and on ice.

worst case scenerio is that I leave the rig here at the house, and drive back w/Jessica in her soon to be

ex-husbands truck.

will be leaving momentarily to dinner at the bellagio/prime steakhouse; excellent food & service.

not sure what is on my agenda after the meet/greet. may stay out fairly late tonite considering the fact we won't be leaving tomorrow.

ok, Jess is here, gotta go... safe night everyone.

-continued/01 Dec 2011/3:25a-

just got in, it's late, I'm drunk. I'm tired.

will update in the morning/afterroon when I wake up.

we decided to go to stoney's rockin' country bar;

it was loud, crowded, really crowded, and extremely fun.

I also 'learned' I can't line dance worth shit!!!

good nite...

to be continued on my thoughts.14...