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my thoughts.14.1:

( 09 Dec 2011 - 18 Dec 2011)

Last updated: 18 Dec 2011/9:45pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

09 Dec 2011

Happy '95th' Birthday...

the best of the best: Kirk Douglas...

Kirk Douglas

(Issur Danielovitch Demsky)

09 Dec 1916

*Mr Douglas is a man's man...

11 Dec 2011

a very, very, very tough day on me emotionally.

I really have absolutely nothing to say.

12 Dec 2011

Happy '41st' Birthday...

ya, this woman is a hottie...

Jennifer Lynn Connelly

12 Dec 1970

*had a HUGE crush on Ms. Connelly after seeing her in

'Career Opportunities'1990...

13 Dec 2011/9:15p

I appologize for the brief interuption of my dailies;

I was in dallas, texas because of the death of

a very close friend of mine.

and I didn't really feel it necessary to give a blow by blow account of the details of everything going on around me.

I'm not even sure what I should be writing right now.

the man who passed had been a 'best friend' of mine for many years while we both lived in vegas,

my ex-wife and I were actually responsible for introducing stephen to his wife, heather almost 7yrs ago.

jeesh, I can't believe it's been that long. crazy, crazy, crazy. your friends with someone, 'best friends' in fact for over 9yrs, and then things just changed.

I met this guy on my first day on the job as a security officer for a private gated community over 17yrs ago.

he was a resident, and just started talking to me

that very first day as he drove thru the gate that I was assigned to be at.

I worked at that community for nearly 3yrs,

and lived there my last year with my realtor girlfriend.

and even though stephen was 11yrs older than myself,

I didn't have a closer friend than steph for many years,

and then one day everything just changed.

he got divorced, started 'going out' alot, and then when he married heather they moved to dallas to be nearer

to her family.

we saw each other a couple times these past years,

but it was never the same as it was when

we first became friends.

god, I never knew how much I missed those days until the past just crept up on me.

when his brother called me last week to tell me what happened, I was just numb.

I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to believe it.

the only other time I had been in such denial was the night nearly 16yrs ago my step-monster had called to tell me that my father had drowned. I cried both times.

I wasn't sure about taking my daughter along,

but she really wanted to be there for me.

in fact her mother and jessica also came along,

and I'm really glad they did. I was a mess at times.

I was a pallbearer and heather also asked that I give a eulogy to talk about the times steph and I shared

before she ever knew him.

for as sad as the occasion was, I did have the roughly 150+ family/friends/church peeps laughing rather loudly by the time I had finished my tribute.

it's a strange emotional feeling when you have tears of sadness running down your face, and at the same time your also laughing because of the outragious antics you shared with this fellow; like playing streaker-golf at 1am on a privy golf course and running (w/6pk of bud-lite) the entire length of 2 holes (840yds) and 'nearly' getting caught by a couple of uptight rich-bitch types.

or the time we decided to crash a wedding at a local church, go to the reception in one of the wedding limos and then steph had sex with the sister of the bride in the womens bathroom of the reception hall. ya, good times.

yes, there is 'ALOT' you guys don't know about me,

and I plan on keeping it that way thank-you very much. after everything was said and done,

I decided to stay an extra day and take the girls out and about in the dallas area.

and then as we were saying our goodbyes

to the family today, I saw a rather large pile of mail on the kitchen table, and there it was; the christmas card with pics of me, ash, the animals, and the house I had just mailed the day before he died. that fucked me up real good.

I took a 'pill' after getting on the plane.

my stress point was maxed-out beyond comprehension.

so after getting home this afternoon;

I took a nap, walked the kidz for a bit and boom;

here it is just past 9p and I am so WIDE awake.

I'm thinking of just staying up here in my bedroom and maybe watch the movie 'rise of the apes'2011 and just hug the petz I have in the room with me.

I don't think anyone knows that I'm awake,

I'd just as soon have some 'alone' time anyway.

alright I'll post this thing now,

see ya guys tomorrow, sometime... be safe. 


a wonderful friend, a loving husband,

and a caring father:

Stephen Lyle Davidson 

Steph's hair was grey in the 3rd grade... ha ha I will miss you man... g.

07 April 1952 - 06 Dec 2011

'True friendship never dies, it's just put on hold sometimes'... gak

14 Dec 2011/11a

good afternoon, sort of.

*I've been up nearly 7hrs, so whatever.

to begin with; I'd just like to say that I appreciate your texts, emails, and dm's concerning the passing of my long time friend. I've spent a couple hours this morning reading your emails, oh... my... goodness....

some of your messages to me really made me emotional,

I knew that I had quite a few 'loving' and 'caring' readers out there from past contacts, but the response from you guys was just over-whelming and incredible.

from the depths of my soul;

"Thank-You all for your kind words, I love you guys."

alright, I hate to be cynical;

but life does go on for the rest of us.

and when we lose someone that is very important to us,

all we can do is move forward and be the best we

can be at all times.

so; what has been going on with everyone during this hectic shopping time of year?

I'm glad that some of you have heeded my advice on my opinion page concerning 'shopping' & 'safety'.

alrighty then. I have my 4th horse lesson today at noon,

and then not another until the 8th of jan 2012.

I also have to finish up my christmas shopping,

plus still must get the rest of my toys for the toys 4 tots, and for a local business here in the los angeles area.

also, a very VERY large group of us will be going to the ucla basketball game tonight at the los angeles sports arena.

will be taking the rig for a hell-of-a tailgater this evening that is going to be catered by grandma palacios and some

of her other family members.

over 50+ people will be going tonight (supposely),

the largest group we've had yet.

Ash is back in school after having 3 'unscheduled' days off; and after talking with her counselor, will have the entire winter break to catch up on her missed assignments,

that was a gift to say the least.

not sure what our plans are for the 1st week

of her winter break

(I do have some grand idea's though).

but as far as the 2nd week goes, we are heading up to vegas on tuesday the 27th and will be there until the 3rd.

jessica, who has now resummed her prior responsibilities as my 'p.a.' personal assistant, went back to las vegas yesterday from dallas to begin her divorce proceedings.

she'll be moving down here after the new year and will be staying in the guest bedroom that the elders

are now occupying.

*grandpa/grandma auzzies are going back 'down under' from vegas, but will be back in early may 2012.

as far as what Ashley (Ash' mom) is going to do?,

I have absolutely no idea. no worries.

well, as I've been typing this up, I have been smelling 'something' being cooked down in the kitchen,

so now I'm thinking I'm hungry.

will get back to you guys soon,

have a fantastic wednesday everyone,

and AGAIN; thank-you for all your prayers and kind words. his family appreciates your thoughts also.


hi guys, hope you all had a great evening.

actually went to a ucla basketball game 'that they won'.

ya, I was pretty much in disbelief myself,

especially since they almost gave the game away

towards the end.

and once again,

there was like 'maybe' 3500 people in the LA sports arena,

and 47 of them were in our group.

anyway, we had a pretty good time, especially since the bruins decided to win a home game.

after the game,

I drove the rig to arcadia to drop off some of our party members and then just came home.

boring. nothing exciting.

we (Ash, her mom & the elders) did discuss some possible plans for next week though.

we may go up to mammoth for a couple of days.

one of Ash gf's parents have a cabin near there or whatever, and would let us borrow it for a few days. and with the mexi-godfather 'volunteering' to watch the house and animals,

we 'may' just go. I say may as I'm not that big of a 'snow' fan. I don't ski, or sled or ice skate any longer.

but Ash and her mom are kinda excited about the possibility of going, so who knows.

I was hoping for a 'warmer climate' during some of the winter break, maybe next year. oh, by the way just in case any of you are keeping 'score'; I 'did not' fall, slide, or anything else off the horses today. so I actually enjoyed myself.

current score: horses-7 me-3...

I just am not that comfortable sitting atop a beast that can run fast, and kick the shit out of me.

I'd rather just feed them, shovel their poop-piles, and give them an apple a day and scratch their ears.

I went to wal*mart after my riding lesson and again taking my instructor to lunch.

I had 2 shopping carts going, one for boys, one for girls.

the boys gifts include; nerf guns, cars, trucks, transformers, footballs, basketballs.

the girls; barbies, betty boops, zhu zhu hamsters,

pillow pets, soft balls/mitts.

I'll be going to the main drop-off tomorrow in LA for the toys4tots, and then on friday go

to a gym that is having a private toy drive for

some local families.

Ash really wants to go with me,

so I may wait until the afternoon both days to do this.

which means one thing; traffic.

oh well, thats why they make movie theatres;

to wait out the evening rush.

alright guys, it's nearly 11:30p and I'm getting tired,

so I'll see you all tomorrow.

good nite. 

Happy '19th' Birthday

to the

McContosh Twins


Pocatello, Idaho

'Mary-Ann & Lisa-Marie'  

*your mother, Missy wishes you both a very Happy Birthday.

-15 Dec 2011/9p-

good evening all.

not really an exciting day by anyone's standards.

the morning started off normal enough;

with poop clean-up, coffee, sportscenter,

and school transportation duties.

after I returned home, I decided to go ahead and give my daughter 'one' of her christmas gifts early; a 40'' samsung smart tv, dvd dual player, and a comcast dvr cable box.

*I thought it would be great for her to enjoy this part of her christmas gifts while she was on winter-break.

everything was going great, until I tried to connect the cable box to 'everything'; spent almost an entire hour on the phone with tech-support trying to troubleshoot the box, finally we determined the box I had just gotten from their office was a 'lemon'.

so back I went to get another, and had to start 'all over' with the programming and such.

it's a crazy thing when the tv is smarter than you are.

so between the 1st time going to the cable office,

getting additional hdmi, vga cables, and picking up the surround sound system at best buy, hooking everything up, setting her own netflix, blah, blah, blah: 4 hours!

and then I had to ribbon/bow everything for her

'surprise presentation'.

even though I had plenty of offers for assistance,

I chose to be an idiot 'all by myself'.

by the time I finished with that part of my day,

I had to load the toys for the usmc boys,

pick up Ash from school,

and we headed to LA (proper) to drop off toys 4 tots.

Ash had her picture taken with a couple of the boys in their dress-blues for their donations-wall-of-fame.

I think one of the young lance corporals was 'interested' in my daughter, until I blurted out her age of 15.

ha, the look on his face was priceless.

a normal term of jail-bate doesn't ring true here though, more like 'death-bait' as far as I'm concerned!

after the toy drop off, the socializing, the pictures, etc. we decided to find a place for dinner in the LA area,

and take a break during traffic.

as my daughter was driving

(52 days til 05 Feb 2012/16th birthday)

she was 'in-charge' of 'whats for dinner';

red lobster in inglewood; not a bad location, just saying.

we stayed for a couple hours, and then got home around 8p, which was about an hour ago.

she was in total shock seeing her room additions,

and I got my 'daddy-hugs'.

needless to say, it was a freaking miracle that I didn't 'spill the beans' the entire afternoon with her,

normally I'm not that much of a secret-keeper.

but with the way I struggled to get everything just right for her to receive, I owed it to myself to keep quiet.

so now that I have just bored you to tears with my mumbles, I guess I should just call it a night.

was planning on heading to redondo beach after Ash gets out of school tomorrow to drop-off more toys,

but after seeing/being in the traffic tonight,

we will most likely be going sunday.

(can't saturday, merry kissmas party)

ok, I'm exhasted;

my nerves are shot from Ash driving in traffic.

good nite all. 

-16 Dec 2011/noonish-

ugh... I just feel like shit right now.

after spending over 2hrs shopping in a walmart super store (of which 30min was standing in line, no checkers)

I loaded up the car, and proceeded my 18mile journey back home. during my drive, out of the corner of my eyes I saw 'something' running across the road.

at first at thought it was a squirrel/chipmunk,

but as it ran in front of my now stopped car,

I could see it was a kitten,

so small, I would say 'barely' a month old 'if that'.

I immediately put my car in park and got out to try and get it before it crossed over the median and get hit by on coming traffic, I didn't save it in time.

although 5 cars had stopped on my side of the road,

and another 2 on the otherside,

one ass-fuck talking on his cell phone (illegal)

crushed the poor guy. fuck!!!

I swear the mother-fucker didn't even notice me or the other lady who had just got out of her car to help me.

I didn't know what to do, so I went back to my car and got a plastic shopping bag and picked him from the road.

jesus, he was still warm. so when I got home, Ashley and her parents came out to help unload the groceries and grandpa jack is looking for a little metal container to put the kitten in, and then we are going to bury him in the back of the property. damn-it... I'm not what you would call a animal activist, but I just couldn't sit there and watch this 'little guy' who could barely run (slowly) get killed.

but I failed, and I honestly feel like shit right now.

I was never, ever a cat person as I was always around dogs wherever and whomever I lived with;

but after being married to my ex, she had dude-the-cat,

and he was the most loving creature ever. I was hooked.

so, thats why I have the kiss-twins; commando & dustball (cammie & dusty) and yes, I would have kept this little guy also, who will be forever be entombed on my land.

ok, thats enough.

not sure why I'm so fucking emotional over this little guy.

maybe if I would have 'reacted' 5 seconds sooner,

he'd be at the vet right now being checked out instead of crushed downstairs in a plastic bag. ya, I'm done for now.


hi guys.

I had a pretty unexpected and exciting afternoon,

considering my morning was a bitch.

after my entry of above, grandpa jack suggested we drive south to the usc campus (the mortal enemy) and watch a 'public practice' of the los angeles lakers at the galen center. how or where he got the tickets, I don't know.

but we are also going to the lakers/clippers pre-season game monday night at the staples center, very cool.

and you wanna hear something crazy; while there watching the scrimmage (lakers playing themselves), I was notified thru my twitter feed that kobe bryants wife had just filed for divorce. how ironic is that?

I guess she got tired of 'the boy' bangin' young white chicks. hey, everybody knows he is doing it.

and I thought my divorce was an expensive one. ha.

after we left the 'belly of the beast' (galen center), we drove home in the wonderful friday afternoon commute traffic.

upon calling the house to see if anyone needed anything,

my wonderful sweet daughter informs me that she has '8' girlfriends staying the night, and if I could pick-up some pizza's for dinner. really???

I am so glad that I am 'in-the-loop' for everything

that goes on around here.

so, after the stop and go traffic, picking up 10 large pies and more drinks for everyone, we arrive to a hero's welcome with hot food and cold drinks.

and then as we are all going nuts around the food/drinks,

my young offspring tells me that we will be celebrating a min-christmas tonight with her gf's because most of them

will be out of town on the 25th. well shit.

I am normally so damn good as to having presents ready to be given weeks before, but still had 3 of the girls to buy for. so using the excuse of getting some treats for later,

me and grandma jo proceeded to the nearest target to pick

up the additional presents. *I had bought a couple kindle fires for 'her closest' friends, but didn't want to 'not give' them all 'about the same thing'; so I bought them all nikon digital camera's and also a very nice digital camera frame.

and got them wrapped there also.

I don't think they knew what we were doing, but who knows what kids think these days.

and we did bring home cake, cookies, ice cream

and micro-popcorn also.

my gifts from the girls were very, very cool and thoughtful: the book: '11/22/63' by stephen king

the book: horseback riding for dummies :)

a sony handicam from the twins

a $50 starbucks card

the complete 'meet the osbournes' dvd's

and a new 'better' wheel barrow and matching shovel (LOL). and my daughter gave me a new shock-watch so when I fall next off one of the horses,

I won't gunk-up or break my others.

the gift I let her open was a copy/scan/fax machine

for her room.

ya, not the typical father-daughter gift, but she really,

really wanted it.

she wanted to open more, but we all decided to wait til

'the day' to properly celebrate. all in all, it was pretty fun.

so it's just past 10p right now, and I'm in my bedroom with all my petz watching 'the A team' while I update.

the elders went to bed about an hour ago, I can here Ashley's tv on in her room (next to mine), and my daughter and her friends are all sleeping (not yet I'm sure) in the downstairs area where the movie room/game room is.

*Jessica will be driving down tomorrow morning from vegas.

our christmas party is tomorrow, and begins at approx 5p,

but ALOT of people wll be here around noon

(mostly the palacios clan)

to help set-up and prepare food, etc.

I really have no idea exactly how many people are coming.

I was told between 50-1000. (that's Ash' exact words)

anyway, I won't be doing a damn thing,

just staying out of everyones way, as usual.

I will be checking-in periodically through-out the day tomorrow,

so... come back often;

I may be starting the 'holiday cheer' rather early.

who knows what I will say, or to 'whom' I will say it to.

ya LB, if you were here you would be giving me my christmas present ALL day long baby!!! ha ha ha

gotta go.

good night everyone... 

-17 Dec 2011/9a-

good morning everyone.

slept in until 7a, and decided it was time to start my day.

the party tonight isn't officially starting til 5p today,

but in the anticipation of 'everyone' coming that was invited,

I want to be ready for them.

the media room upstairs is going to have four 30'' tv's instead of 1 60'' so 8 people can play video games at once, and that's going to take some time to complete.

also have to go buy 2 large plastic trash cans and a billion pounds of ice for the 2 kegs being delivered this afternoon. Ash and her friends will decorate the house 'even more' also.

I read an email this morn asking me what I do with the petz during a large party. well lisa, they have the run of the entire house. the cats normally will follow me around (strange, I know) but these guys will stay hidden during most of the time strangers are here.

the dogs are another story; they love people.

siberians and malamutes are very people friendly.

bev the bassett is also semi-friendly,

but she hates to be picked-up by people she doesn't know.

the germans are a different story.

I'm not 'in-tune' with the shepherds, and don't know the breed at all as these two, brother and sister, are very protective of all who live here more than a day or two.

they also 'love' the mexi-godfather' (of course),

but they nearly bit a couple of the mexicans who had come over to assist with the roofing job.

so, I'm not really sure what to do with the germans;

I'd like them to be able just to have the run of the entire back property as they normally due, but not sure about that.

as I won't be able to control the rear exits out of the house with such a large crowd. but, who knows.

alright, I'm going to get this video game room started,

I'll be back soon. happy saturday everyone.


howdy do, how are you?

yes, I have started to enjoy myself now.

it only took me just under a couple hours to set-up the tv's for the video-game room, should be fun.

the mexi-godfather and his fam arrived at 11:30a to start cooking, and helping set everything up for tonite.

I honestly really have no idea how many people are going to be here for the party.

jessica got here just a little while ago,

and surprised me with my former neighbors (vegas) who lived across the street with the kids who used to

baby-sit my petz.

the sibs went crazy when the young-ins came in.

the festivities aren't do to begin for another 3hrs,

and there are already 30 people downstairs.

*I'm currently upstairs in my study with the cats just takin a breather and having 'another' drink.

this could be a pretty good time tonite. who knows.

the kegs were delivered right on time, and have been on ice now for nearly 4hrs now,

but the gift baskets from a 'certain' food establishment are running late; 25 baskets were to be delivered by 1:30p,

and there still not here (1:55p now).

they say they're running about an hour behind. fuckers!!! it's the holidays, hire another delivery person.

ok, I'm going to take a shower and ready myself in my lazyboy downstairs before anyone else arrives. talk soon...


ok, just a quickie before all hell breaks loose.

already have as many people here now than I thought we would have all night. anyway, all is ready to roll.

my daughter's date (her winter boyfriend, so she says) came over a little early to see if he could 'help out', so he and Ash are walking the pupz right now around the neighborhood. *if he tries anything, a.j. will bite his man-sack off;

he's such a good dog.

grandma jo, grandma palacios and others have been in the kitchen all day, and have snacks placed

throughout the house.

alrighty then, I'm heading back downstairs and figure

out what my pecking-order is going to be tonite.

I'm thinking I will be the invisible host.

if I get bored, or thrown out of the house,

I'll get back to you guys.

have a safe saturday night everyone... 

18 Dec 2011/3:30a

good morning.good nite.

a few party-animals just left, so I thought I'd just touch base with you all and let you know I'm still among the living.

had a few incidents last night, but will get into 'all that' after I've had some sleep.

I'm beat, going to bed. talk soon.


just slightly 'hung-over'.

but I need to start my day accordingly.

before I begin my amusing stories of last night,

I'd like to wish the following people a happy birthday,

very 'star-studded-day:

Happy '65th' Birthday

I'd love to have 1% of this man's talent...

Steven Spielberg

18 Dec 1946

*Director, Producer and Writer Extraordinaire...


Happy '57th' Birthday

my opinion; one of the greatest actors, ever!..

Ray Liotta

18 Dec 1954

*one of the greatest actors of 'all time'...


Happy '48th' Birthday

who's better looking; brad or angelina? tie!...

Brad Pitt

18 Dec 1963

*I'm 24 days 'older' than this Super Star,

and almost as good-lookin'...


Happy '33rd' Birthday

Katie Holmes

18 Dec 1978

*one half of 'the' Hollywood Royal Couple.


Happy '31st' Birthday

one of my top-10 fantasy women...

Christina Aguilera

18 Dec 1980

*my very favorite ex-Mouseketeer...



good morning, afternoon; or whatever.

ya, I'm extremely 'hungover'... extremely!!!

I just drank a 'day after' drink mixed-up by

the mexi-godfather.

his exact words;

"this will either make you feel better immediately,

or will 'let you' yak". I haven't 'yaked' yet, but my stomach is on fire right now, wtf?

ok, let's get going; last night was a little bit different

'party wise' than I am used to.

normally I know every single person who attends my soiree's. but in this instance, this was 'not' the case.

way too many people showed up from being invited by a friend of a friend, or whatever. normally I really wouldn't have cared; but out of the 300+ peeps that showed, I would say nearly 50-60 were not 'officially' invited.

(what that means, I'm not sure) actually, the worse offenders were kids from Ash' school. boy(s) who had been invited by Ash or one of her gf's, and 'they' brought 4-5 other guys.

not cool. god-damn teenaged boys!!! a couple even tried to sneak alcohol, but were caught by the mexi-godfather.

the only 'real' mishap last night was caused by a couple of these young 'shit-heads', throwing an autographed football (from which they 'pryed' open a enclosed display case)

and an errant throw 'in the house' smashed a bay window near the pool area. no wonder the agoura high football team only won 2 games this year; can't throw, can't catch.

needless to say I was abit upset.

noone was hurt, but the damage was substantial.

that's when a group of us 'cleaned house' and escorted about 30+ kids/young adults off the property.

had a couple 'minor' arguements, but nothing that escalated above what couldn't be handled.

I loved it when they said; well so & so invited me,

and I would respond with; my house, my party... goodbye.

kids these days are so disrespectful and think

they know everything. so after the window being broke and cleaned up, the shit-heads being taken off prop;

the party itself was a massive hit. my liquor cabinet got re-stocked last night thanks to all the wonderful 'gifts' my invited (and some uninvited) guests brought.

hey, if your going to show up to a party without even knowing the host personaly, it's nice to bring a kettle of alcohol.

thank goodness I'm not going to be here for new years.

and in case some of you are wondering whether my house was being 'cased' by any would-be-theives; I had over 2/3 of the house 'blocked-off', and some palacios family members were taking it upon themselves to watch over everything.

ya, for 'me' being the host, I didn't do shit.

I greeted people as they arrived (even the uninvited),

I ate, I drank, I kissed under the mistletoe. (yes, someone was there I 'could' be interested in, too young, maybe.)

we had video games going, we had dancing, we had movies, we had so much food, we had drink, we had fun.

we had a great fucking time, all being said.

and having so many 'helpers' here last night and this morning, the house is pretty much already cleaned up. and except for moving furniture back into the house from the garage, looks perfect. shit. sorry, I just barely made it to the toilet, yes... I yakked!!! now I'm hungry.

ok, the window man is here to assess the damaged done by the wanna-be quarterback dick-fuck.

I'll talk to you guys later.

*1 week til christmas, and I'm still waiting for

my 'first' fruitcake...


good evening people.

now that I am 'hangover-free',

just thought I would close-out this page tonight.

so do you all have your christmas shopping done?

I 'basically' do, but have to go get stocking stuffers

sometime this week.

speaking of this week; not really sure what our plans are. grandpa jack and I are going to the lakers-clippers preseason game tomorrow night at the staples center,

which should be fun.

but besides that, I have 'yet to be told' what we're doing. some idea's have been mentioned;

mammoth, big bear lake, tijuana (unsure about this), disneyland, knotts berry farm.

so, I guess we will all decide by tomorrow;

to leave or to go 'somewhere' in particular by tuesday.

I was scheduled to have my 'horse lesson' tomorrow,

but the weather forecast is rain. so I will indeed wait until the 'new year' to jump back into the saddle again.

blah, blah, blah, blah... I know some of this is trivial bullshit, but that's what I have going on in my life. which brings me to a question that one of my long time readers,

emma has asked in the past.

she (along with quite a few of you) have asked why I put

'my daily journal' up for just anyone to read?!

I honestly don't have a complete answer for that question. when I first started this web-site I wanted to do 'something' to try and promote myself as a writer.

but it didn't exactly work as I had hoped it would.

it seems as if just about every person who has a blog these days thinks of themselves as the next mickey spillane,

or janet evanovich.

and yes, I have read some interesting stories from some

of you guys, fiction/non-fiction. but, in the last 4 weeks,

I have just lost interest in being on the web.

being extremely busy has alot to do with it, but also I have had some personal issues to deal with lately.

sometimes the only reason I even turn on my computer

is to update this site.

that's why my twitter entries are normally from

my cell phone.

so anyway, moving right along;

I think by the 2nd month (june 2010), I just started to type in my daily journal entries on here instead of handwriting them into my notebooks. and that's when I started receiving email responses/questions from you readers.

and I just kept doing it.

of course there is much 'I do not' share with you guys,

even though it appears as if I unload everything in my life

for 'whomever' to read. and yes, there were/are times I regret saying some things in this forum.

nearly all of the contact I've had from most of you have been very enlightning and quite enjoyable.

and there are a 'few' that just like to send hate-mail,

no matter what I say or do. and even others who have mentioned me in their blogs saying very demeaning things of me and even my daughter. what I don't understand is;

if people don't like what they are reading why do they keep coming back? just to complain or make fun of others?

I really don't care.

I don't hate anyone. and for the exception of maybe a few people a couple months back, I owe no-one an appology for how I live, or for what I say.

with that being said; I haven't decided if I will continue to publish my thoughts. I will keep updating for my own personal reasons, but sharing them may have to stop.

I have to draw the line when I start receiving emails concerning my daughter.

oh, and by the way; you do know when you send an email, you can trace it back to the IP that it originated from and then if you have the proper contacts you can find out what net-server it's using, the name of the account holder,

and then find the address very easily:


XXXX Hickory Road

Valdosta, GA 31601-8413

(229) 247-XXXX

you can stop now, by the way... 

I'm so tired, just going to watch the replay of the ucla basketball game on prime ticket until I fall asleep in my bed. and in case I haven't said this in awhile; I really do appreciate those of you who come to my website everyday to read my 'dribble' and for the 'nice' emails you send me.

thank you so much.

I hope 'all of you' have a fantastic week, and if your traveling, be safe. good nite...

to be continued on my thoughts.14.2...