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my thoughts.14:

(01 Dec 2011 - current)

Last updated: 01 Dec 2011/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Dec 2011/1:30p

good afternoon everybody.

what a wonderful day to be inside;

the weather outside is horrendous. the winds are gusting at 45-60mph, the temp is 45' and the forecast is snow for levels to 2800ft. 12" in the mountains/passes.

so we may be here until the weekend, I really do not want to leave the rv here at the house. not even for a few days. normally I wouldn't mind to be semi-stranded

(can't drive the rig in these high winds)

but, I am really missing my child, my petz,

my house and so forth.

also, I need to be home by monday as that is when Ash' first report card is ready to be viewed. her progress report was excellent; 4 A's, 2 B's. not sure how much better I can hope she does, she's as close to perfect as I could ever hope for. anyhow; I had a very very fun time last night for being surrounded by about a million cowboy hat wearing rednecks, some female ones also. I didn't ride the bull this time, but I did give 'line dancing' a try again. nope.

I'm still not that good at it.

Oh, speaking of dancing, I went to the dj booth and requested he play 'ymca' by the village people.

he laughed at my request along with a couple

'hicks' within earshot. fuckin' rednecks! ha.

I did have fun with Jess, she kept on being asked to dance, but only tried the 'cowboy hustle' with this older wrangler type dude. it was quite a show.

besides the loud twangy music, and obnoxious drunk cowboys, it was an interesting evening.

omg, I have a little bit of a situation with my neighbors going on right now; Jess is here but her hubby is 'somewhere' and is currently having text conversations

with ms.east coast (a girl from my past),

the lies this guy is saying are incredible,

and she is swallowing everything he is telling her.

this guy is major bi-polar, and so is ms.east coast,

what a pair. maybe they deserve each other.

*it's a benefit to get text message conversations from your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, before the divorce filing begins.

I was going to call ms.east coast right now, but Jess

(who apparently I'm having a sexual relationship with)

said we should let them hang themselves even more. incredible, you know someone for 20+ years, and she believes such outrageous shit from the mouth of a known psycho-maniac that she has never met because she is so fucking crazy and psycho herself and tired of being alone because noone will marry the bitch; fuck them both!

ugh. that felt good!!!

and if you are reading this ms.liona bourgeault from norfolf, va; shame on you for saying the things you did.

I'm done updating for right now.

going out to lunch with my former personal assistant that I am currently having a sexual relationship with while she is still married to my 'former' best-friend. ha ha ha ha


sometimes you say things you will later regret,

even if they are unbelievably true.

(or at that moment you just feel that particular way)

and sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move straight ahead into the unknown misty waters we call life and try not to bump into anything that would possibly cause irreversible damage.

sometimes I fucking hate people, fucking hate them!

and I'm not sure who is worse;

people who know you and betray your trust by sharing things that were never meant to be shared.

or; people who have no idea who you are, or what you stand for, judging you on a 'hic-cup' and personaly attacking you without regards to how it will make you feel.

as far as this latter reference goes;

I am also guilty of giving my opinion of other peoples actions without regard to how it would make them feel.

I guess it's human nature to be an asshole sometimes.

I had such an occurance happen to me in october while I was exploring a new form of communication known as the 'virtual world'. I admit I kinda went off the deep end and got wrapped-up in something I hadn't been prepared for.

but after I wrote some things that did not exactly 'read' as I had wanted to express myself, friends of the person that I had written it to came to her defense immediately and were not at a loss of words in describing my abrupt actions.

*that was the reason I was off-line for a few weeks, for those of you who had inquired of my absence.

I was asked by this young lady not to ever contact her again, and do not ever plan on doing so.

the crazy thing was, one of her friends (a best friend I think) seemed to take personal pleasure in continuing to 'rip me' after the ordeal. and even suggested that I had threatened her with a statement I had made concerning the fact I was notified about web-traffic being filtered thru a private blog that had 'marked me'. I felt like shit, and was totally unprepared for this kind of negativity.

to the point of composing a serious appology to this young lady, and especially to her bff that had been threatened by my apparent lack of communication skills.

but since I am sure that I would have been ridiculed for anything that I had said, I never posted it.

why give this person more ammo to unload on me.

she has a b/w pic of a woman's face posted on her blog;

and if that is her, I find her extremely attractive.

and I really don't blame her for coming to the aide of her friend, as that is what friends are for.

I just hate that it was my actions that caused all of this to happen, as I really enjoyed communicating with this other woman, alot. there is something about her that is... beautifully unexplainable.

I have since not gone back to read these blogs,

and I don't think these young ladies are

reading mine any longer.

why would they.

ok then, sorry about all this stuff.

quite a few of you had inquired numerous times about my 'lock-down' in october, and that was the reason why.

I am no longer on any virtual world/dating sites,

I learned my lesson. I am not as good as some of you in expressing myself in 140 characters or less.

besides, when the elders leave next month I will have alot less time than I do now.

so anyway, let us move along;

it appears as if the cold front that has blown into the valley will be here for the next 24-48hrs,

so we will be waiting this out the old fashion way;

fireplace, wine, cards and sex.

(I might as well, being accussed of it!)

alright, have had abit of a stressful day that I had absolutely nothing to do with.

so I will be signing-off for the night.

tomorrow is another day, so be it...   

thoughts pending...


so; what's on your mind???