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my thoughts.1.3:

COMPLETED: 31 Jan 2012/11:30pm

(24 Jan 2012 - 31 Jan 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

24 Jan 2012/9:30pm

good evening everyone.

yes, I know I was a 'bad boy' today for not

updating before this.

so the question is;

any of you bad mama jama's 'bad enough' to give

me a spanking? ya... that's what I thought!

any way, started my day with a massive headache.

but after a pitcher of coffee, a couple dozen advils and the smell of fresh horse shit, I was better.

I guess I really should stop complaining about the horses. they really are adorable, I guess.

especially when I am feeding them apples.

jack is 'basically' my horse, but jill is so damn sweet to me, even tho she likes to tip the wheel barrow over with her nose when I'm poop-scoopin.

so the tack-room is nearly complete, it'll be nice to have everything in one room.

I still don't know 'jack-shit' about these creatures,

but I promised Ash I would 'try'.

the rest of the day was laundry, dog walk, grocery store (ya, I bought some crazy shit cause I was hungry at the time), school transport, and tonite 'I' cooked dinner.

we had bbq lobster tails, baked potatoes, squash, and green salad loaded with everything.

and Ashley had made peanut butter cookies this past weekend, so we scarfed those down for dessert.

I again received an informative email today from my net-friend, sending me info on what Ash needs to start to do now to insure she gets into 'our' college of choice.

ya, I said 'our', I'm paying for it.

omg. I had a new follower today on twitter: @missybiozarre,

and her profile was short but awesome;

'Full-time villain, part-time writer'

I loved it.

anyway, not much else to currently report. the mexi-godfather will be here in the morning to replace a few roof tiles that came off during our last wind storm.

and also is bringing a 'couple' who he is 'in relations with' to possibly help out around here.

that would be so awesome.

I know now that I bit-off more than I could chew when I bought this house/property.

thank goodness for the palacios family.

ok then. I have some international calls to make and want to try to get in bed before midnite.

so good nite all... 

25 Jan 2012/1pm

good afternoon all you crazies.

ok, ok, ok; more than one of you brought to my attention my entry of last making the following statement 'the mexi-godfather-also is bringing a couple who he is in relations with'. what???, didn't you guys know that the godfather is a 'playa', man about town, 'the' senior gigolo??? ha-ha-ha.

well after 'so many' replies, including a few palacios fam-members, I will correct myself accordingly; 'the mexi-godfather-is also bringing a couple he is RELATED to, to possibly help-out around here. ok then.

my day is now complete, goodnite.

I guess maybe I should 'proof-read' a little better 'before' I click on that 'publish' button.

so anyway;

I was up fairly 'late' last night talking with a 'new friend';

sharing stories of our lives, past relationships, things we like/dislike, sexual fantasies, giving each other pubic-haircuts, what her opions are on wife-swapping or inviting our friends over to have a mass orgy on my live webcam feed. you know, just the normal phone call conversation subjects I'm famous for. (just kidding emma)

seriously, I did enjoy my conversation with this woman,

and hope to continue to have these 'stimulating'

discussions with her.

in other abstract news; we (ya, right) are replacing roof tiles today that blew-off from the last wind storm.

also, my tack-room is officially complete.

and to answer some of you who asked; no we (ya, right) didn't construct an entire new building for this addition,

as I thought we were going to do in the begining.

but instead; just enclosed one of the empty stalls

(there 'were' 6 total, 3 used, 3 unused)

and made it the 'horse-gear storage-room' or as experienced horse peeps call it 'the tack room'.

which works for me, cause one of the other 'empty stalls is used for 'straw/hay/grain' storage.

which really only leaves 'one' empty stall for another creature. so listen, on that note;

I have 'really' been considering the 'possibility' of looking into adding a 'clydesdale' or maybe even a 'buffalo'.

yes, a budweiser horse or a 'real' buffalo.

don't laugh, just various thoughts.

but you realize what that would mean; more damn creature-poop to attend to on a daily basis.

alrighty, I need to have a sandwich before I go back up on my roof and 'supervise' (ya, right) the pounding of nails going on right now. you know; if I fall off of this house and kill myself I will be so fucking pissed-off and come back and haunt the 'fuck' outa everyone who talked me into trying to learn this house-upkeep shit. oh, I'd also beat the ghostly-shit outa the poltergiest who continues to open/close doors and drive my kidz crazy in this house. ok, I'll check back soon...


good evening people.

had a pretty standard day;

shoveled up about 50 pounds of excrement,

made my daughter breakfast

(cherrios, sliced banana, toast, orange juice),

did the school transport thing,

climbed up a 1000ft ladder to 'supervise' my roof 're-do',

moved 8 bales of straw and 4 of hay into it's 'new home',

saw a snake in my backyard

(almost shit my pants),

had a peanut butter/blackberry jam sandwich, coleslaw,

and a diet coke for brunch,

took 'all' my kidz to the dog park,

my other kid got a ride from a friend and met me there,

(after she stayed in school all day, mind you)

brought 'all' my kids home,

went to the grocery store and bought ingredients

for tofu enchiladas (for Ash to make),

spent nearly $30. on 'frozen water',

took a shower just a moment ago,

sent/received over 300 texts/msg's in 24hrs

(is that alot, or not?),

and once again; I did 'not' have sex today.

so, there you go; my day in a single paragraph.

now, I'm going downstairs and eat fresh mexican,

and possibly have a drink or two or maybe just hook-up

an 'I-V' and enjoy.

grandpa jack wanted to have a 'little' get-together tonite with the 'elders' so he could drink a little, and especially

wanted to smoke a cigar with the boys.

and since grandma jo will be arriving tomorrow morning,

and grandpa jack is 'supposed' to be quitting this smoking habit of his, well... you get the picture.

does that mean I'm contributing to the

delinquency of a senior?

well shit, I just can't win lately.

alright, I'm hungry, and thirsty. see ya...


well; I'm drunk, tired, and all by-my-self.

good thing I don't have any sheep outside. hmmm.

alrighty then. dinner tonight was of course, fantastic.

thanx to the palacios clan. grandma palacios makes the best avacado dip, or what you rookies call; guacamole.

Ash even got into the cooking act this afternoon by making her version of tofu-enchiladas, and they were 'de-li-sh-ious'. she did use regular cheeses, sauce, corn wraps and sour cream tho. so I'm not really sure how 'good for you' it was for us. but it was still awesome seeing her in the kitchen with my 'kiss the cook' apron on. what? you think I wouldn't have 'any' kiss-the-cook stuff in my galley?

I have it all baby; aprons, towels, platters, bowls, and even a 3ft ceramic chef standing next to my chefs roller island with his own apron on saying /k.t.c.'

(the 'chef's name is 'little G' by the way)

ok so I still have 'guests' downstairs, but I really am tired,

so I left grandpa jack in charge of his cigar smoking buddies. *there is NO smoking in my house, my cars, or even in the pool/spa area. and I am very serious about that stuff;

also no cig butts anywhere. I hate that shit.

so tomorrow is fairly busy for me;

chores in the morn, school trans, then going to LAX to pick-up grandma jo, bring her back, my therapist, pick-up Ash, take her to the dentist for a retainer fitting, and then we are going out to dinner w/one of Ash gf's family to celebrate her parents 20th wedding anniversary. that's nice.

oh, by the way my friends;

this site is 'now' mobile phone friendly effective yesterday:

and apparently I can now 'update' this web-site from my android. amazing. what will vista-print think of next?

maybe they should 'fix' the services they currently offer before introducing new ones.

sometimes they just piss-me-off.

especially when I call customer service and get a

non-english speaking person! ugh.

well damn, my beer-buzz has just about disappeared, bummer.

so I guess it's time to go to bed...  

26 Jan 2012/11:40am

this is a test to see if this 'mobile dashboard' that vista-print really works...


well I'll be damned, it works.

so then I'll give a quickie update while I am waiting for grandma jo to go thru customs.

so here I sit at the LAX international terminal,

lots of asians here, lots of em'.

you know, even when I was stationed in japan in the mid-80's I never, ever was 'attracted' to asian women.

unlike the rest of the marine-horndogs;

who would foam at the mouth at the sight of a filipino girl/woman who were dancers at the night clubs we all went to on the weekends.

not that asian women are 'not' attractive, just not to me.

ok. I think grandma jo has been approval for

entering the united states of america.

will get back to you all soon...


hi guys.

had a very busy and productive day.

I just got out of the shower, and while I 'air dry',

I thoughtI would bore you guys some more.

grandma jo is now back in the states for a little while.

I know they are going to stay for Ash' 16th b-day,

and I 'think' they have purchased a house in the san diego area and haven't told any of us yet. just a hunch.

so I will be my daughter's date this evening when we go out to dinner to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of the parents of one of her girlfriends.

actually, I'm looking forward to being around other semi-adults for conversation value.

it will be nice to visit with others and not have to worry about certain subject matters that are uncomfortable to

talk about around here.

I love having Ash wear a dress, she's so damn adorable.

and she picked me out a tie that matches her dress;

so at the very least, we'll be color-coordinated.

I've only met the father once;

he is an attourney that works outa LA,

and he's a little arrogant, and conceded.

so I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

I'm just kidding, I don't have either of those attributes.

I'm just convinced. ha ha. no, really!

ok then. I've got to get dressed and get ready to go,

I'll see you guys later.


good evening my friends.

oh my, had a wonderful time tonite.

we got to the restaurant a little later than I had planned on, but 'the host' of this shindig (lawyer-boy) had a ice cold beer and a shot of jager sitting next to my silver.

oh yea, good times baby.

yes, it's true that I normally 'do not' drink while I'm out with Ash, but I did make a 'tiny' exception for this occasion.

take it easy you judgemental schmucks;

1 shot and 3 beers in a two hour time span does not make me an imparried, irresponsible father.

besides, by the time I finished eating this 'over-the-top' meal, and a swallowing a few iced teas;

my beer-buzz had 'passed-on' to the urnal gods.

this was the second time that I had been to the

mastro steakhouse in thousand oaks,

so I knew what I wanted to try this time .

and let me just say,

oh... my... goodness!

by the time Ash and I had arrived

(it was my fault we were running late; phone call)

there was an assortment of appetizers already on the table: steak sashimi, crab stuffed mushrooms,

toasty cheese raviolli, tomato w/mozzarella,

and a spicy chilled salad.

jeesh. there was so much food on the table,

I had thought they had already begun to eat dinner.

I won't totally bore all you midwestern peeps reading this entry as you drink your morning mud with my entire run down of feed intake, but let me just mention this:

Lobster Mashed Potatoes

ya, that's right baby. this IS california!

the last time we were here, Ash and her grandma had this, and my poor little girl ended up giving her grubby

'old man' (me) nearly half of it.

have I ever told you guys what an excellent off-spring she is? ok, so these 'spuds' are so very decadent;

mashed to perfection w/half & half (I asked),

alot of butter and so many chunks of lobster. 'chunks'.

the steak, freshly steamed veggies, and warm dinner rolls all played second fiddle to this awesome 'side dish'.

*but the rest of the meal was indeed fantastic.

so after dinner and a great cup of rich, dark coffee;

we drove back to their house for cake, ice cream

and more even coffee.

so needless to say, I am very caffeinated right now.

shit I may go pick up the horse shit right now.

or better yet;

make phone calls to people on the east coast and then fart into the phone when they wake up and answer.

the only drawback to that would be the 'smell' I would create up here in my bedroom.

and since I have some candles burning right now, the possible 'reaction' could be 'booming'.

but think about this you guys;

if 'we' could invent the 'flatulence fone' to disperse the

'smell of doom' when someone answers,

'we' would make at least $20. and share the proceeds.

get back to me 'emma' if 'erbie' can make-this-work.

ok then. this late-nite caffeine high is just a little too much for me right now.

maybe I'll do some alcohol beverage consumption after I post this page full of dribble.

Ash is already in bed, her mom and Jessica went out tonite, and the elders are watching 'the finder' downstairs back in 'their room'.

so it's just me and my menagerie of furry creatures up here watching tv, OMG the ucla bruins are kicking

the shit out of utah. maybe that's been the problem 'all year', I should just 'tune-in' the last 2 minutes of their

games from now on.

the mexi-godfather took my 4 tickets for tonites game. not sure if he actually went, of gave them to a relative.

alrighty then. I'm going to publish this mess and then go downstairs and tell the 'old people' good night,

and then maybe I'll go streakin'... good nite all... 

27 Jan 2012/8:30am

good morning everyone.

ha ha. got some crazy replies from you guys last night

about my last entry.

it wasn't the alcohol making me 'wired', it was 5 cups of coffee having me so 'hyper' that had me going. no, I did not make any 'fart' crank calls; nor did I go 'streaking' last night before I went to bed. (sorry, jamie... no pics baby!)

actually, after my update I watched the completion of the ucla bruins basketball game/victory against the utah utes.

then I proceeded to 'water-down' my late-night caffeine intake by drinking a bottle of lambrusco. (I love that stuff) I also had a conversation on the tele with a 'new' friend, exchanging stories and visiting.

so today looks to be a non-eventful day,

we'll see how long that goes.

after I take Ash and her friends to school here in about 20min, I am going to go grocery shopping and then I'd like to take the kidz to the park and let them run around awhile.

it's been so beautiful here the last couple of days.

oops; I was just summond by ms.kiss.

alrighty then, I'm outa here. talk soon.


so as I sit here @ the macaroni grill w/'girl-6',

and listen to them discuss the 'entire' menu in detail,

I just thought I would again 'try-out' this mobile update application that took forever to work/publish yesterday.

so our plans for 'date-night' are dinner and then a movie; 'underworld: evolution in 3d imax.

hey, don't look at me;

all these girls are freaking 'vampire/werewolf' crazy!

ok, I'm breaking my own 'dinner' rules by using my cell-phone

*NO cell phone during dinner.

so I best be going. I'll be back!!!


good evening all.

I'm barely keeping myself up at this very moment.

so I am going to for-go the final entry of the day and crash. I will do this in the morn. good nite guys...

28 Jan 2012/11am

good mid-morning everyone.

had a very, very enjoyable time last night with

Ash and 5 of her girlfriends.

my prior experiences with my step-daughter and her friends did not even to compare to how Ash and 'her' friends act. complete opposites doesn't even begin to describe the two completely separate groups of girls.

on one side you have a very shy, and semi awkwardly social personality that surrounded herself with friends

who were 'exactly' like her.

(she has since 'broke' outa her shell)

and on 'the other side' you have a young lady who is maybe even a little too outgoing and runs her own

social butterfly network.

and once again, her friends are exactly like her.

ok then; 'date night' actually started at 12:30p yesterday when Ash called me 'to ask' if 'girl-6' could all go out w/me. what was I going to say? I can't say no to such a request.

so we started 'date night' with all the girls being here at the house by 4p, and of course they all have to try on a dozen outfits a piece before they were all ready to go.

(ok, a 'slight' exaggeration)

when it's just me and Ash,

we normally go out for dinner and a movie,

and all the girls decided that we were going to see 'underworld: awakening' in imax 3D.

which sounded good to me as I love kate beckinsale.

before the movie we had dinner at the macaroni grill;

I love the chicken scaloppine w/extra artichokes,

and Ash loves the king salmon.

after dinner,

(and not a drop of house wine)

we headed over to a theatre in simi valley,

and since the girls didn't have any appitizers or frothy drinks for dinner, the snackbar was totally on me.

shit: popcorn, choco-treats, nachos, drinks... wow.

ok then. after melting some plastic at the concessions stand, we head into the theatre,

it was pretty packed, but we did find some great seats.

lots of teenage boys in that particular I must say.

I'm guessing they 'love' kate beckinsale also.

the boys also 'liked' girl-6,

little horny hard dick moutha fucka's!

the 3D imax thing was pretty cool, not only the movie itself, but I could take the glasses off every 'so often' (or more)

and observe the group of boys sitting 3 rows back behind 'my group' of girls.

actually besides some semi-harmless popcorn kernal tossing, these teenaged young men were very well behaved. I'm thinking it had to do with the older

person sitting with them.

after the movie, we stopped and picked-up some gelato for grandpa/ma on our way home. boom end of the night.

I think I was even asleep when I updated last night.

today promises to be a eventful day;

a horse riding lesson here in about 20min,

the bruins play at 1p at the LA sports arena,

and then we are having a nice quiet evening at home.

or so is the plan.

alright, I need to get going, we'll talk soon.

have an excellent saturday everyone.

*have tried numerous times to post this update,

to no avail. and of course being the week-end, I'm screwed. fucking vista print.


well shit. I'm guessing that I 'will not' be able to publish

my updates throughout the weekend,

but I will keep things flowing.

so I just finished with my horse lesson, I guess I'm doing better, so I've been told.

but I just am not that comfortable up there on jack's back. and honestly, I'm not so sure that jack the horse

(thought I would clarify myself)

is enjoying it that much also.

grandpa jack and I are going to be leaving shortly to the LA sports arena meeting the mexi-godfather and

his grandson there.

so that will be my afternoon in a nutshell.

will try and post this a few times before we leave.


having a wonderful time, wish you 'all' were here.

to begin with; apparently my site has published because of the feedback emails.

so thanks for letting me know. so, I'll just keep hitting the publish button until I get the posting.

ok then; the ucla bruins kicked some colorado buffalo ass today, I couldn't believe it, still can't.

the la sports arena was fairly crowded,

but nothing like pauley has been in the past on a early saturday afternoon game.

we took the rig today even though we didn't

'really' tailgate what-so-ever.

just wanted to exercise the engine,

and we also stopped and filled up the propane tanks,

filled-up both fuel tanks,

and switched-out some batteries.

the rig has been getting quite alot of usage

during the last 2months with us using it as

an 'extra' bedroom.

grandpa jack and I were planning on going to west covina after the game, but was so informed by the mexi-godfather that grandma p and some others were busy preparing fajita 'fixings' to bring over to the house tonight.

well, alrighty then.

and I was worried it was going to be boring

here at casa-kiss tonite! what the hell was I thinking.

Ash and her friends will be staying at 'anothers' house tonite, so responsibility speaking of this evening...

I'm a free dad. which means I can just focus on

enjoying myself tonite.

not that 'I don't' enjoy myself with my daughter here,

as I do very much... of course;

but sometimes it's good for me just to 'let it all hang-out', which I will be doing tonight.

some 'early' arrivals have already arrived,

but the food truck has not yet shown.

steak, chicken, and shrimp fajita's are on the menu for tonite. want some?

ok. so Jessica told me that one of you guys sent an email last night stating 'girl-6' was a title of a movie from 1996.

so I looked it up, and sure enough;

it is a film by of all people 'spike lee'. wow.

with the premise for the film being an aspiring actress out of work and needing money, she turns to the

phone-sex-operator business for employment.

hmmm. not really sure if that is the nick-name I really want these girls to have. but, there are worse things I guess. thank-you for your input reader

(Jess didn't tell me your name, sorry).

well I'm thinking I should go back downstairs and see if there is anything that needs/should be done before I have an on-slaught of guests arriving.

*I'm so hoping the head count remains under 30.

ok, I'll check-in later...


not sure how long I will be able to stay awake,

I'm beat and totally exhasted.

tonite was exactly as I had hoped it to be;

less than 20 people, very laid back, and just relaxing.

the fajitas were as always, fantastic.

according to grandma palacios, the secret to outstanding fajitas is marinading the strips/chunks of meat overnight and then cook on a hot 'seasoned' skillet with the freshest veggies available. alrighty then. also, the cheese enchiladas were... omg! made with cheddar and pepper jack.

I may not crap right for a week.

after dinner, the poker game started;

$10. buy-in, and up to three $5. re-buys

($25. is very non-damaging) I lasted to the 2nd round,

then the retired pediatrician from across the street kept raising me with his pairs of 8's and another pairs of 8's.

*for those of you who don't play poker;

that's a four of a kind!

hey, I had a full house; three 5's ad 2 J's.

fukin midwestern baby doctor ass-wad!

after losing all my re-buys with that hand,

I made a fresh pitcher of marg's and proceeded to pout for the remainder of the evening.

na, not really.

I went outside and sat with Jessica, Ashley and the grandmothers and enjoyed the beautiful

and cloud-free night.

I then came upstairs and made a super-top-secret-private phone call to a fellow southern californian.

and we discussed the meaning of quantum physics,

the reasons for condoms, vibrators, and sex enhancer gels in the world of single life, and more inportantly;

what we would do if alien space ships landed and armies of sasquatch invaded the west coast.

and now, your all caught-up with my daily activities.

I 'will be' going to church tomorrow

(per the mexi-godfather)

and then we'll be celebrating the birthday of a

palacios family member afterwards.

Ash is spending the night at a gf's house,

and I'll pick her up tomorrow afternoon.

nothing really is planned tomorrow,

but I'm sure 'something' worth noting will occur.

I have a week to finish the planning of Ash' 16th b-day,

(our first together)

and am getting plenty of party ideas and of course all the assistance I could ever need.

still have a couple hurdles to 'work-out' but I'm sure it'll all be taken care of.

alright, I'm so tired. I'll get back to you all tomorrow.

good nite all. sweet dreams ladies.

29 Jan 2012/7am

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

good morning.

I'm tired, not just 'a little' tired. I'm really fukin tired.

just thought I needed to start off my day properly

and share that with you guys.

so it's about 6:50am,

and I am just about ready to drive to west covina to the palacios compond and do the church thing.

after church, I will be attending a birthday party for one of the palacios' grandsons.

after the consumption of chocolate birthday cake,

I'm going to go pick-up my daughter at her gf's house and then her and I are going to take an afternoon drive together and have a discussion about a subject I need to get some feedback from her of.

sometimes, I really feel like I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm doing with her.

not 'with her' as far as being her father and her living with me; but as far as raising her and making the 'parental' decisions that affect the both of us on a daily basis.

it's almost like an 'out-of-body experence saying/doing the things I do as far as she is concerned.

I know that I have made mistakes this last year,

but I hope to learn from them.

I guess everyday that you are responsible for a child,

you just hope you that your mistakes never out-number

your good decisions.

I just want her to be a good person,

that would be all I could ever hope for.

alright, time to get on the road, talk to you guys later.

have a fantastic sunday everyone


hey now, hey now...

I got in trouble during mass again for texting a friend.

and once again,

grandma palacios took my phone from me until we left.

damn it to hell I say.

so after church,

I went to casa-palacios for a little while to celebrate the 12th birthday of one of grandpa/ma p's grandsons.

pretty damn cool party for a 12yr old I have to say.

pinata's, train set, slot cars, a bouncy-bounce.

and of course the food was awesome;

mostly hard taco's, hot dogs and hamburgers.

after leaving west covina,

I picked-up Ash and came straight home as she

wanted to call a friend

(yep, it's a boy... damn-it!)

so seeing how everyone is 'doing their own thing' right now,

I thought I'd take ALL the kidz to the dog-park

for about an hour or so,

and then I will think about 'doing something' for dinner. Ashley & Jessica just said they'd like to have pizza tonite,

so I'm thinking dominos.

I'll be back later, hope you all are having a great day.


hi guys. going to bed fairly early tonite.

going to have a busy week.

along with my normal daily activities,

I have a birthday party to plan and some other things going on, plus a business meeting in portland, oregon

wednesday morning. so there you go.

so listen, I normally don't ask of you guys for anything,

but if some of you could please send me some

idea's for Ash' birthday party.

and truth be told, I'm not sure what I'm even looking for.

I've looked up 'girls 16th birthday party' on google,

I wasn't really impressed with what I read.

I want it to be special, and I have 'some idea's and have already made arrangements for her choice of cake,

but besides input from some around here,

I'm at a total loss.

Jessica is looking into a 'live band' and/or d.j.,

but I really don't want to go way over board

like I've read about.

there is 'one' person in particular I'd like to

get some feedback from,

but don't want to approach her with this.

ok then, I'm crashing out, have great monday everyone. good-night...

30 Jan 2012/12:30pm

good after noon my friends.

just a 'quickie' to get the day going.

I'm again extremely tired today, my own doing.

have already been fairly busy,

as busy as I can be:

loads of laundry, animal activities, did the therapist thing, read a couple emails, a fried egg brunch, had a couple people make me smile, (one in particular), enroute to pet-co, then the grocery,

and then have an appt with a party-planner.

because of my interupted sleep cycle,

I decided to NOT have my two cups of 'morning-mud',

but am thinking I will have a cup 'or two' while on my journey's this afternoon.

I did read a couple of emails concerning the party ideas I asked for yesterday,

and I will be reading even more and 'responding' to some of you later-on today.

thank-you to those who responded;

so far ALL excellent idea's.

ok. there are a few thousand pounds of creature-food awaiting my future purchase,

I've got to get going.

hope you all are having a do-able monday.

*go to my January.2012 page today, very 'spot-on entry'...


good evening everyone.

have been very, very busy today.

as I left you last,

I was enroute to buy my monthly pet food supply

for every critter we have here at the house.

*some being not of my ownership.

also, there recently has been an addition of an owl in the rear of the property. I wouldn't have believed it unless I heard the 'hoots'. loud fucker he/she is.

I've tried to find out the species,

but so far I have absolutely no idea.

hey, any animal/bird that will devour mice/rats, bugs, snakes, etc; is welcomed to make any tree/bush on

my property it's home.

even if it is only for short time periods of the year.

hey, don't call me crazy;

but I will swear that I saw an eagle fly over-head

here the other day.

everyone says I'm nutz, and that it was most likely a hawk or another bird of prey.

but cheeseboro canyon is not far off,

(very near in fact) so who knows what I saw.

ok then, I'll stop pretending to be doctor dolittle.

after buying a ton of food that I don't plan on eating,

I had an interesting visit with a professional party planner. jesus. jesus. jesus.

do parents 'really' fucking spend $50,000 OR MORE

on their daughter's 16th birthday party? omg!!!

I listened to the first part of her little presentation,

(not that little; slides, menu's, pictures, gift ideas... shit!!!) and she had my full attention,

but when she 'kept' repeating her favorite 'catch'-phrase'; ''do you really want to be the father that didn't give his little girl the party she'll remember for the rest of her life''?

of course the first time she said that I said 'NO'.

but as she would keep saying it over and over again,

I tired of her ridiculous sham.

I soon left saying; 'I'll call ya'.

the mexi-godfather, grandpa jack and myself have quite a few things in place, but I just don't want to be lacking.

and the closer the date is, the more I'm beginning to panic.

I can't really share with you guys what I've had in the works even before the holidays last month,

(as a few of her friends parents read this site)

but again; I just want this to be special.

not only is it Ash' 16th birthday, but it is my first one to celebrate the birth of 'my only child' with her.

ok, ok, ok. I'm raising my blood pressure right now.

so anyway, I cooked dinner tonite:

stuffed green peppers, twiced baked cheddar spuds, spinach salad w/warm bacon dressing and a cheesecake.

*the cheesecake was purchased at the cheesecake factory...

alright, I think it's a great time for a 'drink',

I'll check in a little later.

31 Jan 2012/9:30am

good morning.

I will be running around most of the morning taking care of some loose ends that I didn't know I was 'in-charge' of.

have to be at LAX nlt 1pm, and then will be in portland, or. w/my business peeps by 8:30pm tonite.

my associates (from the far east) are a little 'pissed-off' that our meeting couldn't be completed in san francisco and have to go up north to oregon.

not sure what's worth; bitching women,

or arrogant men-princesses.

both are a serious pains in my fucking ass!!!

alright, I really don't have the time or frame of mind this week to listen to a bunch of spoiled 'man-boys' bitch and complain about the inconvenient location of a possible business venture that eats up some of their 'travel time' away from their work space and wives/family because they have been looking forward to fucking some 'strange'.

that being said; I have to get going and get some errands completed before I end up at the airport

in a couple hours.

I need a drink...


howdy from a cloudy san francisco bay area.

took an earlier flight to get here ahead of my oversea's travelers. actually won't be here to long.

once the slang-gang arrives,

they have a charter taking us to portland, oregon.

yee haw; a tuesday night in party-land portland.

look-out ladies, mr kiss and his s. korean playboys will be hitting the party circuit hard tonight... not!!! ha-ha-ha anyway, our meeting with a potential 'investor' will be at 10am tomorrow morning, and then I will be returning back home in the early afternoon.

I can't believe I had to do 'this' this week. oh well, no worries. alright, I'm going to get a sandwich and a beer.


good evening from 'the beaver state'.

I've always loved that nickname!

and of course, it's fukin raining.

just once, I'd like to go somewhere and have the weather just be a beautiful blue sky.

the trip here was a basically uneventful,

except for the fact we rode into portland on a wing and a prayer. damn small planes!

it was so fukin small, you stand up to get something,

and your buttin' heads w/the co-pilot.

our stewardess 'was' the co-pilot!

anyway, I'm here.

and will be momentarily diving into my pet-free bed,

and will try to get at least 6hrs sleep.

the presentation is tomorrow morning at 10am now, and then lunch at 11:30a and then 'hopefully' be on

my flight back to LA by 2:35pm.

(someone I know 'of' says 'Hell-A'... too funny)

ms. kiss' birthday weekend is shapping up nicely.

I again thank-you ALL for giving me such great ideas and suggestions concerning this 'big event'.

I wish I could email everyone of you back,

but that's just not possible.

well then; I actually started this entry a while ago,

but just got off the phone, so I will just post what I have.

too many shrouded thoughts swimming thru my mind to get back into the 'update-frame of mind'.

good night everyone...    

to be continued on my thoughts.2.0...