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'my thoughts.1.4'

(15 Jan 2013 - 19 Jan 2013)

completed: 19 Jan 2013/9pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

15 Jan 2013/noon

good afternoon. feeling much, much better today.

but I don't want to jinx-it, so I'll just shut-up.

been up since 6am, and have nearly completed 'everything I needed to get done today:

morning chores, doctor visit, dry cleaners, groceries,

and now fixing lunch of 'left-overs' from last night.

the girls are at school,

grandpa Jack, mexi-godfather, and a few more palacios relatives are out back working,

grandma palacios and her helpers from last night

left earlier this morning,

and Jessica is going to join me for lunch after being my 'side-kick' all morning.

I'll tell ya this; last night was a weird one.

the 'bedrock clan' were some strange individuals.

I really thought they were being rude to grandma palacios, but I guess that is how they treat everyone.

as when I came back down last night after updating this site, they were rather rude to me also.

I guess I'll never 'mesh' with the

'ones born with a platinum spoon shoved-up their asses'.

a bad day to these 'types' are not being able to find a sushi bar nearby, or having someone around to take their shit. they have no idea.

anyway. I did talk to Ash today and told her it was not a good idea that she goes to mexico with these people,

and that we were NOT going to be friends with this semi-raciest, over-bearing, snobbish family.

she likes the oldest son, but agrees his family is awful.

I also reminded her this was the 2nd time she put me into a unfavorable situation that I was not happy about.

she appologized, and said the boy had been very adamant about having our families meet as he wants her to go to mexico with them.

Ash did ask if we could go their sometime,

and I said after all this 'drug cartel actions' stop.

*which may be never.

anyway. I'm going to look into taking all of us to hawaii for spring break this year.

not 'exactly' sure 'how many' all of us actually will go,

but I do need to take certain people along.

Jessica and I talked about this a little this morning as

we were driving from place to place,

and we have a few ideas on how to do this.

at first I thought about keeping this trip a secret,

but decided that would be a pain in the ass.

so when Ash & Elli get back, I'll discuss this with them.

Elli has plans to meet with her mom that week,

but I know she really doesn't want to go see her.

so, we'll have to see.

alright, I'm going to eat some lunch,

so I'll see ya guys later.


after having a 'huge' lunch I took a 90min nap and now I'm watching the #GoldenGlobes on dvr.

I cannot believe how many of these movies I have NOT seen. I used to take pride 'in myself' in viewing every movie

that was deemed a good movie.

I guess not so much anymore.

I'll be back.


had a wonderful afternoon/evening.

still not feeling 100%, but I 'suffered thru'.

anyway. after the girls got home from school ,

I had a talk w/them about hawaii and they

are both very excited.

almost immediately Ash asked if she could ask 'her friend' to come along,

and I said it probably wouldn't be such a good idea,

as his parents would most likely want to go also.

she was in total agreement with me.

so after homework, afternoon chores, and dinner,

the girls began looking-up everything 'hawaii'.

even tho Ash and I were there for a few days together

just a few years ago,

she is really looking forward to going back.

and Elli, the mexi-godfather, grandmother palacios,

and a few others have never been.

*btw, dinner was mcribs/fries/apple pies for everyone

from mcdonalds.

so as the girls were overloading google searches with inquiries of hawaian 'hot spots',

Jack, the godfather, and myself watched 'tombstone/1993'.

I love that movie.

now as I'm sitting here in bed poking these keys for you guys to read, I am once again falling asleep.

so with that, I'm out. good night everyone.

16 Jan 2013/1pm

live and learn.

apparently I did a little too much yesterday,

as I am back to where I was a few days ago with this fucking-piece-of-shit-cold.

and calling the 'witch-doctor' that I go to was absolutely no help. as his 'nurse' told me; "you have to ride this cold-out mr kiss. there is nothing we can do for you".

it's funny how people treat you when your sick,

like you have the bubonic plague or something.

and then when these 'ass-fucks' get sick they want compassion and so forth.

(my inner-circle have been awesome tho)

oh, and by the way; yes I'm in a foul and somewhat

'bitchy-mood today. I'm tired of being sick!!!

grandma palacios is here again today,

and has me eating this chicken tortilla soup w/hot-peppers from hell in the broth.

she says the 'peppers' will release some of their

'healing powers' and speed me on to recovery.

sounds like a bunch of 3rd world nonsense to me,

but 'fuck-it', nothing else seems to be working.

so ya, I'll burn the shit outa my mouth/tongue/throat

to feel better!!!

anyway. don't judge me on my pissy-fuck-attitude today, I've been pretty upbeat this past week while dealing with this miserable crap.

and as well as I felt yesterday,

I 'assumed' that today would be even better.

not a step backwards for 'fux-sake'.

so with all my soup pretty much gone and my

mouth/throat on fire,

I'm once again going to lay down and take a nap.

if these peppers start to work,

I'll just by-pass 'the norm' and slice one of those bad boys up and shove it up my ass for a 'magical-healing-enima'.

shit. (pun intended) who knows, maybe this is what the world has been waiting for.


'Feeling sick?,

Another seasonal flu epidemic got you down?

Are you crabby, belligerent, and just a miserable fuck?

Then try the 'Palacios Magical Peppers'.

just add these little blackened particles from Hell to any food you already hate, cause you won't be able to taste it.

and after your tongue is totally numb, your entire esophagus has melted,

and your ball sack is sweating profusely,

you can lay down and attempt to take a nap with the best heartburn you have ever experienced in your life.

But look at the bright side;

your no longer complaining about your cold and

acting like a 'little man-bitch'

cause your entire body is convulsing.

your welcome...

I'll be back...

17 Jan 2013/3pm

besides the 3-4 dogs that lay with me every night,

I have a few over-sized body pillows on my bed.

which means when I'm sleeping,

it's normally pretty crowded.

even more-so if I have company.

*or depending on your point of view,

it could be interpreted as 'very comfortable'.

and omg. if/when I get up in the middle of the night to relieve the bladder, trying to get back into the exact spot I was beforehand sometimes causes a late night/early morning 'disturbance in the force'.

the reason I've relayed these tidbits of 'worthless' knowledge to you this afternoon is because as shitty of a mood as I was in yesterday, going to lay down w/my kidz and

pillows along with a shot of night-time nyquil

made everything better.

especially since I slept without interruption for nearly 6hrs. after which I awoke to watch the first night of

'american idol'.

and after watching for nearly an hour,

I promptly turned it off.

whoever chose mariah carey and that 'other train-wreak' of a female should be fired and bannished

from hollywoodland forever.

seriously. is it me?,

or does nicki minaj appear to be a few 'notes' short

of a completed tune?

after watching the 'overbearing antics' of both princesses, I've come to the conclusion that being smart in the music business and being 'intelligent' are not

common denominators.

not that all musicians are dumb,

in fact most appear very suave and industry-smart.

but holy shit;

mariah carey can barely get over her own ego to judge someone else's musical talents,

and my god, nicki minaj is just a fucking dumb-shit.

I mean seriously,

listen to the words that come out of her mouth.

she can barely construe a nominal sentence to convey

her thoughts to others.

anyway. my 'idol' viewing days have officially hit the

end of the road.

not that the 'brit' simon fuller is worried about losing a fickle middle-aged viewer such as myself,

he has a few billion teeny-boppers who will watch

his programming until they formally and ungraciously 'jump the shark'.

simon cowell knew when to get the fuck-off-the-bus.

in other news;

the 'new' garden/storage shack is starting to take shape.

I thought the 'old one' was just fine,

but what the hell does my opinion count for

around here anymore anyway.

the weather here has been warming-up these past few days, and by the weekend it's forecasted to be in the mid-70's.

I would really like to take the kidz to the dog park in sepulveda and just sit there sat or sun afternoon soaking-up some sunshine and fresh air.

so this 'hot pepper thing' made my ass sweat

a little yesterday. literally.

and I am not looking forward to them exiting

my body anytime soon.

ok then. as soon as I post this update,

I am going to go out back and sit in a chaise and read a few of my mags I get in the mail every month.

I'm one of the few guys I know who get 'cosmo'.

*not that the 'air-brushed' models are not enjoyable to look at, but sometimes there is an article or two that makes my shuffling thru the blah-blah-blah every month worth it.

hey, I'm the first to admit I have no idea what women

are thinking, EVER.

and if by chance I can get a 'drop of knowledge'

every so often, then good for me.

well not much else on my teeny-tiny mind for now.

Jessica went shopping about an hour ago,

she is making 'the dinner' tonight.

who knows what fondue we are in store for.

don't you worry tho, I'll be sure and come back

with the 'tasty details' afterwards.

alright. I'm done. my eyes are startingt o burn/water,

I need some fresh air. I'll be back...


sorry for upsetting you who emailed me for my comments above concerning 'nicki-the-hack'.

yes, obviously I dislike her.

as I've said before;

if you don't like what I have to say then don't come back here everyday to read what I've written.

everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

and I know for a fact some of you who read my site regularly only come here to feed your appetite to make

jabs and taunt me behind my back.

and I seriously don't give a fuck either way.

as I said above,

everyone is entitled to their opinion.

so anyway, now that I got that off my crotch,

I'll continue with my normal drivel.

currently watching the ucla basketball team play

against oregon state.

Jessica fixed an awesome dinner this evening,

it was a midwest hearty one;

twice fried crispy chicken breasts,

mashed unpeeled red potatoes w/ homemade gravy,

corn, sweet peas, green beans, and fresh baked biscuits.

I ate as much as I could,

but still not my normal serving size.

I did drink 5 glasses of water tho.

Ash and Elli are in the den doing homework,

while grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather are having

a cigar out back.

Jess is outside in the jacuzzi swaping the smell of chicken grease in her hair for that of bromine.

plus, I think she is enjoying a little vino.

good for her, she deserves it for putting up with my bullshit the last couple of days.

I'm even sick of my own self.

I've been fielding calls these past few months concerning

the 'self-publishing' my epic novel 'semper five'.

(I use the word 'epic' for my own personal gratification)

the thing with 'self-publishing' is that you basically

have ALL the control with the design and formatting

of your book, as I did with my first two short stories.

of course you have to consider the additionals;

editing, visuals, and copyrights.

plus, if I wish to sell my story;

marketing, distribution, and representation.

the last time I published it was more of a novelty

than a necessity.

but with the 'pending' screenplay almost completed,

*I'm doing the best I can, but I refuse to share the adaption with someone who adds a line here and there.

I need to get the word-out on the story line.

I think I should be finished on my second rewrite by

mid-february, maybe sooner.

I just need a schedule to adhere to, and with Jessica back in my life I will be able to accomplish that.

ok then. the ucla basketball game is at halftime, so I'm going to go check-on everyone before the 2nd half begins.

good night...

18 Jan 2013/11pm


had alot going on today.

still not 100%,

but I needed to take care of some things personally

before the close of normal business hours.

I hardly slept last night,

starting my day at 4am to make a few international calls,

going thru mail/bills,

and taking care of the animals.

then I enjoyed some coffee with grandpa jack and

the mexi-godfather.

first cup of coffee I've had in over a week,

and it tasted good.

after taking care of some pressing business,

and soaking-up some sunshine in a park,

I went to a pet store and held almost every puppy there.

*almost brought home a new one... almost.

I was back home just in time to see the girls come home from school, change, get money from me, and then leave again to meet-up with some of their friends.

so I decided to start reading my 're-writes',

and just when I started to get 'into-it',

l.g. called and ask me to meet her for happy hour.

which I did. but instead of me showing-up and waiting up to an hour for 'her highness' to arrive,

(ya-ya, she's got a job, whoopee-shit!)

I decided to show 30min late.

which proved my point, as she arrived 15min after me.

after having 2 whiskey-sours,

l.g.and I met the family back on this side for dinner.

we had sushi. and it was goooood!!!

Jess was a little late,

as she went to the LA county court house for me this afternoon to pick-up some copies of court records I requested over 6mo ago (slow to respond),

and then she was a 'bitch' for me today concerning a few personal issues I needed taken care of.

sometimes revenge IS sweet!!!

I have decided that being 'mr nice guy all the time'

has got it's drawbacks. so fuck it, no more.

not that I'm going to be a fucking prick asshole now.

just tired of being a goddamn door mat.

so anyway. that was my day in a nut shell.

hopefully, you also had a good, stress-free,

and entertaining day.

my plans for tomorrow are meager.

actually, besides going to pauley for ucla basketball,

I have none.

Ash and Elli are going to 'the grove' with friends,

Jess is going to her storage unit to move more of her things into her room here atthe house,

and grandpa Jack and the mexi-godfather are both driving down to san diego to stay the week-end at the beach house.

oh yea, l.g. will also be leaving me in the morning to

attend a family function.

which means I'll be home alone after the game.

anybody wanna come over and play?

there are a few of you I wouldn't mind entertaining.

oh well, wishful thinking.

alrighty then. it's shower-time.

I'll check-in before I leave for the game.

goodnight and sweet dreams...

19 Jan 2013/11am


just a quickie before I leave for the game.

I actually feel 'outstanding' today.

I'm not sure if it's the 4 cups of coffee,

or my discontinued-act of coughing-up my other lung. anyway. everyone has left me;

the girls went to lunch/shopping,

the old men to san diego,

and Jessica is at her storage unit getting more clothing

and stuff to bring back to the house.

so it will be just me going to the game alone... all alone.

not that I won't have anyone to cheer with at pauley,

it looks to be crowded today.

and depending on the outcome of the game,

a victory or defeat;

will stipulate my plans afterwards.

as quite a few people around me that are 'usually there' go out to celebrate at a pizza joint in the westwood area.

I've been invited before, but have never gone.

and considering that I've been basically on 'lockdown'

this past week,

I'm ready to stay out of the house for a while.

ok then. I'm gonna get outa here,

been talking to ms east coast the past 30min which cut

into my 'update time',

but it's always nice to talk this 'sexy beast' every so often. especially when we have our 'special' phone calls... lol. alrighty, happy saturday.

I'll be back...


I went to theucla game, we lost.

I went to a bar in west hollywood and got dunk.

called l.g., she picked me up, i'm at her house.

I 'm really drunk.

going to bed now. hope I get sex in the morning.

and i do nt' thro-up...


to be continued on 'my thoughts.1.5'