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'my thoughts.1.5'

(20 Jan 2013 - 24 Jan 2013)

completed: 24 Jan 2013/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

20 Jan 2013/1pm

I just got home a while ago,

and I have just a 'wee-bit' of a hangover-headache.

I had way too much fun yesterday afternoon after

the ucla bruins got 'duck-fucked' on national tv.

it's official;

I can no longer party with the under 30 crowd.

I did try to keep up, but the damn jello shots killed me.

*I didn't think j-shots even existed anymore.

and drinking on an entirely empty stomach wasn't

my best move either.

I did have a few cheese sandwiches at l.g.'s house later tho. so after waking today, and going to pick-up my car,

I came home to an empty house.

Jessica and the girls went to the westlake village

farmers market,

and the old-dudes are still in san diego.

I'm currently watching the SF49ers get their asses

beat by the falcons,

eating microwave popcorn, and drinking a 'red-eye'.

*'red-eye': coors light, campbell tomato juice, salt/pepper. after the game, because it's been awhile since I

took the kidz out to lunch,

we are going to hit an arby's drive-thru

and then a dog park.

it's so beautiful outside right now

(sunny, no clouds and 73')

and I want to get outside later and enjoy it.

ok then. Jessica and the girls just got home.

let's see what they brought home.

I'll be back...


wow. what an emotional rollercoaster the sf49er game

was this afternoon.

I've been looking at hotels in new orleans this past hour, nothing cheap, that's for sure. had a plethera of rooms available;

magnolia mansion was ridiculous at $5880. for 5 nights, and even the super-8 was unbelievable at $1695.

alrighty. will look into this later on,

I'm going to take the kidz to the park right now,

talk to you soon.

21 Jan 2013/9am

currently watching the prez inauguration.

in fact, there are over 20+ people here watching

this day in history.

how coincidental that today is

'martin luther king jr day'

and we have a black man being sworn in as president.

pretty crazy eh?


Ash is REALLY into this whole ceremonial tv thing.

I asked her about an hour ago why she was

so excited about this 'presidentual inauguration',

and her response was (and I quote);

"because this time, I'm an American."

wow. I tell ya, her response made me tear-up.

she is such a great kid.

today is of course a 'national holiday',

so the girls are home from school.

and with the weather forecasted to be in the mid 70's,

I'm thinking we're all going to go to the coast sometime

this afternoon for some fun.

have alot of food & drink here right now thanx to the palacios family, so I'm going to get on it.

I'll be back...


for not having much planned today,

I stayed pretty busy and entertained.

after watching the political goings-on of the morning, Jessica, the girls and I drove to the santa monica pier area. crowded. very crowded.

and considering it was 74' and kids were off,

there was quite a few bodies on the beach.

and a few 'wannabe' surf-heads and paddle-boaders

in the water,

dressed in their shinny black and/or brightly colored


we were going to stop, park, walk around and so on; but instead turned around driving back north on pch to topanga canyon road.

and then drove thru the santa monica mountains.

never done that before, it was fun.

we also picked-up 5lb of crabmeat from a shop on the coast.

speaking of which, dinner is now ready.

I'll bore you with more details of my 'exciting' day later.

22 Jan 2013/1am

hi ya...

sorry, I fell asleep a few hours ago here in my chaise lounger, and just woke-up.

so before I power these computers down,

I'll do a very, very quick update.

dinner tonight was awesome;

a mega-huge brisket that was in a coke/apple/onion marinade for 6hrs bbq'd to perfection,

twice baked potatoes w/cheddar bacon-bits,

corn-on-the-cob, sauteed brussels sprouts (yuk),

and sour dough baked-bites.

plus; the girls made an awesome crab salad dip for an app.

*cucumber, basil, pinenuts, lemon juice, green/red pepers, and whatever else... very tasty.

dessert was left-over sopapillas w/honey butter.

after dinner we all watched the movie;

'the hunger games/2012'

great flick.

then I guess I fell asleep,

and everyone just left me here... turds.

I'm driving to vegas (solo) on wednesday for a few days, have some 'unfinished personal business' to deal with.

will be back by sat or sun at the latest.

not much else to report as of this moment.

it's late, I'm tired, and my bladder is going to explode (TMI). I'll see you guys in a few hours.

good nite, sweet dreams to all of you...

23 Jan 2013/5am


I'm getting ready to drive to vegas, I wanna get thru the valley before the a.m. commute begins.

have absolutely no idea how long I'll be up in sin city. leaving Jessica in-charge while I'm gone.

*grandpa Jack has other goings-on at the present time.

yesterday was spent preparing for my trip north,

sometimes things are better left out of this forum.

besides, I really don't want to bore you with the

bullshit in my life.

as I've read in some of your emails,

some of you come here to forget your own troubles.

so why the fuck would you want to read about mine. anyway. looking forward to being away for a few days,

and the 4+hr drive thru the desert is very relaxing to me. sometimes I blow the speakers w/music,

other times I tune-in to some talk show and listen to some voice giving his/her opinion of whatever

the subject matter is.

and if I'm so inclined,

I'll keep the radio off the entire drive and just 'think'.

*which I will probably be doing today.

the weather is looking as if it may be overcast

the entire way,

with rain expected in a day or two here and there.

blah, blah, blah.

I'm sorry, I really am NOT in the mood for this today.

hope you all are having a decent week.

I'll try to get my mind straight. see ya.



had a very 'relaxing drive' here to lost wages, nv.

weather was actually beautiful thru the desert once

I passed victorville.

currently overcast here in northwest vegas,

and calls for rain the next few days.

since there is absolutely 'nothing' to eat in the house,

*minus the 'freezer-burned' marie callender's pot pies

in the ice box.

I'll be taking-myself-out to a local eatery for dinner.

this place, 'steiners pub' is a favorite of mine.

my 'ex-wife' and I used to go there at least 2-3

times a month.

in fact, we were there the first night they opened in may '98. love that place.

tasty food, cold beer, and excellent atmosphere.

anyway. after dinner I'll be coming back here to the house, watch a little tv, and then to bed early.

yep. I'm living the dream.

ok then. I guess I should shower, and get the hell outa here. I need to be in bed by 9pm.

I'll check-in and bore-your-asses with my dinner menu when I return.

hope you all had a fantastic day.


interesting evening to say the least.

I did indeed go to 'the pub' as planned,

what I didn't count-on was seeing not 'one' but 'two' couples that my 'former' and I were friends with.

well, that's not exactly true.

they were friends of mine before I married;

and then once I 'took the oath',

I wasn't allowed to keep in-touch with them.

anyway. so as I was eating my dinner

(menu to follow),

'couple one' walked-in and joined me in my booth.

I could see by their reaction they were pleased that I was 'single again', but changed their facial expressions when

I told them I was living in california.

anyway. we had a nice chat.

and as I was getting ready to leave 'couple two' came-in and I joined them for a drink and also caught-up.

I hadn't seen either couple for over 10yrs.

funny how everyone is looking older, but me. lol

just kidding. actually they all looked great.

especially couple one's wife.

(who I knew 'before' she met mr wonderful...)

word of advice: if you ever get married,

and have remained friends with 'a prior friend',

don't ever tell your new girlfriend/fiancee'/wife

you 'knew her' before.

especially if your new 'significant other'

is a fucking psychotic crazy-ass lunatic jealous bitch!

(wow. did I really just say that?)

ok then. I'm going to wrap this-up,

I need to be up at 3am in the morning,

busy, busy day tomorrow.

btw, I had a pretty good meal;

a plate of nachos. which are 12 regular size tortilla chips, w/black beans, chicken, cheese, and jalapenos on each chip. and condi's on the side. pretty damn good.

plus, an order of huge butterfly'd chicken fingers served extra hot, buffalo style, and seasoned fries.

and 2 pitchers of coors light draft.

all in all it was a 'surprisingly' wonderful time.

alrighty then. time for a shower, and then bed. good night.

24 Jan 2013/10pm

had a very busy, informative, and educational day.

it's an amazing thing;

how people act when they hide behind their

'so called words of wisdom'

and meddlesome actions without thinking of

the possibility of repercussions.

and how this 'same brave person' about pissed all over himself when he was confronted by the individual whom he had taken a personal interest in to belittle, disparage,

and make slanderous remarks about.

the mother-fucker didn't act as brave as he was on the phone a few days back as he looked-up from the ground of the parking lot after being 'bitched-slapped' a few times. next time. he'll endure something worse than a bloody nose, swollen jaw, and embarrassment.

no worries. he was always an asshole.

some people should leave things as they 'were',

the past is just that, the past.

so anyway. how was your day?

after I woke and took care of 'my business' this morning;

I took my 'former-mom-in-law' to breakfast to a local

eatery she really loves and rarely goes to,

and then to walmart.

upon returning n.j. to her retirement community,

I decided to take a drive around the vegas valley

to recall memories of days gone by.

I really do miss living here sometimes,

what I don't miss is the congested traffic, idiot drivers,

and the attitude of the 'precious' casino worker.

most are pompous asses. especially upper management. during my drive, I received a call from a 'mutual' friend

of 'couple one' of last night and myself.

I wasn't in the mood to 'visit' this evening,

but did make plans for saturday night.

should be fun.

as far as the rest of my day;

had lunch at a casino buffet,

got my car washed before it began to rain,

I went to trader joes and picked-up a few groceries,

and watched ucla basketball on espn2 while I ate popcorn and drank a few beers.

I didn't feel like eating dinner earlier,

and was getting hungry about an hour ago,

so I just finished a bowl of frosted shredded wheat

w/sliced banana.

and considering I've been up since 3:30am,

I'm really starting to get tired.

so I may be going to bed just as soon as I publish

my updates.

also. going to the super bowl this year will

not be a reality for me.

too much of a hassle.

and besides, I'm not really feeling-it this year.

I am excited the sf49ers are playing in the big game,

and think it would be awesome if they won the same year the sfgiants won the series.

just way too much 'flak' to deal with.

AND I 'will not' be hosting a 'super bowl party'

this year either.

let someone else deal with the annoyance of entertaining during a celebrated event. I'll bring a bag of pretzels.

ok then. I'm tired, I'm going to bed.

see ya tomorrow. nite.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.1.6'