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'my thoughts.1.6'

(26 Jan 2013 - 27 Jan 2013)

completed: 27 Jan 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart

26 Jan 2013/1pm

it's a rainy afternoon here in the nevada desert...

yesterday was a very, VERY leisurely one to say the least. after finally getting out of bed around 9am

(seriously. no kids, no dogs, and no shit)

I had my coffee and took my lazy-ass to the movies for an early showing of hansel and gretel.

ha. not your standard 'brothers grimm' fairytale.

I gave the movie 7 stars on 'imdb',

and that's about what others have ranked it.

probably will do ok at the theatres,

but as a dvd rental, it will 'clean-up'.

after the movie,

I had lunch at 'the oyster bar' in texas station casino;

blackened shrimp caesar salad,

crab roast with white rice,

and awesome fresh baked bread.

plus a pitcher of draft.

once I finished my lunch,

I met a realtor to finally get this house listed.

I really hate when you have an appointment w/someone, and you wait almost an hour.

but after meeting w/her, it was all good.

the las vegas housing market is still pretty much 'fucked' and saturated with 1000's of foreclosures thanks to the wonderful realtor/bank loans fiasco.

but I think it's time to 'see' what this house will

bring back to me.

ms realtor of course said all the right things to me,

since I'm in no apparent hurry to sale.

ya, sure. lets see how her attitude changes when we

get an offer on paper nowhere near my asking price,

and she recommends I take it.

when I told her I was in 'no real hurry' to sell', I meant it. her & I did have dinner at the olive garden,

after a few drinks at a local bar.

I guess she is ok. she was recommended to me by a neighbor who sold a few investment props last year.

my least favorite people to deal with;

1. Car Salesman

2. Attorney (how ironic)

3. Realtor

4. a 'Fling's ex/or current husband.

anyway. after dinner I came home and watched a

'campy horror classic' from the 1980's;

'the fog/1980' starring adrienne barbeau.

omg. I was so in love w/her back when my teenage hormones were all 'wacked-up'.

so. today is just a 'do nothing day'. serious do nothing.

been up since 7am, drank an entire pot of coffee,

and even sat in the backyard listening to the rain pound

my patio cover.

I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese for brunch,

and will be watching the ucla basketball team play asu

in about 10min.

after the game, who knows...


well shit.

the ucla basketball team looked awesome on thursday night defeating the #6 team in the nation,

and today they 'get beat' by a lesser-talented team in asu.

oh well. there are bigger things to worry about.

speaking of which;

Ash called me during the game and 'briefed me' on

her 'big date' last night.

she really likes this kid, but said he acted like 'an ass'

when they were around his friends. he is a senior.

why do high school boys feel it necessary to involve their school-homies when they take a girl out?

especially a 'first date'?

anyway. she said she asked him to go home early,

and he said 'no' as he didn't want to leave the party early.

so she had another boy (who likes her) drive her home.

I was not 'too happy' to hear about

that particular situation.

and informed my daughter she is NOT to go out with

'mr no' until he and I have a chance to discuss some

things 'face to face'.

he's been texting her/calling her since she left the

party last night.

even saying some 'quite rude' things on her vm, and texts.

I know I've said this before, but;

I hate, HATE teenage boys!!!

ok then. I wasn't going to get 'cleaned-up' today,

but I think I'll take a shower now and 'head-out' and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into.

maybe even 'meet-up' with a friend and see what's what.

I'll be back.


alrighty. I'm all cleaned-up and ready for ... whatever.

not so sure what's on the agenda,

but I'll be meeting the 'friend of a friend' after she gets

off work at 8pm.

she works cocktails at the 'palms casino',

I bet she has some outrageous stories about that place.

'the palms' is a casino geared toward the 'younger crowd' and the 'party-goers' run amok throughout.

I remember a few years back,

'the rain nightclub' had a serious problem with illegal drugs including ecstasy.

I think since 'the maloof clan' sold the majority of their ownership to their creditors things have changed dramatically over there.

I met 'a maloof' once, what an arrogant fuck he was.

well, I'm outa here.

I may get 'lickered-up' before I meet-up with this chick,

'just-in-case' things don't work out.

you never know.

sometimes 'stricking-up a conversation' with someone who was born during 'the reagan administration' proves

to be quite a dilemma.

especially when she 'doesn't like' anything I like.

or vice-versa.

oh well. I can always take her to an arcade. lol

ok. gotta go. have a great saturday night everyone.

27 Jan 2013/2:30am

tonight didn't exactly go as planned;

I'm getting home way later than I had hoped for.

and I wasn't expecting to 'sneak' into a parents house.

I was going to drive back to LA later this morning,

but have decided to postpone until tomorrow.

I still need to get some things out of my storage,

and been putting it off cause of the rain.

anyway. I really did have fun tonight. too much fun.

I guess it's time I start acting my age,

and not keep going-out w/these beautiful

younger girls/ladies.

sometimes, it's hard to keep up.

in all aspects.

while driving home in the fog,

I had abit of a scare, but made it thru ok.

(ya. fog. crazy-fucking weather here in vegas lately)

ok then. enough idle chit-chat. I'm tired.



I have awaken 'hang-over free'.

not because I loaded-up on orange juice, aspirin,

and bananas before bed.

no. simply because I was drinking cranberry juice on the rocks w/o the vodka last night.

just our secret though, ok?!

my date of last night thought I was 'really' drinking.

5 glasses of cranberry juice was enough to keep me

visiting the mens room,

which gave me a breather every-so-often away from

the dance floor.

I actually did have a good time last night.

funny thing is

(and I know I've said this before),

it's still rather strange for me to be the oldest person

in the group.

in years gone by,

I was always the youngest or near the youngest

in the group.

plus, I always loved having an older woman

in a relationship.

(not for marriage, just friendsex)

yes. I was into MILF's and 'friends with benefits' even before I knew what they were.

but now everything is reverse;

I'm the older guy going-out with younger women.

and I'm not so sure I am enjoying it as much as I should be.

I can say that I enjoy the company of a beautiful woman, and if by chance we share some common interests that is considered to be a bonus.

but I have to say this,

I would have to draw the line at some girl being a

'serious' justin beiber fan. my god.

that kid is such a fucking pain in the ass.

a talented, self-absorbed, very rich asshole.

and yes, some of my date's friends were chatting of

him last night. I just ignored the entire conversation. actually, I had a much better time once her and I left

'the ghost bar'.

*I had no idea that 'rain' was closed and only available

for private functions.

no worries. the view from the bar over vegas

was spectacular, even as the fog rolled-in.

once my 'little friend' and I left,

we hit an 'in & out burger' and then went back

to her place.

but I only stayed for a little while, as she lives with her mother and has 2 little girls (aged 3yrs & 5yrs).

actually, I felt fairly ackward being there.

I hadn't 'snuck-in' to a parents house to make-out w/their daughter in over 30yrs.

needless to say; I did not spend the night.

I tell ya, this fucking city really breaks the heart-chords on just about any relationship it sets it's eyes on.

I like this young lady/girl even though she is nearly

20yrs my junior.

but she has been 'cursed' by sin city;

she has the no-brainer cocktails job in a busy casino,

she has the hard-young-body w/big fake tits,

wears way too much make-up,

has fake nails on her hands AND toes,

smokes, drinks, and gambles to excess,

has 2 kids from 2 different men,

receives absolutely no child-support from either,

and lives with her mother who works 2 jobs to help

support her grandchildren.

I am in no way knocking this chick for her lifestyle choices (hell, I lived in my 4runner),

but when we talked of other things,

she was oblivious to certain aspects of life.

I could easily assume her age may have something to do with her ignorance,

but that wouldn't be a fair evaluation.

as I know plenty of late 20's/early 30ish people who have their lives on track and are 'killing-it' in the world.

it's the 'las vegas lifestyle' I tell ya.

I've lived it and experienced it first hand.

and yes, I suffered after a few mistakes I made also.

where else can you make 60-100k dealing cards,

or 75-150k delivering watered down adult beverages?

*yes, they still add way too much ice in their drinks. living here in las vegas gives these over-paid,

under-trained prima-donna casino workers a false sense of survival reality.

unless they save their monies for the moment they no longer can make the 'big bucks',

they are doomed for a life of harsh lessons to

be learned afterwards.

also, the availability of gambling everywhere

(even at gas-stations/convenience stores)

makes it too much of a temptation to bypass

100% of the time.

I realize that I have exhasted this conversation

a few paragraphs ago,

but I just wanted to make a point is all.

most of you who read my site here live somewhere other than this wretched city,

and when you come and visit for your vaca's or conventions you mostly act a crazy dumbass fool.

which is a good thing;

you work hard, you deserve to party hard also.

but for the normal vegas worker who wait on you and try to make your visit an enjoyable one,

their lives are not as bright as the lights that shine on

the las vegas strip.

try and remember that the next time your here wearing your funky-ass outfits acting a fool and treating some casino employee like a pre-civil war slave.

I am so glad I moved away from this place.


so anyway;

yes, I really do like this girl.

she's beautiful, has a wonderful laugh,

her smile is extreme,

her eyes are dark and mysterious,

awesome body (yes, I'm shallow), and is 'casino-smart'.

but she has the 'vegas-disease'.

and above all else, she is way too young for me.

(that really hurt me to say)

so as I sit here drinking my coffee,

and watching the bullshit on fox news,

I need to ponder on what I shall accomplish today.

the weather is still crappy out,

but I do need to get some stuff out of storage.

I can't even recall exactly what I have in there,

but I do have some things of value I need to reclaim.

(at least I hope they are still in storage)

alrighty. I've bored you long enough for one sitting.

my appologies.

I shall let you return to your normal sunday activities


I've succumbed to pier pressure,

and have been watching the SAG Awards this past hour. normally I only watch one award show, the oscars.

but decided to 'jump-in' and watch the entertainment-fluff season and enjoy all the special moments live.

*if there are any.

anyway. had a visit from my realtor lady this afternoon before I went to my storage.

had to finish signing some paperwork to get

this house listed.

plus, she wanted me to rearrange some of this furniture

a little differently before she has a photog come over

to take pictures later this week.

*not that there is much left here in the house

to move around.

after she finally left,

*she would not leave, I think she was waiting for me to invite her to lunch or something... who knows.

I went to my storage unit to basically clean it out.

I'm kinda bummed,

as what I was originally looking for wasn't there.

but I did find some hidden jewels that I had forgotten about for quite some time.

I wasn't able to completely empty out the unit today,

so I'll have to pay another month-of-rent until I get

back up here to finish.

my date from last night called me a few hours ago

and asked if she could come over after her shift

ends at 7pm tonight.

I was a little hesitant to say yes, but she talked me into it.

so I picked-up a box of wine (big spender eh?)

and we'll order pizza once she gets here.

ok then. your all caught-up now.

I'll be back...


thought I would say goodnight to you guys.

I had a pretty fun night.

once my 'dinner date' showed we ordered pizza,

drank alot of boxed wine, and made-out like teenagers. seriously though. we did have a few pretty in-depth conversations about a wide variety of subjects.

and honestly, I may have jumped-the-gun slightly on judging her on certain things.

(yep, I'll always admit when I'm a bona fide ass!)

she really is a sweetheart,

I just wish I was 10-15yrs younger.

*not really.

we both agreed that having each other as friends

is a good thing.

and that we will stay in touch from this moment on.

ok then. I guess I should explain a little 'back-story' here: this young lady, who I will now refer to as 'scooter',

is actually the younger sister to the 'wife' of couple-1,

whom I dated before she was married.

so in reality, I knew 'scooter' when shew was 16.

I do remember meeting her over 15yrs ago, kinda.

anyway. there you go. now you know.

so she just left about 20min ago,

and I'm getting ready to go to bed.

I'll be 'leaving las vegas' tomorrow morning after

traffic dies down,

and hopefully make it home before traffic begins.

talked with the girls tonight, they're both doing great.

and Jessica is fine also.

grandpa Jack has been keeping busy on the property,

and apparently the new garden shed/storage building

has been completed.

oh, by the way I may have been volunteered to have a super bowl party next weekend. thats just 'super'!

alrighty, time for bed.

good night and sweet dreams.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.1.7'...