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'my thoughts.1.7'

(28 Jan 2013 - 31 Jan 2013)

completed: 31 Jan 2013/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart

28 Jan 2013/9am

good morning.

got outa a bed a few hours ago,

and just finishing-up my pot of coffee.

reminder to self:

be sure and empty reusable coffee filter before leaving, otherwise when I return it will be growing some wierd fungus-ass-shit inside... again.

the weather outside is partly cloudy, 42',

with the wind blowing out of the sw at 14mph

(yes, I love my little home weather stations).

so the suv is packed with as much 'stuff' from storage as I deemed worthy to take this trip.

I'm still quite bummed as to the item(s) I was searching for are not in storage, they really mean alot to me.

a beautiful 34x21 inch serigraph of the 18th at Pebble Beach by leroy neiman,

along with a huge coffee table book of all his works.

and both are signed by him w/coa.

plus, inside the book is a picture of my ex, myself and leroy at a special function we attended in 2002

at the forum shops at caesar's.

that specific item was one of the few 'material things' I did not lose in my 'other storage unit' back in 2006.

*it was kept at a friends house 'during' the

divorce proceedings. not hiding. just safe.

ok then. I need to get ready to get on the road.

I'll check-in later. have a great monday everyone.


so happy to be back home.

the drive south was pretty much uneventful,

except for conversations w/an unplanned passenger.

ya, it's a rather funny story;

as I was driving-out of town,

I decided to stop-off and see n.j. my former-mother-in-law, before departing las vegas.

anyway, well for some damn reason she was under the impression that she was coming back with me for a visit.

I was speechless.

she had already had a bag packed,

money out of the bank,

and her medication picked-up from walgreens.

so I brought her along.

what-the-fuck was I supposed to do?

I did have to take some things outa the car though,

to make room for her and her stuff.

which I had to leave in her apartment.

*I wasn't planning on having a ride-along,

and just piled everything-in the car (neatly of course).

so anyway. n.j. will be here at least a few weeks,

or until I decide to drive back to vegas.

incidentally. I do not ever recall asking n.j. to come

back home with me.

given the choice, I'd rather had 'scooter' drive back with me and stay a few weeks.

not really sure how something like that would have

been received though.

l.g. along w/Jessica would have been fairly upset with me.

*actually, because they both read my updates;

I'm in a little hot water as it is.

I don't know why?

l.g. and I decided after what happened thanksgiving weekend, we were going to 'step-back' and take a break from our normal relationship duties.

apparently. I may have misunderstood the 'exact' remodifications as it was explaned to me. it figures.

sometimes, no matter what. I lose.

so maybe it's in the cards for me to be 'relationship-free'.

ok then. we're all going to go out to dinner here in

about 30min, not sure where yet.

n.j. mentioned she was 'in-the-mood for arby's,

but everyone else just looked at her. including me.

she is here in socal where there are quite a few

awesome restaurants nearby,

and she wants an arbys 'beef & cheddar'. whatever.

so as I am sure some of you will be waiting

w/fainted-breath to hear the outcome of this particular situation, I'll be back...


well, well... well.

I received some 'feedback' from a few of you about my

'N.J. Situation'.

glad that I can be so entertaining for some of you.

ya. I'm still in shock that my former mom-in-law just basically invited herself down here for 'a little vacation'. you know. I was under-the-understanding that once you

divorce your spouse,

you ALSO divorce their entire family...

especially their mother.

damn, I don't even have a relationship w/my own mother. no worries. she's ok. as long as she gets to feast a

few times a day. and maybe a snack or two.

lol seriously. I'm glad she's here.

and yes, she had Arby's Beef & Cheddar' for dinner.

Ash and Elli went to go pick her up two sandwiches and then brought them back here for her.

after the delivery of sliced roast beef,

the rest of us went-out for chinese.

I had a huge bowl of 'hot & sour soup' w/fried wontons,

and the others had the multiple entree's dinner specials. great food + great service = great tip!

we got back home around 8:30p to find N.J. sleeping

in a recliner snoring away.

Jessica took care of that particular predicament.

(I'm officially 'off-duty')

anyway. all is good here at casa-kiss;

the girls are fantastic

(currently awaiting grades update),

Jessica is just as beautiful as ever,

grandpa jack's attitude has improved,

the dogs-cats-horses are all fine,

and the 'old woman' is sound asleep.

I have yet to speak w/l.g. yet,

so I have no idea how 'ms elliot ness' is doing.

ok then. I'm exhausted. going to bed.

see you guys tomorrow.

29 Jan 2013/8am

good morning everyone.

*even though I was awake having a couple eggo-waffles w/boysenberry syrup around 1am.

so anyway. been-up since 6am,

wanted to get back into the swing of things immediately. grandpa Jack game me the 'grand-tour' of the

new garden storage shed/work area,

which took all of about 5min.

I was delighted to see this 'new addition' that cost

more than my first car,

but was more curious about all the new tools and shit inside this new yet to be painted structure.

actually it is pretty awesome.

even has a little separate area for the two wheel-barrows.

*it's funny what I get excited about these days.

so my plans for today include unloading the suv,

going thru the stuff that has been sitting in the

'extra garage' since I've relocated,

and taking N.J. to the grocery to pick-up her specific foods of choice. she's diabetic btw.

also, the girls and I are going to go buy

'super bowl party stuff' when they get home.

a gathering of some sort is being held at this house next sunday, and I was told I wouldn't have to do a damn thing. ya, sure. we'll see how long that lasts. lol

seriously though. besides taking the girls to the store this afternoon to find appropriate football decorations,

my participation in this year's 'big game' party

will be minimal at best.

I would just like to watch the game this year,

and not worry about 'filling the dip bowls',

or making the dreaded 'ice run' in the

middle of the 3rd quarter.

if that is perceived to be a selfish act on my part,

so fucking be it!

plus. I get to finalize the guest list and keep the intruders to a season low of 40-50 people.

(which overall includes the palacios family-unit)

I'm tired of additional 'freeloaders' attending every

damn function I have,

and treating my house like a damn 'free-for-all'.

I have had a few problems in the past

(most recently, kissmas party 2012),

but have kept certain details and bitching off this page because of certain individuals reading this site

every so often.

but the mexi-godfather has assured me that he and grandpa Jack will make sure 'all is well' during party hours,

and that part of the house will be 'shut-down' so we don't have 'any more surprises' as we did the last time we let people fend for themselves.

I just may play the role of 'super bowl scrooge' and be up here in my room all day by myself.

just tired of having certain assholes being assholes.

the girls are going to have their own function goings-on in the movie room during the game, no boys allowed.

*I like the sound of that.

alrighty then. I best start my day.

trying some new coffee right now,

'winters blend' from traders joe. Ash & Elli love it.

ok then. I've got some stuff to do.

I'll check-in a little later, maybe after lunch.

happy tuesday.



well I found my missing neiman and book.

and they are both still in las vegas.

as I was going thru boxes and moving things

around in the garage,

'N.J. the great' came in and asked me what

I was looking for.

as I started to explain to her,

she interrupted me and said;

"is that the picture that is in the back of my closet

in the big box?"

and as I stood there among the mess I had created,

I had total recall.

I could vividly remember taking that picture and a box of books over to N.J.'s over 2yrs ago.

so apparently I now have 'old man memory' going-on.

the garage is still a mess,

but we dont use that 'parking-bay' so no worries.

so anyway. that mystery is solved.

as far as the rest of my day (so far);

I took 'the old lady' grocery shopping this morning after

she had her breakfast.

god-forbid if she doesn't eat at her normal times:









plus she has specific items she wants on specific days... lol actually, it's about time for her snack of unsalted peanuts and diet dr pepper. gotta take care of that.

I'll be back...


good evening.

omg. I just reread my last entry.

I wasn't trying to sound like an asshole,

but I think I kinda did.

I was trying to be funny,

but it didn't come-out that way.

I really do love this 'old woman',

it's just sometimes she can be a 'little bit difficult'.

*in a loving way.

anyway. no more joking about N.J. for awhile.

I'm sorry if I offended anybody.

ok then. the girls and I visited quite a few 'party stores' and picked up a ton of 'Super Bowl Shit' for this coming sunday; napkins, plates, plastic cups, serving dishes, a few banners, noise makers, and whatever else is in those bags.

no candles allowed at this party.

lesson learned during kissmas 2012.

*hot wax on carpet doesn't mesh,

and neither does an open flame w/assholes... lol

after our little shopping extravaganza,

the girls and I met Jessica and N.J. at taco bell for dinner.

it just so happened it was #TacoTuesday.

and you know what?, it was damn good!!!

after eating our daily intake of saturated fat in one meal,

I took the girls with me to the petco at westlake village to pick-up some grub/treats for the kidz.

it's amazing how much these damn petz eat daily.

plus the pig ears are getting so expensive.

at least I don't have to spend monies on some person shoveling-up their dog shit every day.

*that service was suggested to me.

decided to have a 'soak' in the jacuzzi after unloading the 10,000 pounds of animal food,

and having quite an enjoyable conversation

w/ms east coast.

and you know what?, it was fucking wonderful.

Jessica even came out and joined me,

bringing a bottle of something red to heighten the euforia.

I actually almost fell asleep out there.

so now I'm feeling rather relaxed,

so much so I will be going to bed just as soon as

I post this entry.

my plans for tomorrow are to clean-up my

mess in the garage,

make my spaghetti sauce,

and to take the kidz to the dog park.

also Jessica and I have a conference call with my

business partner in scottsdale scheduled for 5pm,

should be interesting.

besides these things I've listed, nothing planned.

it's been a while since I've said thank-you to those of you who come back here day after day to bore yourselves with the details of my everyday thoughts/life.

Thank You.

also, I really do appreciate all your kind emails.


ok then. I'm off to bed,

good night everyone. sweet dreams.

30 Jan 2013/4pm

been busy all day.

since getting out of bed this morning,

I feel like I've been rushing throughout my day.

after morning chores and fixing cheese omeletes

for everyone,

I prepared everything for my spaghetti sauce and

dumped it all into the crockpot.

(to simmer 8+hrs)

after Jess and I cleaned-up the kitchen,

I decided to go thru my mound of mail.

the bad thing about mail; bills, bills, and more bills.

still have to go to woodland hills to pick-up

my monthly mags and such.

after paying a few outrageous bills

(my fucking cable bills are extremely ridiculous),

I went out to the garage to kick around the shitty mess

I made yesterday.

when I tired of the garage,

Jessica and I took N.J. clothes shopping.

nothing fancy,

just some 'updated' housecoats, a pair of sneakers,

and a few solarsoft slide sandals.

she was happy, that's all that counts.

the three of us also had a nice lunch at red lobster,

which was right there in the same area of the

thousand oaks mall.

I'm all about convenience.

*besides, red lobster is one of N.J.'s all time favorite.

we all had the 'grilled salmon'.

I then drove back to the house,

and exchanged the women for the dogz,

taking the kidz to the park for a few hours.

after the park, I did the arby's drive-thru to get a snack for the kidz and then came back home.

so now your 'basically' all caught-up with 'my day'.

after I update this I need to go to the grocery to pick-up a few things to complete the menu for dinner tonight.

my 'sauce' has shredded chicken breast meat in it this time, so I thought a 'blackened shrimp caesar salad'

would be a great addition.

along with a green bean casserole, baby peas, spinach,

and garlic-cheese-toast.

plus apple pie/berry sherbet for dessert.

ok then. the girls are going to go to the store w/me.

I'll be back...


dinner tonight was 'fucking fantastic'.

my spicey red sauce w/shredded chicken was some of the best I have ever made.

the pasta choices were;

linguine, penne, and cheese tortellini

w/freshly grated parmesan.

I did get carried away w/the blackening of the shrimp tho. no worries, everyone ate their fill.

the rest of the dinner went-off without a problem.

the only person who had dessert was grandpa jack.

after dinner, Jess, Ash, and Elli cleaned-up the kitchen

while N.J supervised.

while Jack and I proceeded to watch the ucla basketball team lose to the 'fucking trojans'.

I gave my tickets to a neighbor who had never been

to a game before,

it's a damn shame they lost.

after the game,

grandpa jack and I took a walk to the rear of the property w/the dogs running free.

*I don't normally let the kidz have access to the entire prop since we fenced-in an area for them.

anyway. Jack is having some issues with certain things since the passing-of grandma Jo, and has asked me to assist him in locating a therapist to deal with 'things'.

so considering the fact I have 'a little experience' with this, (I haven't seen my therapist in over 8mo)

I'll try and assist grandpa w/this endeavour.

as much as I'm heartbroken over his/our loss,

I'm so relieved that 'I' wasn't the problem.

I had my doubts.

after our outdoor exploration

(the moon is awesome tonight btw),

I came back inside, kissed the girls good night,

and came upstairs to get ready for bed.

ok then. it's time for the local news,

I'll see you guys later.


31 Jan 2013/8am

good 'thursday' morning.

before I begin,

let me just say I slept like 3hrs last night.

in fact,

I was so 'wide awake' at 3am, I just got up.

I do have a valid excuse though.

I'm trying to ween myself off these prescription sleeping pills I've been taking for over a year now.

I needed something to help me relax at night when I started my testosterone supplement therapy over a year ago.

as when you start adding testi' to your depleted system,

it really messes with 'everything',

including your internal clock.

and that is just one of the 'side-effects' for the patches.

I won't even get into the 'effects' of the shot

I take every month.

anyway. these damn pills had me groggy sometimes until early afternoon unless I drank a pot of coffee,

and swallow a 3000mcg B12.

ya. I know. why not take a non-rx pill, or a lesser dosage? because they wouldn't work.

the only way I fall asleep and STAY asleep without a pill,

is when I have s.e.x. before bed. seriously!!!

*not exactly the most romantic way to get l.g. to

spend the night. but whatever.

and even though Jessica has 'volunteered' her services

to help me sleep,

I'm trying to do this shit on my own.

but it really sucks sometimes.

anyway. so I'm abit crabby this morning.

but I really don't have the luxery to be an ass when I have others around me constantly.

*haven't you ever wondered to yourself 'why does he take his pack-of-dogs' to the dog park when he has a

30ft X 40ft area fenced off for them?

answer: because I want to be alone sometimes!!!

that's not exactly true ALL the time, maybe 50%.

ok. ok. I'll mellow the fuck out.

after being by myself for a while this morning,

the house is now full of activity;

the girls are running late for school this morning,

so they're still here running around.

Jessica cooked herself & N.J. a couple soft boiled

eggs w/toast for breakfast,

and grandpa jack just left to the store to

rent a carpet steamer/cleaner.

(don't ask. there was a mishap during dinner)

and I am torturing you poor readers with my gibberish writings of unnecessary stories and goings-on here in the land of unemployment, and furballs everywhere.

damn. I'm making myself sick-of-me today.

anyway. Jess and I actually have that business conference call w/my biz-partner in about an hour.

*as he canceled yesterdays meeting-call.

after that, I have absolutely nothing planned for

the rest of the day.

maybe I'll try to take a nap,

so I won't feel all jittery and all cloudy.

if any of you want to come over and play 'ping pong',

I'm game for that too.

see ya all later.

by the way, have a fantastic thursday.

(said non-sarcastically, and with lotsa-love)



not as crabby as I was a few hours back,

but the additional intake of caffeine has me doing the


so anyway. Jessica and I had our

'little conference call w/mr scottsdale'.

everything is progressing as planned concerning

the new business venture.

my idea isn't a new one (an indoor dog park),

but the additional 'services' that will be available to our customers may indeed put us ahead of the competition.

not only have we secured a building of a former

department store w/a huge parking lot,

but we are also looking at 4 other adjoining properties situated in the same 'former strip mall'.

I think the other props were a fast food place, a shoe store, cell phone outlet, and business office.

anyway. these buildings have sat vacant for so long,

we have decided to upgrade our 'lease' to a 'purchase' because of the willingness of the owner wanting to sell.

the few indoor dog parks I've visited these past couple

of months have been nice,

but they are lacking on 'full service' to the pets

and to their owners.

I'll explain more later.

actually my pages are being reconfigured/adapted to accommodate my new business.

I'll post here when the site has been 'updated'.

also. I know 'alot of you' are pet owners,

and I would appreciate any/all comments/ideas

on what you would look for at a

'indoor dog park full service facility'.

I already have a 'basic outline' drawn-up,

but can always be encouraged by new ideas/thoughts.

ok then. I'm hungry,

I'll be having leftover red sauce w/penne.

I'll be back...


good evening everyone.

been having a very enjoyable afternoon/evening today. since my last update;

I had an awesome lunch of red sauce leftovers,

took a 90min nap,

brushed those giant beasts that live outside in the barn,

also lunged 'my' horse,

(I'm not very good at it, Jack helps... lol)

and by that time it was about time for dinner.

decided it was F.F.Y. nite.

(fend for yourself)

the 'self-choices' for dinner tonight were random:

N.J. had a 'digiorno dipping stick cheese pizza',

Jessica had a bowl of fruit w/yogurt,

Jack fixed a prosciutto & provolone sandwich,

Ash & Elli each had pizza rolls w/bowl of fruit,

and I had 2 bowls of bite-size shredded wheat w/strawberries on top and 2 english muffins.

which I thought to be very healthy,

but then the palacios clan arrived and brought food.

so I then had a plate of pork, beef, and chicken taquitos, sliced avacados, and salsa. outstanding!!!

and the girls also had a snack of fried ice cream.

all compliments of grandma palacios.

the mexi-godfather and his mafia family

(9 of them in total),

have come to ready this establishment for the little soiree planned this coming sunday.

remember? I'm not doing anything... na-da...

also. the guest list has swelled to approx 75 people,

which is about 30 more than I had really wanted.

no worries. I'm thinking I will indeed just come upstairs and have my own little 'good time'.

now that l.g. is coming,

maybe I can talk her into keeping me company up here. lol.

alrighty then. I did indeed take a sleeping pill,

and it is hitting me hard. so I am going to bed.

and hopefully sleep thru the night.

funny thing. the more people that are here,

the better I sleep.

don't really understand that at all.

good night everyone. sweet dreams.

and good-bye January,

you were a good month...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.1'...