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my thoughts.2.0:

COMPLETED: 06 Feb 2012/9pm

(01 Feb 2012 - 06 Feb 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Feb 2012/8pm

good evening everyone.

to begin with, my trip to portland, oregon

went very, very well.

even with the smell of kimchi flowing thru the sweat glans of my business/travel associates;

I really did enjoy their company, although they smelled

like rotten seafood.

I swear these guys never bathe.

ok, first things first;

I have 're-posted' my opinions that were originally combined onto one 'very long' page,

but as you can see I have now re-done the format.

I admit I have been fairly lazy concerning this part of my site, but do have quite a few subjects that I will 'expand-on' sometime very soon.

as I had mentioned a few weeks ago,

I will be 're-publishing' my previous 24 'my thoughts' pages in the very near future.

I realize that some of you are 'new' to my site and want to be totally bored by reading my past experiences.

I'll most likely do 2-3 pages at a time for a week or so.

one of the reasons that I no longer have all the previous pages published is because of the sheer volume of the memory capacity for the additional entries,

and because of a security concern.

ever since Ash had 'that experience' at her school before she was on winter break,

(your not missing anything, I never mentioned it)

I have taken extra precautions to ensure that something like that will never 'fucking' happen again.

there really are some crazy-ass mother-fuckers

out there!!!

ok then. I came home to a house of solitude this afternoon; everyone was doing his/her own thing.

good thing the mexi-godfather picked me up the airport,

I don't think anyone even knew I was gone.

not really, but jeesh; you'd think 'someone' other than my kidz would have been excited to see me.

actually, Ash and her mom had gone out to pick-up some groceries for dinner and when they returned,

my kid did give me a hug and tell me she had missed me.

and that's all I needed to hear.

only 43hrs until Ash' birthday festivities begin.

and it appears as if everything is coming together nicely.

the mexi-godfather will be staying here the next few days as we transform certain rooms into a party-friendly-zone.

I'm guessing that once again I've been over-analyzing everything about this weekends events,

as so I have been informed.

and I hate to admit it, but he was right.

so with that being said, I have decided to calm my ass down and let my blood pressure resume to it's

slightly elevated state.

so, now what should I worry about?

I guess maybe sometimes I do tend to get a bit excited and over-zealous about such things;

but considering the fact that I barely have such memories of anyone in my family making a 'fuss' over me about birthdays, christmases, and even getting good grades;

I just want my daughter to know that I truely care about all those things, especially since I was denied these

'moments' while she was growing-up.

so if I do seem to be a little

'crazy, uptight, and a complete fukin lunatic',

maybe I am just trying too hard for everything

to be perfectly-perfect.

ok then. since it's so beautiful out, and my daughter just asked me if we could go take the kidz for a walk,

I'm outa here.

I'll check-in again, before bed. I promise.   

02 Feb 2012/8am

good morning,


happy groundhog day.

yes, I know I promised to update once more last night,

sorry about that.

my 'normal routine' has been interrupted this last week with the addition of conversations with a 'new friend'

(I'm not complaining mind you)

and with my worriness attitude of this party.

actually, my party worries are no longer a concern

(I've been 'fired' from the party-planning-committee)

and will be taking a slight break from my late night conversations for the next couple of days.

so how's your week going?

today is going to be very busy for me;

been up since 4a this morn to have a conv-call with an overseas client, and wanted to get a jump on my dailies before everyone got up.

which is ridiculous, as no matter the time I get up in the morning; one of the elders are all ready in the kitchen reading the paper and drinking coffee.

and this morning was no different; grandpa jack,

grandma jo AND the mexi-godfather were all sitting around the nook table having coffee and looking over our sketches of the tents in the backyard. in fact, the party tents will be delivered and set-up this afternoon. was planning on setting these up while Ash and her friends were out on friday,

but plans change. no worries.

I'm glad we're getting things done early.

so far we have received 58 rsvp's from the invited kids,

and 55 rsvp's from parents.

which reminds me; I have been recently 'emailing' a young lady that is a very awesome source of information concerning my daughter. and she (and her friends, hi L.)

have been sharing with me wonderful advice about young girls; using their memories when they were young.

and her last email was in response to what info I had at the time concerning Ash' party. and her inquiry response about the 'parents' also coming to the party was priceless;

"Interesting that so many parents are going. Is that the new normal? No wonder kids in high school are such pussies. LOL"

OMG!!! when I read this, I about pissed my pants from laffing so hard. this young lady is an 'original enity' and has an old soul with a 'very original' attitude of life.

in fact, she surrounds herself with caring friends who share the same care-free attitude to enjoy life to it's fullest.

I will never meet this woman, but she has had an impact on my life these past couple of months,

and I thank her and her friends for that!

ok then, so back to the 'parent thing';

after the numerous situations I experienced during my christmas party this year,

(some I failed to mention in this forum)

I figured if my kid wanted to have a 'large' number of kids attend this function, why not invite one parent also.

not to 'supervise' the kids per se,

but also to maybe 'expand' my 'own social network' and meet the parents of the kids my child associates herself with.

and actually, Ash loved the idea.

so far, we're looking at roughly about 160 +/- to attend.

that is a nice 'manageable' number.

alright it's nearing 8a and I wanna get this day started.

we'll talk soon...


oh my goodness.

my backyard looks as if we have a circus coming over,

rather comical I have to say.

the tents (2) are going to be used for buffet/eating and the other is to be used for the music and dancing.

the dance floor people are going to be here tomorrow morning, otherwise we be dancin' on grass.

all the animals were getting excited during the lifting of the tents, and I was told the horses were running around and making all sorts of noises. that would have been fun to watch. *the horses are going to be at a neighbors house down the street for the duration of the party.

ok then; so I did some massive grocery shopping today,

and if we weren't going to have this function,

the food/drink/alcohol would last us a few years.

alright I'm going to take the kidz to the dog park in a few, and then come back drink beer and watch

the ucla bruins on espn...


ok ladies this will be short but sweet;

as I took a few sleeping pills a couple hours ago and they are hitting me hard right about now.

so my daughter's birthday weekend is just hours away, and almost everything is set to rock!!!

not sure who is more excited, but I think I am. anyway, I know some of you are probably getting bored hearing about it, but for the next couple of days the events will most likely be the 'highlite' of my entries.

I will update the events of the week-end after they happen, just to keep things rolling safely along.

besides myself, there's just one other person who 'knows' absolutely 'everything' that is scheduled to occur.

actually, it's awesome to have someone in your life you can tell anything to and NOT be judged, thank-you, YOU!

oh shit, let me say thank-you to all of you who have sent

E-cards to my email for Ash. Jessica has printed up quite a few already. but thank you all.

ok guys, I'm crashing hard right now, so I'm out.

the fukin ucla bruins lost again...

good nite, I'm tired. 

03 Feb 2012/8am

good morning.

I literally have just awaken.

those new rx sleeping pills 'kicked my ass' last night.

I feel well rested, refreshed and ready to start my day.

I still have not gone downstairs this morning, but will do so in a couple minutes just as soon as I complete this entry.

it sounds as if there is an entire platoon down there,

lots of noise going on.

I have 3 different cards for my daughter's birthday weekend, so I should get down there and deliver it to her before she has departed.

I will be updating often today.

after my therapist appointment this morn, I have absolutely nothing to do all day long... nothing!!!

alrighty then, I'll be back.


just got back from my mid-day appointment,

which didn't go exactly the way I had invisioned,

but whatever. so instead of coming straight home I went

and stopped at a deli and had a pastrami/swiss on rye.

so I'm back here and the backyard is being transformed

into 'party central'.

the weather has turned a bit windy this morning and there is a 'wind advisory until 4p today.

but the tents apparently are not being affected

'that much'... so far.

but doing decorations on the outside have been postponed until the breezy-airs decline abit.

now I'm just basically assuming 'all of this',

as if you can recall;

I've been 'relieved of my duties' as head-honcho

of the party-planning committee.

which is actually very nice,

as I'm just enjoying myself and not worrying about making sure 'everything comes together'.

so right now I'm sitting down in the basement movie room,

I can't publish down here from my laptop; weak signal.

I was thinking of watching a movie down here while everyone else does their own thing;

but now I'm thinking I may just as well get outa here and go see a movie at a theatre.

friday afternoon is the best time to go cause 'daters' will wait until after 7pm to fill up the seats.

in fact I just looked up a couple movie-times, and there is a show starting in about an hour that I've been waiting to see. so, I'm outa here. see ya later.


good, good evening.

I had 'quite' an afternoon;

as I had stated above I did indeed hit a movie 'solo'.

as always, I had a pretty good time.

large bucket of corn, choco-peanuts, and I couldn't believe I had a few can-beverages in my jacket pockets.

I have absolutely no idea how 'they' got there.

but, glad they were.

anyhow. the movie; 'chronicle' was very entertaining. excellent script, so-so acting by kids I didn't recognize,

but the premise, and special effects were nicely done.

after the movie, and getting home 'safely'

(I was assisted, thank-you very much)

I decided to take a nap for a few hours,

and just got out of the shower and will finish getting ready to join my daughter and her 'party' in about an hour.

the wind is no longer blowing/gusting, but still breezy.

the inside of the tents are ready; tables, chairs, dance floor, lighting, decorations, (flowers tomorrow), and more.

I was told that the dj jessica had hired was here for about an hour today to drop off some speakers and other gear.

*three palacios men will be sleeping in the tents tonite to safeguard the gear out there, they also have 2 german shepherds as back-ups.

I'm not sure if that is all necessary, but...

I'm out of the picture. LOL

as far as Ash' day:

I did hear that the limo 'to' school, along with the birthday cupcakes for her class-mates,

and the spa after school was a huge hit.

'girl-6' and their dates are probably just leaving their dinner now and heading towards the next festivities.

and ya, all that 'above' was all me, btw.

my 'email friend' even suggested a 'spa day' for Ash and her friends; so I guess 'great minds' do think alike.

ok then, I need to finish drying my hair, get dressed, take some advil, and get my ass to where I need to be.

I'll be back... 

04 Feb 2012/12:30am

Ash's Skate Rink party:

it's rather late, but B-Day#1 is now complete.

the day started with Ash being picked-up here by

limo this morning,

and then picking-up her gf's to go to school.

at school, there were boxes of cupcakes in each of her classes for all her classmates. she also wore a birthday cone-hat on her head the entire day, and each class sang to her.

very cute. after school, a limo once again picked-up 'girl-6' and took them to a nearby day spa where they got mani/pedi's, and their hair & make-up done.

after their beauty treatment, they changed into formal wear

(they wanted to dress in their homecoming dresses)

and then the limo took them to each of their dates houses to pick-up the boys. (damn boys!!!) apparently picking-up boys in a limo, and having parents take pictures caused the party to arrive nearly 45min past the dinner reservation time I had reserved for them (my bad).

but the eatery was very accommodating... very.

after dinner, they all were driven to the roller skating rink, changed clothes and proceeded to have a great time.

I arrived about an hour after they had been at the rink,

where Jessica & Ashley had already decorated a private room for an 'after party' of cake, ice cream and some presents the boys had brought.

now, I wasn't planning on 'skating', but was dragged out onto the rink in rentals. I sucked!!! fell twice.

I used to ice skate alot when I was much younger,

and skateboard of course;

but that was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! oh well, I tried. can't fault me for that. *not sure what's worse though; falling off a horse into horse-shit, or falling onto a skating rink surrounded by a billion teenagers.

both of which were filmed. yay for me.

so after the rink, the 'little' party,

and the limo ride to take the boys home;

all the girls were back here around midnite.

now being the very thoughtful dad that I am,

I did volunteer to drive the boys home myself.

but was met with extreme dissatisfaction by 'everyone'.

hey, wtf?; I was just trying to help-out!!! LOL

so as I sit here in my bedroom typing this up,

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather are in the backyard talking about 'whatever' planning their next move.

the girls are all in the movie room in sleeping bags.

Ashley & Jessica are still out.

shit. I'm so fukin wide awake,

I should have not taken that nap this afternoon.

ok then, I'm going to go downstairs, and get some food. I'll see ya guys in the morning. good nite.


good morning everyone.

been up for an hour now, and surprise, surprise;

now 'they' are 'asking' me for some help. ha ha ha.

ya, we'll see bitches!!! LOL

actually, everyone has done a fab-job,

and Ashley really came thru yesterday.

so my main task this morning is to 'babysit' girl-6,

keep Ash out of the house from 11am - 2pm.

it's not a surprise party, but there will be some things arriving that she doesn't need to 'be aware of' until party time.

so we will be going to a movie, coffee, and 'make-up' shopping. the girls love to go look at 'make-up' stuff.

*the things I do... LOL

ok then, I'll check in a little later.

I'm going downstairs to get some coffee and blueberry muffins. have a great saturday everyone...


well now, the day is starting to take shape.

decorations are being hung just about everywhere,

the tents are looking good,

and the kitchens are all busy with chefs.

grandma palacios got here at about 5am,

and brought a few helpers along.

the grandfathers were up early,

or maybe they didn't even go to bed yet... who knows.

the weather was forecasted 76' and sunny;

currently it's extremely cloudy,

a little breezy and only 57' outside.

just as long as it doesn't rain or get too windy, we'll be fine.

so, girl-6 had already started their shower rotations

when I went downstairs.

and I was asked by 'my little girl' if they could have bagels/cream cheese/lox for breakfast.

so, I put coffee in my travel mug, and was off.

the only thing about going to get bagels on saturday, everyone else is there also.

so here I am, eating a 'everything' bagel, cream cheese w/salami. don't judge, it's wonderful.

and after I shower we will be outa here.

the girls are excited about going to the movies today,

and have decided to see the 'whale movie'; 'big miracle'. sounds good to me, drew barrymore is some serious

'eye candy' for the old man here.

ok then. I guess I should be getting ready to get ready.

does that even make sense?

alrighty then; hope you all have a wonderful saturday,

have received a few pics from some of you

mid-westerners showing your snowy weather.

enjoy making snowmen/girls.

I will be back here periodically throughout the day.

I wish 'you all' could be here to celebrate the birth of my daughter 16yrs ago.

a day that was perhaps the greatest one of my life,

and I didn't even know it was happening.

I realize that I am going 'a little' overboard (a little),

but doing this will in my mind, make up for all the other birthdays I've missed to date.

I'm sure the next few birthdays she has won't be this extreme, until 'her 21st' that is!


well, sometimes things happen for a reason. so listen up;

it's just about 6:45pm and everyone 'here' is having

an excellent fukin' time.

ok, let me just jump right in;

we've had a few 'moments' today, starting with as soon as we drove into the driveway.

as we were driving up to the house, I could see all the cars of our guests lined up on both sides of the street,

as there were quite a few people already here.

I stopped at my gate and talked with the boys from Ash' school who were once again doing the parking,

and everything was going great.

I opened the gate and proceeded to the house,

and what is parked in front of my garage door?

a brand new silver metallic ford mustang with a

temp reg attached.

and all of a sudden Ashley comes running out the front door screaming happy birthday to Ash.

''Son of a bitch mother fucking shit!!!''

*yes, this was my 'exact' thought at that 'exact' moment.

well needless to say,

Ash and all her gf's start screaming.

I stop the car, the girls break my doors getting out to

see Ash' new mustang.

I park, give Ash and her mother a hug smiling the entire time. leaving all the excited girls outside, I go into the house and greet a couple guests inside on my way up to my bedroom area.

as I get upstairs, I get sick. I didn't make it to the toilet.

you see, I bought Ash a 2012 ford edge limited ecoboost a few months ago.

at first I had intended it to be a christmas present,

but decided to wait until her 16th birthday to give her a new car. apparently, her mother had the same thought.

I've been keeping the car parked over in a neighbors garage since. going over twice a week to start it,

and getting it ready for her.

it's already insured, registered, seat covers, new cds and I even programmed her blutooth, favorite radio stations, and set-up her gps to all her most desirable locations.

so now what the fuck do I do?

my original plan was to have the 'edge' parked in the west garage when she came home from her driving lesson tomorrow. and then have her go out there to

'get something'.

so now you know my situation.

after about an hour,

I decide to have a talk with Ashley,

as I don't want/need a problem. as I started to talk with Ashley she immediately told me the 'stang' was on a3yr lease

and she would return it.

I said no, let 'our' daughter have 2 cars.

having the mustang on a lease for a first time

driver is so risky;

insurance, mileage limitations & overage fees,

up-keep specifications, and so forth. shit.

I didn't think 'anyone' leased any longer. terrible investment. anyway, long story short (I know, too late);

I went to fetch the 'edge', parked it in the empty stall,

sent Ash out there to get a 'hammer'...

boom, the screaming was heard all the way

south in san diego, ca.

the 'edge' will be used for school days, the 'stang' whenever. or if she doesn't pick-up her gf's for school,

she drives the mustang. no worries.

having two brand new vehicles at her disposal may seem a little excessive (I agree), but the shared mileage between two cars, with one being a lease, is a fairly good situation.

and with her mother paying the additional cost of insurance, registration and up-keep of the leased car, works for me.

ok. time for me to get back downstairs,

it's rockin and a reelin down there.

I do have, and will share more stories soon...


good evening my friends.

I am so exhasted, I'm afraid I am going to keep you guys on the edge of your seats for my 'party-stories'.

I'll update in the morning as I'm drinking my coffee.

I will say; I suck at video games now.

especially; call of duty, modern warfare-3.

my youth is officially over.

good night you gorgous creature, wherever you are!

05 Feb 2012/10am

good morning everyone.

I have just climbed outa bed, waiting for my coffee to brew. 'no one is home', NO ONE.

Ash started her 'driving lessons' an hour early,

and Jessica, Ashley and her parents went to west covina to attend church with the palacios'.

totally unbelievable they let me sleep-in,

but oh so glad they let me.

alrighty then boys and girls;

it's Super Bowl Sunday, AND more important to me...

it's my daughter's 16th Birthday.

the very FIRST of her birthday's I have ever spent with her.

I decided long ago to make it not just a special 'day',

but a 'very special couple of days'.

and I did just that.

did I go over-board? probably.

am I spoiling her 'a little bit'? yes I am.

will she remember her '1st birthday' we celebrated together? absolutely guaranteed!


hi. I know I've been procrastinating this morning

as far as 'updating', sorry.

actually, I have been enjoying the serenity of being entirely, and completely alone.

except for the noise of an occasional 'yip' or 'growl' from one of my pupz, it's quiet here.

so I've been downstairs drinking coffee, having a snack of left-overs, and sitting outside here and catching some 'rays' thru the scattered clouds.

life is perfect for me 'right now'.

I 'just' received a call from Ashley & Jessica who informed me that 'everyone' is on their way back here for brunch and to settle-in for the super bowl.

EVERYONE? what does that even mean?

now, I understand that the palacios clan is mega-huge, but didn'timagine that every single one of them would be coming over here to watch the 'big game'.

no worries, there is so much food left over from yesterday, and the draft still needs to be consumed.

so hell yes mexicans, come-on over!  

Ash' 16th Birthday Party celebration:

I have already given you guys bits-n-pieces,

so I'll just try to fill in the blanks.

myself and girl-6 did the movie thing; 'big miracle' was actually very entertaining.

after the theatre we hit the mall,

and while the girls were busy looking at make-up I called the house to see what was happening.

I was told to arrive at around 2:30p, which we did.

so, you guys know what about the entire 'arrival scene',

it's all good now.

as I sit here now and contemplate the whole '2 car thing', I'm still at odds about this situation.

but I totally blame myself; I should have shared my intentions with everyone (except Ash of course),

and was selfish for not doing so.

again; lesson learned.

I hadn't even thought about anyone else getting

her another vehicle, (especially Ashley)

because I had already gotten her the volkswagon bug. *which is going away after her drivers test on tuesday. we all talked about 'combining' both vehicles into one,

but Ash likes them both.

and even tho excessive, it'll work out for the best.

is 'our' daughter spoiled / yes, does she act like it / no.

the party itself was a smashing success. over 200 showed. absolutely no situations like what occurred during the christmas party of last.

and even tho the kids

(high school pussies/OMFG A.D.H.)

brought their parents along; everyone had a fantastic time. the social groups were scattered,

as we (not me mind you) had made different areas

kid friendly, and 'older person' accessible.

and that fukin 'call of duty' video game, fuck it...

fuck it hard in the ass!!!

I'll stick with the old timer's pac man.

now as far as Ash goes; she made-out like a theif.

quite a few of the kids combined their funding,

and purchased a few 'high priced' items;

a new ps3 gaming system for her bedroom, a foosball table, and the 2 seasons of 'glee' dvd's.

her grandparents gave her a beautiful black persian kitten

(Ash has named her 'chocolate', choco for short) and Jessica gave my daughter a female siberian, no-name yet.

*what's two more mouths to feed I say.

there were other gifts, including a wall decorative 'cross' from the palacios that has been blessed.

*I don't really know what that exactly means.

plus she received numerous little trinkets and such.

the food/drink was amazing,

in fact as I've stated earlier, lots left.

there was dancing, 80's/90's music was in demand, the kids kept busy with video games, ping pong, billiards, karaoke, dacning games on the kinect, and yes 3 pinata's were enjoyed; compliments of the mexi-godfather.

by 9pm, most everyone was gone, and Ash was exhasted.

I was in bed by 11:30pm,

but had a late night call that kept me up until 1am. hence my sleeping-in until 9:40 this morning. ok guys the peeps are starting to arrive, and I guess I need to go.

btw; I'm not really choosing a team to favor

during the super bowl,

just would like to enjoy a awesome/exciting game.

I'll check-in later.


well now... Super Bowl Sunday was actually Super!!!

I wasn't really cheering for either team,

but did enjoy the competitive nature of the game.

I think tom brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but I think eli manning is one of the smartest.

great game, NYGiants deserved to win.

*which means the SF49ers lost to the eventual champs!

the commercials were terrible this year,

their were a couple good ones, but mostly just plain bad!

we had alot of palacios' here, and the tent company 'did not' come to collect their gear today as they said they would. they better 'not' try to charge me for an additional day.

who wants to work today tho?!

anyhow. Ash' driving lesson today went well,

she did everything 'by the book' and I was told by her instructor she'll be fine on tuesday.

the instructor was also quizing Ash as she drove.

excellent investment.

Ashley & Jessica went out to watch the game at a local bar,

I think they must have met a couple guys the other night while they were out late. good for them.

*at least somebody may 'get laid' around here.

(shit. did I just say that?)

alrighty then, I promised my pupz that I would take them on a walk tonight, and Ash will take her new puppy

on a separate leash.

I may check-in later if I have something to say...

06 Feb 2012/9pm

hi guys, good evening.

sorry about the lack of 'checking-in',

I just had alot to do today is all.

I started my day with the usual; coffee drinker, poop patrol, breakfast maker, school transport, gas pumper.

so, after my morning duties I went to the dmv to get the mustang registered.

didn't quite work out the way I had planned.

*a story for another day/time...

so after a 90min 'waste of time', I met up with grandpa jack, and we rectified the 'situation'.

we arrived back home just in time to say 'adios' to the

tents being taken away.

sweet, I got my backyard back...

so after my lunch of 2 avacados, fresh salsa, and corn chips, (ya, that's how I roll)

grandpa jack, grandma jo and myself went to go get the horses from the neighbor

(the same couple who had Ash' Edge)

and 'walked them back' to the house. ya, I'm a pussy.

after walking the horses home,

I took the kidz to the dog park.

then picked-up Ash and her friends from school.

boom, that was the 'meat' of my day.

as Ash was doing her homework, we lost our house wi-fi.

and after 30min of trying to figure the shit out,

I just 'happen' to reset the 'wireless' switch and presto!!!

I have had a 'few' idiot' moments today, hence the very, very brief description of my so called day.

ok then; tomorrow my daughter will take the dmv written/driving test to establish her absolute freedom and cause me many sleepless nights.

I love this young lady more than I have ever loved before, and still can't really believe I have a daughter.

a daughter... me; greg kiss; one of the biggest

ho-mongrels of the 1990's. I swear, reno, nv still has a

'do not enter sign' directed towards me. and 'all' the hearts I broke, deceived, and cheated-on during my 20's-30's.

now, it's my turn to be the comforter of love to a young, beautiful, innocent girl who 'will be' heartbroken by adolesent young men who normally care about one thing only.

'do unto others 'daughters' as you would like others

to do unto yours'... I be fucked!!!

and this drivers license thing is just the begining.

she will no longer be under my total control, I need a drink. ok I'm back. jack/coke in hand.

I'll be heading to portland again wednesday morning for a few days, actually making money again. thank goodness.

my email friend pointed out the fact of portland having numerous stripper joints, and also asked me if I was planning on 'dancing' again myself. ha-ha-ha.

let me get a step-ladder to get up to the stage,

and the 'tearing sound' won't be my velcro-pants, but most likely my groin muscles ripping apart as I 'try' to pelvis thrust my way into the hearts of all the seniors digging into their change purses to throw me a quarter or two.

and instead of these 'hot and crazy' grey-haired cougars drinking alcohol, they'll be getting their daily dose of

'liquid-assets' from the choco-Ensure Shakes mixed with any medication they would need to keep an 'active lifestyle'. hmmm. well, you never know.

so anyway, that's about it guys. thanks again for all the e-cards you sent to Ash, I printed up as many as I could.

she loved 'em all.

I haven't said this in a while;

but I really do appreciate all of you who come back here day after day to be totally bored by my antics,

and to those of you who continue to contact me with advice on everything, and with stories of your own, keep it up.

and yes; as soon as I return from 'stripper-city',

I will begin to re-post my previous entries for some

of you to catch-up on.

so relax 'ms russia', I'll get it done.

ok guys, I'm outa here.

going to take the kidz for a walk, as the next couple of days are supposed to be wet here in sunny southern cal.

good nite all...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.1':