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'my thoughts.2.1'

(01 Feb 2013 - 03 Feb 2013)

completed: 03 Feb 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

01 Feb 2013/7am

good morning,

and welcome to 'the month of love'.

february is my 3rd favorite month of the year,

w/november, december being 1 & 2.

being today is the 1st of the month,

I need to take N.J. to get her monthly pills.

I had thought that she'd brought enough of her medications to last thru her visit, but I was wrong.

so I called her walgreens in vegas yesterday,

and they transferred the scripts to a walgreens nearby.

I love walgreens.

so anyway. that will be my morning.

and I'm thinking after her and I pick-up her sack-of-pills,

we may just have lunch together.

*that is always a story in itself.

the palacios' are already cleaning throughout the house, and putting 'breakables' away to a safe location.

the great thing about the mexi-godfather and his family,

is that they treat/respect others property as

if it was their own.

unlike others I have known.

also, besides the godfather and his mrs sleeping in a bed,

the other mexi-americans just need a sleeping bag, a pillow, and strong coffee in the morning.

I love my adopted family so damn much.

I really don't know what I would do without them.

in fact, I'm going to take ALL of us out to the olive garden for dinner tonight, and then go see the movie 'warm bodies'. Ash and Elli have been talking about this movie for weeks. ok then. I need to shower up and get this day rolling.

I'll be back in a while.

and for those of you who work a normal work week;



gooood afternoon everyone.

today has been surprisingly a 'fun day'.

Jessica decided to tag along w/N.J. and I this morning to run a few errands and to grab a quick lunch at subway.

it was a beautiful morning to drive around

2 beautiful women.

omg. I have to tell you guys this;

have any of you ever seen the movie 'forget paris/1995' w/billy crystal and debra winger?

if you haven't, then rent it. very cute. anyway.

william hickey plays the part of debra wingers father,

and when he moves in with 'billy and debra',

he acts all crazy and shit.

he constantly repeats 'taglines' from the tv and radio.

plus; while riding around in the car,

he always 'thinks aloud' when he see's signage and advertising on the side of delivery trucks.

the reason why I bring this up is because,

N.J. does the same damn exact thing.

and it's starting to get worse.

when it first started a few years back,

I just thought she was craving attention or something.

but lately,

(especially during this last drive down from vegas)

she won't stop. doing it constantly.

now, I think it may be something a little more serious.

I'm guessing it might be time to bring it up to her doctor, and stop making jokes about it.

(yes, I have made 'funny comments' about this in the past)

ok then. after picking-up her 'package' of pills at walgreens, stopping for lunch at subway,

we 'again' went to the grocery for some odds and ends.

*it was brought to my attention by 'ms east coast' the other day that I go to the grocery store a few dozen times a week.

I guess she was right.

and now that I'm back here at casa-kiss,

I am going to answer some emails,

return a few phone calls,

and then check-on the palacios family who are 'everywhere' around here. it appears as if they are all going to have everything in order before the 'big game' begins.

I'll see ya soon.


just a quickie...

everyone is getting ready to go out for dinner.

and then after our feast at the olive garden

(yep. I'm a big spender all right),

most of us will be going to see the movie 'warm bodies'.

the mexi-godfather, grandma p,

and Jack have said they'll pass though.

not really sure what the premise is for this movie,

some 'funny-zombie-movie' Elli has said.

anyway. it'll be fun with all of us there, and l.g. and her two youngest are going to meet us at the theatre.

ok then. gotta run.

I'll check-in tonight after we get back.

enjoy your friday night everyone.


tonight was a blast.

we were 'one of those groups at the olive garden'

that you don't ever want to sit next to.

we gave a new meaning to the phrase;

'could you please be quiet,

your disturbing others around you'.

we never got that 'exact warning',

but I did happen to notice a few 'looks' from nearby

tables in our general area.

so as the 'great host that I usually am',

I went around to the tables sitting within ear shot

(they had put us in a corner w/5 tables),

and informed the diners near us I would be

'picking-up their dinner-tabs'.

*just the food & drinks, no alcoholic beverages.

**I'm crazy, but not stupid.

they all were very appreciative. very.

in fact, 2 of the 6 tables I paid for,

basically joined in our outrageous discussions.

that was by far the most expensive olive garden

bill I've ever had, or probably ever will.

after we left

(I could swear they were happy to see us leave)

most of us went to see the movie 'warm bodies'.

the movie wasn't one I'd have gone to see

(definitely a dvd purchase though),

but was pleasantly surprised by John Malkovich

being in this movie. he's the bomb.

I'd rate this flick 7/10 stars.

and by the way,

every damn 16yr old kid was in this theatre to see this 'walking dead presentation', it was packed.

and yes, the buttered popcorn was fabulous.

out of the 18 we had for dinner,

only 10 of us went to the movie.

the rest just went back to the house.

after the movie, I came home w/Jessica & 4 palacios',

while Ash, Elli and two of their friends

went magazine shopping.

magazine shopping?, must be a new thing.

so that was my friday night,

maybe not as exciting as some of yours.

but, I'm good with it.

btw; I had the chicken and shrimp carbonara,

with an entire bowl of salad.

for dessert, I had movie buttered popcorn. no alcohol.

so that's it for me. I'm exhasted. sweet dreams everyone.

02 Feb 2013/10am

lot's of activity going on around here today.

but as a good sponsor of a function,

or even as an owner of a professional sports team would do; I'm staying away from all the commotion and not get involved with the preparation of 'the big event'.

so needless to say,

I will be 'keeping myself company' all day long.

I'm not sure if I ever told you guys this;

during the summer of 2011 I went to a 'public auction' in commerce, ca with Ash and the mex-godfather.

the godfather was looking for some used furniture

to buy/resell at his nephew's used furniture store.

anyway. while there, some items came up that were once in a now closed movie theatre.

so I registered, and threw my bids around wildly.

I walked away with;

20 stanchions w/red velvet ropes,

a huge popcorn maker,

and a corner counter for a snack bar.

I implemented the popcorn maker and the snack bar counter into the downstairs movie/media room.

but have kept the stanchions and ropes in a walk-in closet

in one of the guest rooms.

I did use a few to 'rope-off' a couple rooms

during 'kissmas 2012',

but tomorrow more stanchions will be used to shut down the upstairs, and other private areas.

even though the few inidviduals who caused a couple situations during my last function are no longer on my invite list, I'm not taking any chances.

*if you wanna have sex with someone's wife,

do it at your own house.

OR go to a 3hr motel.

also, a few items came up missing last time.

it's a fucking shame that you invite people into your home and in turn 'they' or others they bring along,

take advantage of your hospitality and 'shit all over you'. those reasons alone have me reconsidering opening my home to people I barely know, or even worse...

complete strangers.

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather have both assured me that 'things will be different this time'.

I guess time will tell.

*also why Ash is 'not allowed' to have boys over.

they are massive headaches.

ok then.

I'm going back downstairs to 'observe' the goings-on.

I'm thinking of going to 'hooters' for lunch.

*don't judge me. I love the wings... lol

I'll be back...


just getting ready to head-out to lunch with the boys;

grandpa Jack, the mexi-godfather, and myself.

others wanted to come (including Jessica, and the girls),

but then it wouldn't be 'boys afternoon-out'.

not sure where we're going to go, but I have some ideas.

I'll touch base with you guys later.

hope you all are having a wonderful saturday.

03 Feb 2013/midnight

it's Super Bowl Sunday;

today, the San Francisco 49ers will have the opportunity to achieve something only one other NFL team

has accomplished;

to win their 6th Lombardi Trophy in franchise history.

to ALOT of people this is just another football game,

and a chance to see some outrageous commercials.

to me, this is redemption for every time I heard the phrase, ''hey Kiss, your 49ers SUCK!"

and I heard it ALOT in grammer school, jr. high,

and high school.

as I was always the only one in my schools to wear a SF49ers jacket.

I remember a caption under my picture in 'cross country'; 'Kiss says the 49ers are going to win the

Super Bowl one day.'

that was in 1977.

5yrs later, they did just that!

today's 49ers fans are brash, confident,

and used to winning.

and unless they were born in the early 1970's,

really have no idea what it was like to be harrassed

and teased for 'cheering-on' a football team

who were not that good,

and hadn't won a championship of any kind yet.

it does not make them any less a fan mind you

(you can't help when or where you're born).

in fact, the sf49ers fan base is now one of the most popular and strongest in the nfl now thanks to ALL the fans.

I will love 'the niners' for the rest of my life.

we've never lost a super bowl,

and today will not be the first;

SF 49ers 31

Bal Ravens 21

*currently playing a monopoly tourney here at the house with 4 boards, and 20 people.

$5 entry fee, winner takes all...

the final board may still be playing by sunrise.

I'll be back before I go to bed...


damn it!

I made a terrible trade,

(park place/cash for all the railroads)

and it ended-up costing me.

so then I played a little halo-3 and got 'blown to bits'...

(wasn't fair; grandpa Jack was being assisted)

ok then. my night is officially over.

there are still 2 boards and 7 people playing.

heading upstairs to go to sleep.

I'll update you guys on the stuff that went on around here saturday when I wake-up later this morning.

sweet dreams ladies...


after my last entry,

I went back downstairs and was up till almost 4am.

and I slept until 10:30am this morning.

I just came downstairs to have a cup of mexi-coffee,

and now I'm sitting here watching/listening to

the pre-party goings-on.

ok. ok. ok. I admit,

I am now starting to get excited about this

damn super bowl party I didn't even want to have.

I guess I should volunteer my services.

I'll be back...


one hour until kick-off...

it's been almost 20yrs since I've had this big an interest in the 'Big Game'.

there are enough people here to start a huge riot in downtown LA. lol

anyway. we have 2 party tents set-up in the back yard;

one for all the food and tables to eat,

the other for the party.

(music, dancing, and noise makers.)

the weather was beautiful this morning,

but has clouded-up since, and may even rain again.

the tents were not my idea,

and they had a little trouble setting up both tv's out there. but it's all good now.

I've decided to not be such a pain-in-the-ass,

and enjoy the festivities that these people have created.

the stanchions and the ropes are all set-up,

and I have to admit;

everything looks, sounds, and smells great.

it makes me sick to my stomach that there may be a few people back here in my home that have stolen

from me in the past. ok then.

I'm going back downstairs to get 'in the super bowl mood'. normally I would wish 'your teams' luck,

and I hope they win the game.

not this time baby!!!

***San Francisco 49ers***



this is not what I expected...


I got nothin'...


well. another super bowl is in the books,

along with another super bowl party.

maybe next year the SF49ers will attempt another

'run at greatness'.

the party today was calm in comparison to past gatherings here at this house.

but everyone seemed to have a fantastic time.

especially the raven fans.

also, the weather was very cooperative throughout the day. I went downstairs to the basement/movie room and sat-in for awhile w/Ash and her girlfriend's.

they had a great time also.

all-in-all it was a good day.

*it would have been a 'great day' had the 49ers won. everyone can 'smile' when they win,

it's the 'smile' when you don't that defines your character. ok then. I'm really tired.

hope you all had a fantastic super bowl sunday.

and if 'your team won', congratulations.

good night. sweet dreams ladies...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.2'...