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'my thoughts.2.2'

(04 Feb 2013 - 08 Feb 2013)

completed: 08 Feb 2013/9pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

04 Feb 2013/noon

good afternoon.

I've been up since 5am,

and just thoroughly enjoyed trudging around in

the fog early this morning.

I didn't want to 'not' volunteer my assistance today,

thought I should at least start-out my week

being productive.

even though 'the party gear' has been just about cleaned-up, I wanted to at least 'attempt' to be helpful in gathering-up the loose ends.

the tents are still in-tact,

and won't be broken down/picked-up until

tomorrow morning.

I have to admit,

grandpa jack and the mexi-godfather did a great job.

and I, did absolutely nothing.

(minus making my semi-famous spicy shrimp dip)

oh. and for the record; I had 2 beers yesterday, 2.

not a shot, or even a margarita from the machine.

I did partake in the eating a bunch of snacks however.

the house was pretty packed yesterday,

not exactly sure of the head count.

I'd say more than a dozen, and lesst han 100.

so enough of yesterdays events,

they ALL did not go according to plan.

the rest of my day is going to be spent here in my

'little office area' trying to get a few things in order to take to my tax guy on friday, and I may also look into writing a sentence or two into this 'so-called-story-of-mine'.

besides all that, and maybe diving into the mass of left-overs, today will be fairly uneventful.

so how's your monday going?


for not having much planned today,

I kept very busy.

Ash' 17th is tomorrow,

and she really didn't want me to 'make a big deal of it',

so I won't. wink. wink.

anyway. knowing that her and her friends 'sometimes'

read this site,

I've got 'no comments' about tomorrow.

so with that being said,

I'm going to bed.

I have a very, very busy day ahead of me...

good nite ladies.

05 February 2013 1am

Happy 17th Birthday Ash

*I wanted to be 'the first' to wish you a happy birthday


it's already been a busy day for me.

I'm lucky if I got 5hrs sleep, getting up at 4am.

the birthday girl was 'awaken' at 5:30am for

a 'early morning birthday celebration'.

Jessica and I decorated the kitchen and

breakfast nook area with balloons, streamers, a banner, and confetti.

she had quite a few presents to unwrap this morning;

a few video games, universal remote control,

wireless keyboard & mouse,

some make-up and other beauty enhancers,

gift cards galore,

a beautiful cashmere sweater,

and a parka from 'north face'.

after the presents, the singing of happy birthday

and a few pots of coffee, I made pancakes, bacon, sausage,

and scram eggs for everyone.

I admit I was a little emotional during all of this;

all her birthdays I missed,

the fact that 'my father' never knew he was a

grandfather for 25days before he died,

and that she is the most 'perfect daughter' I could

have ever asked for.

Jessica has been running cupcakes to her school this morning for Ash to share w/her classmates.

300 little treats in all.

*just for her 'classes' mind-you.

plus, I'll be delivering 20 pizzas in a few hours for her friends to enjoy during lunch.

and as far as the rest of the day goes,

I do have a few more things planned.

but don't want to give anything away.

I've got to get going, I'll be back sometime later.


busy, busy day.

the cupcakes were a huge hit,

and I personally delivered 22 pizzas to her school.

funny how eager those teenage-breeders were to assist me with carrying-in all the food.

anyway. Ash and Elli won't be home until around 5ish,

they both went out with some friends right after school.

our plans for tonight are tame compared to what is

planned this weekend.

the five of us are going to some restaurant in

westlake village we've never been to before, Ash' choice. afterwards, we come home to cake and ice cream.

(yes corny. but traditions are kinda cool.)

ok then. I'm going to take care of a 'new addition'

to our home. see you guys later.


we stayed-out a little later than I had planned.

after dinner,

(I will elaborate about the food in a moment)

birthday girl decided we all should go bowling.

and once we bowled our 3 games each,

we hit a target store on the way home so Ash could 'melt' one of her gift cards.

she bought a few books, a pair of sunglasses,

and some costume jewelry.

*she really is 'very thrifty', with her money... lol

after we got back to the house;

we did the candles on the cake,

sang the song, and then just sat at the table eating cake

and ice cream while listening to grandpa jack's

stories of years past.

he really is a fantastic story teller.

everyone is already in bed, except for me.

which I will be just as soon as I finish this entry.

so dinner tonight was thai, and it was good!

we went to 'pookies thai' in westlake village.

there is absolutely no way I will be able to name

all the food/dish choices everyone made,

there were plates of food everywhere.

as for myself;

curry chicken soup,

thai chicken w/garlic plum sauce,

and pineapple shrimp fried rice.

iced water, and hot green tea.

it was a wonderful meal, and very resonably priced.

even the service was exceptional.

and no, we didn't embarrass Ash by having a bunch of

servers sing 'happy birthday' to her.

anyway. that's about it.

but before I 'sign-off' for the day, I would like to thank those of you who sent 'well-wishes' to my daughter.

some of you are so damn thoughtful.

I hope you all had a wonderful tuesday.

sleep well, good-night.

06 Feb 2013/1pm

good afternoon.

today is almost boring compared to all the running around and such I had going on yesterday.

I do have some pressing things I've been putting off tho,

so I guess I should get my ass-in-gear relatively soon concerning certain matters.

sometimes when you put your trust in others,

all they do is disappoint.

a good lesson to be learned;

paying for someone's services in advance before they actually complete their assignment is sometimes 'not' the smartest way to go about a business transaction.

anyway. expensive lesson learned.

as far as the rest of my day goes;

I have a friend in town and will be meeting her for

lunch at 2pm.

after that, I'm not really sure.

depends on how long lunch goes.

hope you all are having a nice day. see ya later.


good evening.

just got in a little while ago,

had a very interesting afternoon.

I met my friend at her hotel and we visited for a while,

and then we both decided we were indeed starving.

she suggested we drive to LA and go to 'pinks hot dogs',

as she has always heard about 'pinks' but never been.

so we made an evening of it.

by the time we made it down there,

found a lot to park-in (parking in LA is a joke),

and stood in line for nearly 45min,

we were finally enjoying some awesome dogs.

I had 2 bacon chili cheese dogs,

my friend had the 'mullholland drive dog'

(a footlong w/grilled onions & mushrooms,

nacho cheese & bacon),

and then we shared some onion rings and fries.

I fucking love 'pinks'.

oh. l.g. was supposed to join us,

but couldn't make it.

but she did join us back at the hotel bar a short time later.

needless to say,

I missed dinner here at the house.

near as I can figure,

they all had ice cream w/fresh fruit for dinner.

anyway. I did have fun today. and that's a good thing. tomorrow l.g. is playing 'sick',

and we are going to spend the entire day together.

really looking forward to it.

we may just go to the beach and sit on the sand

and watch the waves.

not sure if I'm in a romantic mood tho.

we'll have to see 'what's-what tomorrow.

well. I'm going to bed, I'm exhasted.

sleep well beautiful.

07 Feb 2013/6am

good morning.

just sitting here waiting for my young ones to get up (6am). I'm thinking for breakfast this morning;

waffles, bacon, and tater tots. yumm.

anyway. been up since 3am, had a few phone calls

from across the pond.

it's that time of year again that I take an interest in my continuing business transaction from the far east section

of the world.

my exact plans for today are not as set in stone as I had thought they were,

as l.g. called me about an hour ago saying she has an appointment at 9am she 'just can't miss'.

so be it. I'll just go play/visit with my visiting friend.

she can join us later if she is so inclined.

anyway. very beautiful morning outside today;

no clouds, no fog, and plenty of stars.

the next few days are suppose to be below freezing during the night, and calling for rain here tomorrow.

so maybe instead of 'playing-around' today,

I should get some chores done in the backyard.

fuck-it. I wanna play!!!

ok then. it's nearly 6am.

going to have another cup of java, and say hi to everyone. happy thursday.


just checking-in...

we're getting ready to head to pauley.


will update after the game.

enjoy your thursday night everyone...


good evening all.

I appologize for the lack of 'worthless knowledge'

being written for you all to read,

I'm just not feeling it today.

all five of us went to pauley pavilion tonite to watch

the bruins 'play' the huskies.

ha. I'm not even in the mood to discuss ucla's lackluster

'on-court performance'.

they won, that's all that matters.

*thank goodness for the ucla dance team; lizzi in particular. gave me something to 'cheer for'.

anyway. I'm going to bed. so damn tired.

good night.

*hopefully I'll loose this 'blah-ness' w/sleep...

08 Feb 2013/noon

thought I would begin today with 'a nooner'.

have had a fairly 'uneventful day so far'.

I 'slept-in' til almost 6am,

I was totally wiped-out yesterday.

I've had alot going on these past few days,

concerning this 'indoor dog park' thing,

and a few 'hiccups' personal wise.

and yesterday I received some news that just was the

'cream of the crop'.

I know I like to 'share' alot of nonsense information here, and sometimes even 'touch base' with reality now and then. but even I realize that somethings should not be

'written about' or even discussed with anyone outside your 'inner-circle' of trusted family and friends.

just let me get thru this 'funk' I've got going on.

I'm sure I'll be my own ridiculous, immature, outspoken, arrogant, overconfident self again very soon.

no matter how old/young you are,

you will never stop learning on a daily basis.

and anyone who thinks 'they know it all' is full of shit. anyway. whenever I would have a 'suck day' like this,

I would normally just shut myself down and not have contact with anyone.

but these days I can no longer just 'hide in the corner' and expect everything will be alright.

too much responsibility,

and people/animals who count on me on a daily basis.

so I have to keep my 'thoughts in the game'.

ya I know;


I'm going to go now, I'm starving.

I'll be back...


I decided that I had had enough of my 'attitude',

so I took the kidz to the dog park for about an hour to get my ass into a better mood.

and it 'kinda worked'.

also, Ash called me to ask if 'girl6 + 6' could spend the night tonight, and if we could do the dinner/movie thing?

and of course I said yes.

not sure where we'll go for dinner,

but the movie tonite will be 'identity thief'.

it looks like it will be a very funny movie,

even though I'm not a big melissa mccarthy fan.

so anyway. I have 'everything' all set-up/scheduled for tomorrow for Ash' 'actual birthday party',

it should be alot of fun.

me, Jessica and 20 teenagers, looking forward to it.

I guess I should get ready.

the girls will be here soon, and we're going to do an

early dinner/movie this evening.

I'll check-in once we return.

have an excellent friday night everyone,

and be safe.


good friday evening.

just walked-in the door minutes ago,

I sent the girls to grocery to get snacks and whatever

they 'need' for the weekend.

some of these girls are not allowed to have any kind of

'junk food' what-so-ever at their home,

so when they come here they 'kinda' go a little overboard.

I can't monitor the consumption of every single morsel of food these girls eat while they are here,

but I do insist they do eat 'whatever' we serve here at

casa-kiss for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

and normally Ash/Elli request certain meals when they have company stay-over,

so it's no big deal.

so tonight was pretty fun;

'girl6' along with 4 other girls and myself decided on 'johnny rockets' for dinner.

their order was easy:

10 chicken ceasar salads,

5 half rings/half fries,

and 10 rootbeer floats.

as for me;

bacon cheddar burger w/grilled onions,

and a orange soda.

*plus I had some of the girls rings/fries.

after we gulped down our chow,

we drove (3 cars) over to the theatre.

suprisingly, the movies was not busy at all.

the girls had already hit-up a walgreens earlier and gotten their boxes of candy or whatever,

so I was the only one getting popcorn and a drink.

sorry. I cannot enjoy a movie at a theatre without popcorn, and I love getting the free refill to take home.

*I had help eating the 2 buckets though. alot of help!!!

anyway. the movie itself, was kind of a disappointment.

if you want to see 'identity thief',

wait until it comes-out on dvd in a couple weeks.

but the girls were laughing and having a good time,

and that is all that matters.

so that has been my night (so far).

I had talked with l.g. earlier today while I was

at the dog park,

and she mentioned that she wanted to come over

to spend the night.

and, I haven't heard from her since.

no worries. there are enough girls here already. Jessica hasn't been feeling well,

so she's been in her room most of the day.

and grandpa Jack was down the street at a neighbors helping with the delivery of decoration landscaping rock. speaking of 'the woman', she just called.

she'll be here in about an hour,

so thats good. right???

well, I guess I should shower and brush my teeth

before she gets here.

good night everyone. sweet dreams beautiful.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.3'...