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'my thoughts.2.3'

(09 Feb 2013 - 13 Feb 2012)

completed: 13 Feb 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

09 Feb 2013/11am

good saturday 'late morning' OR early afternoon.

I've been 'non-stop' busy since being up at 6am.

I normally do not wait until the last minute

to get things done,

but considering the fact that 'NO parents' want to play laser-tag against their kids this afternoon,

I'm fucked!!!

(20 kids -vs- 20 adults)

I do have 5 moms on 'my team',

but I need 14 more players.

absolutely 'no dads' want to play, I can't believe it.

their excuses are like 'a pimple on my ass';

'I work all week, I'm tired'

'I don't want to listen to a bunch of screaming kids'.

'I have to mow the lawn'

'I'll miss my sports game'

'laser-tag?, no thanks'.

'is there going to be beer?'

'I'm a fucking-moron, and I don't like to have fun'.

(this is my excuse for them...)

'get over that shit'!!!

jeesh guys. get your ass off the couch and lets kick

these kids butts!!!

anyway. grandma palacios has been here since 9am cooking and getting ready for dinner tonight,

and she has my back.

she has a few of her fam-members ready to 'fill-in' in case

I don't fill my team requirements.

I was also counting on grandpa Jack and

the mexi-godfather,

but they have decided to stay here at the house and get ready for the 'after party'. and Jessica is very sick.

so anyway. my morning has been filled with 'rejections'

and 'excuses',

plus l.g. did not show-up last night,

nor have I heard from her as of yet today.

*I wish a few of you lived nearby, you'd play. right?

ok. I'm starving, and I promised the girls subway for lunch. gotta run. talk soon.


good evening.

I'm so very happy this day has come to an end.

it didn't go exactly as planned,

but happened exactly as it should have.

*does that even make sense?, it does to me.

ok then. the laser tag was fun. the arcade was fun.

the teams were so unfair.

three teams;




and I had absolutely no say in the team 'picks'.

no worries. I had a really good time.

I had never played laser tag before,

it's nothing like paint ball.

Team Ash dominated from the begining,

having some 'ringers' with experience within the ranks. after the 2 seperate 30min+/- sessions,

(only 29 people actually showed)

we enjoyed a private area to visit, have a snack of

chips/dips, pretzels, veggie trays, and cheese/cold cuts.

(which we brought with us)

the soda/coffee was included in the cost.

*not cheap, but worth it.

after we finished there,

we drove back here to begin the evening party.

everything was ready;

ballons, decorations, food, drinks, adult beverages,

and even more presents.

I spent a few hours down there,

and then came up here to hide.

I really am a social-type-person,

but sometimes I just like to come upstairs and be alone.

plus. one of the mothers was beginning to make

me feel uncomfortable.

ok then. I guess I need to be a gracious dad/host.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

sweet dreams all...

10 Feb 2013/11am

didn't get to bed till after 3am,

up at 8am. still tired.

had fun last night with everyone wanting to dance and

all the girls just being silly.

a few boys decided to 'stop by' around 10:30p,

to see if they could attend the 'goings-on'.

Ash and a few of the girls went out and they all 'visited'

for about 30min,

but the 'breeders' were denied entry!!!

*is it me?, or is 10:30pm extremely LATE for a casual visit? plus. I was told one of the boys was 22yrs old. TOO OLD. anyway. I guess I'm not all that 'cool' sometimes.

whatever. after the girls came back-in,

we all had a great time.

12 girls stayed the night,

and 1 uncle who had 'way too much' to drink.

he was pretty funny though.

he was already gone by the time I got-up

and came downstairs.

a few of the palacios also spent the night,

and they're still here.

in fact. we are going to go to west covina this afternoon

for a baptism of a palacios grandbaby.

and of course, a little celebration afterwards.

as of right now, I have to get these girls up and probably start taking them back to their homes.

oh. you really need to go to my 'kiss vidz' page and watch the video I posted today;

it's a parody of 'california gurls by katy perry'.

so damn funny.

ok then. I'll be back later.


as crowded/loud as it was here last night,

it is the 'exact opposite' tonight.

both girls are already upstairs getting ready for bed,

grandpa jack is watching 60min in the living room,

Jessica is eating meatball soup in the den,

N.J. is already in bed,

and I'm sitting here in the kitchen having a jack/diet coke typing this up.

we live the life around here on sunday nights, eh?

since my last update;

I made a bagel/cream cheese run for all,

cheddar cheese/jalapeno was in high demand.

along w/a few everything bagels, and onion ones.

and I got a random variety of cream cheeses;

chocolate, strawberry, bacon/scallion, honey walnut,

and of course regular.

after returning with the food,

I was told some of the girls had to go home.

so I started the 'kiss shuttle service'.

grandpa jack even took a few of the girls home.

once the 'stay-overs' were all taken back to their homes,

I finally had a bagel, and another coffee.

and I just had enough time to shower before leaving to

west covina for the baptism of a palacios young-one.

this was only the 3rd baptism I've ever seen.

two in person,

and the 3rd was a video of my father 18mo before he died. after the ceremony,

we went back to the palacios house for food & drink.

we stayed a little longer than I had anticipated,

and I wanted to get back home.

as Jess was back here in bed, and N.J. didn't want to go. *N.J. never wants to go.

anyway. we've been home nearly an hour now,

and as I stated earlier,

everybody is doing their own thing.

I'm not in the mood to watch the grammy's tonight, especially until ‚Äč11:30p.

so I'm taping them just in case something

'special' happens.

hey, you never know with 'those people'.

I'm thinking about having a bowl of blueberry shredded wheat, watch the local news (kcal), and then

I was so excited about Ash' birthday and stuff,

and am now relieved it's over for another year.

*next year is '18'... shit. she can legally leave me then. fuck. was planning on taking N.J. back to vegas next weekend, but she wants to stay a little longer.

so I'm guessing we'll head back-up to vegas the second weekend of march.

which is totally convenient for me with my house on the market (no offers yet),

and the pac12 tourney at the mgm grand.

*I don't know if I'm going to go to the tournament or not, but the option is there.

ok then. that bowl of cereal is shouting-out my name.

I'll be back in the morning to bore you guys with

my plans for the week.

ya. I'm sure some of you won't sleep a wink while waiting with anticipation of the details of

my mediocre life.

I hope you all have a wonder monday.

good night. sweet dreams.

11 Feb 2013/11pm

good evening everyone.

it's been a relatively normal day,

except for the fact I had to take 'our' new puppy to the vet. *vaccinations, weight/nutrition status, heart/dental check, and to get registered.

won't get her chip/gps until she is 6-8mo old.

*that fucking needle is a 14 gauge.

after the vet, I came back home and 'worked' on

'Semper Five' for almost 4hrs.

I think I wrote an entire paragraph.

seriously tho. I'm re-working my story-board;

tweaking the entire chapter describing the basis of the main character(s) involvement within the complexity

of their relationships.

'Heroes aren't born, They're made'

*I underlined 'the word work' for a reason...

anyway. I also cooked dinner tonight;

breakfast pies with scram-eggs/& 3 cheeses, bacon bits, sausage chunks, onions, peppers, and hash browns inside.

also made pillsbury biscuits.

I baked Jessica some homemade mac & cheese,

as she is feeling a little better.

after dinner I took the kidz out for a neighborhood


Ash took her 'un-named puppy' on a seperate leash.

she's too young to have a harness on a static.

after the walk I got a call from l.g. to meet;

we met, we talked,

and I came back home after a short drive.

got back just in time to 'tuck-in' the girls.

yes, they are too old for the 'traditional' little-girl tuck-in

at bedtime, but they both like it when I come

in their rooms and say good nite.

and that my friends was my entire day.

good night.

12 Feb 2013/12pm

just got back to the house.

had to talk with an attorney this morning,

have some issues pending.

*and yes. I still despise lawyers, even more-so today.

anyway. I'm taking N.J. out and about this afternoon,

in fact we're leaving in just a few minutes.

we need to hit the grocery,

and then she wants to go to an antique store to 'browse'.

normally, Jessica would 'help-me-out' with this,

but she is just now starting to feel better. damn-it!!!

alrighty then. I should get going.

the sooner I leave, the sooner I can return.

hope you all are having a wonderful tuesday.

wanna trade?


good evening all.

had an enjoyable time with N.J. this afternoon.

taking her to the grocery is always an adventure,

especially since she likes to buy only things

that are on sale.

and with her using the cart as her walker,

well lets just say 'it takes a while.'

it's all good though,

we completed our mission unscathed.

now the 'browsing' at the antique store was another story. everything she was interested in she had to pick-up and ask the employees the same question;

where they got it, how long has it been in the store,

and how much was it?

note: all the 'antiques' were 'marked w/prices.'

but once again, we made-it-out-alive.

and we did purchase a little candy dish w/lid that

she fell in love with.

so once we departed the 'garage sale store';

we came back home directly,

when N.J. decided it was 'snack-time'.

so after I unloaded the groceries,

made her a pop tart snack,

and checked-in on Jessica,

I had a mega-huge scotch rocks while sitting

outside on a chaise.

at that very 'exact moment', life was good.

and when the girls got home from school and came out back to visit with me, life was even better.

these two always have something to say about their day.

after listening to all the 'hallway gossip',

and hearing about who is who's valentine this year,

the three of us discussed going out of town

this coming weekend.

the girls have four days off from school,

and I want to spend some time alone with just them.

also, the three of us are going to 'go dark' the entire trip;

no calls

(except for emergency),

no texts,

no internet,

no outside influences what-so-ever.

so with that being said,

I won't be doing updates after friday morning the 15th,

until we return monday afternoon the 18th.

no worries. I'm sure most of you will find something else to occupy the hours you spend on this site. ha-ha.

so anyway. dinner tonight was tomato soup and

grilled cheese sandwiches;

swiss, white american, and pepper jack cheeses on

sweet hawaiin oroweat bread.

oh my. I'm watching 'Rocky lll/1982' here in the living room w/grandpa Jack while typing this up,

and the part w/Hulk 'Thunderlips' Hogan was just on.

I love the Hulk.

Mr.T is also in this 3rd installment of the 'Rocky Saga'.

not my favorite, but Jack had never seen it before.

well shit. I'm going to take the kidz out for a short walk down the street for a little bit,

as it's beautiful outside tonight.

and then I told the girls I would listen to their presentations for their biology class.

(one of the three classes they have together)

I haven't been in my email-inbox for a few days now,

but will try to look thru them tomorrow morning.

have a wonderful night.

13 Feb 2013/7am


been having some issues with the puppy since

early this morning.

the 'little one' has been getting sick since I awoke at 4am.

not exactly sure what the problem is,

but I'm taking her to the vet just as soon as

they open at 8am.

grandpa Jack is with her in the bathroom now

giving me a break.

one of the few drawbacks to having so many dogs is that when one of them gets sick and I seperate them,

the others want to know what's going on which

causes a 'riff' in the pack.

and even worse,

sometimes they get to the 'sickness goop' before

I can clean it up.

which just grosses me the 'fuck-out'.

anyway. I have no idea what the hell her problem is.

I've been looking up 'puppy sickness' on-line,

but still don't have a clue.

so, this has been my morning.

as far as everyone's breakfast this morning, auto-pilot.

but there is 2 pots of coffee ready for all.

well. I should go back upstairs and relieve Jack

from puppy-sitting.

the 'little girl' is laying in my tub on top of towels,

and drinking pedialyte for dehydration.

I know she's hungry, but don't want to give her anything to eat until we go see the doggie-doc.

ok. I gotta go. happy wednesday.


apparently I either forgot to post the above entry,

or vista print is having a mid-week crisis.

anyway. the 'little girl' is currently at the vet having

some test done. poor thing. she is so sick.

so the rest of my morning/early afternoon is going to be spent here at the house working-on my scribs.

also later this afternoon, Jessica and I are going to go talk to a business attorney about our 'pet palace' venture currently under development in scottsdale.

also, tonight all of us are going out to dinner together.

got to get Jess out of this house for a while.

I'll be back...


it's Valentine's Eve,

and I have three dates tonight for dinner.

Ash, Elli, and Jessica... lol

(grandpa Jack is tagging along also)

the girls got to decide where to go, and red lobster won. which sounds pretty good to me,

as it's lobsterfest.

anyway. the puppy is going to spend the night at the vets office tonight for observation.

I took over her blanket she has been sleeping on,

and her little teddy bear she has recently adopted.

the doggie-doc says she may have either had an alergic reaction to something, a bug bite,

or even ate something she shouldn't have.

ok then it looks as if 'we' are about ready to go.

*I say 'we' even though I've been ready for

over half an hour.

I'll check-in before bed...



I'm still so incredibly full from dinner/dessert.

red lobster rocked tonite!

all three girls had the shrimp & lobster alfredo on pasta, grandpa jack had a rock-tail, steak and mash,

and I had a double rock-tail, mash, and veggie-trio.

plus we all had dinner salads,

and a ton of those damn biscuits.

after dinner we stopped-off at 'pinkberry yogurt'

per the girls wishes.

I had never had 'pinkberry' before, it was wonderful;

pomegranate w/shaved chocolate, mango, and almonds.

so after eating the 'live' ingredients,

we came home and I immediately took the kidz for a walk hoping to lose my 'lethargic after dinner feeling'.

it didn't work.

ok, I'll stop talking about my caloric intake.

as I stated earlier in the day,

I worked on my scribs for a few hours.

considering the fact I've only written short stories before,

this book-writing-thing is quickly becoming a little more demanding and involved than I had ever imagined.

with a short story you have;

a few characters, a plot (storyline), and an ending.

boom. you're done.

but with this 'biopic story' I am trying to create,

the research involved is quite tedious and

even cumbersome at times.

and fucking stupid me thinking I could complete a screenplay while doing the story itself of which it is based upon was simply delusional of me.

I'm not giving up,

but everytime I take an extended break from the

'thoughts of the world I have created',

it sets me back farther and farther from my anticipated schedule of completion.

ya I know. poor me.

I don't work a 40hr/week,

I don't have a fucking prick boss,

or gossiping heartless fellow workers,

or even a demanding spouse nit-picking everything I do.

I have the opportunity to do just about anything I want, and all I do is bitch about trivial bullshit.

sometimes you just need to vent though,

and that is what this 'my thoughts' page was to

be used for in the first place.

but over time,

(and quite a few requests from you guys)

I changed this area of my site to discuss dinners,

travel plans, feelings, and other semi-boring subject matter that maybe some of you like reading about.

I have really thought about terminating

this page many times,

but a few of you that

'mean something to me in one way or another'

have discouraged me from doing so.

and I admit,

I do enjoy reading your emails discussing things

I have written about.

and hearing about your life-events also.

oh and by the way, I do get 'hate mail' also.

no worries. you can't please everyone.

alrighty then. I'm going to call it a day.

hope everyone has wonderful plans for their

valentine's day 'celebration'.

also. I have a page to display w/a hilarious video.

come back tomorrow for a look-see.

good night everyone. sweet dreams beautiful.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.4'...