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my thoughts.2.3:

Completed: 19 Feb 2012/8:30pm

(17 Feb 2012 - 19 Feb 2012)

a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

17 Feb 2012/10am

good morning everyone.

I have to say that 'some of you' are in rare form this morning. read a couple of your emails.

and no; I wasn't 'drunk as a skunk' last night during my last update. (ie: the mis-spelling of words).

that is what happens when I have exceeded the memory capacity of the current page.

I have since corrected the mistakes.

so, I will be leaving momentarily to go pick up Jessica at the san diego airport, she's flying in from washington dc.

she took care of a couple 'things' for me as

I (we) will be heading to the east coast in 4wks to attend a few seminars and hear a few 'key-note speakers'.

the east side of the country is so beautiful during late winter/early spring (as long as it doesn't snow). today will be spent mostly around the general area of the hotel/gaslamp area.

the plans to attend marine corps boot camp graduation

this morning was never actually confirmed,

so I will look forward to it another time.

grandpa jack is anxious for everyone to see the house tomorrow, and apparently he was/is totally serious about buying a boat. not too sure about my involvement tho.

ok then. let my get out of here,

the airport is only a few miles away but I have no idea where to park or whatever. talk soon.


good evening kids.

I've got a couple minutes before we 'head-out' for a

happy hour/dinner at mccormick & schmicks.

Jess loves that place.

plus, their happy hour sliders are da bomb.

so the p.o.a. is; dinner & drinks w/Jess and grandpa jack, and then wander around the gaslamp quarter until Ash,

her mom and grandma jo get down here.

they left about an hour ago at around 4pm,

and Ash is driving here in her 'edge';

nerve-racking to say the least.

this will be the longest 'trip' she has driven... ever.

I'm glad her mom and grandmother are with her.

alrighty then, I guess I need to put some pants on

for dinner tonite. damn it!

before I go I wanna give someone a simple message;

yes, ala-natural is 'the best'... just saying.


Ash, Ashley and grandma jo all arrived here at about 8pm, unscathed, no tickets and happy to be with us.

and according to Ashley, the mexi-godfather and a few of his 'relatives' (I use that word sparingly),

are installing a few skylights/roof windows over the barn/stable aisle.

having natural light come into the stable area is something we've previously discussed;

but I'm so afraid of moisture seeping thru into the stall where the straw/hay/oats are kept.

(or worse, getting those mega-beasts all wet)

well, the old guy (and his entire family) do excellent work, so I won't worry about anything right now.

alrighty, let me bore you with my life;

Jess, myself, and the elder went to mccormick & schmick's for happy hour/dinner.

and totally unbeknowst to me at the time,

I apparently caught the attention of a 20-something gothic chick who was a little bit 'out-there', but Jessica rescued me by informing this suitor I was gay. fuck it, works for me.

so after 'coming out', we all dined on fresh seafood.

we shared these apps; oysters, crab cakes, bruschetta,

and bacon wrapped scallops.

(and yes you 'bacon crazies, they were awesome)

after hitting the appetizers pretty hard,

I had the ahi tuna tarare which they served-up

from tableside. sweet.

grandpa jack surprised Jess and I by having an entire lobster, and just kicking the shit out of the 'big red bastard'.

I swear, he even ate most of the shell.

after dinner is when my kid arrived,

and once we (me & jack) got their gear stored,

we went out and enjoyed the lit-up shopping area and came upon a san diego bay night time tour.

so we had a boat to ourselves and 'jacob' gave us quite a knowledgeable tour; even pulling up along side a few military vessels that were docked upon the bases on

coronado island. huge ships, huge.

(not 'along side', but pretty damn close)

I think the tour wasn't really supposed to go over an hour, but he was getting off at 11p, and just kept us out there until he was outa there. plus, jack tipped him at the start.

so here it is just about midnight,

and I am beat and just now beginning to feel my toes/fingers again.

ya, it was fucking chilly out on that damn water!

tomorrow is the san diego zoo.

maybe I'll see those she-beasts that were downstairs at happy hour yesterday in their natural environment.

if I do, I'll throw them a bone, 'not mine tho'.

*I can't believe how many comments you guys made about my 'zoo keeper' remarks,

ya, you fukers are just as crazy as me.

(a few of you, even more so) so stfu!!!

alright, I'm going to take a hot shower,

unfold my couch (the girls are in the bedroom w/two queen beds, and I have the couch in the tv room), and maybe watch a little news before closing my eyes.

*btw; my 'gay remark' above is in no way to be taken as a 'disparaging comment', I was just telling the situation

as it happened. on that note; I've been watching the 'cool tv' channel here in the suite while typing this up,

and a culture club video just aired (I'll tumble for you).

I wonder how many 'hetero-guys' masterbated to

'boy george' when they first became famous

thinking he was a female? (I think I did) just sayin'.

good night you guys.  

18 Feb 2012/8am

I need coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

after updating last night I took one of the hottest showers I ever have, and I was barely thawed upon drying-off.

then I watched 'sportscenter' for a few minutes

and then crashed hard.

I've been up for about 30min now,

and grandpa jack went to mcd's to get breakfast sandwiches for all while 'the women' are readying themselves

for todays activities.

the san diego zoo today,

coronado (the new house) tomorrow,

and then the safari park on monday. so... there you go.

talk to ya guys this afternoon.

I may 'try' to update a few times from the

'concrete jungle' today.

until then... see ya!!!



afternoon from the depths of screaming kids purgatory.

why is it that parents feel as if it is allowable for their spoiled and obnoxious children to act like butt-munching monkeys while in the public eye of 'everyone'.

I swear I was moments away from picking-up this 'child-from-hell' and seeing how far I could toss the little screaming shit-head into the tiger enclosure.

ok, ok I confess I would never ever lay a hand of anger on a 'minor' child; but their 'dick-fuck' parents for forcing us to endure the sound effects of their offspring? absolutely!!! (another one of my 'anger bursts', eh luna?)

so besides the wails of pointy-head kids,

the thievery of my semi-hard earned funds to purchase a plastic bottle filled with 'water',

and that fat guy displaying half his fat-ass as he was bending over to pick-up a penny;

it's been a grand time here at the san diego zoo.

the weather is absolutely perfect today;

mostly cloudy and fairly cool.

which means the animals are not hiding in their dens, allowing all to view their magnificence beauty.

and although there is an abundance of children running around like zombies-in-heat following the apocalypse,

there really is not that many people here today.

we all have ridden the over head tram at least twice,

and also taken-in the complementary buses to get us around from one point to another.

we just finished our lunch about an hour ago,

and now I'm sitting here adjacent to the entry of the

'petting zoo' waiting for my daughter, her mother,

and Jessica to finish touching every little creature they can get their hands on. dirty disgusting animals.

(I meant the zoo creatures, not the girls... I think!)

ok, I can see my child now as she is laffing and playing w/a little boy, so I'm guessing they are almost done.

Ash is so damn beautiful; can someone tell me again why she has to get any older than she is now?

alright let me post this now. I'll check-in later my friends.

*I've been trying to post this for 15min now, no joy.

will try again later.

good saturday afternoon everyone.


hi guys from the comfort of our hotel suite.

I've been back from the zoo now since 4:30pm,

bringing back grandpa jack with me.

along with a couple bags of souvenirs that 'mostly' the girls purchased, and a few stuffed animals.

Ash brought back the rest of our group about an hour ago and she immediately jumped into the shower,

she stank of the 'petting zoo'.

we are all getting ready to head back accross the street to the gaslamp area again,

not really sure where we're going to have dinner.

I'm so in the mood for a steak and potato,

sorry all you vegans.

I enjoy a bloody rare steak every once and awhile.

not as rare as grandpa jack tho,

the old man barely cooks the damn thing.

I think I recall a steakhouse or something over there,

so I'm hoping the rest of the group feels like charred flesh!

after dinner, I'm unaware of any plans we may have,

I do know that 'I will NOT' be going back onto

the san diego bay this evening.

I don't feel like having my entire body become frigid again by skimming the waters out in the darkness.

I really am not an outdoorsy type of guy, sorry ladies.

I may look the part sometimes, but that is just a facade;

the unshaven 10day old growth on my face, the long hair,

the cargo shorts w/la sportiva makalu moutaineering boots, and the henleys. that's just the way I like to look.

but, I do 'clean-up' nicely. my opinion.

oh, before I forget to mention;

apparently there is a group of female friends who get together sometimes and have an outstanding time drinking wine and just visiting and such.

and sometimes the topic of 'my website/blog' comes into the realm of their discussions; not really sure what is said,

and I've been told 'not' to worry about it. so be it.

and I mention this because some of these young ladies have been very thoughtful in making 'comments/suggestions'

to me concerning their experiences as a

young girl/lady growing-up. and have been 'very helpful'

in openning my eyes to certain aspects of being a

good dad to my daughter.

and I will be forever grateful to these young ladies.

they all have nick-names in their blogs/twitter and such,

very self aware of the security issues involved with the use of the internet they are.

ok now; I'm not 'trying' to blow warm puffs of sunshine up their tushes, or anything of the sort.

just trying to express my 'sincere-gratitude' to these caring and extremely smart young ladies taking precious time out of their lives not only to 'read' my 'blunders' and

somewhat boring escapades,

but to also have the 'heart' to tell me 'what is what'.

and for that I say;

'thank-you' so very much.

I shall now refer to these women as:

'the Dark Heart Covenant'

*don't ask about the 'dark heart' part people, don't ask... LOL oh, one more thing.... a test?? really?? hmmm!!

time for dinner,

going to the same place as last night I was just informed/told!!!

I'll be back!


good evening.

it's amazing how one person, a person I've never met before can just bring a smile to my face.

ya, I'm a fukin' pyscho.

anyway. went back to mccormick & schmicks

for dinner tonite.

I'm guessing grandma jo tired of us talking about

that place today. and yes, they had steak baby.

and I had the bacon wrapped scallops once again.

the place was even busier tonite than it was last night.

no gothic chick tonite tho.

after dinner, we just walked around from shop to shop until some of the places started to shut down,

then came back to the hotel.

our day tomorrow promises to be 'extremely boring fodder' as far as updates go;

going to coronado island to walk-thru the house,

and then we're going 'antiquing' around the san diego area.

I guess I best get to bed soon,

I wanna be 'rested-up' for all the 'shopping'

I am to surpervise.

I'm hoping grandpa jack will want to find a 'hooters' bar to watch sports at, vice the knick-knack looking at.

alrighty. I'll see ya tomorrow. good night everyone.

19 Feb 2012/11am

morning/early afternoon everyone.

it won't be a 'good' morning until I get more coffee,

been up since 7an, and I've only had a single cup.

been on & off the phone most of the morning.

I also had an errand I had to run before I had

properly awaken from my slumber.

so here I'm sitting in the room 'alone',

waiting for 'the group' to return from breakfast

(I wasn't in the mood).

I am currently enjoying the nyknicks playing the mavs

on the tube right now.

are any of you (besides gina in brooklyn)

getting caught-up in this 'jeremy lin hype' thats been sweeping the city of new york?

I admit, I have been.

I will always, ALWAYS pull for the underdog,

or the unknown athelete.

*unless they are playing any one of my teams.

so as stated last night, today promises to be just a

'lolly-gagger' day. nothing too exciting.

ok then, it's almost halftime of this game,

so I'm going to go downstairs and get a coffee.

I'll see ya later.


sunday evening,

just another day in san diego guys.

I've discovered I know even less about boats than

I do about horses.

and these crazy auzzie's

(including my own flesh and blood)

expects me to ride 'both' and enjoy them as much as they do. I really like my feet 'on the' ground.

so anyway. we went to the 'new' house on coronado,

it was nice... very, very nice.

we were there for about 5hrs,

they bought the house totally furnished and were deciding what they wanted to keep and what they were going to give to consignment, or if 'we' (Ash & I) wanted anything at all. *I kinda liked the divers deep sea helmet,

but wasn't sure where I would put it.

I never realized that people would buy a nice house, have it decorated/furnished, and then sell it.

even the people I bought my house from sold me 'most' of the furnishings in the house. unbelievable.

*I'm guessing that is the new 'thing' for the

richie-rich peeps.

while at the house we just relaxed, did the deli wine thing, and shared stories and such.

you would think that with the amount of time all of us

have spent together we would be tired of one another,

and have heard all our stories. but that just isn't the case.

especially with Jessica here;

she loves to tell these people stories of 'the other greg',

bad-boy greg'; the younger, less responsible schmuck that didn't care about other's feelings and lived with

'the beast for nearly 10yrs.

seriously tho, I wasn't nearly all that bad,

but 'I do' just like 'all of you' have a past.

it's what shaped us into whom we've become.

(I know that I've said this before, but it is so damn true)

our plans for tomorrow will be the safari animal park,

and then back home to see what the mexi-godfather has done while we were away.

well kids; I'm thinking I'm kinda tired,

so we'll talk tomorrow. good nite all you crazies.

to be continued on my thoughts.2.4: