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'my thoughts.2.4'

(14 Feb 2013 - 18 Feb 2013)

completed: 18 Feb 2013/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

14 Feb 2013/8am

good morning.

Happy Valentine' Day everyone.

I've already had an awesome morning with the girls,

fixing them eggs, french toast, crispy bacon.

giving them their cards, candy,

and the biggest teddy bears you've ever seen.

*'vermont teddy bear's are awesome baby.

the girls left a while ago, saying they wanted to stop at the store to pick-up 'some things' before school.

I think that maybe they are going early for a little 'kiss-kiss' action with their 'guy-friends' before class. damn-it! anyway. I have a few things going on this morning.

so I guess I should get going. I'l be back in a while though.

take a look at my 'Valentine's Day 2013' page,

the video is extremely funny.


well... another Valentine's Day... complete.

have been busy since my last update;

I made a few phone calls,

played with the kidz,

and also gave Jessica and N.J. their cards/box of candy,

and then it was time to get busy.

I delivered bagels/cream cheese, flowers,

and a teddy bear to l.g. at her office.

*the bagels were for her and her staff.

and I made sure that 'certain individuals' caught sight of my delivery-person skills, and what I was delivering,

and to whom!

ya. the Valentine's Day Devil was very productive today.

ok then. after being 'a little naughty',

I came back to the house and took Jessica and N.J.

out to a V-Day lunch;

'the landing grill' in westlake village. I love this place.

*note to self:

DO NOT order sushi with N.J. present,

as she will constantly refer to your lunch as 'bait',

and then complain about your meal 'stinking-up the joint'. (Jess had the sushi, I had grilled eggplant salad)

after lunch we stopped at walgreens for a few 'items' and N.J. got grandpa Jack a 'greeting card from cupid'.


then I decided I should 'groom' myself in the

anticipation of a good time tonite.

*hair doesn't clip/shave itself you know.

so anyway.

all afternoon I was waiting with great 'urgency' for these girls of mine to get home.

wondering how this 'day of love' treated them.

and they didn't walk-in-the-door til nearly 5pm,

as they said they had 'things' to take care of.

sure would like to know what the hell 'things' are,

any ideas anyone...? anyone?

so I visited with these 'jezebels' while I was getting ready

for my 'big evening'.

both these girls came home w/flowers, candy, balloons,

and a stuffed animal.

where in the hell do these boys get the money to buy roses when they are at a premium?

anyway. they both had dates for tonight,

and were going-out in a group of 4 couples.

and I did relax their curfew until midnight tonight.

(no school tomorrow)

and as I am writing this at 11:10pm,

they are already home, and downstairs in the movie room.

such good girls.

I have no idea how their 'dates' went,

I'm sure I'll find out the 'skinny' in the morning.

(we're leaving by noon tomorrow for our excursion)

as far as my date w/l.g. went, I had a wonderful time.

she took me out to dinner to this place called

'the stinking rose' in beverly hills.

I had never heard of this place before,

and had absolutely no idea they used 'garlic' as their main ingredient for just about everything they make.

I was amazed how tasty our meal was.

in fact, I was already in heaven eating the bread w/the garlic butter and drinking the bottle of red at the begining

of our 'garlic adventure'.

we also started with steamed clams,

which were perfect.

for dinner I had the halibut w/butter garlic sauce w/capers, garlic mash, and asparagus.

l.g. had a huge portobello mushroom on a plate of veggies, and a side of garlic mash.

for dessert we split a serving of garlic ice cream.

ya. it sounds disgusting, but it was damn good.

I have to say that I did enjoy the entire 'garlic experience', but will pass on the pungent herb for quite some time now. after dinner, we went back to her office where I had parked my car and...

anyway. I got home about 10:45p,

and that was my Valentine's Day 2013.

and I have to admit, it was a fantastic day from

begining to end. boom!

currently, grandpa Jack is watching cnn news about

that cruise ship fiasco,

Jess just went to bed,

N.J. has been asleep for a few hours,

and the girls are sleeping downstairs tonight.

as for me,

just as soon as I publish this update I'm going to shower

and go to bed myself.

tomorrow, the girls and I will be departing before noon. where we are going has not been determined yet.

(as far as I know that is)

I'm sure the 'chicks' have an idea of where we should go, and just haven't briefed me as of this moment.

as I mentioned a day or so ago,

the three of us have agreed to 'go dark' with technology.

I am taking this laptop, and we each will have our cell phones, but unless an emergency arises,

we will live 'pre-1990's'.

*I'm sure the girls will have to

'check their messages' at least once though.

and we are not going to take the rv this trip either.

that way we can just 'go wherever the road takes us'.

I'm looking forward to this 'mini-getaway'.

Jessica has aggreed to 'granny-sit' N.J. for me,

and Jack is going to take care of everything else.

besides the responsibilities of feeding all the creatures,

*and feeding N.J. every so often,

it's pretty easy around here.

alrighty. I'm really tired.

and I need to brush my teeth again.

I'll be back in a few hours to say hi before we leave.

I hope everyone of you had a very special day today.

good night beautiful. sweet dreams.

15 Feb 2013/10am

good morning.

after posting last night,

I went down to the movie room to check-on the girls,

and that was a HUGE mistake.

they were still 'hyper' from the days activities,

and kept me 'entertained' for a long while.

I was up past 1am listening to their chit-chat,

and when I finally went to bed I literally passed-out.

sleeping-in until nearly 8am,

it feels as if I wasted half the day already.

Ash & Elli were up before me,

and also made a starbucks run for us all as well.

such 'good girls'.

they are already packed and ready to go,

and I just threw a few things into a duffle.

still not sure where we're going,

but I'm sure we we'll decide once we get on the road

in the next 30min.

and since we decided 'not' to use certain tech savy tools,

Ash & Elli have put together a cd travel case for 'our' listening pleasure.

boy, I can't wait to hear what choices they made.

I've been watching the weather channel for the past 30min to see what the 'storm situation' is for the next few days. don't want to drive into any surprises.

not sure who is going to have better stories about

the week-end,

the girls and I, or Jessica and N.J.

*grandpa Jack will be keeping himself busy in the backyard for the next few days I'm sure.

ok then. I'm not sure if I'll update before monday,

(the girls will never last 72+hrs w/o their

but I will if the opportunity presents itself.

so, have a wonderful weekend everyone.

by the way,

thank-you for the V-Day e-cards, pictures, and texts.

so thoughtful.

16 Feb 2013/9pm

I told you these young ladies would not last the entire trip without their techno-luxuries.

actually, I'm very surprised they lasted over 33hrs.

so anyway. we decided to circle the grand canyon,

seeing the north rim today,

and we'll be viewing the south rim tomorrow.

the drive yesterday was long (nearly 9hrs),

as we did take a break in vegas for about an hour.

the weather during this trip has been beautiful,

with the exception of late this afternoon as we drove south east around the canyon.

we're only about an hour from the south rim,

according to the front desk manager of this hotel.

after we 'visit' the canyon tomorrow, take some pics,

have some lunch, and whatever;

we'll drive to barstow, spend the night,

and continue onward back home to agoura monday.

by the time we get back home,

we're going to have driven approx 1200miles.

this trip was more about the three of us spending time together and enjoying each others company,

than actually going somewhere in particular.

and the drive itself was part of the mini-trip;

it's always nice to see other parts of this great country

every once in a while.

besides. I had a few 'very important' subjects to discuss

with both girls,

and I thought the best way to do this was to be away from our normal surroundings,

other people to 'curb' outside opinions,

and also the privacy to discuss these matters.

and I am happy to admit,

both this beautiful young ladies were very supportive and inquisitive about my specific concerns.

and I really needed to hear some of the things

they said to me.

I'm sorry for 'not sharing',

but some 'subject-matters' are not meant for these pages.

(maybe someday. maybe)

anyway. the three of us have been having a great trip.

and because we've been talking, listening to sat-radio,

and enjoying the scenery;

I haven't had to listen to the rap-crap they both have previously threatened me with... lol

and I will also admit,

we are not eating as healthy as we could be.

and I'll take the blame.

it started yesterday in baker, ca when we stopped for

'gyros and strawberry shakes'.

and then 'later last night' at 'in-N-out burger',

it was fucking amazing!!!

we did have a semi-healthy breakfast this morning though, kinda.

ok then. we all agreed that we would only

'take a tech-break' for an hour. 8p-9p.

and I want to change my 'kiss.vidz' video,

and get those old guys off my site.

plus do a few more tweaks here and there.

will hold-off on my emails until our 'dark days'

are officially behind us.

hope you all are having a fabulous president's day weekend.

be safe, be kind, and stay beautiful.

18 Feb 2013/midnight

good evening.

the girls are in the room next door 'sound asleep',

so I thought I would give an update.

we are spending the night here in the SoCal high desert,

the party city itself... barstow!!!

omg. this fucking city/town is such a shitty place.

I swear, all the residents here are 'in-breeders',

and related to one-another.

*the only reason why I'm 'carrying-on so' is the fucking night-time clerk at this 'rag-tag-hotel' we're staying at pissed me off tonight while we were checking-in.

if I knew I could get away with-it;

I'd go back downstairs,

and whack that 'over-bearing-smart-mouth' piece of shit punk up-side his head with my retractable asp baton I carry with me when I travel.

good damn thing I don't carry a 9mm w/4 extra clips

in a portable 'lock-down'!!!

**the miserable little prick said something to the girls when I was in the restroom,

and he thinks I didn't hear him.

Elli told the fucker "to blow himself".

(which was a perfect response)

the girls don't know I heard all of this,

and I didn't say anything.

so be it.

I hate boys, fucking hate 'em all!!!

ok then. I actually feel better now, alot in fact.

so as I said in my 'rant',

we're 'bunked-in here at barstow'.

been here nearly 2hrs, driving from the south rim.

(5 1/2 hrs)

the weather at the canyon today started out completely beautiful, and by the time we were leaving,

it was cooling off drastically and clouded-up.

too bad we couldn't stay thru tuesday,

as the forecast calls for snow.

this mini-vacation was perfect in every detail.

(minus the 'dick-fuck' from tonight)

and even though I love to travel w/the rv and the kidz,

it's wonderful to just have the suv and the girls.

not worrying about taking the creatures out on pee/poop runs is an added bonus also.

but I do miss having them under-foot sometimes,

especially at night. I hate sleeping alone.

so here I am sitting in a hotel I normally wouldn't even 'think about staying at',

(with the girls sleeping right next door)

and I don't think I could be happier.

as I was driving during our little 'getaway',

and listening to these two young ladies talk, laugh, and be so excited about seeing views they've never seen before, made me feel something I've never felt before.

not ever wanting to be alone again.

I have always been a loner,

never really needing anyone in my life to

share things with.

or really NOT even wanting 'anyone'.

(my 1 1/2 marriages not withstanding, mind you)

when you grow-up alone, you don't know any better.

for those of you who were the only child,

and had divorced parents,

you will understand what I'm saying.

for the others with brothers/sisters and a

semi-stable family unit,

you can't really grasp the reality of being alone.

completely and entirely alone.

and yes, I do realize that just a few days back

I 'bitched & moaned' about not having any privacy,

having to take the kidz to the park for some 'alone time'. that's a different situation all-together.

'being alone' and just needing some 'moments to think'

are two entirely separate animals.

blah. blah. blah. blah. blah.

sorry everyone, I didn't mean to 'talk feelings' here,

but the past few days have been really emotional for me.

not just because of 'our' time together,

but mostly because of a few 'issues I've created'.

so anyway. we're only 161miles from home,

which is roughly 3hrs+/- away.

rushing in the morning is not an issue.

in fact, we may stop at a few places while enroute.

have not received any 'distress calls' from Jessica or N.J.

the past few days,

so I'm guessing (and hoping) that everything's good.

who knows. maybe J & N bonded while I was gone.

OR. one has been tied/gagged the entire time. lol

alright. it's just past midnight, and I'm pretty tired.

I'm done...


good evening.

we got home just past 7pm tonight.

and as much as I was looking forward to going,

I was just as happy to get home.

and the kidz went totally bezerk when we came

through the front door.

*you'd think someone 'beats them' when I'm gone.

the drive home was rather pleasant,

as the holiday traffic hadn't begun to flow.

we stopped at mimi's cafe in victorville for lunch,

good food and great service.

*the artichoke dip,

and bleu cheese & walnut salad was excellent.

after lunch,

we drove 'down the hill' and made our way

to 'victoria gardens' in rancho cucamonga.

it's not really 'a garden', but a typical SoCal outdoor mall. I've been telling Ash we'd go there one day,

so I figured since we didn't have to rush home

we could stop.

the place was just 'so-so, nothing special.

my favoite malls down here are still 'the grove' in LA,

and 'south coast plaza' in costa mesa.

after our little visit in RC,

we 'hit-up' the palacios house in west covina just

in time for dinner.

and surprise-surprise guess who was already there? grandpa Jack!

there was a little celebration going on,

of course there was.

I was so in the mood for steak/chicken fajitas,

and aunt Essie's cold black bean salad.

everything was so damn good.

I was starting to get tired,

and knowing we still had about an hour drive ahead of us, we left just before 6pm.

after playing with the kidz for about 30min, (ms.Beverly Hills still pees on the entryway tiles when she's excited),

I visited with Jessica and N.J.

was relieved to hear everything went wonderfully.

also surprised to learn that N.J. was ready to go back

home to las vegas.

in fact, she wanted me to take her back tomorrow.

but that's not going to happen.

'possibly' as early as next saturday. possibly.

I asked N'J' privately if something had happened while I was gone that spurned this request. she told me no.

but... according to Jess, that's not exactly the truth. apparently N.J. is a little 'upset' w/me because I don't pay as much attention to her as I once did before Ash came

into my life.

and this last weekend may have been the straw that

broke the old woman's back.

oh well. my bad. I really had no idea she felt this way.

but we've had issues like this before when I still lived in vegas, and began dating after my divorce to her daughter.

I think she enjoyed having me at her beckon call.

things change.

alrighty then. my week is looking as if it may

be pretty busy.

(busy for me anyway!!!)

tomorrow I'm meeting l.g. for a early lunch at 11a,

and then she wants to have dinner also at 7pm.

*I think she missed me... ALOT.

as far as the rest of my week, I'll fill you in later.

ok then.

I'm going to watch the local news and then go to bed.

sweet dreams beautiful.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.4'...