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my thoughts.2.4:

Completed: 25 Feb 2012/9am

(20 Feb 2012 - 25 Feb 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

20 Feb 2012/7am

it's monday morning,

and it's going to be an exciting one.

we're all up and getting ready to head to

the san diego zoo safari park.

not sure how long we will be enjoying the 'creature feature', but I'd like to be home by 8pm tonite.

I decided to for-go the coffee this morning and hit the

tea-bag-man hard, less caffeine.

I don't feel like bouncing off the car roof all day long.

ok then. I've gotta finish getting ready,

and then go introduce tarzan to my daughter.

I'll try the update thing again from my mobile.

happy monday everyone.



semi-cloudy day here this afternoon.

have already seen one projection show, and will be heading-out on our mini-safari soon.

will keep you guys 'in the know all day',

this place is actually pretty cool.



this fukin' place rocks you guys.

next time I come, I bringing you all with me.

we'll have a convoy!!!

the young elephants were spectacular;

I'll tell ya, they can run fast.

alrighty then. I'm outa here with the elders.

Ash, her mom and Jessica will be a couple hours behind us. they wanted to take one last tour.

I'll see ya.


the drive home went smooth and uneventful.

*can't say the same for my kid though... ticket.

(lane change issues)

anyway, I was told by a few 'inside sources',

it was going to happen; sooner or later. and according to her passengers, there is a conflicting report.

so, I will be inquiring of this myself.

the mex-godfather did indeed make a few changes

around here, but I haven't seen most of them yet.

will be 'inspecting' tomorrow.

ok then, I'm extremely tired plus have this piercing headache. so... it's bed-tyme. nite.

21 Feb 2012/10am

good morning everyone.

I have to say, I had the worse 'ever' headache last night/early this morning. felt like a sewing needle being jabbed into the top of my head. it fukin' hurt.

that was at 2am; so I took a tylenol, drank 2 large waters

and then laid there 'worrying' about this freak of

a pain of a headache. which of course made things worse w/my 'slight' hypertension.

getting up earlier than usual,

I was the very first person up downstairs.

I started the coffee makers, put the dogs out,

and was pushing around the wheelbarrow when grandpa jack came out and saw me doing my thing.

after poop patrol, saying hi to the 'beasts of burden',

and drinking a gallon of coffee;

I was given a tour by the mexi-godfather of the

'new & improved' barn/stable area.

I have to admit, it is very nice.

and the skylights really do make a huge difference.

and I was told the four windows to the

sky 'seals' will not leak. I hope not.

alright, I have some errands today that need my immediate attention, so I'll check-in a little later.


good evening everyone.

well. not really all that exciting of a day.

had to do some running around; groceries, petco, car service, doctor visit, and Ash' school.

plus; a few phone calls were made concerning this

'ticket situation'.

so, that was my day.

I am so damn tired. this waking-up at 2am shit with a headache must cease immediately.

I'm thinking about not even having dinner and just going to bed here within the next couple of hours.

ok, so listen. a few of you emailed/texted/messaged me concerning Ash getting her first ticket.

and every one of you said 'don't worry' about the small stuff. and yes, I agree; 'shit happens'.

but the ticket 'not withstanding', didn't upset me as much as her 'not' having her D.L. in her wallet and just carelessly throwing it into one of her shopping bags as she was trying to hurry-up in the gift shop before it closed.

so when she was pulled-over for 'supposely improper lane change', she could not readily surrender her license to the law enforcement officer who pulled her over.

that 'irked me' more than the 1st ticket, yes she also got one for not having proper identification.

so making a few phone calls and figuring out what/when we have to go to court was part of my agenda today.

*and yes, her driving privileges have been

significantly reduced til the end of the month.

my very first 'harsh' punishment.

sometimes being a parent sucks ass.

but unlike the way I was raised, once the punishment is complete... it's time to move on. no re-hashing.

(once court has been completed & fees paid; of course)

I'm hoping 'we all' learn from this.

perhaps I am 'part to blame' for allowing her to drive such a long trip so soon after getting her D.L., perhaps.

so anyway. tomorrow grandpa jack, the mexi-godfather and I will be taking advantage of the beautiful weather (80'/sunny) taking care of alot work that needs to be done in the back. some of the vegetation has grown so wild,

it looks as if the rain forest as invaded my property.

plus, more cameras are going to be installed in the rear,

as some strange 'things' have been going on back

there for a while now.

the germans are being disturbed by something

every so often.

maybe I'll take the advice from one of my neighbors down the street (a retired army infantry officer) and lay 'trips' attached to a few 'm18 claymore mines' with 'shooting stars'

launched upon activation.

or do as grandpa jack wants; construct an 'elevated blind', and take care of the situation permantly.

I like that idea, alot.

ok then. I'm done for now.

22 Feb 2012/8am

good morning.

it's going to be beautiful day here.

I think I'll just sleep all day.

I'm actually not feeling well today.

sometimes you just have to 'take a break'.

I'll get back to you guys later this afternoon.

Happy Hump Day...


good evening everyone.

yes, I'm feeling better, thanks for the emails.

so, not that my life is extremely exciting,

today was otherwise boring and non-eventful as far as noteworthy details go.

but, I would like to mention that 'my email friend' of

'the ADH Convent'

who continues to be a 'source of spectacular knowledge' concerning my daughter, made something for me that will be forever displayed on this website.

*please see my intro page.

you know, every once-in-a-while someone (or a few... 'L')

comes into your life and makes a difference,

a real difference.

a few individuals, that have their life goals in place to achieve the greatness they have worked for.

they give without the expectation to receive,

they protect each other from the everyday perils

of life that come into play.

they are all truly beautiful.

...sometimes, a simple 'thank-you' is not enough...

I think I'm just mentally and physically exhasted you guys, this single-parenting-thing is alot harder than you read about in all those over-priced 'parenting guides'.

ya, I've bought/read a few. so what!!!

I will say this though; being semi-under the weather today has given me insight as to the true meaning

of what 'family-love' is.

a caring group of people who look after you,

your responsibilities, and everything else when you can't.

I have come to the realization that I have unintentionally surrounded myself with an assortment of characters who seem to care more about others than they do about themselves. (*real life & virtual)

I have never, ever felt 'so loved' in all my life.

and it's not just the words of advice, the special graphic designs, the house-improvements, the comradery,

the acceptance of trust, the ability to trust, the homemade chicken & pasta soup w/warm rolls brought to my room,

or the way your little girl looks at you the very first time she realizes you are indeed her father. it's everything.

even those of you who continue to come back here day after day to be a part of my life and have expressed your thoughts to me concerning mine. I appreciate you all.

ya, I may be a bit delirious due to fever. sorry.

I'm going to go back to sleep,

as I am now totally surrounded by varmints.

good night everyone. I hope 'you' are in my dreams...     

23 Feb 2012/10am

good morning peeps.

well hell; I feel much better, but still a little 'foggy'.

so grandpa jack has been busy the last couple of days covering my ass to ensure this place keeps running smoothly. oh by the way, since a few of you inquired;

the tests that Ash missed that day

'because she was inadvertently sent home':

she graded a 105%/u.s. history and 98%/trigonometry.

(old crusty just couldn't give her 100%... bitch!!!)

anyway, glad that is passed us.

another thing some of you 'entertainment-starved'

crazies have mentioned;

apparently 'some of you' have taken notice of my

'image-pages' (January.2012/February.2012)

and think I 'intentionally' posted a photo of R. Reagan and Sponge Bob directly next to one another because they both resemble each other in these two pictures.

omg, you guys are 'wacked'. but I do admit, the similarities are indeed apparent. *hmm... oops!!!

ok then.I'm going to take care of some things, and maybe even get out of the house for a while.

I'll see you guys later on...


good evening people.

still not feeling quite right, but I had stuff to do.

after the last update, I decided to take the kidz to the dog park and enjoy this beautiful day.

we were there for just over an hour, and then came home to a completely empty house.

grandpa jack & grandma jo were out picking up stuff for the house in san diego as they are heading down tomorrow morning for a few days, Ash was at school (hopefully... LOL), and her mom and Jessica decided to go have lunch together. which left me all alone to fend for myself, so my lunch was: peanut butter & banana sandwich, pasta salad,

and a gallon of iced tea.

ya, the dogz got some peanut butter also.

after lunch, I walked out to the rear of the property and looked at the new security measures that are currently in place, and also tried to determine what is still needed.

I then proceeded to the barn/stable area and brushed out

'the beasts of burden'.

(that horse brushing thing is not as easy as it looks)

jack actually came home as I was just starting to brush-out jill, and gave me a much needed hand. ya, I suck!

after playing 'groomer', I had to shower as 'I smelled bad'.

walking downstairs after my shower, I was greeted by Ashley & a 'very' drunk Jessica running around with mega-huge squirt-guns just having a grand time soaking the shit out of everything. and yes, water on 'smooth' tile causes a very slippery surface which also leads to people falling. duh!

so after 'the girls' finished wiping-up their mess

(there is a room for that kinda fun; it's called 'POOL' room)

I was shown the linens and towels and a few other items that the elders purchased for their new home down south. apparently, buying a home 'fully furnished' doesn't necessarily include such necessities as:

towels, cloths, sheets, matress pads, pillows, brooms, mops, dust-cloths, etc, etc, etc...

I guess I was luckier than most.

hell, I even got the fully loaded spice rack.

by the way, I love 'sea salt' and 'cracked pepper'.

Ash came home during the 'linen show' and was visibly upset about something, I tried to talk with her about whatever the problem was, but was rebuffed. so be it.

she'll tell me when she's ready.

she's been in her room ever since, and her grandmother 'did' talk to her for a bit. the problem: BOYS!!!

god-damn motha-fuckin boys!!!

ugh. this is so 'payback' for my carousing ways

of days gone by.

I so believe in karma, so I am going to go on record and make the following apology 'official record':

I am very sorry to any young lady I have spurned over the years; be it by my young and immature dating techniques,

or my willingness to engage in extra-marital affairs with women I knew to be otherwise 'unavailable',

and my over-all demeanor towards girls/women in general during the first 35yrs of my life.

I've loved many, and cared for few.

I've broken hearts, and crushed dreams.

and yes, I have been personally responsible for a few dissolved relationships, and even a marriage or two.

(not my two)

so if any of 'you' are reading this right now,

I am indeed so very, very sorry.

*but in my own defense; guys if you want to keep your relationship in-tact, you must pay attention to your woman's wants, needs, and desires at all times.

or a younger version of 'me' will come along and 'fuck the shit' outa your girl physically and emotionally.

so to the guys I 'fucked-over'; no appology.

but to the women; I truly am so, so sorry.

ok then. 'dating gods' leave my daughter's heart alone,

or I will find you and destroy you. seriously!!!

alright, time to head back downstairs.


hi ya guys. not really much to report concerning

the 'Ash situation'; I guess she'll tell me when she's ready. maybe when we walk the dogs together in about 30min,

no pressure, or expectations though.

this 'daddy kiss' shit really kicks my emotional ass sometimes. so. with other uninteresting news,

we had a pretty cool dinner tonite;

eggplant parmesan, penne pasta w/garlic butter,

broccoli & cauliflower, and honey rolls.

dessert was self-served, I had 2 avacados.

ya, I know; I should get a separate blog for my food reports. too bad for you guys, nope!!!

so I'll continue to bore you with my eating habits and choice of product I crap-out daily. nice visual eh?

in other news, I have decided it's time to officially start to date again; so any of you young sweet-thangs,

or the over-the-hill cougar wanna-be's, give me a call:

1.800.555.KISS(5477) *just leave me a message.

(sorry boys, I'm not a switch hitter)

ha ha ha. just kidding about the number, don't call it.

it's a phone-sex line.

and yes, I've used it for 'fake-number' give-outs.

but I am seriously going to jump back into the 'dating pool'. hopefully, I won't drown.

ok, it's nearly 9pm and my daughter and I are going to walk the kidz, I hope she feels she can talk to me.

sweet dreams to you guys. good nite.

24 Feb 2012/8am

good morning everyone.

well, it's friday.

I've been up for nearly 3hrs now; poop-patrol, coffee, sportscenter, and talking with the elders.

grandpa jack and grandma jo will be heading down to

san diego in a couple of hours,

and I was just informed that Ashley is going down

there with them.

and with Jessica driving up to vegas later this morning,

it looks as if Ash and I are going to be the only humans here at casa-kiss.

so, I think since she is in 'car jail' for another 5 days,

we will get some minor things done around here.

shh! don't tell anyone, but I am looking forward to the 'peace and quiet' to being alone all weekend

with my daughter.

of course as always, plans can change around here in a moments notice.

but I will for now enjoy the thought of having just

Ash and I here.

alrighty, I'm going to go back downstairs and throw everyone outa here 'now' and kick back,

pop open some cool sudz, and watch my dvr'd shows.

*not really, but I can dream. I'll see ya guys later...


good, good afternoon.

Jessica has just left, vegas bound.

and now; I am entirely, completely and utterly alone.

so; I am going to run around butt-azz fukin naked,

and use these 'new' mega-soaker squirt guns and chase my dogs around before I jump in the pool.

and then I'm thinking 'pizza and beer' for lunch.

anyone hungry? come-on over!!!

those are my plans, and I'm stinking to it.

so I'll be back after my 'squirt gun romp w/the kidz,

going for an afternoon swim, and then it's pizza/beer time. I'll be back, with a friday afternoon 'buzz-on'.



good early evening my everlasting friends.

and yes, I'ma drunk... kinda.

Ash let her old man continue to sleep on the couch for over an hour when she got home from school.

oh, and before I forget;

why the fuck do these damn schools give homework

on the weekends?

I will bring this up at the 'next' pta meeting. it's bullshit!!!

ok, I feel better.

Ash just asked me ''what's for dinner''?

I told her there were some 'pizza-bones' left in the domino's box on the counter in the kitchen.

I'm thinking that the look she gave me meant 'no'.

so I asked her if she wants to go out to dinner.

she's now in her room changing clothes,

and deciding where she wants to eat dinner.

alrighty, I guess I need to shower 'quickly' and get dressed for date-night w/my kid.

I'll check-in after we get back from dinner.

it's friday nite, have fun, but be safe.


oh my gawd!!!

my kid and I just had an awesome dinner.

Ash had heard of the restaurant in simi valley about 20miles away called 'reds bbq'.

what an excellent choice, 'thank-you' to her 'special friend'. and yes, I am now going to list my food choices:


spicy shredded onions... OMG!!!

spinach & artichoke dip... perfect


full rack of baby backs & bbq salmom... excellent

(we split)

fully loaded 'giant' baked potatos... wow!

garlic parmesan rolls... fantastic

strawberry lemonade... quenchy


chocolate cake... the best!!!

this place was fairly crowded as it is friday night,

but we waited a such a short time with no rez.

*and yes, we had left-overs.

we will have to go there again when 'the others'

are all back in town.

we stopped at the grocery to pick-up a few things

on the way home.

and now we're both in the den watching

'diners, drive-ins and dives' on the food channel.

jeesh 'guy' is getting chubby.

not much else going on tonight;

we'll probably walk the dogs later before bed.

as far as tomorrow goes;

after the morning chores I think we may just spend a

quiet day around here,

and dive into those boxes in the east garage.

plus, Ash is 'trying to talk me into going 'riding' tomorrow on those eating/shiting/hair-covered creatures that live outside in their luxery facilities.

I haven't decided just yet.

alrighty then peeps, I'm going to get going as I'm expecting a phone call soon.

have a great friday night everyone.

25 Feb 2012/9am

good morning friends '&' family.

was up rather late last night watching 'pulp fiction'94

on HBO2E w/Ash in the movie room.

I've already completed the morning chores,

showered and am currently sitting here in the kitchen enjoying my 3rd cup of dunkin.

I will let miss sleepy-head sleep for about another hour,

and then I will start cooking-up some 'thick-cut bacon'

while I whip-up some pancake batter.

that should get her up and about.

after breakfast, who knows what the plan is.

we have some early morning fog, and not sure if the cloud cover will burn off today.

so it may be a great day to stay inside after all.

I'll check-in a little later. 

to be continued on 'my thoughts.2.5'...