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my thoughts.2.5:

Completed: 29 Feb 2012/9pm

(26 Feb 2012 - 29 Feb 2012)

a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

26 Feb 2012/5pm

good evening everyone.

sorry about the non-updates this week-end;

Ash and I decided yesterday morning to load-up the dogs into the rig, and take-off for an over-nighter to

'somewhere, anywhere'.

once we loaded-up (30minutes) and were sitting in the rig, we decided to travel east to big bear lake area. we were off. we had the kidz, food, change of clothes,

and almost a full tank of diesel.

we didn't have any laptops, tablets, smartphones

(we had my rig phone)

or anything that would interrupt our weekend.

I actually had no idea that we were only 130miles

from the big bear/fawnskin area.

*need to 'order' dinner before the academy awards begin. will finish after the award show...


hi guys.

just wanted to finish updating from this week-end;

so we arrived in the big bear lake area before noon on saturday to beautiful skies and cool temps.

as I stated above, the drive was just barely 3hrs long

even with driving the rig.

I had almost forgotten how 'winding' the roads

were driving up there.

while we were enroute, my ever 'planning' child found us an rv park on the north shore of the lake.

and I have to admit the park itself was awesome,

better than I could have imagined.

the lake itself is so low, I can't believe how much the water has receeded over the years.

I can actually remember after the snowfall of 73/74 how the lake had risen so high, that one of the low areas of northshore road actually flooded, no chance of that ever happening again. what a shame.

anyway. after we docked, walked the kidz, and set-up;

we took the suv and sight-see'd.

I showed her the house I had lived-in with my aunt & uncle, and 'what was' the fawnskin lodge where I had lived with my aunt and her 'then' boyfriend (and now uncle).

then after cruising the fawnskin metro downtown area,

we drove to the other side of the lake and

visited big bear city.

hey, if you like quaint little shops, country folk,

crisp fresh air, and beautiful scenery;

then this is your heaven.

during the drive we picked-up a brisket, fresh veggies, and salad for dinner. and of course, some beef jerky for the kidz.

getting back to the rig after a few hours, we again walked our gaggle of dogs and enjoyed some 'chit-chat' with a few others walking their furry creatures.

*info: I hate it, HATE IT when someone walking a little dog walks towards us so their pet can visit with my herd.

hey, old people with the tea-cup poodles;

my dogs will literally eat your pet if given the chance,

please stay away. damn it!

ok then. after our walk in the early evening (41'),

we had our bbq brisket, fresh vegs, and salad.

and then watched the movie breaking dawn pt.1;

not my 'first choice' of a movie, but Ash really wanted to watch it again. I will say, this movie takes a whole new meaning when your surrounded by forests and such in the middle of the wilderness. fukin' vamps and werewolves.

so after we woke-up this morning, had 'our' coffee

(she drinks coffee w/her old man now),

we walked the kidz, and then cleaned ourselves up.

we then went to a 'little' coffee shop down the road in the town of fawnskin, very good ham/cheese omelete and breakfast potatoes.

after we ate, we went back to the rig, hooked-up the suv, and started back down the mountain.

we did veer off our path down at lake arrowhead,

just because. so the weather was rather chilly, of course. but not much snow to speak of.

there were light patches here & there in the shade,

but the roads were clear.

I was told though that the ski lifts are all pretty much operating still.

so we had a pretty good quiet weekend, just me and the kid. she is without a doubt my bestfriend.

alrighty then guys,

I'm pretty tired so I'm going to call it a night.

the oscars were awesome tonite, don't you think?

grandpa jack, grandma jo and Ashley are staying in san diego most likely until the end of the week.

and Jessica is still in vegas, and it looks as if as I may drive-up there the weekend of 9 march to help her pack up some stuff and to move some of her belongings into my house, as she will be listing her property in the middle of march. anyone out there wanna buy a home in northwest las vegas and be my neighbor a few months out of the year?

she's only asking 1.6 and it has a pool/jacuz and a secondary entrance to my backyard.

plus, I throw great parties up there.

(or at least I used too.)

ok, sleeping pill is hitting hard, good-nite all.

27 Feb 2012/10am

good morning my friends.

I have a feeling that my last post didn't post properly because of some of your emails to me this morning.

sorry, I didn't check on it last night as I was so damn tired.

so I'll make this entry short & sweet to get

everything back to normal.

I will be busy today most of the day taking care of business as usual. the mexi-godfather is still here from staying the weekend, and he is trying to talk me into doing some landscaping around the rear of the property to ensure a more secured environment.

I'm currently thinking about it, but don't really want to invest a huge amount of monies until after the first of april.

or even wait for this current business venture of mine takes hold and becomes a reality.

people can say 'anything' they want, but until I see my name on a check under 'pay to the order of', I don't believe shit!!! ok. I have to get to the pet food places, grocery store, bank, dry cleaners, and if I have time... a haircut.

I'll check-in a little later. happy 'moanday' everyone.


good evening everyone. busy, busy day.

I did indeed get to petco and the bank,

but then I got a call from my doctor's office asking me to come in to get the results from my blood tests of last week. nothing really new to report;

120/83 bp, 60 pulse, 97 sugar, 5'10''/234pds.

but, my testosterone reading 'was' a bit low for my age.

so I am going to be starting 'replacement therapy' on thursday to balance my harmone levels.

the female nurse was rather funny today as I was processing out; she told me that with the added levels of android throughout my system, my 'wife' (I still wear a wedding ring) would be very, very pleased with my new 'attitude' on life. well shit, that's just fukin great!

I guess since I'm not 'officially' seeing anyone yet,

I'm going to be like a fukin' 'dog in heat' and begin humping everybody's legs that come near.

apparently my 'younger days' lifestyle has a little something to do with my current depletion of 'man juice'.

great... I fucked myself dry! literally!!!

I did asked the nurse what should I do if I didn't have the 'proper receptacle' available.

after she laughed for about an hour or so,

she 'suggested' I should maybe re-start my

work-out cycles again.

so, I'm going to be a 'ripped, horny old man'... great!

where are all those horny twenty-somethings

when you need them?

ok then. enough about my non-existence sex-life,

lets move on now.

it was just Ash and myself for dinner,

so I decided to make bacon/lettuce/tomato/cheese sandwiches w/ avacado wedges and peppercorn-mayo spread on jalapeno/cheddar bread and macaroni salad.

it was sooo good!!!

as I'm sitting here in the kitchen typing this up I'm surrounded by furry creatures everywhere,

and Ash is lying on the floor in the den doing her homework. I'm just a typical single dad enjoying the peace and quiet

of a monday night sharing my boring life with a few people to laugh at or be totally bored with.

oh well, can't 'please' everyone... but I do try.

the rest of my week promises to be rather

boring and uneventful,

tomorrow I'm actually going to be completely alone.

I do have to go grocery shopping still,

so I have 'that' to look forward to.

it's been raining outside for over an hour now;

I love sitting here at the breakfast table with the slider open and listening to the rain. very relaxing.

Ash reminded me during our 'sandwich making' tonight

that she only has 2 more days till her punishment is over.

I smiled and said "really"?

I think she thinks I had forgotten, silly child.

alrighty then guys. I'm going to go watch 'ellen' on dvr

with my kid, while she talks during the entire show.

she is so damn funny sometimes.

I'll tuck you all in for bed time, or maybe just a few of you. see you then.


good evening.

I just wanted to tell you guys good nite,

hope you all have sweet dreams.

maybe one of these days I'll have a 'real world' someone to tuck-in (besides my child of course).

ok then, good night.

28 Feb 2012/9am

good morning.

it's been fairly busy so far.

was up rather early for a conv-call, and just decided to stay awake to officially start my morning activities.

not only was it cold this morning, it was 'damn cold'.

the little weather station display system I have created for all of us to observe from the safety of the house stated

it was 33' at 3:15am.

maybe I need to pay more attention to the

weather forecasts on the local news broadcasts like

grandpa jack does.

not sure if there was any damage done to the

garden/and or flowers and such.

I really do suck at this whole outdoor knowledge/responsibility thing concerning

living plants and such.

so anyway, not really much going-on in my life today.

just going to take it easy and walk around in a daze.

I'll talk to you guys later.


hi guys.

lazy, lazy day for me today. but I survived.

when I say I 'laid around the house',

that's exactly what I did!

it was rather chilly this morning,

but I did take the kidz to the dog park/run.

we stayed at the park for about an hour,

and then came home and got all warm and cozy inside.

and yes, I did indeed take a nap today.

hey, you try 'not' to fall asleep when it's cold & breezy out and your laying on the floor surrounded by warm/furry/snoring creatures.

so. I 'lost' about 2hrs today, and woke-up just in time to watch the local noon news broadcast,

and finish off the pancake batter from this

morning for lunch.

there wasn't any sausage left tho,

Ash gave what was left-over after b-fast to the kidz before she left for school. damn-it.

so after eating another handful of cakes,

I headed-out to visit the giant kidz,

and did a 'half-ass job' brushing-out their hair.

'big jack' is actually starting to warm-up to me, a little. meaning; he doesn't try to bite my ass when

I'm brushing him,

but he still likes thrashing me with his tail and likes to

push me w/his head.

(which I was told is a sign of affection)

anyway. when I came back into the house, I got a phone call from a 'young lady' I have currently been exchanging emails with from one of the dating sites I belong to.

we talked for about 30min; about kids (she has 3 boys),

pets (she has 1 dog), and this 'net-dating' thing.

she has had some very crazy experiences while on

this particular site;

guys who post false pix, guys who just wanna talk sex,

or just 'hook-up'.

I've received 'a few' 'flirts/messages';

but she was the most persistant,

and I admit has a very attractive photo attached.

so who knows, we may meet-up this weekend for a coffee just to see/meet each other.

she does live in the 'LA area', southeast of me about

25-30miles away. I guess we'll see.

Ash got home while I was talking to 'my new friend',

(hence the 30min time limit)

and I decided to cut the call short.

Ash did her homework in the kitchen,

while I planned-out our dinner:

stouffer's lasagna, garlic bread and salad.

*ya I know; not exactly 'homemade', but I did heat it up. after dinner, we took the kidz out for a walk around the neighborhood, and then watched 60minutes on dvr.

the best part was anderson cooper diving with the sharks, he's braver than me.

so there you go, another boring day (really boring)

in my life.

the forecast for tomorrow is rain,

so we'll see what's happening with that.

it's actually a little to quiet here with just me and

Ash in the house.

I have gotten so use to the fact of having so many people here all the time,

I'm rather lonely now when I'm alone.

it's funny how things change.

ok, it's nearing 10p and I'm going to crash soon.

so damn tired from my over-whelming day.

talk with you guys tomorrow. g' nite.

29 Feb 2012/6am

it's early, it's cold out, and it's leap year day!

good morning everyone.

it appears as if there won't be any rain today,

not many clouds to speak of.

so anyway, let me tell you about me delima this morning.

I was outside just over an hour ago doing my pooper-scooper, when Ash comes out and scares the shit outa me.

she proceeds to inform me (at 5am) that girl-6 is trying to get their respective parents to allow them to go

to disneyland today, ALL DAY.

apparently, DL is keeping the park open from 6am today until 6am tomorrow, in observance of 'leap day/year'.

AND, that the other parents said (supposely) if I let Ash go, they would consider letting their daughters go.

wtf? that just didn't sound right to me.

but, after calling up 2 of the other parents, they did say that they would not let the girls go 'unless' all '6' could go.

so, I was calling parents at 5:30am,

and we did indeed come to an agreement.

the girls will go to school today, and each have a note excuse for tomorrow to pick-up their future assignments.

after school today, the girls will rest up, and then all meet here at 6pm and I will be taking girl-6 to disneyland, and then another parent will pick them up tomorrow morning. why I was used as the 'scape-goat' to determine the outcome of girl-6 going on this overnight excursion, I have no idea. but I am going to call the park here just as soon as I post this update to inquire of the rules concerning the park regulations for this special event.

seeing that they are minors, I need to find out if an adult needs to be present during the night-time hours.

and of course, 'I' was volunteered by my daughter,

thanks Ash.

alrighty then, let me get on this little assignment my daughter has gotten me into... incredible.

talk soon guys.


good afternoon everyone.

well it appears as if there are no specific rules in place for tonights 'all-nighter' at disneyland.

the sister park; cali-adventure is closing at 8pm,

so it's only the DL that is open all night.

this will be the first time that I have allowed Ash to stay out all night with her friends.

and after talking with disney security a few hours ago about the safety factor of the park,

I am very confident that Ash and her friends will be in a very controlled and secured environment.

as long as the girls stay withing the confines of the park's gates, they'll be fine.

I have been told by a few of you that the trust issue between parent/child is huge in this stage of our relationship, so be it. I can't make any promises about 'not' going to the park myself tho, but I will try to contain myself. the weather out is beginning to turn, cloudy and slightly breezy.

I have already suggested to the other parents of 'girl-6' that the girls should take at the very least a sweatshirt/sweater and share a locker in the guest services area.

it may well indeed rain at the park tonight.

ok then, I have a few hours before Ash gets home from school, so I need to do some errands, talk again soon.


m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e...

4 of girl-6 are already here.

we've already had a wrinkle; one girls parents says their daughter 'may not' be able to go tonite unless her 2 brothers are invited and have a chaperone.

and when I asked 'who should chaperone',

the mother stated 'me' since it was my idea.

this woman want's me to watch her 17yr old daughter,

and her 15, 12yr old sons. bitch!

I told her 'no' to the boys (they're little assholes),

and 'no' to being the chaperone, and then hung-up on her.

oh well, that particular girl may never come over again.

that's too bad, but I despise her fukin' snobby-ass parents. why do attourneys think that they are so god-damn

superior to everyone else?

I've never met a lawyer that I like.

anyway. I went to target this afternoon and got 6 backpacks, 6 matching sweatshirts, granola bars, water, gum, and a disposable camera for each girl.

hey, taking a few waters can save you $20. easy.

so, the 5th girl just showed-up, and now I'm feeling guilty about hanging-up on the counselor.

I guess I should try to make ammends, shit. wish me luck.


hi again.

ok. 'girl-6' is now at the magic kingdom.

I did call back the mother that I last talked with and appologized for having my cell-phone battery die-out last time we were talking. fuck it!

so after some kind words were exchange, the mother was 'nice enough' to bring her daughter over just before we left. and then she 'acted' like she wanted to talk to me.

believe me, it was a pathetic performance.

maybe if she was a little less 'full of herself',

and didn't speak to me in such a condescending manner;

I'd be a little more receptive to her semi-niceness.

alrighty then. I dropped the girls of at the park around 7pm,

(I got yelled at for using the bus drop-off area)

and 'I will be' at the park before 6am to pick them up.

we then will have breakfast at the ihop near the 101 here in agoura, and then all the girls will sleep-over here.

I'm thinking of letting them sleep for at least 6hrs and then wake them so they'll sleep that night.

I had all the girls put their sleeping bags down in the movie room, so when they get back they can go straight to bed.

so here I am, using 'you guys' for company tonight

while I watch american idol.

after AI, I'm going to crash here in about an hour,

and whenever I wake-up, head-over to the park.

so if I get up earlier than I have my alarm (4am), maybe I'll go into the park and ride space mountain or whatever.

or perhaps I'll 'hook-up' with cinderella... LOL

as far as tomorrow goes; while the girls are sleeping,

I plan on doing laundry and cleaning the bathrooms.

having the girls sleep in the basement will give them some serious quiet-time to rest. I suppose after the girls awake they'll be hungry again, so I'm sure we'll order a few pizza's or something.

alright guys, I'm going to watch the rest of idol and then go to bed. have a safe night you guys.  

to be continued on 'my thoughts.3.0'....