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my thoughts.2:

COMPLETED: 29 Nov 2010/9pm

(31 Oct 2010 - 29 Nov 2010)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

31 Oct 2010

so, let me tell you about this billy-bob bar I was invited to;


now let me just say, I'm not a 'huge' country music fan;

(carrie underwood, shania twain; yes, country; no)

ie: I thought brooks & dunn was garth brooks and dunn. yep, no bullshit; that was the talk of our table for quite sometime tonite, got me free beer and free hugs. anyway, this place has an indoor arena for bull riding, seriously. it was crazy. also, during a couple of the songs, everybody just got up and started dancing in formation, line dancing; I had heard of this, but never seen it. and there must have been a dozen bars throughout this place. incredible. now before you think I'm a total geek, nerd or whatever; I just have to say this place was the biggest redneck hangout on earth, and I enjoyed myself tremendously (which worries me some). and this dwight yokum guy was just tearing-up the showroom the entire time. and the women, dear god the women; tight jeans, long hair, southern drawls, and ruby red lips, I was in heaven. plus, apparently having the rangers win tonite, was to my benefit; as 'everyone' was expressing their joy in my direction. I had no idea how any of the dance moves went, but I tried them all with every single girl/woman/senior that asked me to dance. if I had only been here 20 years ago, omg! any way, brian only stayed for a short time and then went back to the rig to sleep. not me, I closed the place down at 2:00a, and actually we are still here in their parking lot and was given permission to spend the night. and no charge for over-night parking , sweet! plus, there are quite an assortment of quik-eats direcrtly across the street, I may just live here for the rest of my life. I wonder if they have an 80's night? I may have to write a letter suggesting this. ok, it's getting late (almost 3am) and I am beat, so I will wrap this up. the giants loss, was my gain, very much my gain. if only 'casual sex' was in my dictionary; but it's not, so I'll just not talk about it. but let me just say; texan women are very forward, very outspoken and very beautiful.

I gotta get outa here... night all.


happy halloween

to all you ghosts, goblins, freaks, and crazies.

actually for some; its h-day all year long.

let me tell you something, last night was crazy

at that billy-bobs bar.

I could not have survived being born and raised in this area; not only do y'all party like it's new years eve, but the chicken fried steaks served is phenomenal.

enjoy the day ranger fans, giants will be kicking your texas tails all night long.


don't say I didn't tell ya so!

the san francisco giants are 1 win away from winning their first world series in 54 years,

and their first in the city of san francisco.

well; no billy bobs tonite, actually I parked the rig in a very nice overnite lot, and just returned from walking the kidz. brian is staying at a hotel w/his wife who came out this morning from vegas to watch the game. I am so very tired, hopefully I get some rest, cause if the giants don't win this thing here in texas tomorrow, I'm a driving zombie. and I don't know if bri is going to be able to help me out this time. alrighty, I'm going to sleep.

1 Nov 2010

well, today could be an historic event for myself and the team I have been cheering for since the early 70's. as I have discussed earlier in this forum, this is my 3rd world series I have attended, but have 'never' experienced a happy ending. is this the year?, well it's the sfgiants, so I'm not holding my breath. time will tell. I already received some good news though, if the g-men do decide to take this competition back to the bay; bri and his wife jen, will assist me all the way back west. having 'three' of us driving, we can make excellent time, maybe with no stoppage, except for dog breaks. so, I am sitting here in the rig while my kidz are playing/running/barking in this wonderful dog park located in dallas. the white rock dog park is excellent, has seperate areas for large and small dogs, and even an area for dogs to swim in the adjoining lake. bri and jenny are in the run area with the sibs, and I have little bev sitting on my lap sleeping. I've never had a 'small' dog before, but this little girl is just so clingy towards me; I can't even go to the toilet w/o this little girl. I love her so much. and the huskies are very protective of her, especially chloe. ok, enough boring dribble, the 'herd' just came back inside, and we are going to be enroute back to the arlington area and find a local's place for a bbq lunch. I'll check-in later.


finially; after 61 hours of being in the great state of texas, I had excellent bbq. we were at this truck stop fueling up for our journey back west, so I asked a couple truckers where the best place for lunch would be in the surrounding area. and all three suggested spring creek bbq; and omg, it was fabulous. the chopped beef, chicken and sausage was beyond anything I had ever tasted before. and also, the pinto beans, cole-slaw and green beans were an excellent side dish. the manager on duty even gave us a tour of the kitchen area and smokers in the back. I will say this about texan hospitality, top-notch. and the bbq sauce was so tasty, we purchased 2 cases. so now we are set-up back in the stadium parking lot (3pm) four hours before 1st pitch, and it's packed already; plus some of the rv'ers we have become friends with here said there was a news crew from a local station inquiring about the san-fran-fan with the 5 siberian huskies and the basset-pup; well shit, that's me. I am so not interested in being on the news thank you; especially if the giants win the championship tonite, I really like all these texans, and don't want to be hated by any of them by having either me or my kidz being shown on a local tv station and revered as the enemy.

well crap; the news truck is outside right now, and brian and jennifer are talking with them...shit!!!

I gotta go.


well crap.

I caved-in and gave the news people their interview; with all my dogs barking in the background, along with a few 'boos' from passer-bys. I just can't say 'no' to a beautiful woman, and the reporter was indeed a beauty.

she promised to send me a link to the story, so I will try to post it on this site for all of you to laff at. I did say though, had the sfgiants 'not' slide into the championship, I would have cheered on the rangers as if I had been a life long fan, and I meant it. but my loyality to the g-men permits me from doing so now. besides, this young lady loved my kidz, so I had to at least be civil about the whole thing. ok, its nearly 6p, and we are going to head up to the game; so is this it?, or do we continue this journey?


I cannot believe it:

the San Francisco Giants

2010 World Series Champions

so now what?

I'm 1,210 miles from home, and I want to sleep for a week. actually, with the forecast of extreme thunderstorms in the surrounding area's here tomorrow; I may just stay in texas one more day and start my journey back to las vegas on wednesday. my former co-pilot and his wife are already in the air bound for nv. I don't mind driving in the rain, but some of the 'others' driving seem to be idiots at times. Besides, maybe if I stay here a little longer, I will be more excited about the giants winning. I just don't understand why I'm not that overwhelmed by all of this. oh well, maybe it just doesn't really matter to me any longer. it's funny how things change as the older you get, I guess that's life. I plan on taking my time heading back west, and having to go through albuquerque again, I just may try to make contact with my mother after all. I'm sure that would be an interesting story to share. oh, some of you have asked; and yes I have 'alot' of pictures to post here, but until I figure out wtf is up w/my site, I'm not adding any more pix, as I keep getting error messages when I try.

so good night, or good morning; whatever works...

2 Nov 2010

I love it when it is raining hard and dark outside, I slept until 8:30a this morning. and what is even more unbelievable, so did my kidz. the thunderstorm is crazy right now, and bev the pup is not enjoying the loud booms. siberians enjoy the snow, but are not fond of the rain; it's always a chore to get them to go outside when the sky is falling with h20. so I'm drinking my dunkin-coffee, watching sports center, listening to the rain/thunder crash all over my rig; and I feel content right now. I'm suppose to be back in the LA area by friday for a possible job-thing, not going to make it. I will call later today to reschedule, and I am sure this woman I have yet to meet will throw me an attitude again. no worries though, this writting thing isn't really what I thought it would be; too many people these days consider themselves a literary genius because they post short tidbits of smart-ass remarks on twitter, or they 'blog' random stories of mumble-jumble. (hmm?, maybe I fit into this catagory). don't misunderstand me, I have read some wonderful stories on the 'net' by some individuals who are indeed very talented. but somehow; I think the passion is missing in some of the scribs of today, words are just that, words. where has the expressions of true feelings gone?, you can write a loving story without it being a romantic novel.

(I'll update my opinion page today with mindless dribble)


over the past couple of hours, I have been slowly driving my way in the north west direction in hopes of avoiding the p.m. rush once these showers decide to blow over. I would have been farther along, but recieved an email I felt compelled to respond to, at which point a phone call followed with an interesting person that was very enduring to talk with. she basically told me 'not' to give up on my dream so quickly and would like to meet me upon my arrival in the los angeles area next week. I would like to believe that this person is who she says she is, and her voice is very familar to me; but I reserve the right to be a little apprehensive until I confirm the actuality of this contact. I am not one to 'drop names', or am easily excitable by the possibility of being in the company of a public figure. If 'you' are reading this now and that entire conversation was a farse, then shame on you; but if 'you' are indeed who you say you are, then I appreciate the time, effort and concern you extended to me this afternoon, and I would be humbled to meet with you. now that I got that off my chest, I am going to try and find a semi-dry area to walk these kidz, and possibly start to pilot this huge tin can in the direction of familar surroundings. I have no time-table to adhere to, but will use the weekend to my benefit for traveling purposes. usually I love the rain, thunder and such; but not so far from home and especially with '8' living, breathing, craping mammels that need to do their business outside. and when their fur gets wet, can really excite my senses to the overbearing stage.

alright, time to travel and get these kidz some air.


it's 9p and I just arrived in amarillo, texas; but I feel as if I have been on the road all day. as I mentioned above, driving in the rain is stressful enough with the wet conditions. but add speeders, little old ladys (seriously) and the occasional butt-plug that cuts you off not reliezing your recreational vehicle plus tow/car can't stop on a dime and would slice through his pick-up truck like one of my sibs tearing into a beef steak; and it just adds to the stress. the rain did subside about an hour outside of the fort worth area, and was clear all the way up. blah, blah, blah; you know I've had an exciting and eventful day when I talk of my driving non-adventures. sorry, I do have a story or two from my past I could really bore you with, but I am just so tired and still need to get these kidz walked and exercised before we go to sleep. and then the rest of my night will consist of a couple eggo's and fried eggs for dinner, and possibly a jack/diet or two. plus, I have the added excitement of knowing I will be cruising the I-40 into albuquerque, nm around noon tomorrow and should try and make contact with the woman who gave me life;

sometimes doing the 'right thing' really does suck.

on that note, I'm going to take care of my daddy-duties and then call it a night.

hopefully the person you voted for today wins...


3 Nov 2010

woke up this morning at 5:40a and was on the road by 6:30a; I figured 4 hours to drive to albuquerque, nm.

which would put me here at 10:30a.

well; with the dog stops, the lack of traffic in the desert and my coffee wanting to exit my body, I made it in 3 hours and 45 minutes. BUT, I totally 'spaced' the time change. so, I am currently parked here in the Winrock Mall parking lot (where the movie 'observe and report', was filmed)

at 9: 35am, and I believe the mall doesn't open untill 11a.

why am I at a shopping mall you ask?; to meet my mother for lunch at Garduno's, which is her favorite place for tex-mex. and thinking I was only 30 minutes early, I came directly here; I am always early no matter where I go, just a habit I've had forever. so this should be an exciting story to post later today, good or bad, it will be good reading...

ok, I'm going to freshen up for my big luncheon showdown with the woman who is my mother, wish me luck.


we were to meet at 11:15a; I waited until 12:30p and made 3 phone calls, and nothing. disappointed and heart-broken, I don't know how else to describe how I felt today.

but I have come to the conclusion that I may not be the one at fault for times past. maybe my 'ex' was right.

(see prior entry concerning this subject matter)

no worries; I was the adult today who tried to resolve whatever the issues have been keeping us apart for over 11 years now, and now I'm done. I have had too many sleepless nights beating myself up as to the reasons why my relationship with my mother crashed the way it did. why is it,

I have been feeling guilty all these days/weeks/months/years

about what I did to deserve such a thing?,

to have my mother abanded me the way she did?

and the way I continued to reach-out every year with birthday/christmas/anniversary cards, and never receiving an acknowledgement in return. I guess I'm the stupid one.

ok mom, I get it: so I married the wrong woman, refused to absorb the family business, (your family, not mine), decided not to have a child of my own, and wanted to make something of myself with no influence or assistance from anybody.

excuse me for not being a stepford-son...

I like the person I've become. yes, I made a mistake or two along the way, but I learned from those hic-cups and moved forward, always striving to be the best at whatever I did or wanted to do. and guess what, I'm fine with that.

I never judged you, so what gives you the right to judge me?

all because I didn't marry stacie, incredible.

if your reading this mom,

I want you to know I never stopped loving you and always wanted to be in your life.

but it has finially come to this;

"I quit you" 

4 Nov 2010

I love getting up before the sun rises, listening to the sounds of the world without all the additional noise people cause. currently parked at a dog park watching my kidz running and playing with each other. having the entire area for just them is very stress-free, no other dogs to worry about. being it's thursday, I'm going to 'press' and drive the 580+ miles to my vegas home today. should take me approx 9-10 hours, even with the stops I have to make for the kidz. eh; who knows, thinking about it, maybe flagstaff, az would be best; only 5 hours out with easy driving, plus no evenning commute to get caught up in. plus, I'm in the mood for a good meal, and the brix restaurant and wine bar located in the carriage house antiques is an excellent place to eat. It's been awhile since I have worn a jacket/tie; and yes, I do go out to dinners by-my-self, movies also. sure, it's nice to have 'company' to talk with, but not a prerequisite. ok, daylight is starting to break the skyline, and the kidz look as if they are ready to nap.

heading out...

have a fantastic thursday everyone.


I've been in flagstaff, az since noon; very nice here today, 71' partly cloudy. will be going out to dinner shortly at the brix; if you are ever in 'flag', there are some wonderful restaurants: black barts steak house (very entertaining, kid friendly), brandys restaurant and bakery (excellent breakfasts),

flagstaff brewing co.(old style pub flav),

beaver street brewery (nice happy hours).

and the brix is an excellent choice to dine with your date

(or alone), serving wonderful cuts of beef, pork, and has an excellent selection of wines to chose from;

semi-casual, but I like to wear a tie every once and awhile.

(not a main happy hour hangout, quiet dining)

and, I have to bring the 'kidz' a pork chop each,

or they will 'all' throw me attitude tonite...

*by the way, received a phone call/voice mail today from my absent lunch partner of yesterday;

not a very sincere explanation/excuse, I'm over it.

but, here is a message for my 'future' mom-in-law

(whom-ever you may be):

"I will be the best husband to your daughter,

father to your grandchildren;

and love/respect you, as if we have always been family."

with that being said;

I am now going out to dinner... 


you have no idea how happy I am to be going home tomorrow. ok, so anyway; I just got back from pooper-scooper duty,

and am getting ready to crash for the night when I take a look on the imdb main page and see

it's kathy griffins 50th birthday, so kathy 'happy birthday'... seriously; she would be a fantastic first date,

if her persona is exactly how I picture it: I have to think she could be a non-stop-talker, which is actualy a good thing on a 1st date. only drawback would be, you have to moniter what you say to her, so as not to be quoted on any of her routines. I have heard comedians are very, very intelligent people which is also a major plus.

but really; maybe a female comedian would be the best bet for the dating-minded, never a dull-lull...

5 Nov 2010

I love being home.

the best part is; I don't have to leash the dogs to go outside.

so, little beverly is unsure about her new surroundings;

I think she just finially got use to being in the rig,

and now she is a little apprehensive about the house.

also, she hasn't really got the hang of the stairs yet,

and if I go up-stairs, she starts crying to follow me.

so I am sleeping down-stairs tonite;

will try to figure out something tomorrow.

ya I know, blah, blah, blah boring stuff;

I'm just so f*ckinig tired tonite.

I will mention; I will be back in the LA area on Wednesday,

Nov 10 for a couple days to take care of business with this mystery woman I've been talking with for the past 2 weeks, and also to attend 'bruin basketball' on the 12th & 15th.

(and I still am house-hunting)

thank goodness for my nieghbors to dog-sit, I will be rig-free, which will give me more flexability for travels.

I will try to be more exciting tomorrow. nite...

7 Nov 2010

having a nice quite weekend at home.

my saturday was relatively normal, just the regular house chores; laundry, grocery shopping and such.

I intro'd 'little-bev' to the kids across the street, she was so damn funny playing and yipping with my neighbors children, which works out well, as they (the kids) really do help me with my dogs all the time.

(walking, brushing, playing, dog-sitting, etc.) plus, this time of year they are always eager to volunteer for anything I would need assistance with;

there are only 48 more days till christmas.

(it's always 'kiss-mas' here)

I just finished re-reading a book;

'survive the savage sea' (1973) by dougal robertson,

it's about a family in 1972 whose boat is sunk by a pod of killer whales and the entire family survives for 38 days on the pacific ocean with only their wits, fantastic reading.

was among one of my very favorite books while growing up. so, since I've touched on 'reality' again;

I watched a show on bravo last night;

'the real housewives of beverly hills'.

wow, almost too much wealth for me to handle.

I'm not sure how many episodes have been aired, but it was the one of them going to sac, ca to watch a basketball game.

I don't think I will tune-in ever more,

but did enjoy seeing kim richards again.

I met her years ago on a whim when I was in the marines,

and she is just as beautiful today as she was back in the 80's. also, she doesn't really belong in that group of ladies,

she is just a normal woman living her life with her children. but hey, she's got a working-gig going on.

so today, I am not really doing anything substantial, would have loved to remain in my bed past 7am, but between the dogs, cats, the phone and ol' man scavuzzo's lawn mower,

I was up. I need to tackle my mail bag anyway.


it's almost 9am here, and I am taking the kidz to our dog run as they are all restless; especially 'little-bev', that pup is a constant yipper-yapper. goodness, she has more energy than that damn energizer bunny.

I feel like writing today, so I may 'unload' on my opinions page later on.

have a wonderful sunday everyone.


just returned from taking my next door neighbors kids to the movies; we saw megamind 3D. very clever flick.

I think it was abit over-hyped though, but still entertaining. don't you just hate it, when you go to the big screen, and almost all the good punch lines are shown on the commercials? oh, and another thing; going to a kid-flick w/3 kids on a sunday is a great idea, but remember that 'other' adults will be there also with their children...... many, many children.

and I am in no way judging some of the parents who were there with their kids, but had 'I' acted up when I was young the way some of these little screamers did in front of my dad, well......

I would have 'never', ever had the guts to 'act up'.

and the semi-adults that use the movie theatre for baby-sitting their 5 & 6 year olds while they go out in the casinos should have their knee-caps busted.

ok, I'm done bitchin for now.

I am getting ready to fix my dinner; stuffed avocado halves, they're great. I'll give the recipe after I eat.


kissed avocado halves

(they are kissed w/flavor)

*before I begin, if you like your 'tuna' a certain way then make it the way you like, otherwise try mine:

(this recipe is per person)

1 large haas avocado

2 cans solid white albacore tuna in water

sweet relish, sliced almonds, honey, mayo, miracle whip,

deli mustard, wasabi, ground black pepper,

1 green pepper, 1 red pepper,

3 roma tomatos, extra sharp chedder cheese.

before you judge, try:

slice avocado in half, pit and empty w/spoon leaving 1/4" of filling, put excess and halves off to the side.

drain tuna, fluff w/fork in mix-bowl, add:

4tsp of sweet relish, 1/4 cup of almonds (you can brown by pan fry 1st, if you like), 2tsp of pure honey,

equal parts of mayo & miracle whip to taste, add 2tsp mustard, 1tsp wasabi, black pepper, chopped green & red peppers,

again add more or less to taste on all ingredients.

*I have also added/subsituted celery, sunflower seeds and tidbits of pinapple w/ 2tsp of juice.

mix all ingredients, set aside to 'gel' for 10-20 minutes.

during this time; shred cheese, slice tomatos and avocado filling. pre-heat oven to 375'.

add 1/4 cup of cheese, 1/3 avacodo to tuna mix.

spoon fill the mixture into av-halves, top w/shred cheese and bake on foiled sheet for 15-20min, or until cheese topping has just begun to melt. remove halves and let cool, garnish w/remaining av-filling and top with tomatoes.

(extra tuna mix makes a great sandwich for next day lunch)

serve with a green salad using the peppers, tomatos and a light garlic vinaigrette; and david bruce sonoma coast pinot noir wine goes along wonderfully.

(I didn't get to my opinion page, the kids & movie instead)

I'm taking the kidz for a walk, good night...

9 Nov 2010

yesterday was a busy day w/my kidz.

had to get them 'all' up to date on their shots and licenses before they expired; have their microchips checked (yes, little-bev got hers), and bathed and groomed. my little secret to get all my kidz to behave at the vet/groomer is to take them to the dog run for at least an hour or two before hand, playing with them the entire time, getting them exercised and tired. and then while my 6 dogs and 2 cats are getting shots, bathed and brushed; I have my carpets steam cleaned while they are out of the house. plus, my 'spoiled' four legged children knew as soon as they got back home, they would get chicken/turkey breast chunks mixed in their kibble for a sort of 'treat' for being 'good' all day. oh, and the combination of them being groomed and the carpets having the scent of cleanliness causes the beasts to act like they all had drank a pot of coffee, running around the house like teenagers on spring break.

it was crazy for a couple hours. even bev was a lunatic.

so my day started at 5:45am, and didn't end until almost midnite. ya; I know, poor me. being a single parent really is difficult. I couldn't even imagine if my kidz were real children. so if any of you are indeed a 'single parent', I salute you, seriously. just remember this though, you're taking care of your kids now, and they may be taking care of you later. so you might want to let them stay up late every once in awhile, otherwise they may put your ass to bed at 8pm sometimes just because they can. so, I have been invited to a pre-screening of the movie Skyline tonite, but since I'm leaving for LA early tomorrow morning and because I am tired of my friends trying to 'fix me up', I passed. even though I really do wish to see this flick on the big screen, having a 1st date at a theatre is not that appealing to me. am I wrong for thinking that?, shouldn't your first date with someone be somewhere semi-private? like a restaurant, a park, or even a coffee house where you can at least communicate with one another. I don't go out with someone just to fill a void, but to possibly have a relationship, even if it would be a new friend. and how can you get to know anyone by just starring at a movie screen for 2 hours?, maybe a 3rd/4th date is a movie, I don't know, perhaps my thinking is warped. but when I meet someone new, I like to look into the eyes of the person I'm with, not a darkened profile. besides, I still believe there are women out there in the dating-pool that want/need to be romanced, that enjoy a man who would make a fuss over the small things; be spontaneous, and treat 'her' as if she is the most important woman in the world, because at that precise moment, she is...

alright; enough of that, I've got alot errands today, and I'm overdue for a haircut (can almost make a pony-tail).

I'll check back later, have a great day.


packing for my business/personal getaway to LA; and I've been catching up on some of my dvr recordings. the program I am enjoying now was shown on pbs this morning at 1am, 'the tenth inning, top of the tenth'; what a great documentary about baseball. even if your not an avid sports fan, I think you would enjoy this docu, very, very entertaining. I will have to keep an eye out for part 2, bottom of the 10th.

ok; time to walk my kidz, good nite.

10 Nov 2010

Happy Birthday Marines.

it's 2am and I am planning on leaving to within the hour, driving down to san diego today to have lunch with a possible business associate. we'll see, as I've been

dealing with alot of bullshit trash talking dweebs as of late.

I just wish I could meet the 'right person';

are you out there?, if so, call me damn it, I beg of you.

well anyway; looking forward to my early morning drive,

because no traffic, is always a good thing.

happy hump day!

11 Nov 2010

Veterans Day 2010

I would hope that 'everyone' who reads this takes a moment today to say a thank-you to all Americans who are currently protecting our Country and putting their very lives in harms way for allowing all of us to enjoy the freedom we have all taken for granted since the day we were born.

I know we all as Americans don't exactly agree on every issue or particular political nominee looking to make a diference, but we need to relieze that if it wasn't for that special breed of individual that enlists in the United States Armed Forces,

'we the people' wouldn't mean anything.

I, along with most people I know do not really understand the exact reasons for the extended amount of time we have participated in the on-going wars over on the other side of the world. but apparently, someone does, so be it.

all we can hope for, is that this unpopular goverment decision will end soon, and that all Americans will come home safe.

I myself, as a former Marine wish for peace always, but also know that as long as there are differences, opinions, resentments among individuals who believe their way is 'the only way', there will be conflict.

so, let us pray for every man and woman who have taken the oath to serve and protect our great Nation.

and for those who have sacrificed the ultimate, by giving their lives during past and present battles, I salute you.

God Bless 'all' veterans...

12 Nov 2010

good morning and happy friday to all.

have decided I have got to get serious about this house-hunt thing. my 'new' friend has a realtor I'm suppose to meet with this morning and re-start my search for a new man-cave. or what my sibs would call their semi-luxury kennel suites that they let me live in. so, here we go...again.


well, that didn't go as planned today.

during our 3rd house tour, my realtor got a call from her daughters school, sick kiddo.

so I'll be enroute to westwood to walk the ucla campus and have a bite at bj's restaurant brewhouse. and then, hit pauley pavilion to see the bruin 'b' ball team begin the season tonite. and then afterwards, who knows?!

hollywood, ca is a wild beast on a friday night, and I'm thinking it's time to visit her again.

besides, the tourists are funny as hell to watch.

hopefully, I won't disappear among the street urchins and crazies wandering the boulevard of broken dreams.

have a great friday nite.

13 Nov 2010

had an interesting evening tonight.

to begin with, went to the ucla campus and walked around taking pix and bought some new shirts and such.

had dinner at bj's brewhouse (burger & beer),

and enjoyed the bruin basketball game at pauley.

afterwards, I did indeed head back down to hollywood,

and watched the people and happenings,

but forgot how crowded it would be on a friday night.

so, to get off the the blvd for awhile,

I went to the late showing of skyline at manns chinese theatre.

what a damn disappointment of a movie! aarrgghh!

if you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it for you,

but take my advice; save the $50.+ (with a date),

and buy it on dvd in april 2011.

I usually can forgive a semi-bad script because of the special effects being shown on the large screen,

but my goodness, what a waste of a good idea.

bet ya a dollar that megamind takes the weekend box office; word will get out quickly of this over-hyped dud of a flick. normally, I don't necessarily 'rag-on' a movie,

but damn-it!; I was so looking forward to the release of this film, and then to be disappointed by the acting flaws, the script holes, and the feeling of being totally lost throughout; left a sour taste in my mouth. in fact, I want my money back!!!

they should at least give a voucher for a free dvd.

hey; at least the writer got paid for his efforts,

more than I can say for me.

ok, I'm done.

I have just decided I'm going to disneyland tomorrow,

it's right across the street, so why not. besides, the weather is suppose to be fairly nice later today (it's almost 3am right now). I guess I will go to a couple open houses on sunday,

and back with laurie the realtor on monday.

for this being a 'buyers market, I'm not really seeing it.

I'm beat, going to bed; and then iHop it before disney.

so, good night/good morning.

*ya; I know I'm by myself, but I don't really mind.

just because your not 'with' anyone currently, doesn't mean you can't have fun and do things. besides, no discussions on what to eat, where to go, what to wear, or waiting to get ready.

I'll touch base later...


oh my god, 4 1/2 hours sleep.

have you ever woke up feeling like you have a hangover,

but you hadn't drank the previous night?;

I need coffee, good coffee.

want to get a fairly early start today; and enjoy the weather, should be near 80'.

heading over to iHop,

and then the parks across the street.

looking forward to an enjoyable day,

hope you have one also.

14 Nov 2010

I just can't believe how beautiful the weather was yesterday here in anahiem, and today will again be near 80 degrees. excellent day for cruising southern cal;

so along with the couple of open houses I plan on crashing,

I am just going to enjoy myself today.

disneyland/california adventure were very busy on saturday, busier than I thought they would be. but I still had a good time. alot of construction goings on in cal-adven, and the christmas decorations are beginning to appear throughout the parks. usually when I go by-myself, I normally will explore the park and seem to find attractions/points of interest that I wouldn't generally see if I was with others. and I always seem to make a new friend or two on my exploration journys.

maybe I will become one of those old men you see everywhere talking to everyone; holding up lines at the checkout,

gazing in the direction of women half his age,

feeding pigeons birdseed while resting on a park bench.

on the other hand, no thanks.

but I do like to talk with the locals about places I should visit while I'm in their neighborhood, as you never know when you will ever be back again. a couple years back (more like 5), while I was still married; my wife and I met with some of the disneyland staff at a bar they would always go to after they finished their shifts. it was called 'the lost bar' and it 'was' located in the disneyland hotel, those was fun times. the stories these kids would tell of the adventures they had while working were priceless. actually, security-studz always had the best stories. the sex people try/have in the haunted house, (not just the youngsters either), the stowaways that attempt to stay in the parks after hours, the fights, the deaths, and so forth.

yes, disneyland is billed as the happiest place on earth,

but their are alot of dark stories surrounding it also.

I have even heard rumors of a merc-squad that handle certain situations surrounding the parks that the news programs, general public and tourists wil never hear about;

I could never actually confirm this

(even with my contacts in the security/investigations biz),

but did hear quite a few alarming incidents. some you can read about on the 'net', and the others I just as soon keep to myself. ok, enough black-ops talk...

I renewed my annual passport to the parks also,

and had an excellent lunch in downtown disney at espn zone. (wings and beer is always excellent!)

and this morning before I start my day,

I'm going to go to the house of blues in downtown disney for the gospel brunch.

alright it's 8am and daylight is burning away,

so I should get going and start my day.

I've heard some good things about calabasas open houses,

so thats my plan of attack.

have a safe sunday everyone...


what a fantastic and beautiful day to be in southern cal.

I went to 5 open houses today, in and near the calabasas area. that part of the world is incredible, and I have to admit,

a little on the pricey side.

I would love to live in the area, but 2.7 million for a house seems a bit much for me to chew.

I don't want to sell my house in vegas, nor do I wish to empty my savings to purchase another.

and until I find a paying gig of any sort, I don't know what I can really afford. I hate saying this, but my desires of relocating to the LA area may have to be delayed for a while.

I still have my appt with my new realtor tomorrow,

so we'll see what happens.

besides the abundant amount of wealthy homes in that area, there were some desirable eateries to choose from.

I decided to try the kings fish house located at the commons, the macadamia nut crusted wild alaskan halibut was fantastic. I also went to laguna beach and watched the sunset, I loved it. it's just nice to sit on the beach, listening to the surf, the cool breeze blowing thru your hair and recall of times past when life was easier and not so stressful.

sometimes I really hate being alone.

16 Nov 2010

during the last couple of days I have come to the realization that I may have to postpone my relocation to the southern california area. the homes I am most interested in are a bit over my current price range, and some that are indeed within my budget are either too far away from where I want to be located, or are just not compatible with my lifestyle, ie: dogs/big yard. oh well, there are more tragic things happening in the world,

so my dilemma is just not that important.

I am a little disappointed though.

ok, so anyway;

I again would like to say thank-you, to those of you that keep coming back here to read my boring dribble, and for your always wonderful emails and nice thoughts.

I can't believe in the 6 months that I have had this web site active I have attained over 10,000+ visitors, with 30,000+ page views from all over the world. unbelievable!!!

(that may not seem like alot to you, but I think so)

is tv really that boring?, no seriously, I appreciate all the attention, contacts, calls, emails, I receive.

and yes, marriage proposals also; some of you girls/women are so funny. I love you all, but you need to find a guy with a job, not one who is trying to change his career in mid-life.

and yes, my top prerequisite for a love interest is simply:

'must love pets'.

and not being a cold-stone drunk is an added bonus.

I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I do the shopping, and I love to have fun everyday. I'm just a normal guy, I think...

I was at the campus yesterday (ucla), and watched the '10 team win their 2nd game. the crowd at pauley pavilion was sparse to say the least, very disappointing. and I again will be there tonite rooting my team to kick ass!

the rest of my week is currently unplanned, but I may go visit my cousin tomorrow at lompoc again. that isn't on top of my fun-to-do-list, but I think he would appreciate it.

alrighty then, I'll check in later...  

17 Nov 2010

It's a beautiful thing when you wake-up in the morning and it's so quiet and dark outside that you forget for a moment where you are. especially since there isn't any furballs w/legs on my pillows, and I can actually stretch out on the bed without being growled/talked to.

ahh; the pet-less mornings, no rushing downstairs to let them outside, no making sure they are fed and watered before a cup of coffee, and one other thing; I can sit on the floor w/my laptop eating a breakfast sandwich and 'not' have 8 seperate noses vying for a bite or fighting over a loose crumb.

but you know what?; I miss my petz when I'm gone,

sounds funny I know, but they are my family.

ok, enough about my kid-less days.

I may have found a property that I can afford,

and one that is almost exactly what I'm looking for.

it is located in the oak park/agoura hills area;

very nice house on an acre of prop, just what I am looking for. the couple who own it are willing to negotiate price, and are anxious to move, which could be a good thing for me.

I will be heading back up there tomorrow to look into this.

and hopefully on saturday, I will be able to go to lompoc to visit my cousin again.

enjoyed the ucla basketball game last night, I can't believe the lack of fans in the stands, very disappointing to say the least. the team is very young but talented, no expectations.

but hey, who knows;

if the sfgiants can win the world series,

then anything can happen.

I am going to pay a visit to a local shelter today, I heard a radio advert last night that they were in need of volunteers,

so that is my agenda for the day.

 I will check-in later.

hey lisa p. in atlanta, georgia; happy 30th girl... 


hi. and how was everyone's wednesday?

I did indeed go down to the los angeles mission on east 5th street today, but apparently you have to attend a volunteer orientation before you are assigned a job. I just thought I'd show up and I would be put to work doing something. but of course there are rules, regulations, safety factors and so on.

I eventually assisted some-what, but mostly talked with one of the administrators and some of the other workers.

it's amazing how rich our country is, and as much money as we give to other countries, you would think we could take care of our own a little better. I won't get into a political debate on the homeless issue we have in this country, it is just a shame that all of our cities have situations like this. and here I am bitching about trying to find a 2nd home, I felt like an ass today.

so as I was leaving the mission this afternoon, I decided that making a monetary donation was perhaps the best thing I could do for the people who come to the mission daily, and for me to at least feel as if I contributed. I'm not trying to 'blow my own horn' here, I just can't describe the emotions I felt when I saw kids there eating,

I wish I could take care of them all.

and then instead of going for a drink (as I really wanted to),

I went to a movie, as I needed the break from reality.

and now here I am in my hotel room, missing my petz and wishing that I had not commited myself for the next couple of days as I would really like to go home.

but once you tell someone you are going to do something,

you need to keep your word.

so be it...

an appointment with the house people tomorrow at 11am,

a dinner date with the zoo-lady (see prior entry) at 7pm.

and then friday I have another meet/greet with a hollywood type concerning my vegas vampire script

(which incidently is not my fav of my current scribs).

then comes saturday with my trip to lompoc federal to visit my cuz, and afterwards back home to vegas.

and yes, for those who have inquired; my thanx-giving eve party is still happening, which will be held on my 47th birthday, woohoo. and please, no presents.

*unless you would like to bring a gift for the Marines toys for tots, that would be much appreciated. and as we did last year, I will have a gift list for everyone to sign again.

ok, I'm going to sign-off.

it's 9:15pm and I'm exhausted; need to get some sleep.

good nite.

18 Nov 2010

enjoying a nice bitter mug of hotel room coffee this morning, have yet to succumb to the general publics love affair with the over priced coffee houses.

so I'm going to be pretty much off the grid today,

(my cell is always 'off' during meet/greets & dates)

but I wanted to say the following:

with the holidays fast approaching, and the shopping season just days away, I would like to suggest that all of you 'please' take an extra couple of minutes and scroll down to the bottom of 'my opinions' page and read my security tips on being safe during this time of year.

(I will have the entry posted within 48 hours/by Nov 20)

I know no-one ever thinks that something bad will ever happen to them, and yes the odds are minimal, but I would still like to share my knowledge with all of you.

and hopefully you and your families will all stay safe during this hectic time of year.

ok, enough of this morning mud I'm drinking, heading over to the iHop down the street for a good b-fast and a drinkable cup of 'joe'...

18/19 Nov 2010

let me just start out by saying; I finially got the opportunity to dine at dan tana's restaurant in west hollywood. after the zoo-lady and I met at valet, we both walked into a very, very crowded place. I could not believe how many people were waiting for a table when we arrived. we finially sat after 45min; and I have to admit the service, food/presentation, quality, the merlot, and the ambience was all very well worth the price of admission. this place is definitely not for the weak-hearted price-challenged diner. I did hear some gripes from a couple of tables near us, but didn't pay that much attention. my ceasar was fantastic, I had a huge steak, (dabney coleman? I think), and a side of penne w/red sauce, and dear god, the garlic-cheese bread. I barely had a bite of my cheesecake. my 'date' had the traditional chicken parmigiano, with penne and pesto. and we shared a plate of clams w/white sauce.... I'm told that no matter when you go, its always crowded like that.

I am looking forward to my next visit.

(anyone want to go?. my treat.)

ok, I think I may have found 'the house', it's beautiful, has a mega-huge lush backyard; and even with the pool and above ground jacuzzi, plenty of room for the sibs to run, play and get tired on their own. the house is just under 3000 sq.ft and has all the bells and whistles. they offered to leave some of the trophy heads in the game room, no thanks. but did say the pool table, ping pong, and shuffle board could stay. so now, I have to decide on what I am willing to spend, we aren't that far apart, but far enough. and the property taxes in this area are borderline criminal, but I guess you have to pay for the right to live in the golden state. so, I have my meeting in burbank tomorrow and then I'm going back up to the agoura hills area for dinner with this couple, and discuss our possible deal.

I won't get my hopes up just yet, but you never know.

it's almost midnite, and my eyes are starting to tear telling me I'm tired; so good nite all, sleep well and have a fantastic friday. wish me luck!


spent most of my day in the burbank area;

met some very interesting people, some nice, some not.

and apparantly, friday is 'not' the best day to discuss a possible business transaction, or maybe I was just getting blown-off, oh well, no worries. so I was up in hollywood-land for nearly 5 hours and didn't complete anything I wanted to; but I did eat birthday cake, have a free lunch, and get to meet some snobs, so I guess the day was not a total loss.

it's amazing how people treat people sometimes,

not knowing anything about them.

and maybe informing potential business partners that my prior employment was in the private security/investigations field is not such a good idea, as I can see the attitude change immediately. usually the stigma associated with the word 'security' is that you are as dumb as a brick, can't tye your own shoes, and will take shit from anyone who thinks he's someone important; believe me, I've seen/heard it all.

sorry for the rant, it just really pisses me off when your having a conversation with someone of slight importance and another individual rudely butts his way into the discussion and proceeds to belittle you to try and make himself look semi-intelligent and score office points.

who knows, maybe it was a planned operation because they are not interested in what i'm selling.

oh; don't worry,

before I left I had my 'say'with this ass-kisser.

it really, really takes alot to ruffle my feathers, and to have a 20/30-something make unprofessional remarks the way he did, I wasn't going to just 'take it' without a reply.

and to enhance the meaning of my words, I was within inches of his face and talked in a normal tone.

ya, I can honestly say I scared the shit out of him.

I'm sure little-big-man has never been in a 'situation' of any sorts before.

but what really upset me most, is while I was in the elevator, I had the urge to go back upstairs and apologize to this crotch-muncher for my demeanor,

but I didn't.

I did receive numerous voice-mails

(I did not answer my cell the rest of the day)

from other employees saying they were sorry for the actions of this individual, and most said how happy they were that 'he' was finially put in his place.

(apparently he is not well liked, especially by the women)

oh, the almost-boss guy I was having my presentation with, finially called me at 4pm and wanted to meet for drinks,

I didn't take his call either.

on a much happier note; the ederly couple whom I met with yesterday about their home, wants me to come back up to agoura hills to meet with their eldest son to discuss terms of my offer. so, we'll see on monday. sounds promising.

I am going to go see my cousin tomorrow at lompoc federal during the day, and I guess I will stay in a hotel near my monday appointment, as I'm still down here in anaheim. also, I will finish and post my security suggestions on my opinion page tomorrow night, if anyone is indeed interested. *a friday night in southern cal, staying directly across the street from disneyland, and I'm in my hotel room typing updates onto my web-site, I have no life...

good nite/good morning.

20 Nov 2010

will be checking out and on the road within the hour to start my journey a couple hours north. not really looking forward to being subjected to a semi-cavity search, and putting up with the smart-ass attitude of prison personel; ya you're 'the boss' in a federal penitentiary, we get it.

(actually, I'm not a fan of certain law enforcement)

I'm not a hypocrite, I just don't understand some of the attitudes/actions of various law enforcement agencies, and the blind eye they have toward their officers. just because you have a badge pinned on your chest, doesn't give you the absolute right to be a prick.

there are some outstanding 'officers' out there, but the crappy ones effect the publics opinion.

so; I'm outa here, hava a great saturday.


omg, the cast of characters at the penitentiary is a wild thing. the normal joe-public will never know what the hell visiting someone is like. in reality, no matter what the movies show or the current 'real-life' tv programs broadcast on the tube, the actuality of being there is a surreal experience.

my cousin was again happy to see me, and we visited for quite some time, before I felt the urge to depart.

and now I'm staying in a hotel in the thousand oaks area. I know someone who lives nearby, but not interested in making contact with her. so I am going to call it an early nite after I finish up with 'my opinions' update;

(please read before you start your holiday shopping),

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

I love being home.

it's so nice to be gone for a while; but I enjoy coming back home, especially when the dogs meet me at the door howling, talking and jumping all over me. poor little bev got all trampled and stepped on, I had to pick her up before the sibs roughed her up.

I wasn't home but a couple of hours, and the neighbors brought over a stuffed peppered pork roast for dinner.

not sure if it was meant for me or the kidz. but 'all' of us are going to devour that just as soon as we get home from the dog run, no mcribs tonite.

(it's 6p here now, going to the park @ 7p)

I can't express to you how excited I am about moving back to california, the sibs and I are going to tear up the surrounding dog parks/runs in the agoura hills, oak park and westlake village areas. and being so close to the foothills and a couple state parks will be enjoyable for my kidz.

I will be busy for the rest of the night going thru my rsvp's for my thanxgiving-eve party; I usually have 50-60 people, but it's looking as if I will hit the 100 mark, should be fun. and am looking forward to meeting some of you who are going to be in town for the holiday weekend.

I can't believe how cold it's suppose to get tonite; the forecast is for 22' here in the summerlin area, and the wind is already howling outside. even though my siberian huskies are cold weather dogs, they don't enjoy the brisk weather. but I still want to get them to run at the park, or they will be untolerable this evening. blah, blah, blah.

sorry, I'm boring today. I'll make contact tomorrow.

if you are traveling to see family/friends for 'bird day', please be safe ...

24 Nov 2010

good morning everyone.

I received my 1st birthday phone call at 4:20am this morning from a young lady in london, england. I could tell she was surprised when I answered the phone, apparantly she was on her lunch break and she wanted to leave me a message before I awoke. she was funny, great accent.

european women are so sexy.

ok, then. it's 5:30am, and I'm on my 2nd cup of dunkin, nice. I have over 120 people say they are coming tonite for my

shin-dig; I ordered 6 smoked turkeys to be delivered this afternoon; plus pizza hut, hooters hot wings, subway and other not-so-good-for-you-food, gotta make sure everyone has enough to eat and drink.

usually, I decorate the backyard for the occasion including having my fire-pit going, but the weather is so cold, it's 38' outside right now. so, we'll see.

wow, my email notification says I have 287 new emails, so I took a glance; alot of birthday wishes, thank-you so much everyone. I promise to answer every single well-wisher, it may take me a while to do so though.

alright; enough of the getting older talk,

(although the alternative is not that desirable).

will be taking my kidz to the park here very shortly, and then officially start my day.

so listen up; if you are traveling today or in the near future for the holidays, please be careful. and stay safe.

I'll check in later.


I came up-stairs to take a break, everything is about ready for the party. people have been showing up since 10am, so you know what?; you come to my house earlier than the invite says, and I put your ass to work.

and they all were happy to help. I already have 27 people downstairs, outside and so forth. kind of strange for me having some 'friends' show up that I only know from contact by this web site. so far, very interesting and quite a variety of characters. also, I have to remember what details of my life I have shared thru this forum, as some of my early guests want me to elaborate on certain subjects.

I guess I really should not bare my soul on these pages,

oh well.

25 Nov 2010

happy thanksgiving 2010.

my party last nite was a total success; as I had almost 200 people make their way thru my doors during the past 24 hours, and the number of out of town guests was well above what I had originally planned for.

it's currently 6:30a, I have an unknown number of sleeping party-left-overs throughout my home, and may just spend the day upstairs in my bedroom behind locked doors with my kidz. I'm just kidding (maybe); I got about 4 hours of sleep, and am experiencing a slight hangover with dry mouth. and thank god my dunkin' coffee is a brewing right now.

yes, I have a coffee pot in my bedroom. along with a fridge, microwave and other necessities to bunker-in.

as far as I know, nothing was broken during the celebration. I did have a young man up-chuck into my swimming pool.

note: clumping cat litter works miracles in such an event. just turn off the pool pump and scatter the crystals over the floating debris, and let it 'gel' for a couple hours. then use a net to remove clumped-waste out of the water.

and put puker-boy to bed, with a glass of orange juice and 2 excedrin caplets.

crap, I hear movement downstairs, and my pupz are restless; I guess it's time I go and take inventory of my overnite guests.

(I bet they smell my coffee, damn!).

as the great arnold schwarzenegger would say;

"I'll be back".



I went downstairs about two hours ago, and one of my

over-nighters was going around, waking everyone, and had them start cleaning-up from last nights festivities.

and the person I'm referring to; grandpa palacios

(remember him from early entries?).

seven members of my west covina 'family' arrived yesterday to help celebrate my 47th, and basically became the official hosts of my thanx-eve party.

and the food they prepared was incredible, I hope I still have some of the jars of homemade salsa left.

it's 9:15a and I can hear the vacuum being run dowstairs, along with alot of conversation.

I still have no idea how many 'guests' are here.

I'm thinking maybe 20+.

ok, I'm on a mission, going to go get a couple boxes of brewed coffee from starbucks, and get this day started.

should be an interesting one. 



total party-left-over body count of 39.

everyone is up, we have made 3 coffee runs, 2 grocery store trips, I have 3 pots brewin' here in the house; grandma palacios and others are busy in the kitchen making breakfast burritos, potatoes, chorizo, sopaipillas, refried beans, chips & salsa; my neighbors and their kids took 'my kidz' to the dog park, and I am getting ready to shower.

everyone is getting 10 minutes of running water,

15 if you team-up,

(boy/girl only, no funny business allowed).

I of course, will be showering alone.

let me tell you something though, grandpa palacios is taking charge of this situation. he has everything running smooth and all of us scared shitless...ha. seriously, he is a dear old man, but nobody is giving any resistance to his organizational skills. I'm not even close to being the boss today here in my own house; I'm like 5 or 6 notches down the ladder.

even my neighbors kids took charge of my animals today,

I could have slept all freakin day and not been missed.

shit, my turn to shower...

god damn, old man P was giving me a minute countdown,

I finished in 8.

so; I'm dressed, and going to go downstairs and eat some great smelling food.

oh ya, and apparantly the 'house' has voted;

we are going to hit the vegas strip,

possibly a movie this afternoon,

and then a dinner buffet later tonite.

not a bad thanksgiving for a single guy who was planning on eating party food leftovers, and just watching football. sometimes you just have to live in the moment.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day with family & friends; and if you are by-your-self, call me later;

I'll share some of my day with you.

26 Nov 2010

ha; some of the thanksgiving day stories you all emailed me were hilarious, was happy to hear that most of you were with your families and loved ones.

as far as the remainder of my turkey day:

I played tour guide for a couple hours on the vegas strip, enjoyed the movie 'due date' (very funny),

and had a wonderful thanksgiving dinner at dennys.

we all were going to eat at a casino buffet, but the wait was over an hour, and some of us were famished,

so dennys was the next best choice.

so, here it is 'black friday', and I'm up at 4am.

already showered, on my 4th cup of java and watching sportscenter. my house guest occupancy was dramatically reduced from the night before last, down to 10.

the palacios fam are still here, along with my former mother-in-law, and 2 'kiss family' relatives. and most of us will be departing within the hour to possibly grasp some of these dream-deals that are being offered today.

plus, I like to personally donate at least a couple of toys to the toys-for-tots program. do any of you buy presents for others who are less fortunate?

I understand the financial strain that 95% of everyone is going through, but if just some of you could purchase a toy/board game/t-shirt or anything of interest to a child, you could be responsible for putting a smile on a 'little-ones' face. I always donate using my fathers name, which helps me deal with not having him with me during the holidays.

alright, I'm done. don't mean to press the issue.

grandpa palacios just called my cell and informed me that the party bus will be departing in 10-15 minutes.

goodness, I have not been under this much of a regime for quite a few years now. actually, I enjoy doing things with a group/family unit, but I also like to have an opinion of what is being done.

ok then, I guess it's time to get ready to depart.

this is my 33rd year in a row of hitting the shopping-circuit the day after thanksgiving. I know it's a crazy day for consumers, but this is the last family-tradition that I have left, and I can't break it.

please be safe and aware while you shop.

26/27 Nov 2010

thank goodness;

my thanksgiving responsibilities are finially complete.

it's just past midnite, and it is the first time in nearly 65+ hours that I have been alone in my house. not that I was put-out by having an abundant head count of house guests, I actually enjoyed the company; I am just so damn tired right now. (I'm waiting for my sleeping pill to activate)

having the palacios family here from california was incredible, I love having people in my home that are so family oriented, and the stories told by everyone during the last couple of days were very entertaining. plus, as an added bonus; my freezer is full of excellent mexican dishes.

let me just share some of my shopping adventures before I start to fade-out; to begin with, I have been up nearly 21 hours, and didn't have a single ounce of alcohol; not that it should matter, but I figure if I'm up for that long of a period, I should be partying somewhere with someone.

we (9 of us), started our 'spree' by going to a target at 5am, and then down the road to a walmart super store. eating flapjacks at my favorite iHop by 8am, and then back to the house to make a package drop and pick up my

former ma-in-law.

and then the stress began; we 'all' convoyed all over the city to every mall vegas has; meadows, the boulevard, galleria, and the fashion show was the last. I don't think I will be going 'shopping' again for quite awhile. I must have walked almost 15 miles today, in addition to pushing my former m.i.l. in a wheelchair by the 2nd mall.

crap, no wonder I feel the way I do.

hey, have any of you heard of these little toys called 'squinkies'? I didn't know anything about them until one of my neighbors kids informed me they were the 'it' gift of the season. It took me half the day, but I finially found some. (remember the furby craze of 1998?, shit; I do!!!)

I had so many of my party guests bring toys/games for the toys for tots, I really didn't need to purchase any more;

so I picked up 6 jackets for little boys, and 6 for little girls. hopefully, that will help out some kids somewhere.

I could not believe the crowds today, you would never know the economy is still trying to recover by the amount of product being purchased today. I guess thats a good thing.

besides the jackets, perfume & gift card for the f.m.i.l., some various gifts for my neighbors kids, liquor for the mailman, and a couple of dvd's for me; my sibs each get 2 pounds of beef jerky, the cats will share a pound of smoked salmon, and little bev gets a couple of steamed chicken breasts.

after buying my california home, I am a little light in the wallet for frivolous spending.

actually, I will be cutting back dramatically until I figure out my next p.o.a. (plan of attack)...

ok, I have alot more on my mind, but I am starting to fall asleep; I am not doing 'anything' tomorrow, so I will continue this when I awake. goodnite to you.


good morning internet world.

I cannot believe I slept until almost 9am; the dogs and cats were excellent bed-mates last night, didn't get me up once for any sort of reason what-so-ever. I am currently watching my dvr'd sportscenter, and having a diet coke for my morning caffeine fix. will be taking my sibs and basset-bev to the dog park within the hour, and I'm thinking it feels like an arby's day for lunch. the kidz love the beef & chedders.

after I get back, it's going to be a

'lazy saturday' .


being a total veg-head bum today.

I did take my kidz to the park, and we had arby's for lunch,

so at least I feel as if I actually accomplished 'something' today. (laundry and groceries, tomorrow). I'm currently sitting on the floor with my dogs listening to the soft jazz channel. just thinking about the past couple of hectic days makes this quiet and relaxing moment ever so sweet.

I think the cats have the best idea yet, a cat-nap.

I'll say 'hi' when I awaken from my slumber.


I made the mistake of answering my phone, and was invited out to a christmas tree decorating party;

so I have to go and be a good sport.

I hadn't planned on even showering today, but I ate that pill. seriously, these people are excellent friends

(left over from when I was married), and they always come to my gatherings, so I will reciprecate.

besides, I was almost getting bored being alone.

how is your thanksgiving weekend going?

28 Nov 2010

I am getting entirely too old for this staying out til the wee hours of the morning stuff (I got home at 3am).

but I was having so much fun,

and just enjoying the company of some people I haven't seen for so long; I didn't want to leave.

you know, life is a strange and crazy expierence that brings special memories almost everyday. you just have to realize that the moment you are currently living, may be a memory you will share forever.

the reason I say this, is that I was with quite a few friends/couples last night that I have not seen since my divorce. when you are married and have other married people in your life, I think some of these couples may feel uncomfortable about everything that has transpired, not really sure as what to say or even act around you. so, I just eased everyones mind as soon as I arrived and told all of them that I and my 'ex' are still very friendly towards one another and that we are indeed happier apart. (at least I am).

so after the seemingly awkward moments past,

we all (about 30 of us) started talking about days gone by. most of us had been on vacations together, kids functions, bbq's, holiday dinners, and of course sporting event partys

at my old house.

for 5 football seasons, I always had a monday nite football gathering; which abruptly ended along with my marriage.

but, who knows; maybe I will have the opputunity to once again 'throw down' on monday nights next year once I relocate to the golden state.

we also had fun last night playing some excellent games: phase 10, pictionary man, dominos, ping pong,

and of course, video games.

and again; I have to listen to offers of being 'set-up' with someone who would be perfect for me, no thanks.

besides, I have a great excuse now;

I'm moving to the LA area in a couple of months.

maybe I'll pursue a 35+ ex-valley girl, or even better yet;

an academy award winning actress.

on second thought, just a simple woman with an exceptional personality and a beautiful heart is all I want. I'm easy. alright, I have got to get my azz going; dog park, laundry, groceries, and I am watching the neighbor kids tonight, so their parents can have 'date night'.

have an excellent sunday everyone...


had a pretty norm-day.

hit the dog park twice, went grocery shopping

(store was packed), did all the laundry (mostly towels),

and answered alot emails (you guys crack me up).

the next-door kids will be here within the hour, and we are all going to 'make' pizza's and watch harry potter movies.

yes, another exciting sunday night here at g. a. kiss' house. hey, as long as the kiddos have a good time and have fun, nothing else matters.

(besides, I've never seen a harry potter movie, ever).

I really am looking forward to moving to cal,

but I am so going to miss these kids that live next door.

it's funny how much I rely on the 2 boys and 1 girl to help me out, the way they care for my petz is an added bonus.

all 3 of them want to come and live with me, and sometimes I think their parents wouldn't mind.

oh well...

shit; I gotta go, forgot to hide their christmas presents.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 

29 Nov 2010

it's 33' and so very windy outside today in vegas.

but if I don't take my kidz to the dog park,

they will be totally hyper all day long.

so being it's monday morning and 99.9% of the general public are biting the bullet and going to a job that 50% of them hate, I guess I will also do the 'biting bullet' thing and go freeze my man-jewels and watch the sibs run their asses off.

oh, and a foot-note: I just received a phone call from a human relations rep from wal-mart corporate located in bentonville, arkansas; pertaining to a employment/questionaire/application

I filled out 9 months ago.

9 months ago!

what the fu*k wal-mart?

I hardly remember the time I applied for the directors position. this young lady told me that they have an opening in a couple of their stores that I may be interested in, and if I would like to come in (to a local office) to be interviewed?

hmm?; I don't really have anything pressing on wednesday morning, so why not! besides, the last time I was involved in the hiring process, I was the one doing the interview.

(I have not been 'interviewed' for almost 12 years)

this could be very interesting, and possibly a learning experience for me. seriously...

I'm a little excited.

ok; I've got to get a suit cleaned, a haircut, possibly a manicure and read up on the procedures of their policies.

*even though security/consultation/investigations are no longer on my radar for my current employment career path;

I may have to succumb to the background I have established during my adult working years.

oh well, maybe I'm just meant to be in the security field.

off to the dog park.


well, let me tell you about my day.

(ya, I know you just can't wait to hear about it! ha)

so, while I was braving the las vegas artic chill this morning, wal-mart corporate called me back to confirm my employment interview on wednesday morning, and also to inform me of the store location I will be interviewing for.

so I decided to inquire of the logistics of the position/duties/pay the company will be offering.

'red flag #1': the h.r. rep stated she did not have the authority to release that particular information to me. so I asked to speak with someone who could.

'red flag #2': after being on hold for almost 10 minutes, the same person came back on the line and informed me that they usually do not give out that info on the phone because they could not confirm the actual identity of the person who filled out the application.


I actually laughed at that reply, and said ''but, you called me, twice''...and again she placed me on hold.

'red flag #3': another 15 minutes later, mr. smith, or so he said his name was, gets on the call. the very first words out of his mouth was; "mr. kiss is there a problem?"


he immediately put me on the defence with his demeanor and abruptness. I stated I did not have a problem and that all I was trying to do was ascertain information for the position I was to be interviewed for. he basically he-ha'ed thru an additional 5 minutes explaing to me that their standard policy was to with-hold certain aspects of the job until the applicant arrives for the interview in person. which I can totally understand and somewhat agree with.

but to not even give a vague descrip of the job-title you are being considered for?

so maybe I am in-line for a cashier, janitorial or even a stocker position? not that there is anything wrong with those duties, I just have no experience is all.

now remember; all the while this conversation is taking place, I am standing in the middle of a huge dog run area surrounded by my kidz barking, running, crapping and so on. not to mention the 39' weather including wind gusts that froze my hairgel. so along with the unpleasant phone call, I was not a happy camper. and then this obnoxious 'suit' who was standing nearby clearly listening in on my discussion, apparantly found it necessary to remind me in front of his pretty female companion that before I and my rowdy dogs departed the park,

I 'will' clean-up my dog piles,'or else'.

so I calmly walked up to mr suit-the-show-off and stated;

"or else what bitch?, don't try to intimidate me because you wear a suit and drive a mercedes, now fuck-off!"

he left, without a word. ya, I was rude, but he deserved it. after he left, his female friend came back into the enclosure and tried to have a convo with me, but I acted as if I was not at all interested (actually I was, but not in the mood for small talk), and excused myself and picked-up my dogs piles, rounded up my kidz and then came back home.

all this before 10am. the rest of my day was actually uneventful, so I won't bore you. but I did fix a stuffed pork roast for dinner along with a baked potato and fresh spinach. and yes, the kidz ate pork also...

it's 9p, my bedroom fireplace is going, and we are all in bed, so from my family to yours, 'good night'.

to be continued on 'my thoughts.3':