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my thoughts.3.1:

(06 Mar 2012 - 13 Mar 2012)

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

06 Mar 2012/5am

good morning everyone.

I've been up now for nearly an hour,

wanted to make sure everything was in place before the elders get home this afternoon.

the forecast was supposed to be rain today,

but so far just partly cloudy.

I'm actually going to be busy today with errands and such; getting the suv serviced, vacuuming, laundry,

more grocery shopping,

and set-up a delivery for hay & straw.

ok, since I did bring up the horses;

I received an email a few days ago from

ADH/santa cruz cuties who informs me that she has this background of horse knowledge and that this 'head-butt' thing that 'big jack' has been doing to me for over a week now is a good sign. well shit. I thought this beast was trying to knock me on my ass and then crush my head like a melon. I will admit, I've been giving them fresh fruit in the morning when I scoop-the-poop.

normally half an apple each, or a pear, or even a carrot.

was told that sugar cubes aren't that great.

also, the 'salt licks' I have for them need to be replaced soon. I have two; one plain, and one mineralized.

I wish I had a all-day sucker on a post somewhere I could just take a couple 'hits' whenever I want.

ok then. let me start my coffee, I'll check-in again soon.


coffee, coffee, coffee.

my new norm is only 2-3 cups of the

morning juice these days,

but since I've been awake sine 3:45a (and up since 4a)

I decided an entire pot of the go-go liquid wouldn't hurt.

I'm on my 2nd load of wash out of 3 or 4, and have no idea how one little girl can have so many dirty clothes.

I swear she wears 7-8 outfits a day,

changing every hour or so.

that's ok though,

she is just trying to look her best at all times.

she takes after her dad when 'he was younger',

now 'not so much' for him.

I got up early this morning as I wanted to make sure everything was in order when jack and josephine

get here this afternoon.

but as I look around I see the house is in great shape.

a dusting here and there,

and even maybe a quick window cleaning is needed.

where this dust comes from, I have no fukin clue.

so being up so damn early,

and having already completed my chores/cleaning duties (Ash' laundry not withstanding)

I have decided to go to the grocery (again),

and get ingredients for my spaghetti sauce.

along with some fresh veggies for a awesome salad.

*my veg-garden has taken a huge hit this winter,

I suck at gardening also.

jack and jo love my spaghetti;

for pasta I'm thinking angel hair,

and/or three cheese tortellini.

also, I've discovered that trader joe's has the best freshly grated parmesan cheese around. 'the best jerry'.

(a little pun there from seinfeld)

jeesh. all this talk about food is making me hungry.

I may have to go get a bite to eat here real soon.

hmm. maybe I'll take myself out to breakfast,

the ihop off the 101 is sounding pretty good to me right now. alright, I'm outa here... going to breakfast. see ya.


well, I didn't actually make it 'out' for breakfast.

ended-up talking with 'the kid' before she left for school,

and then I had some pancakes and crispy-ass bacon that I made and shared with the pooches.

anyway; I just got a call from 'X', and she wants me to meet her for lunch over in the melrose area.

I'm supposed to meet her at some place called

'bilan thai vegetarian kitchen',

not sure what to think of this name.

ok, I guess I'll dress 'californian casual'.

I'll check back with you guys after I return.


got back from lunch a few hours ago;

but I've been preoccupied,

having conversations with grandpa jack and grandma jo. they just love their house down in the san diego area.

and apparently Ashley has already made a new friend,

I'm happy for her.

my date went 'very well',

the restaurant wasn't 'exactly' my-cup-of-tea (get it?),

but the company was once again very enjoyable.

well I guess the eatery wasn't 'that bad',

but trying to understand our server was beyond ridiculous. alot of sounds and lip-smacking coming out of her mouth, but I had absolutely no fukin idea

what the fuck she was saying.

*and honestly, she smelled terrible... rancid in fact!!! needless to say, I'll never go back there again.

the spicy chicken & crispy noodles were good,

and the singha beer was cold.

over-all: C-

but I may be the 'exception', the place was packed and noisy. madam X and I enjoyed each others' company,

(at least I think she did anyway).

she asked me to join her for lunch again tomorrow,

but I had to say 'no', as I have quite a bit to do tomorrow. we're meeting up at her office parking structure early thursday morning, where she will keep her vehicle.

I suggested today we both drive-up to 'sin city' together,

and then if she wants to come back home before I do,

I'll fly her back. she readily agreed.

so we're all getting ready to go out for dinner

(ya, ya.. again, I know) heading to the cheesecake factory

in thousand oaks.

I'll touch-base as soon as we get back.


good evening everyone.

grandpa jack and I just returned from walking the 'sibs' around the neighborhood.

the both of us had to walk-off our dinner;

grandpa jack:

artichoke, grilled rib-eye,

and chocolate raspberry cheesecake.


avocado eggrolls, chicken bellagio,

and caramel pecan turtle cheesecake.

grandma jo and Ash both had the cobb salad, and then split a slice of lemon raspberry cream cheesecake.

the entire time we were walking the kidz,

grandpa jack and I were bitchin' about our full stomachs.

after the walk, I checked-in on my kid who is getting ready for a oral history report for tomorrow.

*she informed me her outline is complete, just tweaking-it. so... I've had a full day;

been-up since 4am, did all my chores plus some light house cleaning and laundry, got the suv serviced,

had lunch with 'X', played nice with the elders,

sponged-off grandpa jack for dinner, walked the kidz,

and then saved the best for last; did my daddy kiss duties.

so here I sit on my bed with furry creatures all around me, and I'm barely keeping my eyes open as I type this-up

and listen to sportscenter.

tomorrow is round 1 of the pac-12 basketball tourney and the bruins are playing against the trojans.

I'm not going, and the mexi-godfather will be using

my 6 tickets.

shit, I don't know why I just said that... who cares, right?

ok guys, I'm damn tired so I guess I'm going to call it a day,

a long day...

07 Mar 2012/8:30am

damn, it's cold outside.

it was 33', windy and dark out this morn when I went

out at 5am for pooper-scooper duty.

of course the elders were downstairs already drinking coffee, reading 'the times', and listening to *sportscenter.

(*I got these 'old dogs' retrained)

today I'll be finishing-up some light chores;

Jack and I are going to empty-out a bedroom and put the bed/furniture in the u-haul truck they

drove up from san diego,

so when I return from vegas with Jessica next week we can put her 'stuff' in the bedroom.

Jess is going to live here while her and her

soon-to-be-ex-husband finish-up their divorce proceedings. messy, messy, messy.

apparently he no longer wants to be without his wife,

but the dude is a little 'wacked' in the head,

plus he can't keep his pistol holstered.

ok then. I've got to get going and be semi-productive today. I'll see you guys later.


good evening all.

this will be short, but sweet;

had a very busy day getting ready for my

trip to vegas tomorrow morning.

I'll not be updating while I'm in 'sin city',

actually ready for a break from this site for a while.

sorry guys, I think I'm losing interest in 'sharing'

my life-on-line.

maybe I just need an 'update-vacation',

I promise to fill-in-the-blanks when I return next week.

I wish everyone the best...  

08 Mar 2012/4am

good morning guys...

I read a few emails sent to me last night/earlier this morning after my last update.

some of you are so adamant about me doing this

daily update thing.

I really do appreciate the kind words,

and I expect I will indeed keep-up my site.

it's just getting to be abit much for me to keep it up everyday. plus; with me begining this relationship thing,

I kinda feel guilty about 'not telling her' about this web-site. *especially since I've already mentioned her.

and also let me tell you guys a little secret;

I really want to write again (books).

and I think with the additional scribs I will be composing,

it may be a little much somedays to continue this.

shit. who knows, maybe I'll just post a few times a week.

I don't know. and truthfully be told;

I kinda had an emotional/shitty day yesterday which compounded my lackluster behavior towards

'sharing myself' last night.

I honestly don't really 'hate' anyone,

but my 'ex' comes close.

being her birthday is this weekend,

she is going to be in las vegas ALSO,

and her mother told her wednesday morning that I was going to be back in town,

and that I will have a 'new' friend with me. damn-it NJ,

sometimes you just need to keep your yapper shut!

I do understand that my former mother-in-law wasn't trying to be malicious, I just wish she could control her emotional excitement a little better is all.

I called NJ yesterday afternoon after my 'ex' called me,

and she was noticably upset with herself.

I really, REALLY don't want to 'run-in' to my 'ex'

while I'm in town,

just the thought makes me want to puke.

alrighty then, I guess I explained myself.

I still need to shower,

drink my coffee and get on the road by 5am.

grandpa jack said he'd do my shit-scooping this morn.

so, I'll have my laptop w/me (of course),

and if I can, I will try to keep you guys informed.

I really do love you guys,

thanks for the kind/sweet emails.

have a great thursday everyone. 

12 Mar 2011/4pm

good afternoon from lost wages, nv.

it's been a very interesting couple of days to say the least. last night was the first night that I was alone,

as 'madam X' left yesterday morning at 7am to get home in time for the 'afternoon services' of her church.

and also because her eldest son was having 'issues' with his girlfriend and he needed his mommy home. ya, I said it!!! anyway;

all in all I had a very excellent week-end w/madam 'x',

and I do believe we are going to begin the traditional

right-of- passage-thing customarily called: 'dating'.

I have evidently been out of the 'dating-pool' for quite some time now, and may need a refresher course or two on relationship-etiquette before I officially begin my quest of a proper courtship. hey don't laugh. I can still remember the day when I could walk-up to a cutie-pie carrying cocktails at the harrah's/reno casino and say;

"hey, I'm 'getting-off' in an hour, you wanna come over after work before you go home and 'get-off' with me"?

that specific line did not work most of the time,

but it worked 'enough' to at least keep-it in my repertoire.

I'm not saying all the girls in reno, nv were easy during the late 80's/early 90's, but there was ALOT of 'fucking' going on, and I definitely had my share.

*yes; the days of a simple casual encounter involving sweaty, sticky, hot, non-commital sex is over for me.

and I now must contend with the fact that I am older, more wise (maybe?) and have to realize that any woman I expect to 'woo' will be absolutely 'set her ways',

and will most likely be trying to figure-out her current sexuality just has much as myself.

ok then. let me get you guys up-to-date;

so after meeting-up with the 'X' at her office buildings parking structure thursday morning, we headed out to vegas.

the trip up here was not that 'news-worthy',

but the conversation itself was interesting enough to keep me focused and alert.

we stopped at coco's in baker, ca for breakfast around 8:30am, and arrived here at the house just before noon.

Jess was 'eager' to meet 'X' just as soon as got here, and with both girls 'yapping', it gave me time to take a needed nap. after waking-up from a 2hr siesta,

I found the ladies next door at Jess' house in the middle of margarita-happy-hour

(which is kinda a tradition at her home, daily)

after having a few margs myself,

we decided to dine at the 'santa fe casino' for dinner.

'X' loved the variety of the salad bar and proceeded

to graze accordingly.

Jess and I on the other hand enjoyed the

meat and potato selections,

and needed to have our asses wheeled-out afterwards.

after dinner we dropped Jess off at her house, and then I showed 'X' around the non-strip areas

of las vegas.

ended-up being an early night for everyone.

friday was spent helping Jess pack/wrap/box things-up for the impending move south to a storage-unit AND my house.

it's an amazing thing how two women who have just recently met can strike-up a quick friendship and start to share the most intimate details of their past life.

shit, I actually learned more about 'X' during their

tell-all-talks then I had during all the time we

had shared together.

why is it women can share 'everything' among themselves, but are hesitant to open-up completely with a man who is 'very interested' with her?

it's no wonder that women get along better with

themselves than with men.

friday night was spent watching movies, eating popcorn, and just relaxing.

saturday morning we drove the scenic route of the red rock canyon loop, and then had a fab-lunch at the red rock casino. saturday night we drove 'the strip' with the rest of the other half a million tourists. fukin nascar rednecks!!!

after the traffic-jam-tour, and having dinner at

the mandalay bay casino

(btw; the china grill is spectacular),

'X' and I went for a late-night jacuzzi at the house,

and enjoyed each others company along with a couple bottles of cheapo bubbly.

'X' decided to leave early sunday morning because of some pressing issues at home, and also to 'try' and make it back home in time for her church's afternoon services.

(she didn't make it)

after she 'left me' at 7am, I went back to bed til noon.

and then after I finally awoke,

drank a pot of java and swallowed a couple advils,

I visited with Jess who proceeded to inform me that

'Madam X' was totally in love with me.

well son-of-a-bitch... now what???      

13 Mar 2012/7pm

once again; fukin vista print has 'their-head-up-their-ass' and has so informed me that my site has once again crashed due to having a huge amount of visits at one time.

*how can that be?

I guess by having more than 2 people on this site at one time makes ripples in the matrix.

I'll be back later tonite, going out to dinner w/Jessica.


good evening.

finished loading all Jessica's stuff into the u-haul today,

and with moving her furniture and other

mega-heavy shit into my house.

thank-goodness for the hard working under-paid hispanics that stand waiting for a manual labor job

in the parking-lot of star nursery.

(or my back would be in terrible shape tonite)

we aren't planning on heading back to until thursday, so Jess will now be 'officially' listing her house with

a realitor/friend here in vegas.

I think she has finally realized that 'the divorce thing'

is a huge pain in the ass.

and seeing that her husband is not able to

assist her with anything,

she is feeling the stress of doing everything herself.

wouldn't it be wonderful if a divorce was just as easy/happy as getting married?

ya, I'm laughing also at my last remark.

so while Jessica is doing her house listing/paperwork

the next day or so,

I've decided to just be a tourista and hit the strip and downtown area to see if there is anything new

I have yet to see. I did talk with 'X' a few times today, while she braved the LA morning traffic, and then again this evening after she settled her kids into bed.

I'll tell ya, some of the stories I have heard about teenagers these days are like horror stories.

I guess I really am blessed with what a well-behaved daughter I have.

if I would have talked to my father the way some of these kids talk to their parents these days;

I would have never lived to see my 18th birthday.

kids these days are so damn spoiled.

who knows, maybe that's what adults thought of me and my friends when I was a teeny-booper.

alrighty then, I'm going to get ready for bed,

I'll check-in sometime tomorrow.

good night everyone. 

to be continued on my thoughts.3.2...