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'my thoughts.3.2'

(06 Mar 2013 - 10 Mar 2013)

completed: 10 Mar 2013/10pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

06 Mar 2013/3pm

well I've been 'earning' my paycheck today,

being the 'domesticated-daddy' the past 8hrs:

early morning poop-patrol, dog-walk#1,

ham/cheese omletes, grocery, 4loads of laundry,

dust/vacuum downstairs, dog-walk#2.

also making crock pot stew and biscuits for dinner.

and as of this 'exact moment';

I'm watching 'winnebago man' while updating this site.

*and having my 2nd beer.

have you guys seen this movie?,

it is a documentary follow-up to a 'winnebago' video that was created back in the late 1980's starring 'Jack Rebney'.

if you've never seen it, it's so worth a look-see.

check it out:

so damn funny.

ok then. I need to finish-up a few things before the

girls get home,

as of 'right now' I'm the only one here.

Jessica just took l.g. back to her office about an hour ago,

*Jess 'kidnapped' l.g. from her house this morning,

bringing her here for breakfast and a

early morning pow-wow session.

and grandpa Jack decided to drive to san diego for a few days to check-on his condo/town house.

*I just think he wanted some time alone, I don't blame him. alrighty. I'll be back after dinner/walking the dogs.


while the girls were finishing-up their homework here

on the breakfast table,

I overheard the program that Jessica was watching;

'the Wonder Years',

and of course, it was my favorite episode.

I've posted the following 'words of wisdom' from

this 'exact show' before.

but will do it once more,

as these words really mean something to me.

hope you enjoy them as much as I do;

courtesy of:

The Wonder Years

Season 3/Episode 11

'don't you know anything about women'?

originally aired: January 16, 1990

"in life there are few certainties, in fact most things are left to chance. there is someone for everyone we're told.

but the search for that one person to ride thru life beside you

is serious business.

it's a matter of trial, error, and pure dumb luck.

and of course chemistry.

but in chemistry as in life the realities are clear;

some combinations make sparks, some don't."

"all our lives we search for someone to love,

someone who makes us complete.

we choose partners, and change partners.

we dance to a song of heartbreak and hope,

all the while wondering, if somewhere, somehow there is someone perfect who might be searching for us."

getting ready to eat dinner.

I'll be back...


good evening.

except for the UCLA Basketball Team playing like a

bunch of 5th graders

(sorry, I shouldn't insult '5th graders' like that)

and getting their asses stomped by the 'last place' Washington State Cougars,

it actually was a wonderful night.

after the four of us devoured every drop of

the 'crockpot stew',

(the kidz each got a 'small bite or two, or three)

and the pillsbury biscuits,

the girls had to finish their homework,

and Jess helped me out with the kitchen clean-up.

after 'clean-up' Jess and I took the kidz for a short walk

(in between the slight rain)

and then we started to watch tv when

we had a little bit of a situation out back.

the horses were making alot of noise and

running/jumping around.

so I let all the dogs out,

grabbed a shotgun and went to investigate.

(normally grandpa Jack does this shit)

the 2 shepherds went on a full run down the middle

of the prop, past both ponds growling/barking.

the sibs/malamute followed howling away.

as I was following the dogs,

all the girls went to the paddock and secured the horses

inside their stalls for the night.

(Jessica' weapon of choice was my ruger 9mm)

as close as I could tell, the coyotes had returned.

so I activated the 'sensory-strobes' throughout the property, along w/a few other security measures the old men installed to help deter people/animal intruders.

(cameras are always on, always...)

so for tonight, I'm sleeping downstairs here in the living room on the couch with all the dogs on alert.

*except for beverly and saacha, who are in Ash' room.

those two are way too tiny to help-out.

not that these fukin creatures can do much damage,

but we've had problems with the horses getting 'spooked'

in the middle of the night when we have had unwanted

visits by creatures of the night.

bobcats were reported down the road a few weeks ago,

and have killed small pets in the past.

if we see one, ventura county law enforcement have said we shouldn't engage or threaten these animals, and call 911. fuck that shit.

these fukin things have been known to attack and

sometimes even kill people.

I have 'no tresspassing/private property postings' around my outer perimeter, that goes for animals also. so be it. anyway. I'm not sure I'll be sleeping much tonight.

it figures, Jack goes to san diego,

and the coyote-clan come by for a visit/dinner.

ok then. I'm going to turn on netflix and

see whats available.

if I'm up still in a few hours,

I'll 'check-in' with you guys again.

if not, I'll see you after the sun comes up.

good night everyone. sleep well..

07 Mar 2013/2am

well I said if I was still up in a few hours, I'd say hi.

so... HI.

had a few lights pop-on towards the rear of the property about an hour ago,

but didn't let the dogs out as I didn't want to wake the girls,

or the neighbors for that matter w/barking dogs.

besides, the lights coming-on when 'something' walks by is normally enough to cause the critter to 'beat feet'.

so considering I was up, I've been 'facebook surfing'. normally I just look-up old friends and such,

but tonight I decided to look into my family roots.

and I found quite a few of them.

and let me tell you,

without trying to sound too conceded,

the 'kiss family' has alot of good-looking people.

even the relatives who carry another name from 'branching-out' off the family tree look fantastic.

also, alot more 'young-ins' than I previously remember.

I even discovered that I have a 'first-cuz' who lives only about 15miles away (as the crow flies that is)

in nearby simi valley, ca.

no worries. I won't be 'calling-on' any of them

any time soon.

(just the 'one' in the bay area, season tix)

as I'm no longer close with 'anyone' from my family.

which I really do enjoy,

cause sometimes family can be a huge pain in the ass.

sometimes it's just a shame though,

as Ash does inquire about relatives from 'our'

'name-sake' at times.

but seriously speaking,

I have absolutely nothing in common with

those people any longer,

not that I ever did.

*it would be totally different had my dad still been alive.

speaking of which,

I also looked-in on my 'former-step mother'.

she looks 'basically' the same;

a little thinner, and possibly 'got her eyes done'.

ok then. it's nearly 2am, and I'm going to try and get a few hours sleep before I start a 'new' day.

gotta rest up. going to take the girls, and a few of their friends to disneyland this weekend to

celebrate my dad's (& Elli's) birthdays.

Jessica and grandpa Jack will be staying back

here to watch over everything.

*hope Jacks back by then.

so for the 2nd time in one night; good night.

and sweet dreams beautiful.


good day mates.

(do I sound australian...?)

been running around most of the day while the rain has been coming down.

these moron-dipshits here in socal just don't understand that when the roads are wet,

you should slow down and pay attention to the road/surroundings more than ever.

I must have passed at least a dozen accidents,

and seen a few more situations that almost become one. normally I don't complain about cali-drivers;

they signal, they get the hell outa your way,

and sometimes even wave back after you let

them 'cut you off'.

but the rainy weather today made idiots out of quite

a few of them.

ok then. my man-menstruation cycle is done for now.

as I was on the way home,

I stopped at a new pizza joint I've been meaning to try,

and picked-up a few pies.

one double cheese, one pepperoni.

they looked wonderful.

but as in people, looks can be very deceiving.

too much breading (crust), not enough sauce, cheese.

and it tasted like I'd imagine cardboard covered

w/ketchup would taste.

*except the ketchup would pack more of a punch,

flavor wise.

needless to say, the dogs will be having 'pizza-treats'

for the next few days. anyway.

I suspect I won't be going there ever again,

and unless they change their 'everything',

that particular area-space in the sidewalk mall will

be vacant once again.

I had a bowl of 'frosted flakes' instead.

the girls are still eating popcorn, and Jessica went to the store to get ice cream.

*ice cream doesn't last long around here for some reason.

if Igot 4hrs sleep last night, I was fucking lucky.

I kept waiting for an entire pack of coyotes to come crashing thru the glass sliders and attack/eat us all. needless to say, that did not happen.

but I have been so damn tired ALL day.

in fact, I'm thinking of going upstairs and begin to

'shut down' around 9pm and hopefully sound asleep

by at least 10pm.

the news is forecasting thunderstorms tonight here

in ventura county,

and continuing with a 'wet outlook' for tomorrow.

saturday and sunday in anahiem is suppose to be no precip/mid 60's... perfect for d-land.

speaking of the happiest place on earth;

I've had to limit the amount of 'guests' to 3 girls each.

too damn pricey.

disneyland tix are now $200./ea for 2day hopper passes, plus 3 hotel rooms, plus food/drink, and whatever else.

and even thought Ash, Elli, and myself have yearly passes, I'm still looking at roughly $2000.-$2500.

for two days of mickey mouse fun.

ok then. I'm going to post this and go take a hot shower. then maybe watch 'survivor' on dvr.

I'll be back...

08 Mar 2013/noon

good afternoon from soggy southern california.

it's not actually raining right now,

but has been the last 24hrs+ causing wet roads,

multiple accidents and very short tempers.

I admit I dislike driving in the rain.

not because I'm afraid to,

but mostly because of the other 'dick-fuck' drivers that have no idea how to control 2500lbs on a slippery road.

anyway. I've tried to get as much done this morning as I could so I wouldn't have to be on the road this afternoon when the friday evening commute begins.

I hit the grocery, petco, post office, dry cleaners,

and the bakery.

will be having a house full of 'teeny-boppers' tonight,

in anticipation of spending the weekend at disneyland.

I figure a relatively 'quite but entertaining evening',

I'm sure the girls will 'camp-out in' the movie-room

and be up late discussing boys.

I'm thinking of KFC for dinner;

it's easy, not that expensive, everybody likes chicken,

and there will be leftovers for Jessica and grandpa Jack.

plus it's a great meal when it's cold & wet outside.

ok then. this update is short but sweet, I'll be back soon.


omg. omg. omg.

I swear to god,

I am going to climb up to the top of the barn

and SCREAM!!!

these 'freakin' girls are driving me crazy...

these music blaring, dancing, laughing/screaming fools are running throughout the house causing the kidz to

act just as ridiculous as them.

and grandpa Jack pussied-out,

and went and tucked himself away in his studio apartment. and Jessica is absolutely no damn help,

in fact she's the fucking leader of this 'crazy-ass' group.

I've already threatened them with:

no ice cream, no popcorn, going to bed early,

and no disneyland.

and all they did was laugh at me. little turds.

anyway. I'll shall return...

09 Mar 2013/midnight

just thought I would say good night.

it's been an exciting night to say the least.

*going to the store with four 17yr old girls at 10:30p at night

was a mistake I will 'never-ever' make again.

I'll be surprised if I'm even allowed back to do

my regular grocery shopping.

*racing w/shopping-carts down the aisles,

really? come-on girls. seriously?

anyway. going to bed. early/long day tomorrow (today).

good night.


good afternoon from disneyland.

just a quick update, as I had to come back to the hotel to get my cell phone because my battery was having

issues this morning.

so I reset the phone and recharged the fukin thing normaly, and not rapid-charge.

anyway. we left the house at 6:15a and arrived here at the park just before 8am.

considering the room(s) were not 'exactly' ready for check-in yet, we did the 'early entry to the park,

riding on rides that would be crowded later today:

space mountain, the matterhorn, and indiana jones. after enjoying ourselves, I tried calling our hotel,

and that's when my cellphone issues began.

so after using Ash' phone, and learning we could get a room/suite, we headed back to the hotel.

I actually got a 2 room suite w/2 queen beds,

and 2 fold-out couches.

and a extra roll-out pop-up bed for me.

and our two seperate bathrooms are huge

w/showers in each.

hopefully there won't be any issues w/all these girls wanting to use the bathrooms at once.

*and the walk-in closet in the den area is going to be my private bedroom. woohoo!!!

after checking-in, getting settled, and changing clothes,

we went directly to 'california adventure' and enjoyed one of my favorite rides; 'soaring over california' (twice).

then the girls went off on their own,

and I just wandered around solo before coming back here to check on my cell phone.

so I told the girls we would meet at the espn zone at

noon for lunch,

and to watch the 2nd half of the ucla basketball game.

ok then. your all caught-up, and it's nearing 12p

and I need to get going.

I'll be back later.


came back to the room to take a nap.

I slept just over an hour,

now I'm going to head down to california adventure and visit the only place that serves alcohol.

and after a bottle (or two) of a toxic-red,

I'll meet up w/the girls by 7:30ish and make sure their all still single, non-prego, and breathing.

seriously though. the parks are fairly crowded today,

and I'm still looking for a date.

maybe I'll try to get 'snow white' or better yet,

play w/'sleeping beauty'.

anyway. I'm outa here, going to go have some fun.

I'll be back...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.3.3'...