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'my thoughts.3.3'

(11 Mar 2013 - 17 Mar 2013)

completed: 17 Mar 2013/11pm

*a place to say what's on my mind,

and in my heart...

11 Mar 2013/5pm

what a crazy-ass world we all live-in.

today is the 50th birthday of a very special friend,

someone I haven't talked with in over 17yrs.

I sent a text to this person this morning,

saying happy birthday.

and of course she had absolutely no idea who was texting her as she didn't have my new cell number.

after I told her who it was,

she was shocked that I had remembered her birthday,

let alone that I knew it was her 50th.

she seems to be as happy as she ever was,

that was great to hear.

ok then.

besides birthday wishes, I met l.g. for lunch this afternoon to discuss a few things including our upcoming

trip to washington dc.

can you believe her eldest son is expecting to come,

AND he thinks he can bring a friend.

I will now tell you 'exactly' what I told l.g.;

"if he goes, I will make sure he doesn't return".

yes. i said those exact words.

the fucking kid is an 'ass-clown',

and he is about as worthless as boys come.

besides. we have 'the' perfect relationship;

I hate him, and he really hates me.

why mess with perfection?!

anyway. she wasn't expecting me to give-in,

and she'll be telling her 'man-child' that this is 'my' trip

and he's not invited. so be it!!!

ok then going to go pick-up dinner. sushi.

I'll be back...


drinks (sodas/beer) $26.41

sushi (for four) $73.62

the feeling you get from putting too much 'real' wasabi on

a unakyu (eel, cucumber, rice) roll


*my eyes are still watering.

all that sushi, and absolutely no leftovers.

of course the kidz helped-out a little with a few.

and the best part (besides the beer), easy clean-up.

so after dinner;

the girls had/have homework,

Jessica did a few emails for me,

grandpa Jack smoked on one of his stogies,

and I took the kidz (all of them) to the dog park.

considering the fact the sun was still in the sky,

it was 77' outside,

and I needed some 'think-alone' time,

why not get out of the house and take the fur-bags with me. anyway. after about 45min in the park,

I rounded-up the herd, came home and took a shower. boom! now you are all caught up w/my day.

now, I'm thinking ice cream.

12 Mar 2013/10am

good morning everyone.

had a very interesting day yesterday.

but alias, the 11th of march 2013 is now just a memory,

and today is just another day.

have had the basic standard morning:

poop patrol, coffee,

breakfast for the girls

(hash browns w/cheese, fried eggs, and english muffins)

emails, coffee, phone calls, and now this.

I have a few appointments today that I have to go to,

and I'd like to take the kidz to the park

this afternoon before dinner.

another beautiful pre-spring day is forecasted for the ventura county area.

it's going to be in the high 70's/low 80's by early afternoon. totally loving this time of year.

the bugs haven't come-out of their winter shells as of yet,

so it's actually enjoyable to be out & about in the

back of the property.

as of right now, I'm currently planning on driving to las vegas tomorrow night w/l.g. as soon as she gets off work. hoping to be in vegas by midnight.

ucla basketball doesn't play until 'roughly'

noon on thursday.

and now that they are in 'tourney-play',

it's either win or go home.

I think their play during the next couple of days will determine how well they do during 'the big dance' this year. I'm not expecting them to proceed past the 'sweet 16',

if they can even achieve that.

no worries. there is 'always' next year.

plus, the sfgiants are only 20days away from defending their 'world series championship'.

even though the 'boys from the bay' will be here in LA,

I will not be going as 'we' will be in the 'nations capital' celebrating 'spring break'.

really looking forward to this trip.

I was actually 'toying w/the idea' of staying out there for a few days longer than everyone else,

but have decided that just wasn't such a good idea after all. also, the 'ass-wad' child has finally come to the realization that he is 'no longer welcomed' to attend 'any function'

that I and my extended family is involved in.

and I hate to say this, but the same goes for N.J.

I would have loved for her to go on this trip w/us,

but because of her actions the last time she was here,

her going would cause a little 'uneasiness' among a few of the palacios clan.

ok then. I need to get busy on a few errands I have to do.

I'll see ya later...


good evening.

had a very 'normal' uneventful day.

since I 'was last here';

took myself to a local pizzeria for a slice,

I hit petco pretty fukin hard,

drove south to santa monica for a 'chat',

stopped-off for a beer (2) afterwards,

and then came back home and took the kidz to the park

for about an hour.

now I'm sitting here in the kitchen watching Jessica make french toast and bacon for her & the girls' dinner.

grandpa Jack had a 'late lunch' w/the mexi-godfather,

and I'm not that hungry right now.

I'll probably have 'something' to eat later on,

maybe a 'liquid meal' is in my future.

I'm looking forward to 'getting away' with l.g.

for a few days.

no work, no ex-husband, no kids, no pets,

and no trying to be quite all the time.

I will say this, the pac12 tourney tickets have almost doubled in price since moving to vegas.

no worries. not sure how many games

team ucla will be playing, but I'm thinking 'one'.

we're planning on staying til sunday morning,

and leaving before everyone else does back here to socal.

the forecast for vegas this weekend is the upper 80's,

so we're staying at a hotel w/a nice pool.

*I love seeing l.g. in a bathing suit. va-va-va-voom!

Jessica and the girls are going to go to san diego and

stay at Jacks house,

and Jack and the mexi-godfather are going to be here,

doing who-knows-what.

so everybody has their weekends planned-out,

and it's only tuesday.

ok then. not really sure what the plan is for tonight,

maybe there won't be one.


another evening of pure relaxation.

before I bore you guys with tonights activities,

I'd like to say something.

a few of you have mentioned to me in the past about the way I am raising my daughter and some have even given me advice on certain aspects.

and even though I didn't/haven't written all of you back,

I truly appreciate all the advice.

now to answer one particular email I read this morning;

I am the way I am because of the way I was raised.

*not a good thing.

I wasn't raised in a loving environment,

and never knew from year to year where I was going to live. my daughter(s) will never, EVER know that feeling.

I don't spoil them, I appreciate them.

yes, I do go overboard on a few things.

yes, I let them make decisions for themselves.

yes, they get away with 'a little' sometimes.

yes, I would kill anyone who would harm them.

and yes, I am still just a big kid myself.

I didn't enjoy my childhood,

so why would I duplicate that shit.

they both get great grades,

keep their rooms tidy,

do their own laundry (most of the time),

help-out around here constantly,

and have only snuck out once. (that I know of)

so ya, these are great kids,

and I will continue doing EXACTLY as I have been

for these past 2yrs.

and anybody who wants to share their life with me will have to realize that this is the way it is.

it's fun here. and that is how it will forever be.

ok then. does that answer your question

'ms dina' from jacksonville, florida?

so anyway. I decided to join the girls for dinner.

they came up with quite an awesome combo;

french toast peanut butter and bacon sandwiches,

w/maple syrup on top.

this may sound disgusting to some of you,

but it was damn good!!!

I had two. along with two glasses of milk. yumm.

after dinner I sat in the den and listened to

'the three amigo's' discuss among themselves what places we will be visiting while we are all in DC.

*I was actually 'messaging' a friend the entire time.

hey. did you guys know they have terminated

the 'white house' tours? unbelievable!

either michelle obama doesn't want to share her home any longer with the american public, or budget cuts.

either way, it's a shame.

after a few hours of "we have to go here",

everyone relocated to their respective areas of solitude,

and I was once again left alone downstairs.

so I called up a 'friend' and we talked for

about an hour or so.

then I tucked the girls-in, had sex with Jessica

(*just kidding),

and came upstairs to listen to the LA news.

murder, theft, another celeb dui.

same shit, different day.

and that ladies and gentlemen, was my day in a nut shell.

going to bed now. sleep well everyone.

sweet dreams beautiful...

13 Mar 2013/8am

good morning...

what a beautiful day outside;

no wind, no clouds, no sounds, and now... no shit! ha.

I love being outside when the sun comes up.

I can't really explain it,

but I just seem to have a better day when I see that

'huge ball of fire' rise above the hill.

it's always breathtaking.

I'm going to be a little busy this morning getting a few things done before meeting l.g. early this afternoon.

she says she is 'planning' to get off nlt 2pm,

so we can be on the road to 'lost wages' by 3pm.

I have my doubts. anyway, we'll have to see.

ok then. I need another cup of coffee,

another restless night sleep for me last night.

I have 'way too much' on my mind.

if I 'totally exposed myself' here on these pages,

I'm sure I'd get a call from 'jerry springer' or some other 'douche-bag' day-time show to tell my stories.

alrighty. I'll see you guys later, happy wednesday.



l.g. called just past noon,

saying she was leaving her office and was on her

way over to 'pick me up' to head-out to vegas.

yes, she's 'backtracking' to come get me.

(there's a reason for this)

yes, she's driving us to nevada.

yes, she's 'treating me' this trip.

yes, I could easily get used to this 'kept-man-shit'.

so I am all ready to go.

my bag is packed, the cooler is full of beverages,

I also sliced a few apples, cheese, salami for snacking.

along w/a box of triscuits and wheat thins.

*and of course, bottled water.

I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready.

(spongebob squarepants... get it???)

I'd love this trip even more if I thought the

UCLA Bruin Basketball Team

would give a good showing during this Pac12 tourney.

no worries. it's vegas, we'll find 'something' to do.

ok. 'the boss lady' just called,

she's getting off the freeway and will be here within 15min. gotta hug my kidz.

I'll check back 'after' we check-in.


we're all checked in.

and I thought I would update while l.g. is in the shower.

as soon as she is 'cleansed' properly,

we are going to go downstairs and have dinner.

and then maybe do a little gambling, or whatever.

the drive north on the '15' was stress-free to say the least.

l.g. drove until we got to victorville,

and then after we stretched our backs/legs, I drove.

not that she isn't a good driver (she really is),

I just hate riding shotgun.

especially in her little sports car.

(I had to switch the sodas/water to a smaller cooler)

anyway. the drive was effortless.

not many people driving to las vegas on

a wednesday afternoon.

there were alot of semi-trucks on the road,

but darting around them on the highway was almost fun.

the california high desert was very warm and sunny as we cruised thru w/the top down (of course).

and since we had 'topped-off' our fuel in victorville,

we didn't bother with stopping at all in barstow or baker. we did pull-over at stateline, cause you know, pee-break!

so that's about it.

no ridiculous road-rage stories,

or driving over 'the hump' to pahrump to visit

the chicken ranch.

*I did ask l.g. if she wanted to go 'check-it-out',

but she just gave me 'that look'.

you know 'that look' that women give us guys when

we say 'something stupid'.

ya, 'that look'!!!

alrighty then. I think 'her highness' is about ready.

I'll see ya later...

14 Mar 2013/4pm

good afternoon from las vegas, nevada.

the ucla basketball team won a thriller today against arizona state at the mgm grand garden.

not alot of fans were present,

but more than I had imagined.

the next game for the bruins is tomorrow night at 6pm, against the winner of arizona/colorado.

*I want arizona!!!

so anyway. we enjoyed ourselves last night immensely.

so much so, we didn't get to bed till past 3am.

before we walk the strip/gambled, we had an awesome new york pizza and a a pitcher of beer for dinner.

last night the walk on the strip was crowded,

but enjoyable.

after our 'journey on the strip', l.g. sat at a blackjack table, and I played video poker and had some extraordinary

luck on a 10play machine.

started w/quarters, ended w/dollars.

*even had to fill-out a form for uncle sam.

*l.g. didn't fare-as-well though.

but I shared my winnings, as we are a team.

because it's so beautiful today,

tonight we're going to take a drive to the hoover dam. should be fun.

this time of year weather in vegas can go either way;

it can still be winter cold or spring time warm.

this week appears to be the latter.

it's currently 81' here right now,

and the high for friday is 'charted' to be 90'.

the both of us may spend the afternoon in the pool

drinking a few pina coladas before game time.

ok then. considering the fact that I got like

4hrs sleep last nite,

I'm going to join l.g., and take a nap.

I'll be back...

15 Mar 2013/4pm

hello, and good afternoon.

sorry. I've been very busy the past few days,

hence my lack of updates.

actually, l.g. and I have been having a wonderful time together, really enjoying each other's company.

relationship speaking,

we needed this time away from 'everything/everybody'.

*including 'a few' of my 'situations'.

ok then. we played tourist yesterday/last night.

walking the 'vegas strip',

visiting a few of the newest casino's.

even enjoyed the bellagio water-show after dusk

with the lights.

after the 'strip', we drove south east to the hoover dam (formerly known as boulder dam).

since we arrived after normal business hours,

we parked on the access road approaching the dam

and just marveled at the magnificent beauty of

the concrete giant.

*my grandfather was actually one of the contractors

that was attached to the building of the beast.

so considering the fact we arrived so late,

we decided to get a room in boulder city last night so we could take an extended hoover dam tour this morning,

and visit the museum. both were fun to visit 'again'.

l.g. had never done these 'touristy' activities,

but this was my 4th tour of the dam,

and my 3rd time to the museum.

*my last time was with Ash, almost 18mo ago.

so anyway. by the time we finished learning about waters usage to power the generators to produce blah-blah-blah megawatts of electricity,

and buying trinkets at the gift shop to distribute to our 'friends and family',

it was about time to get back here to our 'main hotel'

to ready ourselves for ucla/arizona tonite.

the game starts in just over 2hrs, (6pm),

and since no alcoholic beverages are allowed in the arena, we intend to 'swallow a few' before hand.

also, after the game,

l.g. and I are going to go over to my old neighborhood and visit one of my former neighbors.

*it will be funny seeing my house, but not going inside.

I decided it would be best if I 'didn't' inform my realtor

that I was going to be in town.

for reasons I'd rather 'not' discuss.

alrighty then. I'm going to take a shower now,

and then we're going to walk across the bridge to the mgm and maybe find a few fellow 'bruin fans' and begin to party. I promise to update again before bed.

happy friday afternoon everyone...

16 Mar 2013/1am

gooood morning laaaas vegaaaas!!!!

yep, ima drunk right this very moment.

and ima lov'in it!!!

so check this shit out;

after the brilliant win by the

'mighty U C L A BRUIN Basketball team'

we decided to join a fellow bruin;

this banker dude, his wife, and a few of her friends at

a bar in our hotel, nyny casino.

we had a really good fukin time.

even when a few 'college boys' wearing

colorado shirts showed up and started to flirt w/l.g.

*I guess they thought they were going to get

their 'limp dicks' wet.

anyway. the gf's of banker dude's wife started talking trash to these 'butt-plugs' about their sorry-ass-team losing to the team we had just beat tonight.

and the little boys couldn't handle the trash talk so

they ended-up leaving.

it was actually funny as shit,

but I guess it's one of those times you gotta be there to truly appreciate the entire situation. lol

so we basically hung-out at the bar for a few hours.

and by the time we left,

there were over 20 of us bruin fans in the group.


after leaving the bar area,

we decided to have dinner at 'nathan's hot dogs' which is located here in the casino up in the

arcade/roller coaster area.

those damn 'pig-lip-meat-rolls' were awesome.

I ate 3, and 1/2 of l.g.'s 2nd one.

*damn girls watching their figure.

we also played 'video games' for quite a while.

the SEGA race cars game is awesome baby,

I think up to 8 people can race at a time. love it.

when we tired of the noise and the 'rugrats',

we did venture out onto the 'vegas strip' again just

to get some fresh air.

but even outside it was noisey w/people shouting/screaming and car horns blaring.

the worse offenders of non-driving-ettique are the

fucking taxi drivers,

most of the assholes driving cabs in this town are inconsiderate mother-fuckers!!!

*yes, I speak from experience w/them 'dick-fucks'.

also the 'freaks' were all over the place tonight,

even saw 2 metro bike officers tackle some drunk.

I had forgotten what kind of obnoxious bullshit happens on the las vegas strip at night.

and with all these college basketball tourneys in town; (pac12, moutain west, wac, and the wcc)

there are alot of college kids running around acting crazy. note: I'd rather have the 'crazy/horny college kids'

acting a fool,

than the pushy-belligerent-stupid-ass tourist who thinks because he comes here every 5yrs he 'owns this town'.

ok then. I guess my stupid-ass-drunkin-rant should

finally come to an end.

my 'wife for the night' just got outa the shower,

and I was just informed that unless I want to sleep

on the couch, I also need to bathe.

*plus, she just told me I shouldn't post the pic I have ready to publish on march.2013. damn. it wasn't THAT bad.

hell, you seen one, you seen em' all. right ladies???

besides, what 'happens in vegas, stays in vegas'.

oh well, I tried.

sometimes this chick has absolutely no sense of humor.

but she really is an awesome 'girl' friend.

**please 'cut me some slack' for my spelling.

I've corrected a few words,

but I'm tired, drunk, and dirty. so there.

good night, sleep tight.

and yes;

sweet dreams beautiful!!!


I lived in vegas for nearly 20yrs,

and I've never been this hung-over before.


l.g. 'says' she has been up since 8a.

(but how do I really know for sure... lol)

as for me,

I dragged my 'throbbing-head' lazy ass up just past 10a.

and that was only because this 'girl' friend from Hell

turned-on the tv LOUDLY.


(just kidding, don't judge me...)

anyway. she did go get a very large beautiful ice coffee

for me to begin my day with.

also. she had an advil packet,

and a bucket of ice awaiting my arrival.

the coffee was excellent,

the advil is starting to kick-in,

and the cold compress was 'cold and wet'.

now I'm hungry.

not exactly sure what sounds good;

a greasy-ass double cheese burger,

or maybe just some of this fresh-fruit-shit l.g. has left.

decisions. decisions.

boom. greasy cheeseburger wins.

this fucking cantaloupe tastes like 'a used condom'.

*not that I would know how that would taste!!!

ok. I'm outa here. I need some serious 'man-food',

not this gerbal feed/healthy-crap she has going-on here.

I'm so in pain right now...


had to come back to the room to change before

the ucla basketball game starts.

had a really good time today,

even seeing an old friend and his eldest son.

as we were going downstairs to get me a 'semi-healthy' double cheese burger at the burger bar,

I received a call from a vegas friend asking me if I'd like to go the unlv/new mexico game this afternoon.

at first I denied, as I didn't want to go without l.g.

but he called back a while later saying he now had 2extra tix, so of course we accepted.

and I am so glad we did.

what an exciting game,

and the entire 'thomas & mack center' was rockin'/rollin'.

I actually had 'more fun' at this game,

than the prior two ucla games across the street at the mgm.

*no stress watching a game you could care less about. tonights ucla game is going to be difficult with one of our star players out w/a broken foot. no expectations.

after the game was over,

l.g. and I took a few wienerschnitzel corn dogs over to N.J. for her dinner.

*I couldn't be here in town a few days w/o driving over to see her. even though I'm still abit peeved about her actions a few weeks back. besides, l.g. just loves her.

so we ate corn dogs w/N.J. for dinner at her studio apt,

and then came back here to the hotel about 30min ago.

I'm thinking after tonights game,

we probably won't be staying out too late.

if the bruins win tonight,

I'm hoping we avoid the 'party-crowd' we hooked-up

with last night.

those fucking jello-shots killed me.

I'm still trying to recover from the effects of my actions. thank goodness l.g. doesn't drink hardly at all,

she is my sensible sober escort.

ok then. it's nearing 7p and we need to start our journey over to the grand garden arena to get ready for this game. I'll update before bed...

17 Mar 2013/2am

as games go;

this wasn't the best I've seen this team play this year.

but it also wasn't their worst by far.

ucla basketball was beat by oregon, enuff said.

after the game, l.g. and I 'again' met up with a few bruin fans at the same bar for a few drinks.

I had two, and they weren't that tasty.

actually, I ended-up driving the banker's wife back to her hotel (the palms) as she wasn't feeling to well.

when I got back to the bar,

l.g. had already come up here to our room.

so I had a beer (3rd drink) with the crowd,

and then came up to join l.g.

I even talked her into washing my back as I showered.

(gotta have a 'little' adult fun sometimes)

so here it is just about 2am,

and we are watching sportscenter together,

and having a 'late night snack' carpet-picnic:

cheese/salami, crackers, sliced apples, fresh grapes,

and ice cold perrier.

I'm really 'not' tired what-so-ever,

but would like to get on the road before noon tomorrow.

so I'm guessing we'll be going to bed soon.

so if I get the chance,

I'll check-in here before we check-out of there. lol

sleep well everyone. sweet dreams beautiful.


good morning. been up for nearly an hour now;

getting caffeinated to get on the road back to socal.

didn't get much sleep last night, maybe 3hrs.

ok then. we are leaving now.

will check-in when I get home.

happy st.patricks day everyone.

*if your not wearing green, I'll pinch your ass hard!!!


good evening.

just a short note to 'check-in'...

thanks for all your 'e-cards and such,

and I have absolutely no idea if I'm part irish or not.

considering the fact that my grandfather was born

in new york city in 1901,

I'm sure there is 'irish blood' somewhere in my family tree.

everybody was fucking everybody way back then.

*just like the 1970's/80's, but with no birth control.

anyway. l.g. dropped me off about an hour ago,

the drive was smooth and uneventful.

we stopped-off at victorville for lunch,

and then picked-up her kids from her parents

before coming back here.

now Ash, Elli, Jessica, and myself are getting ready to go down the street for a good ol' irish dinner/party.

*I'm so 'not' in the mood for this, but fuck-it.

these people come to my partys all the time,

so I'll tough-it-out.

I'll be back...


hours down the street at a neighbors.

good food, good company.

actually used the excuse;

'we need to get going, it's a school night'.

not that I wasn't having an enjoyable time,

just so damn tired.

next weekend we're going back just for one night,

and taking the girls and Jack w/us.

looking forward to seeing 'the eagles',

should be a great concert.

and then the following weekend will be washington dc. hopefully the weather will be accommodating while

we all are their.

in fact, I need to touch base with the

travel agent tomorrow.

supposely their may be a 'hiccup' with

our planned adventure.

I sure hope not, I'm not in the mood.

ok then. I should end this drivle and just go to bed.

hope all of you had a great weekend.

good night everyone.

sweet dreams beautiful...

to be continued on 'my thoughts.3.4'....